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Tyber Vernette
Author: Naked Crook
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Edited: June 10, 2012, 3:04 am
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General Tyber Vernette

General Tyber Xavier Vernette
Name: Tyber Xavier Vernette
Rank: General
Title: N/A
Age: 66 (Time of Death as of 2552)
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 210 lbs
Race: Caucasian
Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Brown
Tyber X. Vernette

Tyber Xavier Vernette, born on Harvest on January 22nd 2487, held the rank of General. His most notable engagements of the Human-Covenant war include, but are not limited to, New Harmony, The Siege of Paris IV, and The Fall of Reach. Generally known as a patient man, as opposed to his brother. General Vernette favors the use of dual SMGs as his weapon of choice.

  1. Personal History
    1. Personal Attributes
    2. Early Life
    3. Personal Interests
    4. Personality
  2. Military History
    1. Pre-Harvest Service
    2. The Battle of New Harmony
    3. The Battle of Genesis
    4. The Battle of Miridem
    5. The Siege of Paris IV
    6. The Battle of Sigma Octanus IV
    7. The Battle of Reach
  3. Interpersonal Relationships
    1. Family / Close Relationships
    2. Friends
    3. Colleagues
    4. The UNSC
    5. The Covenant
  4. Ships of Service
  5. Personal Health
  6. Military Accommodations
  8. Artificial Intelligence
  9. Trivia

Personal History

Early Life

Tyber was born on the colony world of Harvest on January 22nd 2487. When he was six years old, his parents were killed in a vehicular crash. Tyber, and his brother Preston, spent the next 12 years as petty street criminals, committing petty theft of ATMs, among other form of theft. It was only when Tyber turned 18 years old was when his situation changed. Tyber joined the UNSC Marine Corps. Preston held a lot of animosity towards Tyber for this decision. THis decision had caused a divide between the two for many years.

Personal Interest

Tyber has an interest in gun collecting. Beyond this...his interests are limited.


Tyber is a very goal orientated man like his brother. However, he is much more easy going. He values competance and how well a job is complete above all else. Tyber has a very one track mine. He will focus on a mission and get it done, ignoring all other distractions and diversions. He can get quite upset over the faliure of a mission as he prides himself on being able to complete any mission.

Tyber prefers the use of smaller weapons such as SMGs and pistols over larger, bulkier weapons. The reason for this is because Tyber likes mobility andal. ease of use when it comes to his weapons. He finds SMGs much easier to handle and they are far more multi-purpose then any other weapon in the UNSC arsenal.


Military History

Pre-Harvest Service

Tyber Enlisted in the UNSC Marine Corps at the age of 18 in 2505. He spent 2 years in intensive training and was eventually given a full rank of private when he was 20 years old. Tyber was first assigned to the UNSC Frigate Sound of Silence. He spent about 2 years as a Marine, carrying out basical military functions. In 2508, Tyber began his ODST training. By 2510, Tye had completed the ODST training course and granted a promotion to Corporal for his outstanding ability to lead others in a combat situation and his unmatched resourcefulness. After becoming an ODST, and after being recognized as an excellent field leader and tactician, Tyber decided to invest his time in special tactics and warfare training. By 2514, Tyber was granted officer status for his specialty. He was promoted to the rank of Second Lieutenant.

In early 2515, Tye transfered to Madrigal to serve as a drill instructor for other ODSTs. In 2525, with the invasion of Harvest, Tyber wanted to transfer but HIGHCOM refused his transfer as he was needed on Madrigal to train the new recruits. Tye was furious at this decision as he knew his Brother was stationed at Harvest. After the Harvest campaign ended, Tyber was unable to locate or contact his brother Preston. Tyber assumed his brother had been killed in the conflict. Tyber held a personal guilt complex at this fact as he had never taken the time to reconcile his differences with Preston.

The Battle of New Harmony

When 2537 rolled around, and the Covenant invasion of New Harmony began, Tyber was promoted to the rank of Staff Sergeant and given command of a large group of ODSTs to combat the Covenant threat. Tyber however was taken offguard when he was reunited with his estraged Brother, Preston Vernette. Tye was totally shocked by this, having assumed his brother had died at Harvest. However, Preston was less then thrilled to see Tyber as the first thing he did was punch Tye in the face for abandoning him as a child. Tyber tried to reconcile but Preston would not hear about it. All Preston cared about was the completion of the mission.

