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The Great Equalizer
Author: Naked Crook
Revision: 9
Edited: June 6, 2011, 2:31 am
Reason: Update

The Great Equalizer
The Great Equalizer
Base Weapon: M90 Shotgun - ONI Variant
Clip Size: 12 Shells
Projectile Force: Heavy
Bullets: M90 Shell
Effective Range: 30 ft

Rate of Fire: 60 Shells per Minute (Pump Action)

Rate of Fire: 200 Shells per Minute (Full Auto)

The Great Equalizer - M90 Shotgun Personal Variant

The Great Equalizer is a specially modified version of the M90 Shotgun - ONI Variant. It serves as the personal assault weapon of Director Preston Vernette when he is deployed in the field. As opposed to the standard M90 Shotgun - ONI Variant, The Great Equalizer is capable of a much further firing distance of up to 30 feet. Additionally, the recoil is dampened using a form of gravity technology called recoil dampners. Only one of this gun are known to exist at any time, and it belongs to, and is used by, Director Vernette. Vernette can be seen weilding this weapon when on a field mission or in a CQC situation.

The weapon sports a very stylish semi-matte black finish, with a slight polish. The weapon itself can break an Elite Major's shields in a single shot at 15 feet but beyond 30 feet the weapon proves useless. It is an excellent counter to energy swords and gravity hammers, being able to easily out range them. The recoil on this gun is quite tame but the stopping power is unmatched. This is due to the recoil dampners in the gun. It is also mounted with a front end flashlight in case visibility is reduced. The shotgun can house up to 12 shells at a time, allowing for more ammo to easily be carried. This weapon also sports a full-auto feature, allowing for the shells to be discharged in rapid succession.

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