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Stalker Stealth Armor - Anaconda Variant
Author: Naked Crook
Revision: 12
Edited: May 16, 2011, 2:03 am
Reason: Update

Anaconda Stalker Armor
Anaconda Stalker Armor
Anaconda Stalker Armor

Anaconda Stalker Armor

Anaconda Stalker Armor

Anaconda Stalker Armor

The Anaconda Emblem

"Sweet...I get to wear a stylish cloaking armor. I can be a ghost now!"
-Chieftain barrabus

The Anaconda Power Armor was first created by Preston Vernette in 2538 in response to the increasing demand his conflict with the SPARTANs had caused. Vernette realised that he would need something more direct, multi-purpose, and discreate if he was to continue his conflict with the SPARTANs without the rest of the UNSC finding out. It was out of this need, that the Anaconda Stalker Armor was born. Created for Chieftain barrabus so the duo could work together without their identities being compromised. The design of the armor was based losely on the Stalker Power Armor. It had all the functionality of the Stalker Power Armor but it provided much better coverage for the body..

Technical Specifications

"So you can light me on fire...and I won't feel a thing? I have to hand it to you sure know how to make technology..."
-Chieftain Barrabus

In conjunction with the standard Stalker Power Armor construction, the Anaconda suit uses a shock absorbing material in order to provide greater protection for the wearer. As Durbility was an issue with Brute Power Armor, the base materials were scrapped and replaced with a more uniform titanium outer shell, similar in design to Nighthawk's suit, but tailored to the needs of a Brute. The whole suit itself is constructed of several layers of masterials that enable for the enhanced durbility of the armor and the enhanced protection the wearer gets. The outermost layer is a flame and waterproof material, that is designed to prevent serious injuries from total combustion or to prevent any harmful side effects from being dropped in freezing or boiling water conditions. This entire layer is made of TUngstan Carbide. The second layer is a kevlar layer that is designed to prevent bullets from entering and damaging the torso. The third layer is a dense impact gel, which disperses the concusive force of any impact across the armor. This helps reduced pysical impacts. the 4th layer is a thin protective titanium mesh, designed as a final layer to resist any form of damage. Additionally, all the layers are temperature controlled to prevent discomfort in extreme temperatures. All these material work together to create a perfect envioment for the individual who wears the armor. Anaconda's suit is impervious to handheld plasma based Covenant weaponry and fire-based weaponry, while being nearly impervious to projectile weaponry such as Human or Brute weapons. Larger Plasma weaponry, like Wraith morters, or large scale plasma turrets, commonly found on large defense platforms, can damage the suit. Last but not least, the armor has been lined with Nitrous Oxide, a chemical which inhibits the sense of smell of Brutes, to prevent familiar scents from giving away possible identifications.. In conjunction with the natural Brute durbility, any brute wearing this armor is very deadly.

The Helmet is designed to aid in improving human visual senses. The helmet comes with an aim assist technology, which allows the wearer to ahieve better visual acuity in combat. It allows for real time logistical information on moving targets, such as heading, speed, distance, and wind resistance. This helps the wearer counter natual phenomena such as the Coriolis effect. The visor itself is shielded to prevent any external force from shattering the material, and rendering the technology usless. The helmet itself comes with a port for AI interface, however, Anaconda never utilized a Brute, but did, on occasion, use the data port to view information.

Anaconda uses two specially modified weapon varients. Both of Anaconda's Spiker's utilize incindiary rounds and Brute high gravity projectile acceleration to shred armor and shields. The weapons were specifically designed to kill Spartans. Anaconda's Gravity Hammer is essentially a more powerful Gravity Hammer with an enhanced battery. The blades on the the Gravity Hammer have been replaced with an very durable, and ultra sharp variant of the standard blades, as well they are also superheated. They can presumably cut right through Power Armor.

Special Notes:

It should be noted however, that Anaconda does have a preference for using his spikers. His attitude seems to reflect this. He seems to use his Gravity Hammer against the most imposing foes, such as Spartans, while using his spikers against most other adversaries. THis could reveal some insight into his personality.

It should also be noted that Anaconda has been seen weilding other weapons, aside from his Spikers and Gravity hammer...but the reason for this is unknown. He has been seen using Plasma weapons, and even human weapons to cause destruction. As opposed to Nighthawk, he seems to rarely talk.

One final note is that he rarely uses his stealth generators. ONI has observed normal Stalkers always engaged with cloaking abilities, but Anaconda seems to favor direct combat as opposed to stealth assaults.

Noteable Sightings:

  1. The Genesis Colony
  2. Miridem
  3. Paris IV
  4. Earth
  5. J-2-Alpha
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