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Preston Vernette
Author: Naked Crook
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Director Preston Vernette - Director of ONI Section 0
Director Preston Vernette - Director of ONI Section 0
Name: Preston Joseph Vernette
Rank: Admiral
Title: Director of ONI Section 0
Age: 65
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 190 lbs
Race: Caucasian
Hair Color: Dark brown, gray trim
Eye Color: Blue
Preston J. Vernette

Preston Joseph Vernette, born on Harvest on May 1st 2490, holds the rank of Admiral and is currently the ranking ONI Director of Section Zero. His most notable engagements of the Human-Covenant war include, but are not limited to, The First Battle of Harvest, The Battle of Reach, The First and Second Battles for Earth. and the subsequent cleanup of all remaining Covenant Forces in the Sol System. He holds a PhD in Cybernetics and Engineering. He is considered the foremost authority in cybernetic technology. He is the father of Modern ONI Technology used circa 2555. Generally known as a reclusive and evasive individual, utilizing both unorthadox and direct methods in his military strategies. He has been described as being a man who "lights the fuse on explosive situations" and "be a danger to himself and others...especially his adversaries". His is known to provoke and confront and "kill first and ask questions later". Vernette favors his two M6G Magnums, both known as "Raging Thunder" as his weapon of choice. He has been observed from time to time using two simultaneously. Vernette also favors his custom M90A Combat Shotgun, which implies that CQC is Vernette's preferred style of non-interstellar conflict.
  1. Personal History
    1. Personal Attributes
    2. Early Life
    3. Personal Interests
    4. Personality
  2. Military History
    1. The Trust Incident - 2520
    2. The First Battle of Harvest
    3. The Secret War
    4. The Battle of New Harmony
    5. The Battle of Paradise Lost
    6. The Battle of Genesis
    7. The Battle of Miridem
    8. The Siege of Paris IV
    9. The Battle of Reach
    10. The First Battle for Earth
    11. The Second Battle for Earth
    12. Post Battle of Earth
    13. The ONI Power Struggle
    14. The Battle of Mars
    15. The Third Battle of Earth
    16. The New Nighthawk and Anaconda
    17. The Battle of Jorum
    18. The Invasion of Sanghelios
  3. Personal Endeavors and Research
    1. Inhibitor Research
    2. Medical Research
    3. Combat Weaponry
    4. Human Cloning
    5. The Schism
  4. Interpersonal Relationships
    1. Family / Close Relationships
    2. Friends
    3. Colleagues
    4. The UNSC
    5. The Covenant
  5. Ships of Service
  6. Personal Health
  7. Military Accommodations
  8. Questionable Activities and Personal Issues
  10. Trivia
Personal History

Personal History

Military History

The Trust Incident - 2520

The First Battle of Harvest - 2525

The Secret War - 2525

The Battle of New Harmony - 2538

The Battle of Genesis - 2538

The Siege of Paris IV - 2549

The Fall of Reach - 2552

The First Battle of Earth - 2552

The Second Battle of Earth - 2552

Post-War FIghting on Earth - 2553

The Battle of Genesis

The Battle of Genesis

Post Battle of Earth

One week after the Destruction of The Dreadhawk, Vernette, Delta, equipped with the Tyber AI, Sergeant Forkes, and Lt. Lenner had taken up residence in one of Vernette's secret bunkers in Northern Canada. During this one week of inactivity, The Covenant suffered a massive loss at The Ark. As a result of this, ONI contacted Vernette about the future of Delta. ONI said that with The Covenant defeated all but defeated on Earth, Delta was no longer necessary. Vernette told ONI that if they wanted Delta, they could come and get him themselves! Vernette was furious that ONI would even consider this. However, that aside, Vernette decided to assign the remaining RTJ members, along with several new recruits by the names of Dan and Paul Letterman and Max Golen

With ONI and HIGHCOM on Vernette's back about Delta, Vernette was cornered. He could only protect Delta for so long before the UNSC forcefully did away with Delta. Although Delta was well equipped to handle himself in combat, even he could be overwhelmed by the UNSC eventually. Vernette decided that the only viable option was to step down as Fleet Admiral, and assume the role of Director of ONI's section Zero Division.

Vernette stepped down as Fleet Admiral and promoted Admiral James Forkes to the rank of Fleet Admiral. In exchange for this, Vernette told James that he would appreciate it if James appointed him to the role of Director of Section Zero. James complied with Vernette's trade off and sent message that the now Admiral Vernette was now the full Director of Section Zero. His first order was to rebuild the ONI building in New Mombassa. Vernette always wanted a nice waterfront office, but said he would settle for a view of the Ark portal given his limited options.

As the overall Director of ONI, Vernette was granted a new ship. An ultra-
Director Vernette on the Bridge of the Cloak and Dagger
Director Vernette on the Bridge of the Cloak and Dagger
classified Marathon Stealth Ship known as The Cloak and Dagger. The Cloak and Dagger was the most advanced ship Vernette had ever laid eyes on. Unlike standard UNSC ships that were a grayish color, The Cloak and Dagger had a matte black color. Vernette immediately knew he was going to love this ship!

Vernette worked on clearing up the situation with ONI, HIGHCOM and Delta so Vernette ordered Delta to joined Sergeant Forkes in his new posting in Texas. THis gave Vernette the time he needed to clear up the logistics with ONI. Despite ONIs objections to Vernette being the Director, they were forced to comply with his wishes and cancel all orders to detain Delta. Everything was going exceptionally well at this point in time. Vernette could not complain about the current state of affairs.

Vernette shifted his attention to the war. He knew that despite the fact that the Loyalists were defeated at the Ark, the Brutes were still very strong and very dangerous. Vernette decided to work with the Elites to steal a Brute ship to ascertain the location of every Brute installation, from shipyards, to colony worlds, so the UNSC and the Separatists could begin attacking, effectively putting The Brutes on the defensive, for the first time in the war. Vernette, along with a large task force of Elite and UNSC ships engaged a Brute task force just several light years outside the Sol system in an attempt to capture a Brute ship. This operation failed however, when the targeted Brute ship self destructed in order to prevent capture. Vernette was forced to re-plan the assault. Vernette decided to replicate his original plan but use a specialized ODST drop pod to infiltrate the ships. These pods were larger, capable of fitting five to six ODSTs per pod, and they were equipped with large drills, capable of cutting through thick hull plating. These pods were used for boarding action in zero-g environments. Vernette sent a massive task force, including the newly formed RTJ, on a mission to capture a Brute cruiser codenamed "Fort Knox". The infiltration teams managed to pilot Fort Knox back to Earth for re-purposing, while Vernette's fleet held the line, preventing any further damage to Fort Knox.

Shortly after, Vernette was contacted by his old love Interest from Harvest. Courtney, or as she was known as at this time, Max. Courtney tried to talk to Vernette about urgent news but Vernette was still in the middle of a large scale combat scenario from the capture operation. Vernette brushed Courtney off, telling her to call back later. Roughly a day later Courtney called Vernette again. Courtney informed Vernette that during the Harvest campaign, Vernette had caused her pregnancy, effectively making him a father of a certain individual. Furthermore, Courtney also told Vernette that Delta, rather, Barrabus knew everything. Vernette was totally shocked and in total disbelief. He did not understand how any if this was possible. Courtney told Vernette exactly who is daughter was. Vernette decided it was best to return to Earth to confront his daughter.

Before meeting with Max, Vernette contacted Delta to meet with him privately. When they finally met, Vernette asked Delta why Delta didn't tell him that Max was his daughter. Delta told Vernette that he had promised Courtney that he would never tell Vernette of the pregnancy. When Vernette learned this, he was not mad at Delta, just a bit flustered. Vernette felt a bit weird over the fact that a Brute knew more about Max's pedigree then Vernette did. This fact aside, Vernette was no opposed to having a daughter. He felt glad that he had a purpose other then a soldier. Vernette decided to return to the camp to meet with Max. However, Delta also told Vernette that Dennis Beurscott was still alive. This set Vernette off on a tirade. Vernette set everything else alive to find out how Beurscott survived his execution.

Vernette returned to the camp to confront and interrogate Dennis Beurscott. Vernette learned that a rouge group of ONI agents saved him and helped him in return for his loyalty. Vernette demanded to know more but Beurscott would not budge. Vernette was prepared to torture Beurscott. However, when max saw Vernette she approached him. Vernette was forced to stop his interrogation, in fear of looking like a total heartless maniac in front of his estranged daughter.

Vernette left Sergeant Forkes in charge of Beurscott's interrogation and left to talk with Max about her being his daughter. Max already knew from a prior conversation with Delta. Vernette told Max that as much as he was glad to have a daughter, he told her for her own safety, they should keep their distance from each other. Vernette told Max that he had many enemies and he could not risk anyone using Max against him. Vernette felt terrible about this decision, but he knew it was necessary.

Before Vernette could return to the interrogation, two ONI pelicans crashed the party and demanded that Vernette release Beurscott to their care. Vernette denied their request, on the fact that he was aready investigating Beurscott at the highest level, and as the Director of ONI, he had every right to arbitrarily deny any request made of him. The ONI agents were not pleased with this answer and tried to forcefully take Beurscott. Several ONI marines attempted to take Beurscott, but Vernette ordered Delta to stop the Marines. Delta severely injured the Marines. Vernette told the ONI agents that he will kill them all if they do not get out of his sight. The ONI agents were furious, however, they were forced to fall back. Vernette checked in with Sergeant Forkes before leaving and learned that Commander Feuntes was the mastermind behind this incident.

Vernette decided it was best to return to the ONI building construction site and try and dig up some answers, specifically, the current location of Commander Feuntes. However, Vernette was ambushed by two of Feuntes men and held at gunpoint. Fortunatly for Vernette, an old acquaintance from Harvest saved him. A janitor named Leon, who served as the Janitor aboard the King Raven during Harvest, used his broom to subdue one of the Marines, while Vernette, who managed to capitalize on the distraction, used his handgun to kill the second marine. Vernette download all the information on Feuntes and then he and Leon left the ONI building. The two of them returned to Texas, only to find that it was under attack by the same ONI agents that had appeared earlier. Vernette managed to sneak through the base and managed to link up with Sergeant Forkes and the rest of his squad. Together, they managed to push back the rouge ONI agents and ensure they maintained control of Beurscott.

However, Vernette was very upset to learn that during the battle, Feuntes ONI agents had managed to capture Delta. Vernette was furious over this fact. He demanded that Beurscott tell him where Feuntes had taken Delta. Beurscott refused to say anything. Vernette ordered the immediate execution of Beurscott. Vernette, along with RTJ returned to The Cloak and Dagger and began immediately search for Feuntes and and Delta. Vernette and his officers eventually managed to track down Feuntes. They learned that Feuntes was in command of a UNSC Frigate by the name of the Genolan. Vernette wasted no time in chasing down Feuntes and liberating Delta.

Vernette personally led the assault on Feuntes ship. He ordered RTJ to find Feuntes and take him into custody while he went alone to find Delta. This action implied that Vernette, when faced with a decision to find Delta or find Feuntes, he cared more about Delta's safety then capturing a rouge agent. Little did Vernette know, Delta had already managed to escape and was already roaming the ship, even before Vernette and RTJ had arrived. Despite Vernette's efforts to track down Delta, he found himself in a lab at the bottom of Feuntes ship. Vernette learned that Feuntes was attempting to duplicate Delta. Vernette made the arbitrary decision to end Feuntes work. Vernette found the Brute test subject and executed him and destroyed all of Feuntes research and progress.

Vernette left the labs and took the Elevator to the bridge. While he was enroute to the bridge, the elevator stopped and the door opened to reveal Leon, Paul, and Delta. Vernette saw Delta had taken a serious beating and that Paul Letterman was carrying a brain in a jar,namely, Dan Letterman's brain in a jar. Confused by this, Vernette told the trio to head to the hanger bay and wait for him to return with Sergeant Forkes and Max. Vernette met up with Harold and Max and together, they made their way to the hanger where Delta, Leon, and Paul were waiting. The team managed to escape, only after Paul had dropped the jar containing his brothers brain. The jar rolled out of the pelican and was left behind on Feuntes ship.

Vernette left Harold in charge of Feuntes interrogation. It was learned that Feuntes and his ONI associates had a real gripe with the Forkes family. It was also learned that Harold had a brother named Chuck and he was currently assigned to New York for guard and protection duty. Vernette decided to to send RTJ to find Chuck and ensure his safety. Chuck was was found and convinced to return to The Cloak and Dagger. RTJ, minus Delta, max, and a new recruit named Lance, attempted to return to The Cloak and Dagger in a Pelican but were shot down before they could return. RTJ was captured.

Unaware of this, Vernette contacted Delta and asked if RTJ was still on the surface. Delta said that RTJ had already made their way back and should already be on The Cloak and Dagger. Vernette assumed the worst and ordered Delta, Max, and lance to go and search for RTJ. The trio spent roughly 2 hours searching and they eventually found the Pelican. The pelican was searched and there was no sign of RTJ, only a few dead marines remained. Upon further searching, Delta uncovered evidence that Admiral Kirk Korman was responsible for capturing RTJ.

When Vernette learned that Admiral Korman was still alive, he was furious, like usual. He knew that something was afoot. he knew that big trouble was coming down the pike for him. He couldn't take any chances. Vernette ordered Delta to go to California, find Courtney, and bring her back to The Cloak and Dagger so Vernette could protect her from everyone.

After Delta had left, Vernette was confronted by an ODST named Lance. Vernette knew who lance was to a great extent, but Lance was none the wiser. Lance suffered from amnesia. Little did Lance know at this time that Vernette was the cause for the amnesia. Vernette explained simple facts to Lance. Vernette excplained that lance's father was Scott Runner, that Vernette and Scott were bitter enemies on Harvest, that Scott left the UNSC and spent all of his days trying to kill Vernette. Lance was shocked by this revelation, but not overly excited about it. Lance left Vernette alone, deciding it was best to reflect on this and attempt to recover more of his memories.

When Delta returned with Courtney, Vernette did not really have an exchange with her, short of telling that they needed to catch up. This was mainly due to the fact that Vernette's first officer, Command Welles, reported that a Luminary had been discovered in Great Britain Vernette instructed Delta to remain on the ship and protect both Max and Courtney. Vernette decided to take a few Marines with him to Great Britain as protection.

When Vernette arrived, he was quickly betrayed by the Marines. Despite putting up a valiant effort to fight back, Vernette was overwhelmed. Vernette woke some time later aboard as ship. He had no idea where he was otherwise. Vernette was then address by Admiral Korman over a speaker system. Korman told Vernette that he was to partake in a little psychological experiment for Korman's personal research. Vernette was not happy, but he was forced to comply due to circumstances beyond his control.

Vernette made his way through this experiment, witnessing events from his past. He was put into dangerous situations and emotional circumstances. However, he eventually made it through the experiment in one piece. However, what he found at the end saddened him. As Vernette escaped the experiment, he was presented with the dead body of Harold Forkes. Vernette, unwilling to leave Harold's body behind, decided to take it with him as he escaped. Vernette managed to get to an escape pod and escape from, what he soon discovered, was the flagship of Admiral Korman.

Vernette spent several hours, floating in an escape pod that was slowly making its way to Earth. He soon discovered that there was an escape pod following him. There was one occupant, and it was Lt. Shella Lenner. Vernette had encountered a possibly clone of Lenner in the maze, thus, he believed that the occupant of the other pod was also a clone. The two argued for a bit but were eventually interrupted by Admiral Korman. Admiral Korman decided to lend Vernette a hand and send a transmission to the UNSC, allowing them to track down Vernette's pod. When The Cloak and Dagger finally arrived and rescued Vernette and Shella Lenner and brought them aboard. It was at this time that Vernette learned that Max had been placed in a coma due to a pathogen that had been injected into her. The pathogen was so deadly, that a coma needed to be induced to save her life.

Vernette, in a fit of rage, decides to begin hunting down Admiral Korman, the man he arbitrarily blames for Max going into a coma. However, before he could embark on his mission, he was informed that several small capsuls had been sent to The Cloak and Dagger. Inside these capsules were the dead bodies of RTJ and of Harold's brother, Chuck. Vernette was furious. He wanted Korman dead. However, Vernette had to tell Admiral Forkes that both of his son's were dead. Vernette summoned Admiral Forkes to The Cloak and Dagger and informed James that both Harold and Chuck were dead, killed at the hands of Admiral Korman.

Vernette learned from one of his medical officers that Max had been infected with a modified version of a pathogen that Vernette helped create. Vernette was intrigued to learn this. He was also glad this was the case. He now knew how to help Max. Delta, who was currently tracking down a rouge UNSC Marine, returned to the Cloak and Dagger just in time to be reassigned to help Vernette storm an ONI Research facility on Earth in order to find the pathogen and develop a cure for it.

The two went to Earth and devised a plan to steal the pathogen. Vernette would walk into the facility and try and steal the pathogen with no incident. If someone gave him a hard time, Delta was to attack the facility and create a diversion. Little did Vernette know, Courtney and Shella had stowed away on Vernette's Vulture and joined him on this mission. Although Vernette did not like this, he accepted their help. They managed to steal the pathogen and escape from the facility. They returned to the Cloak and Dagger where Vernette's Medical staff was able to develop a cure for Max, effectively curing her of the pathogen. Max was restored to health.

Shortly after, a Brute Assault Carrier had broken through the defensive lines and flew straight towards Earth. With the Cloak and Dagger being the only ship at Earth, Vernette was forced to engage an Assault Carrier by himself. The battle was going pretty well for Vernette. This was the first time The Cloak and Dagger had been battle tested and it stood up to the challenge. However, this did not stop Vernette from alerting NAVCOM to the danger. Admiral Forkes, who was some distance away from Earth, had received the distress call from NAVCOM. He decided to go back to Earth and help Vernette fight the Assault Carrier.

However, despite Korman helping the situation, both ships were defeated. It was learned that the Brutes did not care about Earth, they wanted information. They agreed to let both ships survive, in exchange for Vernette and Korman. Korman immediatly agreed to this exchange, however, Vernette did not like the idea of being held prisoner by Brutes. However, his limited options demanded that he surrender.

Vernette and Korman were interrogated. When they refused to surrender any information, they were both put on trial as war criminals. They were not sentenced to death,but they were told they would have a chance to survive if they passed a test of endurance. The brutes told the two that they will be dropped in a place that is inhospitable and very dangerous. The next thing Korman and Vernette knew, they were in the middle of the desert in Las Vegas.

Vernette and Korman spent most of the time arguing over everything. from ethics to personal responsibility. Vernette did not enjoy his time with Korman, in fact, he would of rather died then spent his time with Korman. After spending many hours wandering the desert, Vernette was finally rescued by Delta who had gone out to search for him. Delta was perfectly ready to kill Korman but was stopped by Vernette who said that right now, Korman was the least of his worries.

When Vernette finally returned to The Cloak and Dagger, he was presented with the news that Commander Welles, his first officer, had been killed by a Brute named Dirk. Dirk was a Brute, much like Delta was, who was supposedly more advanced then Delta was. Vernette was growing sick and tired of all the dissidents running around. To further make the situation worse, Vernette learned that Lt. Cooke had become the new Fleet Admiral for his "excellent" work with Dirk. Vernette decided it was time to pay HIGHCOM a visit and begin sorting out all the problems the UNSC had. He first order of business was to remove Cooke as the Fleet Admiral.

Vernette and Delta went to HIGHCOM HQ in Sydney, Australia. Vernette demanded answers from the HIGHCOM security council as to why Cooke was now a fleet admiral. The Admirals gave Vernette no good reason. They told Vernette that they did not owe him any explanation. Even when Vernette threatened the HIGHCOM security council with being arrested, they still didn't answer. Vernette eventually just ordered Delta to kill the entire security council.

Vernette and Delta decided to wait for Cooke to show up to get his promotion. Eventually, Cooke, along with Durk, did show up and Vernette and Delta ambushed them. Delta and Durk squared off, and did, in fact, managed to overpower Delta. Nearing the end of the fight Durk turned on Vernette and was about to kill him. However, Vernette managed to evade Durk so Delta could recover and toss an incendiary grenade at Durk, effectively ending the fight. Delta was badly hurt after the fight, almost as badly hurt as his ego. Vernette assured Delta that he did an excellent job given the circumstances.

Vernette and Delta returned to The Cloak and Dagger. Delta went to the cybernetics lab to get repaired. Vernette was ambushed by Lance Runner, who demanded answers from Vernette. Vernette told Lance that despite Vernette's treachery, lance had a better life in the end. lance told Vernette that his day of reckoning was upon him. Vernette shrugged this warning off and went about his business.

Vernette was later approached by Delta. Delta informed Vernette that Scott Runner had stolen components to build inhibitors. Delta said that Scott had enough material to build thousands, if not millions of inhibitors. Delta asked Vernette if he could accompany Lance to Doisac to stop Scott from turning his people into a bunch of mindless drones. Vernette expressed concern over this request because Delta was asking Vernette to let him save the brute home world. Vernette decided to let Delta leave to go and save his home world. Vernette told Delta that the reason he granted this request was not because Delta had saved his life on countless occasions, but because they were friends, and Vernette would not want to damage their friendship by not allowing Delta the chance to save his world. Delta left with Max and Lance and headed to Doisac.

While Delta was trying to save his home world, Vernette was overseeing the capture of Admiral Rojas, a midget who had ties to the Mafia and who was possibly involved with Cooke's little scheme. Vernette sent the recently found Commander Lyons to assist in Rojas capture. The operation proved very successful, and it ended in Rojas capture. Vernette ordered Lester MacTavish to interrogate Admiral Rojas. MacTavish interrogate Rojas and learned that he and Cooke were partners. Vernette didn't much care for Rojas after that point. Vernette did not care what happened to him. Vernette had his sights set on Cooke.

Some time later, Delta, Lance and Max, had returned from Doisac, successful in their "mission" to stop Scott Runner from using the inhibitors on the population of Doisac. Delta was pleased that his world was safe, while Lance was pleased that he got to kill his treacherous father. During that mission, Lance learned that he could possibly of been a SPARTAN. When he asked Vernette about this, Vernette told Lance the truth. Vernette told Lance that before the First Battle of Earth, he had set a trap for the insurrectionists. At the time, the insurrectionists were targeting Vernette's facilities and research bases in hopes they could bring him down. Vernette had leaked information to the insurrections about a base that Vernette has booby trapped in hopes of killing the insurrectionists. The insurrectionists capitalized on this and went to sabotage the facility, only to all get wiped out by a massive explosion. Lance was the only survivor.

Lance had suffered brain damage from the explosion. As a result, lance had lost his memory of all previous events. Vernette told Lance that while he was in the hospital recovering, he had injected Lance with a modoifed SPARTAN super serum, claiming that it was a medicine to help him recover. Vernette had planned to use Lance to kill Scott. Vernette was pleased that his plan had come full circle. Lance was furious over this fact. He wanted to kill Vernette but he hesitated on the basis that Vernette was Max's father.

The ONI Power Struggle

Vernette was summoned to Kentucky, to HIGHCOM Site 4 under the premise that HIGHCOM had found information of Cooke. When Vernette arrived, he was greeted by a whole tribunal of Admirals, including the new Fleet Admiral Cooke. Vernette was told that he had been killing more of his own people then he had The Covenant. The tribunal told Vernette that he was going to face jail time for this. Vernette, naturally, was furious. He told this tribunal that he would not allow this to happen. He went on to say that The Cloak and Dagger would not allow him to be arrested.

Fleet Admiral Cooke informed Vernette that they were going to fake Vernette's death with a flash clone, claiming it was going to die of a heart attack. Vernette was stripped of his rank and title and thrown in jail, while his clone wandered The Cloak and Dagger, ready to drop dead.

When the clone had died, there were many mixed feelings. Some of the officers were glad, others, like Max, were devastated. Delta took Vernette's death especially hard. Delta went to go and see the corpse of the clone, still under the belief that the clone was the real Vernette. The now Director Cooke told Vernette that he will be assuming the identity of Director Gibson.

Vernette spent the next two weeks in jail. He was given a television screen so he could watch Cooke "improve" the UNSC. Instead, he watched as Delta personally unraveled the UNSC, tearing down sensitive areas one by one. Vernette watched as the UNSC controlled news media branded Delta as a renegade and demonized him the worst possible fashion. Vernette knew that if anyone could save him, it was Delta.

Delta was on the cusp of saving Vernette when Vernette's fortune turned. When Lester MacTavish was thrown into the same jail cell as Vernette for failing to kill Delta, MacTavish and Vernette conspired together to escape from prison. They both managed to escape from the jail cell but they soon learned they were not on Earth, rather, they were on a prison ship orbiting Earth. Vernette was able to contact Delta to pick them up and hide them.

Vernette immediately got back to work, assigning MacTavish to infiltrate The Cloak and Dagger and rescue all of Vernette's loyal officers. Eventually, MacTavish was able to rescue his entire squad, Commander Lyons, and the ships Janitor, Leon. Vernette immediately began to delegate responsibilities to all of the people under his command. