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Subject Delta
Author: Naked Crook
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Chieftain Delta - Chieftain of the Brutes

Chieftain Delta - Chieftain of the Brutes
Real Name: Barrabus
Rank: Chieftain
Title: Chieftain of the Brutes
Age: 75 (Human Years)
Height: 9'7"
Weight: 1850 lbs (without Armor), 2500 lbs (With Armor)
Race: Brute
Hair Color:Black
Eye Color: R
Chieftain Barrabus

Barrabus was born on Doisac in the month of July 2480 (according to the UNSC military calendar). This puts Barrabus at the age of 75 (91 years old if the orbital period of Doisac is used). He joined the ranks of the Brute military when he first became an adolescent, which would be the same as becoming a teenager. He held the rank of Fleet Commander and was recognized as a Brute Chieftain to his people. He was widely respected among his people, and feared in The Covenant. However, despite is strict style of command, Barrabus was known to be very agreeable, when a situation called for it. Barrabus has a like for all weaponry, but would choose his preferred Gravity Hammer and Dual Spikers before all else. Commonly known as a violent and aggressive commander, Barrabus enforced his will with arbitrary executions. After his augmentation at the hands of Fleet Admiral Preston Vernette, his name was changed to Subject Delta (nicknamed Delta for short, and further abbreviated to simply D at other times), and was augmented using technology from the SPARTAN-II and III programs. After augmentation, Delta became more docile and easier to get along with. Despite his difficulty fitting it with Humans, he has grown an appreciation for their charm and wit. This has influenced his rather "Human" sense of humor. Delta has the classification of "SPARTAN Killer".

    1. Personal History
        1. Early Life
        2. Personal Interests
        3. Personality
        4. Known Alias
    2. Military History
      1. Pre-Harvest Service
      2. The First Battle of Harvest
      3. The Secret War
      4. The Second Battle of Harvest
      5. The Third Battle of Harvest
      6. The Battle of New Harmony
      7. The First SPARTAN Assault
      8. The Battle of Miridem
      9. The Second SPARTAN Assault
      10. The Siege of Paris IV
      11. The Battle of Sigma Octanus IV
      12. The Battle of Reach
      13. The Second Battle for Earth
      14. Post Battle of Earth
      15. The ONI Power Struggle
      16. The Battle of Mars
      17. Post Battle of Mars
      18. The Brute Uprising
      19. The Elite Betrayal
      20. The Third Battle of Earth
      21. The Elite Campaign

  1. Personal Endeavors and Research
    1. The Schism
    2. Personal Revenge
    3. Personal Guilt
    4. Emotional Growth
  2. Interpersonal Relationships
    1. Family / Close Relationships
    2. Friends
    3. Enemies
  3. Augmentation
  4. Ships of Service
  6. Trivia

Personal History

Early Life

Barrabus' early childhood was spent doing what all other brutes do; training and practicing for their mandatory military service. Like most young Brutes, he had little interaction with his parents. He was seen at an early age of having great potential. He was the eighth born from twelve, and was the only male born in his family. This placed much responsibility on Barrabus, both personally and professionally. As the only male, it was his responsibility, and his alone, to achieve great success and distinction for his entire family, and to propagate his lineage. Furthermore, Barrabus was born with a rare gift. He was born with a dark, monotone fur color, almost unheard of in his race. It was believed that such a trait was a sign that this individual was to attain success beyond measure. From birth, Barrabus was immediately placed on the highest pedestal as a prospective leader among his people. As a result, his trials were harsh, numerous, and unforgiving. This alone was a sign of his future success.

Personal Interest

Barrabus expressed an interest in Big Game Hunting at a very young age. During his time while he was in training, he would frequently hunt down, and kill, for fun, large animals. He derived maximum satisfaction from this pastime when he used his own bare hands as his weapons of hunting. Barrabus was also an avid gun collector. Throughout his life, he had amassed many different kinds of weapons. He did not care from where the weapons came from, whether it was of Brute, Human, or Elite origin, he collected the weapons and made it a mark of personal pride to keep them in top shape. He eventually had enough weaponry in his gun collection to start a small scale war. He held this as a point of personal pride and distinction.


Barrabus was always known for his cunning and his intellect. He was methodical at times, but was known for his temper. Barrabus had a great respect for those who demonstrated courage in the face of insurmountable odds. He felt that it was a crime to the galaxy to kill a courageous person. That is why he always spared the life of someone who had the guts to stand up to him, ignoring the prospect of death and pain. Of course, Barrabus would have to face this someone in combat before being totally convinced. He hated it when people begged for mercy. He thought it was more respectable to die fighting, with honor, then plead for your useless life. His combat methodologies were always aggressive and power based. However, as time went on, he learned to balance aggression with cunning. This made him especially dangerous to face in a combat situation.

After his augmentation, Delta became a docile individual. His usual frustration and angry tone of voice was replaced by a more relaxed and calm demeanor. This resulted in him being able to better articulate and formulate his ideas and thoughts in speech. As a result, he sounded much more intellectual. However, he never lost touch with his nature to crack the occasional joke, even if said joke was, by human standards, utterly repulsive. An example would be joking about dismembering someone.

Known Alias

  • With The Covenant/Brutes
    • The Chieftain of the Brutes
    • The Chieftain
    • Big Scary Guy
    • B
    • Anaconda
  • With The UNSC/ONI
    • Delta
    • Big D
    • D
    • Chieftain D
    • The Brute
    • Cuddles

Military History

Pre-Harvest Service

Barrabus - During military training in his youth

Barrabus - During military training in his youth

When Barrabus became an adolescent (13, in Earth years), he joined the military and left his world for immediate training. As an adolescent, his religious faith in The Great Journey was very strong. He made it a personal endeavor never to miss a sermon from either The Covenant or from his pack leader. He had great faith in the promise, to the point he was a fanatical zealot.

When his training had been completed (at the age of 17, In Earth years), he was given full military status. His first positing was on a Covenant cruiser under Brute command. This ship was known as "The Enduring Faith" As a minor, he was subjected to much of the same grueling work that the minors were forced to endure. Within his first year of service, he spent his time seeking out Heretics who would deny The Great Journey. During this time he was promoted twice, both times for his defense of The Great Journey and suppression of Heretics.

His first promotion came within 7 months of service when he and his pack were assigned to disband a kill a renegade group of Elites and Grunts who committed vile acts of heresy against The Great Journey. Barrabus And his pack mates were outnumbered in this conflict. This was desired by Barrabus however, for it would grant much more honor in the event of success. The engagement was bloody and violent, and the battle did not go well for Barrabus and his pack mates. When the pack leader was killed, Barrabus assumed command of the other minors and led them his Brutes to victory. When Barrabus returned to his ship, he was granted the status of Major.

A few months later, Barrabus led a group of minors in another suppression. This time around, Barrabus utterly smashed the heretics without the loss of a single pack mate. Barrabus' leadership ability was praised by this great victory and he was granted the status of Ultra. Barrabus was immediately recognized as a natural leader and was, from this point forward, always placed in a position of command.

Barrabus was assigned to a new ship upon his promotion to Ultra. He was assigned to an Elite Assault Carrier called "The Pious Vengeance". Barrabus hated his time among the Elites. He was one of a few Brutes placed in a situation like this, however, he was forced to co-exist with the Elites because of his renowned leadership abilities. Barrabus grew to hate the Elites during his time on The Pious Vengeance. He was frequently ridiculed and questions by both the minors and his superiors. It is here that Barrabus' hatred for the Elites developed, and flourished. However, his time on the Elite ship was not without its reward. After spending roughly 8 months on this ship, Barrabus was assigned to a group of Spec-op Elites to secure a forerunner artifact from a desolate world. Little did anyone know, this desolate world was a classified Forerunner outpost, which still had its automated defenses intact. At the fault of the one the Elites, the defenses were activated and subsequently sent into containment mode. Barrabus was the sole survivor of the recovery. He managed to fight his way through the sentinels, retrieve the artifact, and return it safely to the Covenant leadership. Once again, Barrabus was praised by The Covenant for his devotion to The Great Journey and his courage. Barrabus had only just reached sexual maturity when he was promoted to the rank of Captain.

Barrabus had become rather full of himself at this point, like most young males become. He was young and very high ranking for his age. He had developed quite the ego. He thought of himself as a hero to The Covenant and to his people. This began to stir a bit of animosity in Barrabus. He saw his people treated as second class citizens, while the Elites, who commonly led heretic groups, and frequently failed in their tasks, were treated as royalty. Barrabus did not like this. He saw it as an insult to his people to have a lesser species higher up in the caste system. It was at this time that Barrabus began to plot against the Elites. He took every opportunity he could get to publicly insult and shun them. The Brutes saw Barrabus as a hero, while the Elites saw him as an enemy to their divine right to rule.

Barrabus had achieved much in such a short time. The Covenant leadership saw him as an inspiration and demanded that his lineage continue. He was given a two year reprieve and sent back to Doisac, where he was praised as a hero and given a royal welcome. The finest accommodations were made for him. He was granted his own private estate, and given a choice of prospective mates. In his two year reprieve, he had two children with his mate. Although he enjoyed his lavish lifestyle, he was born for combat, not for pampering. He promptly returned to military service, only returning to Doisac to propagate his lineage even further. By the age of 23 (in Earth years), he already had two children.

Many years passed and Barrabus had won the admiration and respect of the entire Covenant, short of the Elites. Barrabus used the Elites as a means to increase his own popularity, and the popularity of his people, at the expense of the Elites. His name was widely known, respected, and feared. By mid 2510, he had reached the rank of Brute Chieftain, bestowed the title of Fleet Commander, and granted his own command; a Covenant Assault Carrier by the name of "The Devotion". Barrabus was well known, and he was quite vain and egotistical. He wanted people to immediately know when he was around. He ordered that his Assault Carrier be fully customized to his exact specifications. The Refit took roughly 6 months. By the beginning of 2511 (at age 30, in Earth years), Barrabus had one of the meanest looking ships in the entire Covenant fleet. He had a personalized Assault Carrier, barring his personal touch and family crest. The Elites expressed great distaste at this action, stating that Barrabus was putting his personal vanity before that of The Covenant. However. the complaints of the Elites fell on deaf ears. Barrabus was too widely respected to be challenged.

Barrabus spent the next 15 years advancing his own career, political power, and notoriety. During this time period, he had seven more children, to give him a total of nine. He was considered a mortal enemy of the Elites, and was even banned from going to Sanghelios, for any reason. The Elites saw him as a usurper and a vile creature. This didn't bother Barrabus. He never took offense to the blatant hatred the Elites had for him. He never considered it important to worry about what a lesser species thought of him.

The First Battle of Harvest

In 2525, Barrabus was one of the first Brutes to arrive at Harvest. The prophet of Regret told Barrabus to go to Harvest, and retrieve a sacred relic that had been uncovered there. When Barrabus arrived, he was shocked to find the humans here. At first, he attempted to meet with them on peaceful terms, for he had no reason to hate them. However, due to a sour meeting, which resulted in the death of a Brute, Barrabus was forced to take violent action. Although he did not represent the Brutes in first contact, he was the one who ordered the glassing of Harvest.

Barrabus began to glass Harvest. During the operation, a female SPARTAN II attempted to meet with him, and barter out a treaty. When Barrabus saw the SPARTAN, he was amazed by it, but ultimately had no respect for it. The SPARTAN was named Christal. She attempted to barter out a truce, but Barrabus saw this as surrender, and begging for mercy. He attacked Christal and her entourage, forcing them to flee. Barrabus let them go, using this incident to fuel is conviction to exterminate the humans.

Barrabus got personally involved in the conflict, frequently going to the surface to direct ground operations. His next encounter with Christal was when he spotted Christal, along with a marine named Max (who was really known as Courtney) and Captain Preston Vernette, on a recon mission. The trio were hiding on a large cliff overlooking the dig site. Barrabus saw the trio spying on a dig site. He managed to sneak out of the base, and get the drop of the trio. Christal and Barrabus squared off in battle, after Barrabus quickly incapacitated Vernette and Courtney. Barrabus was able to beat Christal to an inch of her life. Barrabus was about to kill Christal, but Courtney was able to regain consciousness, and catch Barrabus off guard. Courtney was able to wound Barrabus and topple him off the ledge, supposedly killing him.

However, Barrabus survived the fall. He was able to return to his flagship where he found that his son Dancar had managed to capture Courtney and Vernette. Vernette pleaded with Dancar to release Max. Vernette told Dancar that he was completely to blame for every Brute death on Harvest. Dancar refused to grant any sort mercy to either Vernette or Courtney. However, Barrabus overturned that decision on the basis that Vernette was willing to take all responsibility. Barrabus ordered that Courtney be released, but Vernette would die.

Vernette was thrown in the brig and awaited his execution. He could not find anyway to escape. He was forced to wait for his demise. However, when the guard arrived, Vernette was shocked to see that no brutes were escorting him. Instead, only a Grunt and two jackals were sent to escort him to his execution. Vernette was able to overpower the grunt and jackals and make a break for the hanger bay. However, when he got to the hanger, Vernette was caught by Barrabus. Barrabus told Vernette that he was free to go. However, Vernette soon discovered he was unable to pilot any of the ships. Barrabus told Vernette he would be free to go if Vernette could best him in a physical battle. Vernette was obviously beaten. Although Vernette did not win, he showed Barrabus that he was willing to fight, no matter what. Barrabus respected this, and let Vernette live anyways.

Barrabus spent the next two weeks, digging holes in Harvest, looking for Forerunner artifacts. However, to his dismay, he was unable to find anything. He eventually had another run in with the SPARTAN II named Christal. He fought her again. However, he was defeated due to what he called an unfair shot to the stones. Also, The SPARTAN used the now Commodore Vernette's prototype inhibitor on him. However, complications developed, because The Inhibitor did not know how to handle Brute Physiology. Vernette revealed that The Inhibitor was malfunctioning, and it could not be removed. Any removal of the device could kill both Barrabus and Vernette.

Barrabus had to be captured, but he did not put up much of a fight. Despite The Inhibitor malfunctioning, it was still able to calm him down, and put him into a docile state, making very reasonable. Barrabus was brought back to The King Raven, where he was kept under close supervision. It was revealed that The Inhibitor was on the verge of failing. If The Inhibitor were to shut down, both Vernette and Barrabus would die. Time was now a factor. It took some time, and it came down to the wire, but Vernette was able to find a way to remove the device. However, before the device was removed, Courtney and Vernette were able to guarantee that Barrabus would not freak out and kill everyone. Courtney managed to convince Barrabus to allow her to strap C4 onto his body, to persuade him to cooperate after the device was removed. Barrabus agreed to have the C4 placed on his body as an insurance policy, placing great faith in Courtney's honesty. The Inhibitor was finally removed, and Vernette and Barrabus came to an agreement to return him to his pack in exchange for a very valuable piece of technology.

Barrabus told his Brutes to prepare an engineer to trade for his life. Barrabus' Brutes were shocked to hear this, but eventually agreed when Barrabus had secretly explained his plan to them. The two sides met on Harvest for the exchange. During the exchange, the Engineer and Barrabus met in the middle ground, with Courtney in close pursuit, ready to detonate the C4 Explosive. barrabus told the humans that he need to talk to the Engineer on the basis that he needed to explain to the Engineer that it was to help the humans. However, this was a lie. In reality, when the two met at the middle ground, Barrabus used vague terminology to signal the Engineer to disarm the C4 device. Barrabus was able to capture Courtney, and safely return to his ship.

Barrabus began to interrogate Courtney, using very violent means to try and persuade her. Barrabus even went so far as to threaten Courtney's unborn child. He told her that he overhead the doctors talking about her pregnancy. Although Barrabus sounded serious in his threat, he had no intention of of hurting Courtney in such a way. However, Courtney caved into Barrabus' demands, divulging information to Barrabus about Christals's weak spot in her knees. Barrabus was pleased by this. In exchange for Courtney's cooperation, he sent her to the medical bay, and allowed her to be treated for her wounds and injuries, all of which were incurred by Barrabus himself.

Barrabus contacted Vernette and Christal and demanded that Christal surrender herself in exchange for the safe return of Courtney. Vernette did not like this deal but he was forced to agree to it. Christal and Barrabus, who was accompanied by Courtney, met on the surface. However, Vernette had sent a janitor named Leon to assassinate Barrabus during the exchange. Leon was armed with a sniper and sent to the surface. he was able to put Barrabus down, and give Courtney and Max ample time to escape back to The King Raven.

Barrabus managed to survive the attempt on his life and return to his ship to patch himself up. He spent the next few hours plotting against the Humans. However, things turned from bad to worse when Barrabus had discovered that a rouge band of Elites had defected from The Covenant, and come to Harvest to try and expel him. Barrabus immediately sprung into action, launching a full out attack on the Elites. It turned out The Elites had defected due to a secret allaince that had formed with a rouge element in the UNSC. The Elites brought a task force of 20 UNSC ships under the command of Admiral Tyson. Barrabus was outnumbered, but not outgunned. He had no intention of backing down. Barrabus noticed that Commodore Vernette's ship was not involved in the skirmish. Barrabus decided to ignore The King Raven for the time being and focus on the armada that was facing him down.

He engaged the Elites and the rouge Humans in battle, managing to destroy several of the human ships, and damaging the Elite cruiser. Barrabus was shocked to learn that The King Raven was targeting the UNSC ships rather then his ships. He realized he may have a potential ally in Vernette. Barrabus contacted Vernette and learned that these UNSC ships are lead by Vice Admiral Tyson, a traitor. Vernette told Barrabus that he was willing to entertain a cease fire to fight their mutual enemies. Both Vernette and Barrabus had no choice. They were outnumbered, and cooperation was esserntial to survival. This decision started The Secret War.

The Secret War

Both Vernette and Barrabus began to cooperate to vanquish the traitors. They both decided it was best to destroy the Elite cruiser, for it was the biggest threat at the moment. Barrabus lead a boarding party, and was assisted by a pair of SPARTANs named Scott and Shane. Vernette told both Barrabus and Scott that they were to work together to destroy the Elite ship. Barrabus told Scott he would destroy the human technology. Scott agreed, and went to the bridge to kill the commanding officers of the ship. Both Barrabus and Scott were successful. Barrabus brought a high yield antimatter charge with him to the Elite cruiser and activated it. Barrabus and Scott evacuated and returned to The King Raven. The antimatter charge detonated and the Elite cruiser was completely obliterated.

The battle was going very well. Vice Admiral Tyson was in hiding, his fleet was destroyed, and the Elite ship had been destroyed. However, Tyson's forces had managed to escape to the surface of Harvest in massive quantities. Tyson had a massive army on the surface. Barrabus suggested orbital glassing to kill Tyson and his forces, but this proved to be difficult due to the fact that Tysons forces were in hiding, and Barrabus did not know where to search. Barrabus worked with Courtney on The King Raven and managed to track down a very small amount of Tyson's forces on the surface. The King Raven performed orbital bombardment on areas known to be controlled by Tyson.

During this time, Scott was sent on a mission to assassinate Vice Admiral Tyson. However, Tyson told Scott that Vernette had killed Christal. This caused the mass defection of The SPARTANs to assist Tyson in his conflict with Vernette and Barrabus. Scott, along with all the other SPARTAN's relinquished their UNSC ranks, and adopted their own ranking system, based loosely on the marine ranking system. Barrabus and Vernette learned of the SPARTAN defection when Scott and his SPARTANs helped Tyson and the Elites to take control of a Brute Scarab facility on the surface of Harvest. Both Vernette and Barrabus were involved in this conflict, and were both captured by Scott and his SPARTAN's.

While in captivity, Vernette was able to devise a plan to escape, but it was very risky. Vernette managed to disable the energy cuffs on Barrabus hands. Barrabus was able to escape the prison cell and acquire some weaponry. He assisted Vernette in breaking out of the cuffs and the two proceeded to the hanger bay to try and escape. However, their efforts were cut shots when they were intercepted by Scott and Shane, the two SPARTANs directly responsible for capturing Vernette and Barrabus. A fight ensued between Barrabus and the two SPARTANs. Being out of his weight class, Vernette was not much help. Eventually, Barrabus was able to emerge victorious, managing to kill Shane and injure Scott. During the confrontation, Vernette was wounded by Scott.

Barrabus - During the Battle of Tyko City

Barrabus - During the Battle of Tyko City

Vernette and Barrabus managed to make it back to The King Raven. They decided it was best to begin assaulting ground bases that had been set up by Vice Admiral Tyson and Scott. There were three locations that were of incredible interest, most notably Alpha Site, Bravo Site, and Charlie Site (Also known as The ruins of New Berlin, Tyko City, and The ruins of New Montreal). Barrabus lead the initial assault on Alpha Site. During the assault, he engaged three SPARTANs by the names of Alice, Shaun, and Bart. The SPARTANs had a fleeting victory over Barrabus, managing to cut out one of his eyes. However, the overall assault on the base was successful, ending in a victory for Vernette and Barrabus.

Barrabus returned to The King Raven where he was met by Vernette. Barrabus was mad that he lost his eye but Vernette provided a solution for him. He told Barrabus that it was possible to clone Barrabus' eye and give him a new one. Barrabus was intrigued by this and decided to allow this to happen.

After receiving a new eye, Barrabus returned to the Surface with a medic named Kate. He and Kate attempted to meet up with Sergeant Jermaine Freeman and his squad. however, the two got frequently sidetracked by attacks. First and Foremost, Barrabus and Kate were pinned by a sniper team. Barrabus told Kate that while he acted as a diversion, she should use her scoped weaponry to eliminate the snipers. The plan worked pretty well, however, things changed when SPARTANs showed up to kill Barrabus. Barrabus was once again pitted up against the three SPARTANs Alice, Shaun, and Bart. However, Barrabus was still furious about their last encounter. Along with the help of Kate, Barrabus was able to capture Alice, kill Shaun, and injure Bart.

Barrabus and Kate eventually managed to reach an Alliance controlled outpost. They regrouped with a large platoon of marines and began to march on Bravo site. They eventually made it to the base and engaged Scott and his forces, in an attempt to destroy Bravo Site. The battle was a stalemate, with neither side gaining any ground. However, thanks to a Stalker team, Barrabus managed to lead his forces in a successful attack. Alliance forces were able to breach the perimeter and gain access to the inside of the base. However, this upper hand only lasted for so long when Vice Admiral Tyson managed to deploy a scarab to the battlefield.

Barrabus was able to board the Scarab and fight off the ELites who were piloting the vehicle. He managed to overload the reactor core and escaper the Scarab before it exploded. Upon the Scarabs destruction, Barrabus was confronted by the SPARTAN named Scott. They once again fought but it ended in a fleeting victory for Barrabus when Scott was forced to withdraw due to his forces being defeated at the the Bravo Site.

Barrabus returned to the King Raven and briefed Vernette on the events on the surface of Harvest. After some debate, it was decided that a multivector assault was needed. Barrabus decided that he would set a trap to try and capture some Elites, and at the same time, eliminate a large Insurrectionist attack force. Barrabus was unable to capture any Elites, but he was able to sucessfully eliminate their attack force, dealing a crippling blow to Insurrectioniast numbers.

After the sucess of his mission, he and Vernette, along with a large team, decided to attack one of the larger Insurrectionist bases. Commodore Vernette and Barrabus led a large strike team to an insurrectionist base and managed to sneak inside. Their initial objective was to locate and eliominate the SPARTAN Scott, however, their plans changed when they learned that there were UNSC prisoners inside this base. They decided it was prudent to try and free the captured UNSC soldiers before eliminating Scott. However, the operation began to fall apart after the rescue of the UNSC prisoners. The SPARTAN Scott managed to ambush Vernette and Barrabus in the holding cells and pin them down. Only after several ODST Teams came to the aid of Vernette and barrabus, did the two attempt their escape. However, Vernette was captured by Scott while attepting to escape. Barrabus was forced to retreat.

Barrabus returned to The King Raven, only to learn that the ODST squads had managed to capture several insurrectionists. Barrabus immediatly began to question the insurrectionists and learned of several possible base of operations. Barrabus also learned that the Insurrectionists were trying to escape Harvest by construction their own ship. Immediatly disinterested in whatever else the Insurrectionists had planned, barrabus began to plan to assault the Insusrectionist bases. However, he knew that he had to resuce Commodore Vernette before any other course of actions could be taken. It took Barrabus several hours to organize his forces, both on his ship, and on the surface, but he had gathered enough forces to begin assaulting Insurrectionist bases.

Forturn turned when Vernette had managed to escape from Insurrectionist custody, along with COurtney, who had supposidly left Harvest many days Earlier. Barrabus learned from Vernette that the Insurrectionists had captured Courtney to use as a bargaining tool to use against him. Barrabus was not all that surprised to learn the Insurrectionists wanted to blackmail Vernette with Courtnies safety. In spite, the escaping of Vernette was a victory, and a timely one at that. Vernette learned of the plan to build a ship from Barrabus and decided that it was time to trurly gain Intel on the Insurrectionists. Vernette assigned Sergeant Jermaine Freeman to insultrate the Insurrectionis Forces, gain valuable Intel, and return it to the UNSC. In the mean time, barrabus was more interested in crippling the Insurrectionist forces. Barrabus joined in on every operation he could get into, raids, assaults, anything that resulted in him killing an Insurrectionist. However, as a result of this, the Insurrectionists began to go dark, falling into hiding.

A whole week passed, Barrabus was unable to locate any insurrectionist forces. He grew impatient. However, he decided to persue other goals while he waitied. One of Barrabus' hobbies involved ship construction. Barrabus began to modify one of his Phantoms for personal use. He nicknamed his private Phantom the Rapture and stylized it in the same fashion as his Assault Carrier, baring a personalized paint job and customized enhancements to the overall design of the Phantom. However, Barrabus was unable to finish his Phantom before he was called back into a combat role. Barrabus next mission pitted him up against another group of Insurrectionists. He provided backup for a group of UNSC Marines who were raiding an Insurrectionist base for supplies. The raid proved to be successful, allowing both The Brute and the UNSC to resupply on weapons and ammunition. The Insurrectionists took heavy losses in this engagement and lost a lot of ground.

Barrabus' next mission involved him in a skirmish to attempt to capture a derelict Scarab. He, along with UNSC Marines and some Brutes squared off against some Insurrectionists for control of the Scarab. The battle was moving in Alliance favor. However, barrabus was ciurtically injured on this mission and was forced to withdraw. Unfortunatly, The Alliance forces were unable to repel the Insurrectionists, and the Scarab was lost to the Insurrectionists. Barrabus was enraged by this defeat, altrhough ultimatly he saw it as one battle in a war that was in Alliance favor. He decided to spent the next little while recovering from his injuries.

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The Second Battle of Harvest

*Service record unavailable at this time*

The Third Battle of Harvest

*Service record unavailable at this time*

The Battle of Miridem

*Service record unavailable at this time*

The Second SPARTAN Assault

Codename: Anaconda

Codename: Anaconda

Both Vernette and Barrabus were present on Paris IV before the Covenanrt invasion. However, their pressence on Paris IV was strictly business, as they had once again taken the identities of Nighthawk and Anaconda respectivly to, once again, combat the SPARTANs. Although the UNSC could not get a positive identification on exactly who Nighthawk and Anaconda were, the UNSC expended massive resources in stopping their crusade. Immediiatly upon arrival to Paris IV, both Nighthawk and Anaconda began to hunt down the SPARTAN super soldiers.

At first, they were met with limited resistance. They were able to find the SPARTANs and eliminate them in small groups. However, their job quickly became more difficult as time went on, as the UNSC began to assign larger and larger groups of UNSC escorts to stick with the SPARTANs at all times. Problems began to compound when the UNSC started to deploy thousands of soldiers in an effort to hunt down, and kill, both Nighthawk and Anaconda.

The first major engagement with the UNSC occured in the heavily populated city of New Manchua, which also served as the focal point for the subsequent engagements to come. The first battle occuered inside the city, admist all of the civilians. The UNSC was transporting a SPARTAN-II Super soldier under heavy guard, through the city for redeployment. However, the escort was derailed by Nighthawk and Anaconda. The duo immediatly sprung into action, using every means at their disposal to ensure the death of the SPARTAN.

Matters complicated when the officer in charge of the case of Nighthawk and Anaconda, Commander Logan Lyons, deployed even more soldiers to help defend the SPARTAN, even going so far as to deploy a second SPARTAN to ensure the success of the mission.

Ultimatly, the initial target was killed when Anaconda was able to steal a Scorpion Tank and incinerate the SPARTAN. After a brief subsequent skirmish, the battle ended with the retreat of both Nighthawk and Anaconda.

Nighthawk and Anaconda were forced to step up their attacks in light of increasing UNSC interference in their plans. After their base of operations was attacked and destroyed, the duo decided to retaliate against the UNSC. In response, the duo captured a UNSC Pelican assigned to Commander Logan Lyons' ship, known as the Blackcomb, and rigged it with multiple high yield explosives. The Pelican was then used as a unmanned kamikaze Pelican, used to target the engines of the Blackcomb. This resulted in the Blackcomb being crippled, and subsequently crashing to the planets surface.

Although casualties were light, Nighthawk and Anaconda still decided to go to the downed ship and personally deliver a message to Commander Lyons. However, their efforts were foiled when several UNSC marines, and a SPARTAN attacked them. Nighthawk and Anaconda won the skimish, resulting in the death of a single Marine known as Rex.

Given the circumstances, the UNSC had to summon a military expert to deal with the Nighthawk and Anaconda expert. As it turned out, this military expert was Vice Admiral Preston Vernette, rather, it was Preston Vernette so far as the UNSC knew. In reality, it was a clone of Preston Vernette, with the real Preston Vernette behind the Nighthawk Mask. In order to deflect any remaining suspicion, Nighthawk and Anaconda decided to launch an attack on the Miadens Peak military installation; the area in which the survivors of the Blackcomb incident moved to after the ship was destroyed.

The attack was simply a deflection tactic, in order to caste down any belief that Vernette was Nighthawk. Although Nighthawk and Anaconda had no intetion of harming the Vernette clone, they did want to be forceful. So, the duo decided to harm everyone else, and cause damage to the facility. This resulted in the capture of Doctor Carson Beckett. The mission was going well, however, Anaconda was injured in the battle, and was forced to retreat with Nighthawk, resulting in a Pyrrhic victory for the UNSC.

Nighthawk and Anaconda managed to retreat to their Vulture and escape, however Anaconda was seriosuly injured. He was injured beyond Nighthawk's ability to help him. This left them ina very fragile situation. THe duo was forced to enlist Beckett's help, in exchange for not killing the Spartan Seshy, a Spartan that Beckett had become very fond of. It was with this agreement, that Beckett treated Anaconda's wounds and Seshy was ignored for the rest of the mission.

The Vernette clone conspired with Nighthawk and Anaconda to end the Paris IV Mission. Nighthawk and Anaconda knew they had crippled the Spartan Program, and knew that they should put a wrap on their terrorist career. The Vernette clone devised a plan, with the help of Nighthawk and Anaconda, to "kill" the duo and "end" their reign of terror. The plan involved ambusing Nighthawk and Anaconda at a munitions depot and set the disposed munitions to critical, killing Nighthawk and Anaconda in a firey blast. However, there was a catch. In order for Nighthawk and Anaconda to survive, they would need to perfectly time their escape into a bomb shelter in order to survive.

Ultimatly, the plan was a success. The UNSC was under the belief that the duo had been killed, and that Vernette had achieved the impossible. With all but one outstanding issues wrapped up, Nighthawk and Anaconda proceeded to kill the final Spartan that was still alive and killable. THis Spartan was Chris; a Spartan II who was, for the most part, a major asshole. Nighthawk and Anaconda made their final kill with Chris. However, before Chris was killed, the Vernette clone appeared to oversee the death of Chris. In reality, the Vernette clone was there to die. Nighthawk quickly killed the Vernette clone and proceeded to reveal the entire operation and their true identies to Chris before killing him.With Chris dead, Nighthawk and Anaconda resolved to retire, and end the Spartan killing game.

The Siege of Paris IV

*Service record unavailable at this time*

The Battle of Sigma Octanus IV

*Service record unavailable at this time*

The Battle of Reach

By This time, the seeds of doubt had been planted in Barrabus. He began to question the war on the Humans, but was so spellbound by his authority and power, he refused to say anything to the rest of The Covenant. Barrabus did not fancy himself a traitor, nor did he want to betray a lifetime of work, but he could not shake the feeling that the War with the UNSC was not what it appeared to be. When Barrabus learned of the upcoming assault of Reach, he appeared excited, but in reality, he dreaded the assault. However, the news he would soon hear, proved quite excellent.

Barrabus did not lead the assault on Reach. The reason for this was because of his constant in-fighting with The Elites. Barrabus was told by a minor prophet that his constant bickering with The Elites was no longer going to be tolerated. Barrabus displayed public humility and accepted this news. He was assured that his standing in The Covenant would not be harmed due to his willingness to accept punishment for his wrongdoing. However, Barrabus had a trump card. Barrabus knew this news was coming to him. So, in true fashion, he and Vernette planned to assassinate the minor Prophet. When The Prophet was enroute back to his flagship, The King Raven, which was hiding in the engine wake of The Devotion, popped out and destroyed The Prophet's phantom. Barrabus had supplied Vernette with the scanning frequency for both his ship, and the Prophet's ship, allowing him to slip away unnoticed. Barrabus blamed The Elites for the death of The Prophet, saying that it was The Elites who chose the rendezvous spot and it was The Elites who failed to protect the secrecy.

Barrabus returned to High Charisty where he was told that, despite the failing of The Elites, Barrabus would still not lead the army. However, Barrabus was told that he would be present as a supervisor to oversee the battle, but he was not to get involved. barrabus agreed to this, knwoing this could be used to his advantage to further is political power. Barrabus contacted Vernette about this development, informing him of The Elites imminent attack on Reach. Vernette suggested that Barrabus use his position to help the UNSC horrifically defeat The Elites. Barrabus had nothing to lose in this proposition, so he agreed.

When the invasion of Reach began, Barrabus immediately broke flank, and put a massive hold in the battle line. This allowed the UNSC to use the MAC guns to decimate a large attack wing, gaining an early advantage. The Elites lost a large part of their fleet as a result of this. Barrabus reasoned that since he was an observer, his presence in the battle lines was not allowed. Barrabus took low orbit over Reach and watched the battle unfold. When the UNSC suggested that Barrabus ship be targeted for destruction, Vice Admiral Vernette countermanded the order, sating that Barrabus' ship was no threat, and that the UNSC did not have the time to spare going after idle ships. Barrabus' ship was ignored.

Barrabus did not engage in any major fighting with the Humans. However, he did make it personal prerogative to oversee the POW camps. Reason being was so that he could free prisoners from captivity. Barrabus was not stupid enough to allow his Brutes to oversee prisoner transports. He told the Elites to manage that responsibility. Barrabus exploited this to help Humans escape. Barrabus assisted many UNSC Marines escape from captivity to return to fight The Elites, although this activity was carried out in secret.

Barrabus eventually was forced to assist Vernette escape custody when Vernette was captured during an Elite raid on the Washabi Peli-Pads, a large UNSC base on Reach. Vernette was captured by Captain Voro and his brother Kiven and brought to The Devotion for questioning. However, Barrabus plotted with Vernette to get him out of this bind. Barrabus eventually told Voro that he was not to interrogate prisoners, as that would be a further derivation from his responsibilities and Barrabus did not want to disobey The Prophets. Barrabus told Voro that Vernette would be transferred in one hour, by Elites, to Voro's ship. Vernette was given to Voro and Kiven transported back via Phantom. However, Barrabus had made his way to an abandoned UNSC AA defensive installation and managed to shoot Voro's phantom down. Barrabus rushed to the crash site and used Human weaponry to cover Vernette's tracks as he escaped. Both Barrabus and Vernette managed to get away without incident.

Barrabus was later contacted by Vernette and told that there was an assassination attempt on his life. Barrabus told Vernette he would freely and willingly track down the assassin and kill him. It took Barrabus roughly two days, but he was able to find the assassin, and kill him. However, before Barrabus could kill Hodge, he was confronted by both Voro and Kiven, and several UNSC Marines, led by Tyber. However, Barrabus was able to escape and force a brief confrontation between Voro and Kiven, and Tyber and his Marines.

Barrabus luck took a nosedive when he was ambushed shortly after by Voro and Kiven. Barrabus was run over by a ghost and was about to be killed by Voro and Kiven when Barrabus used Elite psychology to force an honorable duel. Voro and Kiven were forced to agree. Voro told Kiven that he would have the privilege of killing Barrabus in retaliation for Barrabus causing dishonor to Kiven in a previous engagement. Barrabus was taken to Voros ship and imprisoned. This gave Barrabus time to recover and full heal. When the time came for the duel, a still partially injured Barrabus was forced to fight Kiven. However, the duel ended when Kiven was informed that Voro had engaged enemy forces. Kiven stopped the duel thus giving Barrabus the chance to escape back to his assault carrier.

Barrabus soon learned from Vernette that the insurrectionists had returned to the spotlight. Both Vernette and Barrabus agreed that with more and more enemies surrounding them, something needed to be done to vanquish their foes once and for all. The two decided to set a trap for the insurrectionists on Barrabus' ship. Barrabus would provide a tempting target for the insurrectionists to attack, and Vernette was use The King Raven to destroy the insurrectionist ship. However, the insurrectionists saw through this ploy and instead of attacking The Devotion, they boarded it and tried to blow it up. Ultimately, they failed, but Barrabus was unable to capture any or kill any insurrectionists.

Dismayed by this, Vernette and Barrabus began to re plan. However, with another attack on Washabi, The Elites managed to topple the base and rive the remaining UNSC forces out. Barrabus soon learned that Vernette's brother Tyber, was killed by the Elites. Barrabus felt bad for Vernette and told him that Voro was responsible for Tyber's death. Barrabus told Vernette he would find Voro and capture him and allow Vernette to get his revenge.

Barrabus ambushed Voro in secret aboard the devotion and brought him to the surface of Reach. Voro met with Vernette and learned that Vernette and Barrabus were allies. However, Voro took this truth to his grave when Vernette slit the throat of Voro. Vernette slit the throat so Barrabus could take credit for Voro's death, in repayment for Barrabus bringing Voro to Vernette to kill. Shortly thereafter, Barrabus was forced to order the final glassing Reach.

The Second Battle of Earth

Barrabus arrived at Earth with Truths fleet but did not attack Earth. He dispatched his forces to the planet but did not take an immediate active role. However, after Truth had left for The Ark, Barrabus assumed command of The Loyalist Forces that remained at Earth. The Devotion did not go to The Ark.

Barrabus began to have frequent problems with a few of his Brutes, most notably a Brute named Fornicus. Fornicus was attempting to become the fleet command and the Chieftain by overthrowing Barrabus. However, Barrabus frequently made Jokes about Fornicus' name, constantly saying that Fornicus loved to fornicate with the minors under his command, casting doubt on Fornicus' heterosexuality. Fornicus hated this joke.

Barrabus had frequent run-ins with Fornicus on Earth. During a mission to remove a large group of marines from a base, A scorpion tank nearly killed Barrabus when Fornicus missed the shot on the tank and hit Barrabus with the flak. Barrabus blamed the failure on Fornicus, but Fornicus said that he was aiming for Barrabus in hopes to kill him. A fight between the two ensued and ended when Barrabus called the fight off. Barrabus knew he could have killed Fornicus but due to the fact that they were behind enemy lines, and that Fornicus was going to cheat in the duel, Barrabus called the duel off.

The situation came to a peak when during an operation to defend a crashed Covenant cruiser from UNSC Forces, Fornicus betrayed Barrabus. It has been established that UNSC forces had been moving through the dig dug shelter tunnels. When Barrabus tried t enter the tunnels from an emergency hatch, he found the tunnels were flooded. When Barrabus ordered that the Brutes enter the flood tunnels and swim through, Fornicus pushed Barrabus into the hatch and sealed it above him in an attempt to drown Barrabus. Barrabus was forced to swim through, only barely making it out of the flooded zone. Barrabus swore to himself to kill Fornicus for this. However, as Barrabus made his way through the tunnels, he came across Commander Lyons. Lyons ran off and linked up with RTJ who managed to tranquilize Barrabus and bring him back to The Dreadhawk

Barrabus awoke on The Dreadhawk, which was under the command of Fleet Admiral Preston Vernette. Barrabus was told by Vernette that he had already heard about what happened from Covenant comm chatter. When Barrabus asked about what was going on, he was told by Vernette that he had come to make him an offer. Vernette offered Barrabus the chance at becoming a SPARTAN Killer, and Vernette's personal bodyguard. Barrabus was very skeptical how he would even get into the UNSC, let alone stay there without being killed. Vernette told Barrabus about the augmentation procedure that he had developed. Barrabus was very unsure about this, stating that he did not want to leave The Covenant so soon after the schism. However, Barrabus also resolved that his military career had ended when he was betrayed and defeated by Fornicus. Barrabus did not like the concept of being forced to answer to Fornicus as his superior.

Vernette promised Barrabus the highest level of protection from the UNSC, as well as his personal assurance that Barrabus would get his revenge on Fornicus. Vernette also assured Barrabus that he was not subservient in any way, that he would work with, not for, Vernette. Barrabus, knowing that he could no longer lead his people, resolved that working with Vernette was the next best thing to leading The Covenant. Barrabus agreed to The Augmentation.

The following days were very painful and stressful for Barrabus, having his DNA forcefully rewritten, and having his organs removed and replaced with cybernetic counterparts. Barrabus' armor was taken and modified for heavier combat. The armor itself was strengthened, its exposed weak points covered, and its durability vastly improved. The armor was painted a jet black color and all adornments and markings removed. Barrabus was forced to endure many surgeries intended to alter his body, including augmentation to his skeletal structure. Vital areas, including, but not limited to the spine and pelvic area were reinforced with titanium supports to prevent fracturing or breaking.

After the augmentation was completed, there remained two outstanding issues; the inhibitors and Barrabus' identity. Vernette had implanted 42 inhibitors in Barrabus' brain. These were put in place for many reason, but most notably for control. Vernette had every faith in Barrabus and his abilities, but Vernette did not need any incidents from an angry augment. Barrabus was told by Vernette that the inhibitors would be used to control his state of mind and his aggression until Barrabus had adapted to living with humans. Vernette admitted to Barrabus that he will not be the most welcome in the UNSC, but he assured Barrabus that he would do everything he could to assist in the transition. Barrabus shrugged this off, not really caring about how much he was liked.

Vernette also told Barrabus that he could not keep his name for safety's sake. Vernette told Barrabus that he had gone to great lengths to fully erase Barrabus' UNSC profile and erase him from the history books of the UNSC. Vernette told Barrabus that he will be assuming the identity of "Subject Delta" as his new alias.

Delta was not mindless, and he was capable of speech, but he did refrain from talking to The Humans for personal reasons. Delta was given a private frequency for communication with Vernette to accept orders and assignments. Immediately, Delta was put into action against a band of SPARTAN IIIs in a mission to rescue Shella Lenner from captivity. Delta and Vernette left Earth for Onyx to rescue Lt. Lenner. Delta proved very effective against the SPARTAN IIIs, earning his classification of SPARTAN Killer.

Delta was again thrown into battle against The Covenant shortly after during a strategic defense on the part of the UNSC. The UNSC has recently planted bugged AI's in the hands of The Covenant and were feeding The Loyalists false information. However, to keep the Brutes interest in the AI's, the UNSC, specifically Vernette, intentionally leaked the location of a real base and planned a solid defense to beat the Brutes back. Delta was dropped into the front lines to help defend the base. This was The Covenants first encounter with Delta. Delta had no reservations in killing The Brutes in the battle.

Some time later, Delta was deployed with Commander Logan Lyons to go and locate an AWOL soldier by the name of Jack. However, events did not unfold very well when Delta and Lyons located Jack. The trio was approached, and forcefully recruited, by a Brute who assumed the human alias of Roger. Roger used a previously unseen Covenant device to teleport himself, along with Jack, Delta, and Lyons to a planet in Covenant controlled Space. The trio soon learned that they had bee drafted into defensive duty against an infected species of Jackals.

Delta spent the next two weeks, helping the Brutes defend their base. However, Delta quickly got annoyed with this job. Delta was unaware of the events transpiring on Earth. To complicate matters, Lyons and Jack, who had gone on a mission several days earlier, had not returned. Delta knew he had to escape. His fortune turned with the forced recruitment of Admiral Korman. Delta knew who this was. However, Delta told Korman to attempt to steal one of those teleportation devices to help them both escape back Earth. Korman was ultimatly successful and gave the device to Delta, who managed to teleport them both back to Earth. They both turned up in the wilderness of Japan.

This proved rather fortuitous, for RTJ was involved in a rescue operation at this time, trying to rescue Harold Forkes from Brute captivity.Delta was able to locate Sergeant Forkes before the rest of RTJ did and free him. RTJ showed up a few minutes later and administered a cure to Sergeant Forkes for his augmentation. When Vernette learned that Delta had re-appeared, Vernette was very pleased. However, when he learned that Korman had also re-emerged, Vernette ordered Delta to find and kill Korman.

Delta sprung into action and began to track down Admiral Korman. He eventually found Korman, but Korman, using a Plasma Pistol, immobilized Delta to a degree, severely reducing his combat effectiveness. However, Delta got back to his feet and got into a fight with Korman, who was also augmented with the same drug used on Harold Forkes. Korman managed to barely escape. Delta and RTJ returned to The Dreadhawk, where they concocted a plan to kill Korman.

During this time, Delta began to speak to the human crewmembers more and more, slowly getting over his isolation and his reservations. To the surprise of many people, Delta proved to be an excellent speaker, capable of very involved and methodical speech. Vernette informed Delta that Korman would be summoned to The Dreadhawk on the pretense to end hostilities and help cure Kiven. Delta's orders were to kill Korman once Kiven had been cured.

Once again, Delta was thrown into a combat situation with Korman, and several of Korman's augments. however, this time, the battle was much different. Delta killed Korman's augments and was on the verge of killing Korman. However, Korman managed to escape through a ventilation shaft, only to be killed by the other members of RTJ. With the death of Korman, his crew saw it prudent to destroy The Dreadhawk. Korman's ship crashed into the Dreadhawk, destroying it. However, most of the crew was able to make it to safety.

Post Battle of Earth

Delta spent the next week with Vernette and RTJ in a bunker in northern Canada. He was assigned the Tyber AI to keep an eye on him. With the defeat of the Loyalists at The Ark, ONI and HIGHCOM demanded the immediate surrender of Delta into their possession. However, Vernette was true to his word and did not surrender Delta to ONI and HIGHCOM. Vernette refused to, and even took a demotion to Admiral to attain the status of ONI Director to protect Delta. Delta saw this as a great act of humility and sacrifice. Delta at this point, saw Vernette as much more then a fiend, but as a brother.

Delta was sent to Texas wit RTJ to help secure the area. During his time here, Delta met a female Marine named Max. During a Loyalist push back, Delta jumped to the front lines and managed to push the Brutes back. Delta managed to impress Max with his skill and he and Max quickly became friends. Delta began to spend much time with Max, being careful not to reveal any of his secrets.

Delta was primarily responsible for the defense of the base in Texas. He hung around the base a lot, usually on guard duty. He often pulled many consecutive all nights due him not requiring sleep or food. This gave Delta an excellent opportunity not only to discuss his past with his AI, but to observe human social behavior to help him fit in more.

Delta was left on Earth during an operation to capture a Brute cruiser to help ascertain the location of important Loyalist installations outside the Sol system. However, when the Brute cruiser was successfully captured and returned to Earth, Delta was summoned to help crack the Brute encryption codes. When Delta finally arrived on The Brute cruiser, he got to work cracking the codes. When he had finished, Max asked him about his military position in The Covenant. Delta told Max that he was very high ranking. Max then asked about Harvest, and the Brute responsible with its destruction. Delta told Max that The Brute who destroyed Harvest was named Barrabus, and that he ad died some time ago. When Delta learned that Max's mother was Courtney, he immediately put two and two together and immediately found out that Max was Vernette's daughter.

Delta and RTJ received orders to go and find Fleet Admiral Forkes. However, during the ride back, Delta decided to tell Max exactly who he was. He felt she should know given who her mother was. Delta revealed to Max that he was Barrabus. Max was stunned by this news and even shunned Delta, calling him a monster. Delta was hurt by this. He had considered Max a close friend whom he could trust. Delta landed the ship in New Mombasa and deserted RTJ and Max. He made his way to the ONI Building construction site and stole a Longsword. Delta decided to go and find Courtney, and see how she was doing. Tyber objected to this course of action but had no way of stopping Delta.

Delta made his way to California and entered the shelter. When he came face to face with Courtney, she was stunned that he was still alive, yet so different. Courtney made it clear that no matter which side he was on, he would never erase the shame of Harvest. Dismayed, yet again, Delta took off and left without incident.

Delta and Tyber eventually were able to locate Fleet Admiral Forkes and they learned why he was hiding. Delta learned that Admiral Forkes was hiding because ONI agents were threatening his AI, accusing him of treachery. However, this was not the case. Tyber decided it was best to copy the AI and surrender the copied AI to ONI, so as to ease the tension on Admiral Forkes.

Shortly afterward, Delta made his way back to Texas where he resumed his usual guard duty. During this time, he revealed to max who her real father was. However, his duties were cut short when Vernette had returned to Earth. He specifically asked Delta to meet with him in private. When Delta had met with Vernette, Delta was immediately questioned by Vernette as to why Delta never revealed the truth about Max being his daughter. Delta told Vernette he was honor bound by an oath of secrecy. Vernette accepted this answer.

Vernette and Delta returned to the base in Texas, where Vernette learned that Captain Beurscott was still alive. Delta brought Vernette to Beurscott and was in a state of disbelief. However, Vernette quickly shook this feeling off and was ready to kill Beurscott. However, Vernette decided to let him live simply on the basis that he could be of some use. Shortly afterward, Delta and Vernette confronted several ONI agents who demanded that Beurscott be returned. Delta was able strengthen Vernette's argument by making an example of several of the ONI agents. The ONI agents fell back and left the camp. Vernette later told Delta that he was being reassigned to protect Max from unscrupulous individuals.

Delta spent most of his time with Max, protecting her from the dangers of war. However, he was eventually captured by a rouge wing of ONI. Delta established that ONI wanted to replicate Delta for use in the war. ONI, and the UNSC in general, was frustrated that Vernette was unwilling to divulge the secrets of Delta's creation. Fortunatly, Delta was able to escape captivity when Director Vernette mounted a resuce. During his resuce, it was established that there were several mock prototypes in development. All of the prototypes were destroyed, and Delta's construction and design remained a mystery.

Some time later, Delta joined with Lance Runner, Vargus the Brute War Chieftain, and Max to prevent Lance's father, the SPARTAN named Scott, from using more duplicated inhibitor technology on the population of Doisac, the Brute homeworld. The group departed the Cloak and Dagger and immediatly proceeded to Doisac. They were able to not only kill Scott, but stop the plot from even unfolding. The group returned to Earth shortly there after.

However, trouble began to brew when an officer name Lt. Cooke began to express his desire to match Vernette's designs. Cooke had managed to get his hands on several basterdized version of the inhibitor device, and he constructed his own augmented Brute; codenamed Dirk. Dirk, in every way was designed to be stronger and faster then Delta. Dirk was even designed without the counter-measure to stop him if he ever went rouge. THis proved to be a concer for Preston Vernette, because this could possibly backfire on the UNSC. When Vernette took his complaints to HIGHCOM, he was told that they had sanctioned Dirk as a viable replacement for the SPARTANs. AFter hearing this, Vernette decided it was prudent to stop the creation of any more of Dirks super Brutes.

It escalated to the point where Vernette had begun causing sever collateral damage to the UNSC in his attempt to stop Cooke. Cooke had used his promise of new super soldiers to attain the status of FLeet Admiral, massivly climbing the chain of command. It was at this point Vernette and Delta decided that HIGHCOM had become too corrupt. The two assassinated every member of HIGHCOM. Delta and Vernette summoned Cooke back to HIGHCOM HQ under false pretenses. When COoke, and his now complete super Brute Dirk arrived, they were immediatly ambushed. COoke ran away while Delta fought with Dirk. Dirk had managed to best Delta in the physical confrontation, resulting in a pyrrhic victory for Dirk. The battle ended when Delta used an incindiary grenade on Dirk to force his retreat. Delta's pride had been wounded by this, feeling that he had failed Vernette, but a few words of encouragement restored Delta's faith in his own abilities.

The ONI Power Stuggle

Shortly after this event, Vernette was summoned to HIGHCOM Site 4 in Kentucky to meet with an executive branch of HIGHCOM. It was revealed that this was a trap set by the now Fleet Admiral Cooke to remove Vernette as the Director of ONI on the basis that Vernette had causes too much collateral damage. Vernette was arrested, stripped of rank and title, cloned, and subsequently his clone was returned to the Cloak and Dagger. The clone died of a heart attack shortly thereafter. As far as the entire UNSC was concerned, Preston Vernette was dead.

Delta took the loss incredibly hard. He had resolved to leave the UNSC for good, stating that he had nobody left who actually cared for him. When Delta went to the morgue to pay his final respects to his lifelong friend, he noticed that the post mortum report was on the desk next to the body. Delta read through the post mortum report. Tyber, his AI, noted a very big discrepancy in the report. It was noted that Vernette had a real heart and that it had undergone pulminary faliure. Tyber said that this was impossible due to the fact that Vernette had an artificial, mechanical heart regulating his pulminary system. Delta then knew that this was not Preston Vernette, that this was, in fact, a clone.

Delta resolved not to tell anyone about this discovery, having no trust in the UNSC for this plot. He immediatly went rouge and became an enemy of the state. Using information Vernette had left behind in case of emergancy, Delta came into possession of a special class of ONI ship known as the Ticonderoga. THis was an aquatic ship that served as a sub-oceanic aircraft carrier and battleship, commonly used in planetary defense. This served as Delta's base of operations for the time being.

Delta soon learned that a new Director of Operations had been appointed. He learned this man was Director Gibson. Delta began to strike at ONI and HIGHCOM facilities, attempting to find more information on various topics, including Preston Vernette, and Director Gibson. Delta planned various attacks on UNSC installations, most noteably, a UNSC Medical facility in Germany. It was there that Delta was able to severly damage Dirk, and cause massive damage to the UNSC. Delta had spent many days gathering the necessary information to resuce Vernette. One key battle was a raid on a UNSC MEdical Facility in Germany. During this Battle, Delta engaged Dirk fort a second time, beating him in an almost flawless victory. The battle ended with Dirk being seriously injured, and Cooke losing his augment.

Delta retreated from the battle with all the information he needed. However, before he could finalize his plans, he had learned that Vernette himself had escape custody. Delta immediatly went to retirve Vernette, but soon learned that Lester MacTavish was with Vernette. Delta was furious with macTavish for opposing him in Germany, but he quickly reconciled given the situation. Before long, Delta was able to help Vernette retake the Cloak and Dagger, and put an end to Cookes tyranny. The status queue had been restored.

The Battle of Mars

Delta's involvement in the Battle of Mars was limited. He primarily was responsible for disbanding the Brute stragglers that had taken refuge on Mars. It was here that he was forced to kill Vargus to save Captain Lyons. He was also involved in a brief skirmish with the flood that resulted in the flood being destroyed. Delta spent most of his time afterwards looking after the Cloak and Dagger, and dealing with problems that began to arise. From security concerns, to fueds, Delta acted as ships's security, ensuing that the entire ship was kept safe.

Delta also served as more of a logitistical and intelligence officer during the crisis with Admiral Sheperd. He was instrumental in telling Vernette how to access the CIP information modules, or as the Covenant called them, mass memory moduels. Beyond that, his role was limited. He did however, sepnd most of his free time, building his interpersonal relationships with his new shipmates. It was at this point he began to garner a lot of respect from the humans. He began to think of them less as shipmates, and more as family.

Post Battle of Mars

Delta spent most of his time after the battle of Mars in a conflict with Captain Lyons, Lance and an augment known as Shuya and his squad of marnes known as Falcon Claw. Problems began to arrise when Lance was horribly injured on a mission involving the flood. Upon returning to the Cloak and Dagger, Vernette said Lance's organs had sustained too much damage, and needed to be replaced with cybernetic counter-parts. Vernette sent RTJ to recover the parts necessary. Meanwhile, the augment known as Shuya began to imply that Recovery team Joker had been washed up. Vernette was hesitent to admit it, but he knew Shuya was speaking the truth. He had noticed that RTJ had become lazy in their habbits. This was justifed when RTJ later reported that they had failed to retrieve the parts needed to save Lance's life. Infuriated, Vernette sent RTJ down to basic training, and established Falcon Claw has his primary team.

Delta, who had always been a fan of RTJ, thought it was unfair for Vernette to ship them down to basics. Delta was further infuriated by the fact that Falcon Claw, a squad of marines that were known bigots against Brutes, were now Vernette's primary team. Delta felt threatened by this on a personal level. He began to fear that Shuya would try to replace him as Vernette's personal bodyguard. Delta resolved that the only course of action was to help RTJ reclaim their glory. Delta assissted in the training of RTJ, and even joined them on a mission to help reestablish themsevles in Vernette's eyes. It came to the point where Delta and RTJ went to Sanghelios to bail Vernette out of a dangerous situation with the Elites. RTJ was able to rescue Vernette and managed to put themselves back on Vernette's favoured list.

Events turned from bad to worse however, when Captain lyons, Lance, and Falcon Claw decided to mutiny. Lyons and Lance were tasked with Vernette's assassination, while Falcon Claw were tasked with Delta's assassination. Ultimatly, Falcon Claw was killed, with exception to Shuya who managed to evade capture. Delta was finally tasked with sending Lance to cryo prision. Although this proved to be a difficult task for Delta, as Lance was once his friend, he carried out his task to the letter. Subsequently, Delta continued to serve as a security enforcer for ONI in the following days.

During this time, he was reunited with his thought to be dead son. Delta met with his only surviving son Dancar, and learened that Dancar was warking for a Brute shadow operations group know as the Obsidian Hierarchy. Dancar told Delta that Dirk, the new Chieftain of the Brutes, was planning an attackm on Earth. Dancar offered to help a team of humans assassinate Dirk on the premise that Dirk was leading his people down a bad path, that it could only lead to something bad. Delta brought Dancar back to the Cloak and Dagger to tell this to Vernette. Vernette decided to place Delta in charge of the defense of Earth while Vernette took a team to assassinate Dirk.

The Third Battle of Earth

The UNSC had decided that it was best to move Dirk away from Human interests. The decided that it was best to return Dirk to Doisac, under the assumption that he would simply blend in. However, this proved to be a fatal mistake on the end of the UNSC. When it was learned that Dirk was learned that Dirk was remiliterizing the once crippled Brute war effort, the UNSC began to panic. COmpounded by the increasing tension between the Brutes and the Elites, the UNSC was cornered between two very powerful enemies. It was resolved that Director Vernette would lead a small strike team to assassinate Dirk, who was now the Chieftain of the Brutes, while Delta would assume Command of the Cloak and Dagger and use his extensive knowledge of Covenant battle tactics to defend Earth from another invasion. Subsequently, the Elites launched the first attack against Earth. At first, Delta was able to use his knowlege of Covenant battle tactics to counter eveything the Elites threw at him. However, with the arrival of the Brutes, matters began to complicate. Delta was forced to issue a retreat from Earth with the UNSC suffering heavy losses. Delta and the last of the UNSC fleet withdrew to a secret ONI installation known simply as J-2-Alpha, an isolated Star System very far from Covenant and UNSC territory.

After much debate, Delta was the first to join Vernette in an effort to take back Earth. The entire crew of the Cloak and Dagger also joined in on the effort. However, the rest of the UNSC stayed in the J-2-Alpha system to rebuild. The Cloak and Dagger went off, by itself to try and reclaim Earth. At first, it was a stealth mission to assassinate both the Elite High Council and The Chieftain of the Brutes. However, the mission went sour and resulted in the Cloak and Dagger being heavil damaged and crashing on the remains of what was once Earth.

Given the situation, Vernette promoted Delta to Field Commander for ONI, and second in Command. In the event that Vernette was KIA, Delta was to assume immediate charge of the mission. With this done, Delta proceeded to participate in many high profile missions, including, but not limited to, resucing captured humans, assassinating Dirks Warlords, and rescuing his own son from Elites. Delta was a major player in getting ONI close to Dirk, and eventually faced off with Dirk in combat for the title of Chieftain of the Brutes. Delta managed to best Dirk in combat, and claim the title of Chieftain of the Brutes.

Delta's first acts as Chieftain of the Brutes was to order an immediate cease fire with ONI, to release all human prisoners back to ONI custody, and withdraw from ONI territory. Delta was supposed to return to Doisac, but decided he would stick around with ONI "to ensure they kept their end of the bargain and to ensure Brute interests were met". In reality, he stayed because he liked the company of humans, having grown fond of their company and friendship.

The Elite Campaign

With the Humans and Brutes enjoying a cease fire at the mutal agreement of both sides, the Elites found themselves in a very precarious situation; two of their greatest enemies were at peace and both had a mutal enemy in the Elites. Delta had many responsibilities to fullfil, both to the Humans and to his Brutes. His first obligation was to Mordecai, who was a friend of Delta's and who was also wronged by Dirk. Delta took it upon himself to clear the air with Mordecai and inform him that he felt bad that Mordecai could not get his revenge. Although Mordecai and Delta were still friends, Mordecai was still very upset at the fact Delta killed Dirk.

Shortly after, Delta met with a Brute named marcus, who proved to be a very insubordinate Brute who frequently questioned Delta's motives, and proved to be very disrespectful to both humans and Delta alike. Marcus frequently accused Delta of being without honor and being too subserviant to the humans. Although Delta was in fact always acting to enhance the strength of the allaince, and never in a subserviant manner, Marcus did not see this. THis eventually led marcus to openly opposed Delta. Marcus would frequently talk behind Delta's back. Delta shrugged it off as the chattering of an inexperienced moron. However, Delta became very irritated with marcus when marcus began to threaten the safety of Delta's human friends. THis led Delta to Kick marcus' ass and utterly beat the living crap out of him. Marcus was tossed off the Cloak and Dagger, and expellend and exiled from the brute Hierarchy.

Marcus returned some time after with 50 other Brutes to assassinate Delta under the premise of an honorable duel. Marcus demanded that the duel take place with no weapons and no armor. However, Delta knew Marcus was dishonest and planned to counter Marcus' treachery with trickery. With the help of Director Vernette, they prepared a holodrone to try and trick Marcus into a trap. When Marcus ordered his Brute to try and assassinate Delta, they soon discovered that it was a Holodrone. The real Delta was hiding in the rafters, waiting to strike. marcus was killed in this engagement, thus solidifying Delta's position as ruler of the Brutes.

Shortly after this engagement, Delta met an ODST ONI Agent named Agent Archer. Archer was sent to the Cloak and Dagger to retrieve information on the events that occurred on Earth surrounding Dirk's death and the change of power. Delta took a liking to Archer, as opposed to everyone else on the ship who assumed he was a "cop". Delta filled Archer in on the exact logistics of what happened. As it turns out, the only reason Archer was doing this was so his commanding Officer, Admiral Dunham, could get him off her ship.

Delta's next mission involved a recon mission on the planet Reach. After Admiral Dunham's ship, The Raging Collie, was attacked by Elites wearing outdated armor, this began to raise suspicion. When Archer reported this mishap to Director Vernette, he immediatly ordered an investigation. When Duchess, Archer's AI, reported that it had narrowed down possible locations from which these Elites came from, Vernette ordered that these planets be checked for possible sleeper cells. Vernette ordered that Archer and RTJ check the planets. Delta joined the team when Archer invited him to join the team. The team took a Prowler and headed for the first planet to be checked...Reach.

Upon arrival at Reach, the Prowler that the team had taken was damaged and shot down by an Assault Carrier that had taken up ELO at Reach. The Prowler crashed and the team was forced to make their way on foot. The weather on Reach reduced visibility. As a result of this, the team was unaware they had stubled into an Elite operation outpost. They were immediatly attacked by the Elites, having only escaped due to being resuced by another Agent by the name of Kestrel. Delta was also able to capture an Elite from Reach for further questioning. The Elite was returned to the Cloak and Dagger where Vernette left the interrogation in the hands of Archer. Archer decided to bring the Elite back to The Raging Collie to do the interrogation.

Delta decided to acompany Archer to help him handle the Elite. They returned to The Raging Collie where Delta lied Admiral Dunham about Agent Archers bravery and courage on Reach, if only to discredit Kestrel and bolster Archers reputation. However, Delta's testimony did very little and it was summerily dismissed. Dismayed, Delta and Archer took the Elite to interrogate him where they leared many secrets, including the name of the Prophet they followed, and why these Elites still followed the Prophet. As it turns out, this Prophet was the Prophet of Slavation, an old acquaintance of Delta's. Delta told Archer that this was one of the Prophets he conspired with the UNSC with to assassinate. Archer and Delta decided to bring the Elite back to the Cloak and Dagger to be investigated further.

Upon returning to the Cloak and Dagger, Archer and Delta reported everything they had learned from the Elite to Vernette. Vernette and Delta decided to reveal the whole story to Archer, as Delta had reason enough to trust him. AFter briefing Archer on the real history behind Reach and the assassination attempt on the Prophet of Salvation, Vernette dispatched Archer and Mordecai to recover some information concerning Delta's missions at Reach. There was only one place to get this, and this was on Delta's old ship; The Devotion, which was currently docked at the Gamma Eridon shipyards, being retrofitted and used as a basis for new technologies in ships.

Delta and Archer were able to recover the necessary information rom The Devotion's main computer without any problems. However, upon returning to the hanger bay of The Devotion, Delta and Archer were attacked by an unknown assailant using a sniper rifle. A bullet whizzed past Delta's head, knocking his head dress off. Delta, enraged by this, took chase after the unknown assailant. He grabbed his head dress from the ground and chased the unknown assailant back to hisd Pelican. Delta managed to grab the back ledge of the Pelican before it took off. Delta, at this point discovered that the unknown assailant was Agent Kestrel. Delta was further infuriated and tried to pull himself up, but found it difficult due to the lack of leverage. He fought with kestrel, while holding onto the back ledge of the Pelican, but eventually fell to the ground and Agent Kestrel escaped. Delta was unharmed by the fall. Duch, Archer's AI, recorded the entire engamenet, and had enough proof to implicate Kestrel.

Archer and Delta returned to Mallorie to report the incident with Kestrel. However, when showing

Personal Endeavors and Research

The Schism

*Service record unavailable at this time*

Personal Revenge

*Service record unavailable at this time*

Personal Guilt

*Service record unavailable at this time*

Emotional Growth

*Service record unavailable at this time*

Interpersonal Relationships

Family / Close relationships

  • Preston Vernette - The only man Delta will ever take a direct order from, short of being ordered by Vernette to listen to someone else. Delta is incredibly loyal to Vernette, going so far as to openly fight the UNSC and The Covenant in his defense. During The Secret War on Harvest, Barrabus and Vernette worked together to eradicate The Elites and the Spartans that had banded together when a rouge Spartan had divulged information and technology to The Elites. Since that time, the two have had an secret alliance that has endured the pressures of war. They frequently worked together to help further each others causes and they each came to each others defense when the other was in need, all without compromising their secret alliance. Delta serves as Vernette's personal enforcer, swearing total loyalty to Vernette, and not to the UNSC. To that extent, when Vernette was betrayed by the UNSC and his death was faked, Delta took Vernette's death incredibly hard, resolving to immediately leave Earth and return home to Doisac to live in secrecy. However, when the truth was learned that Vernette was indeed alive, Delta turned on the UNSC, causing many HIGHCOM, ONI, and UNSC deaths to save Vernette. In Delta's mind, Vernette represents the closest thing he has to a pack brother.


  • Tyber Vernette - Although Delta did not know Tyber when he was a human, Delta did spend all of his time with the Tyber's AI construct. Tyber was the AI assigned to Delta to help him in combat situations. Although at first they were at odds with each other, they began to work very well together as the time went on. Tyber served as Delta's personal tactical planner. Additionally, Delta became more possessive of the AI, eventually getting to the point where he refused to surrender the AI to anyone. Delta also enjoys Tyber's consistent company.
  • Max Golen - Max first encountered Barrabus on Reach. Their firs meeting was rather disturbing. Barrabus had used Max as prey to satisfy his own primal blood lust. He eventually tracker her down, beat her, and tried to eat her, only being stopped by a Human who threatened Barrabus with his life. Barrabus, suffering from disorientation from radiation poisoning, agreed to let Max live and Barrabus left with no further incident. A few years later, the two met again, except Barrabus had been augmented into Delta. Max demonstrated a legitimate interest in Delta far before these two even knew each other very well. She recognized his value and frequently complemented his abilities. Delta eventually took a liking to Max, especially her good nature. Max was the first person aside from Vernette himself, to demonstrate any degree of tolerance towards him. Delta saw this as a potential sign of friendship. He eventually put the friendship to the test when he revealed to Max who he really was. When Max learned that Delta was in fact Barrabus, she was actually quite mad at him, commenting on what a monster he was. Delta felt betrayed by this. However, shortly after, the two reconciled over this matter when Max apologized and made amends. When Vernette learned that Max was his daughter, he told Delta to be ever vigilant in protecting her from everything. Delta gladly took the assignment and since then as acted as Max's and Vernette's personal bodyguards.
  • Harold Forkes - Although Delta did not know Sergeant Forkes very well, he respected his leadership abilities and his resolve. Delta liked the fact that Sergeant Forkes never made any snide remarks about him behind his back, or in his face for that matter. All in all, he had no personal issues with Sergeant Forkes. Delta felt bad when Sergeant Forkes was killed, stating that he had wished he had got to know him better.
  • Lance Runner - Delta and Lance have an unusual friendship. Delta has a profound respect for Lance, yet has a very jaded past with him, most of which, Lance is unaware of. Delta had a particularly jaded past with Lance's father, Scott, a SPARTAN II who lead the insurrectionists at Harvest, and who also lead the offshoot insurrectionist groups that came afterward. When they first met, they did not really acknowledge each other. When Lance began to regain his memory, he treated Delta with a bit of contempt. However, they eventually became good friends.
  • Eugene Korman - Eugene knew Barrabus as a reasonable Brute. On a few occasions, the two met and made military compromises and deals. The two didn't hate eachother and there was a small degree of trust
  • Tifa Lockheart - One of Delta's good friends. He is very fond of Tifa, usually letting his guard down around her, and acting very personable and friendly with her. She is one of the few People Delta will open up to. Delta has expressed romantic feelings for Tifa, and on one occasion, a desire to mate. However, those feelings and desires are not reciprocated. In spite of this fact, Delta still shows interest in her, making the occasional joke concerning a more physical relationship.
  • Agent Archer - An Agent Delta took a liking to when everyone else on the Cloak and Dagger proved to be distrusting and adversarial to because they thought he was a "cop". Delta helped Archer on a few missions and even took it upon himself to try and improve his standing in his mother's eyes by giving full credit to Archer on a particularly dangerous mission. Delta knows of Archers involvement in the Nighthawk and Anaconda ploy, specifically Archer being Nighthawk.
  • Mordecai - Barrabus first knew Mordecai as a young Brute, who at the time was also an open human sympathizer, as opposed to Barrabus who was more private about his sympathy. Barrabus took a liking to Mordecai's attitude and tried to act as a father figure to him, as Mordecai was alone and ridiculed for his beliefs. However, Barrabus' efforts were cut short and repelled when Fornicus managed to manipulate Mordecai into distrusting Barrabus. Mordecai joined Fornicus' pack instead.


  • Chieftain Fornicus / Dirk - Insert Information

Subject Delta

Subject Delta


See Article on: MJOLNIR Power Armor - Bravo Kilo Variant

Delta has a very unique physiology. He is roughly 70% mechanical. Some of his biological organs had been removed post augmentation. Many of these were unnecessary organs that could easily be replaced with mechanical counterparts to reduce the chances of critical organ injury and faliure. Furthermore, his spinal cord had been reinforced with titanium alloy supports refered to as clamps. clamps prevent damage to the spinal cord and prevent it from breaking or undergoing sever trama. Delta's eyes glow a bright red. This is a result of Delta's mechanical eyes, which provide better visual acuity. Delta's visual acuity index is measured at 99.5% accurate. Delta is physically stronger. At first, Delta resented the changes to him, citing that the loss of the desire to eat and sleep really irritated him because those were his two favorite things to do. However, he soon resolved that losing the desire to eat and sleep made him a more effective soldier. Delta is capable of eating and sleeping, except his pysiology does not require it. Slowly, Delta began to embrace his changes, and even value them. The following changes were made to Delta's body post augmentation.

General Augmentations:

  • Increased metabolism x25.
  • Enhanced muscular structure.
  • Re-sequenced memory (Temporary, as a result of the inhibitors).
  • Improved vision and hand eye coordination.
  • Improved reflexes.
  • Modified nervous system.
  • Removal of the lungs, eyes and heart. Organs replaced with improved mechcanical counter-parts for endurance and combat purposes.
  • Mechanical eyes based off the VISR technology.
Armor improvements:
  • Structural durability improved by 45%.
  • Shield regeneration systems augmented with Mjorlin power supply.
  • Shield systems power increased by 120% using internal body power supply.
  • Gravity Hammer interfaced with internal body power supply.
  • Armor modified for full body coverage.
  • Hydrostatic Gel.
  • Reactive Metal Liquid Crystal Layer.
  • Automatic Biofoam Injectors.
  • Integrated AI support, works in conjunction with the inhibitors.
  • Titanium Nanocomposite Bodysuit.
  • Stealth generator
  • AI Core


There is much ambiguity as to why Barrabus was called Delta. The is, in fact, three primary reason the name Delta was chosen, all of which, relate to the Greek letter Delta (Δ).

  • Δ - In Law: The Symbol of the defendant, a person who has committed a crime.
  • Δ - In Chemistry: The Symbol to denote the change in physical properties.
  • Δ - In Genetics: The Symbol to denote gene deletion.

It is clear that each of these reason represents some aspect of Delta. Whether it be his past crimes, his changed physical appearance, or his modified genetics, he is the living embodiment of his name.

Ships of Service

The Devotion

This was the flagship of Barrabus while he was still with The Covenant. This ship was present at Harvest during First Contact and every subsequent battle afterward. The Devotion is an modified Assault Carrier, designed as both an insult to Elites and a testimonial to Barrabus' own greatness. It was unheard of in The Covenant for any ship master to deviate from Covenant standards when it came to their ships. However, Barrabus' own inflated sense of self importance and ego demanded that his ship be custom tailored to his importance. This explains the color scheme of the ship. The interior design of the ship was painted in a smiler fashion, breaking with the standard purple color scheme and going with a darker gray color. This ship saw many years of combat, and many battles. All of the gravity lifts on this ship had been removed during the refit and replaced with ladders. The reason for this was because Barrabus wanted to smite The Elites. By removing the gravity lifts, Barrabus sent the message that No Elite is welcome on his ship. Delta resumed command of this ship after he took his place as CHieftain of the Brutes.

The Rapture

The Rapture was Chieftain Barrabus' private Phantom, used when Barrabus had surface ops to perform. It was first constructed during the The Secret War, when it was used to assault an Insurrectionist base. The paint job closely resembles that of The Devotion, denoting Barrabus' personal touch to his weapons. The plasma turrets were heavily modified, allowing them to be fired at a much faster rate. The aft compartment was modified to accommodate a larger shield generator, capable of sustaining many more direct hits before failing. This ship was very recognizable and was never piloted by anyone else, short of Barrabus himself. Barrabus had great affection for this ship. After augmentation, he asked Vernette to locate and recover the ship for him. The current location of this ship is yet to be ascertained

The Dreadhawk

The Dreadhawk is where Barrabus was turned into Delta. Delta served primarily as an enforcer, being deployed on missions which involved heavy combat. He spent most of his time in the isolated sections of the ship, alone, due to the fact that he didn't want to converse with the humans. However, he slowly began to adjust to living among humans and he soon began to talk with other crewmembers, instead of just talking with Vernette.

The Cloak and Dagger

Delta continued his services to the UNSC after the Dreadhawk had been destroyed. At this point in time, he was more social. He continued to serve as a a personal bodyguard and enforcer for Vernette, taking on the more dangerous tasks that came along. He had taken command of this ship on one occasion when a fleet of Elite and Brute ships threatened Earth, having took command because of his vast experience with the Covenant.

The Cloak and Dagger 2

Delta serves as the Chief field specialist on the Cloak and Dagger 2, taking command of all field missions that require a special touch. He still acted as Vernette's personal bodyguard and enforcer. After becoming the Chieftain of the Brutes, his responsibilities increased to include representing Brute interests to ONI.


"I am the biggest, I weigh the most, I have the biggest guns, and I am the smartest!"

"Yeah, sure! Let's all tease the monster that could rip your arms and legs off!"

"At least people don't shoot at me anymore when they see me!"

"Why am I so nice? It's because I have machines in my brain!"

"Destroy the station, kill the Elites, and burn the Humans!"
-Chieftain Barrabus

"I don't smell, you just can't stand my ever-so pleasing aroma! The females love it!"
-Chieftain Barrabus

"Some days I like to kill. other days I enjoy my private vices. Today is a day I want to enjoy a private vice."
-Chieftain Barrabus

"Yeah? Well, this monkey knows quite a few tricks!"
-Chieftain Barrabus

  • Barrabus' oldest son was supposidly killed at Harvest. This was never confirmed.
  • Barrabus' favorite color is red.
  • Barrabus enjoys the taste of Human blood, but despises the taste of Elites.
  • Delta considers Director Vernette one of his brothers.
  • Delta has great respect for the Cloak and Dagger and its crew.
  • Underneath his armor, Delta's mechanically enhanced spinal cord is visible protruding from his back.
  • Delta is equipped with a UNSC neural interface chip, specially designed to work with the Tyber AI.
  • Barrabus was considered aristocracy on his homeworld. He resides in a manor estate.
  • Delta has grown acustom to the taste of human food, the point he rather enjoys it.
  • Delta's eyes glow a bright red due to the fact his eyes are, in fact, mechnical.
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