His first mission involved the resucing of a HIGHCOM VIP known as Vice Admiral Thomas Crown. He was held up in a HIGHCOM facility that was being attacked by Covenant Forces. Tyber command a team of Marines and ODSTs and pushed through the city center to reach the HIGHCOM building. Uupon their arrival, they found the HIGHCOM VIP and began the extraction process. Tyber led his forces and the VIP to the roof.  Half way there, they were cut off by Chieftain Barrabus. Tyber ordered his team to keep moving, and only to lay down suppresive fire to aid their escape. He ordered his forces into the stairwell where he used grenades to collapse a large portion of the stairs, effectivley cutting off the persuing Brute.

Barrabus managed to eventually climb his way up the wreckage and access the roof where he found Tyber and his team waiting for extraction. In an attempt to defend the Vice Admiral, Tyber and his Marines engaged Barrabus, but ultimatly failed to keep Crown safe from the Brute. Barrabus managed to escape with Crown in a Phantom that arrived before UNSC support did.

Tyber was forced to declare the mission a faliure. Upon his return to the UNSC base, Preston debriefed him, and expressed much displeasure about the faliure of the mission. Tyber objected stating that Preston had no right to judge as he was not involved. Tye joined up with another group of soldiers who managed to track down the transponder of Vice-Admiral Crown. Tye and the team of ODSTs left base to try and retrieve the VIP from Brute captivity.

The situation grew complicated when it was revealed the the VIP was awaiting transfer to The Devotion. The VIP was heavilly guarded, which made a rescue attempt very difficult. However, as time was limited, Tye and the ODSTs pushed forward. However, they were quickly outnumbered and were forced to fall back and regroup. A Marine by the name of Jacob Sharpmen managed to board the Devotion. He discovered that there were multipl friendly transponder on the ship, including one that belonged to a Spartan. He contacted Tyber to prepare extraction for him for when he busted the friendlies out of captivity.

Tyber was able to coontact his brother and organize a Pelican evac on the Devotion to extract Jacob and the surviving prisoners. Upon their return to the King Raven, they were debriefed by Preston Vernette and ordered to begin combating the Elites near a HIGHCOM military complex. As it turns out, this military complex was a UNSC production facility and communications hub. The Elites captured it to better coordinate and direct their war effort on New Harmony. Tyber and and a large group of UNSC marines moved towards this base in hopes of destroying it, to prevent the Covenant from using it further.

When the battle began, Tye went forward to scout out the battlefield. As it turned out, the Covenant were prepared for any engagement with the humans and were heavily fortified. Tye reported his findings back to his squads and reinforcements were immediately called in. The UNSC sent massive amounts of Air and ground support to retake this facility, however, it proved futile as the Covenant had AA Wraiths cloaked and ready to engage any air strike. With a large portion of the air support detroyed right off the bat, the UNSC was at a disadvantage. Althought the UNSC brought large artillery to the fight, most of it proved ineffective against the combined firepower of the tanks and Covenant Scarab.

The UNSC forces were eventually forced to withdraw from the fighting, but not without dealing a crippling blow to the Covenant forces. The UNSC managed to destroy the Scarab and destroy a large majority of Covenant vehicles. However, things turned bad when Tyber realised that they could no longer fall back, as the City was to their backs, and the city was occupied by Brutes. Tyber contacted his brother for assistance. Preston instructed Tyber to head thriough the city, but on a very strict patters, directing him turn by turn to evade the Brutes.

Tyber and his forces were able to fall back through the city and evade the Brutes and eventually extract back to the King Raven. However, this raised questions as to how Preston was able to direct the UNSC forces through the city. Tyber and Captain Jacob Sharpman discussed how this was possible. Jacob suggested that Preston might be a traitor, or at least someone with connections to the inner workings of the Covenant. Tyber was outraged by this statement, immediatly defending Preston from these alligations.

"My loyal..he would die for the UNSC! As little as I know about him...he is still my brother...and it's just...something intangible...that brothers share...I just know he is on the up and up."

-Tyber Vernette

Tye was even prepared to go with Jacob to ask Vernette about how he managed to clear a route for them, confident Vernette was not guilty of any wrongdoing. However, before the two could ask preston about the circumstances surrounding their escape, an alarm sounded. It was reported that Admiral Crown had managed to escape from Covenant custody and managed to make his way to the surface of New Harmony. Jacob, Tye, and a group of Marines made their way to the surface and managed to rescue Crown from a group of Elites, but, they also found a Brute named Mordecai, who had supposidly aided the escape of Crown.

Tye ordered that both Crown and Mordecai be brought back to The King Raven, but Mordecai would stay under armed guard in case he turned hostile. Upon their return, Preston told Tye to leave so Vernette could have a word alone with mordecai. Tye was clearly dismayed by this, but followed his brothers orders. Tye left Preston to his own devices, only to return later asnd learn that Preston had let Mordecai go free. Tye was not impressed by this, and even began to question his own brothers motives. Preston reassured Tye that everything was under control and that releasing Mordecai was a tactical choice.

Tye accepted this explanation at face value but still had his doubts. However, his doubts were further fueld when Preston was directly contacted by an Elite ship. This created further tension between the two, eventually culminating in Preston telling Tye about SOME of the events that took place at Harvest. Preston confessed to Tye that he worked directly with Section 0 and that all of his decisions could not be explained without breaching Section 0 security. Preston told Tye about what happened with the Sartans and the Elites, but omitted the facts about the Brutes. This confession pushed Tye into Preston's camp, and Tye dropped all suspecion of his brother from that point forward.

Tye continued to fight at the battle of New Harmony, working with his brother to stop the Covenant threat, eventually, retreating with the rest of the UNSC forces.

The Battle of Genesis

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The Battle of Miridem

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The Siege of Paris IV

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The Battle of Sigma Octanus IV

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The Fall of Reach

Tye was present during the Fall of Reach. He was present on the King Raven when his brother was commanding a supposidly classified ONI Op to assassinate a Covenant leader. Tye was amazed at how much Intel his brother had, that the rest of the UNSC did not know about. However, he thought very little of it, knowing the background of his Brother. Tye returned to Reach with the King Raven crew to resume his duties at Reach.

Upon his return to Reach, he was assigned to track down a small ship that had trespassed in restricted space and crashed on Reach. Tye took a team to the surface and managed to capture a young girl who claimed her name was Venessa. He brought this girl back to the King Raven to be questions, and eventually set free. However, Preston over-ruled this plan, ordering Tye to lock "Venessa" in the brig for extensive questioning. Tye hestitated but did as his brother told him to do. Tye reluctantly locked Venessa up.

Venessa managed to escape cutsody when her real identity was confirmed as Max, and also as a known insurrectionist. She attempted to make her way to the hanger bay to escape. Tye decided to go after her to recapture her but he soon found that his brother had caught up with Max before he did. Tye watched Preston shoot Max down to the ground. Tye was outraged by this! He went so far as to take the gun from his brother's hand to stop him. As Preston walked off, Tye took Max to the medical bay so the medical staff could try and save her life.

When Max had come around, Tye told her he could hide her from from preston, in exchange for filling a position in his squad. Max naturally accepted this offer, and she was then disguised as an ODST under Tye's command. it was not long before Max began to play her role. During the engagement with the Covenant, The King Raven was boarded by Elites. Tye, with the help ofother ODSTs managed to fend them off. Shortly after, Tye was ordered to the surface to begin ground operations. It was not long before Tye managed to set up a base at the Washabi Peli-Pads, where he began to round up scattered Marinesto begin resisting the Covenant.

During the fighting, Max was captured by The Covenant and was held aptive by Brutes. Tye began to search for her but for some time, was unable to find any trace of her. he began to lose hope that she was still alive. However, he soon found her wounded. He managed to get her back to the Washabi Peli Pads and treast her injuries and save her life. However, shortly after, his brother Preston discovered he was hiding her under his command. Tye managed to convince his brother to leave her alone.

Tye began to question his brother as to why he was so distrusting...but Preston refused to answer why.Dismayed at this, Tye resumed his preperations of the Washabi Peli Pads for the impending assault from the Elites.

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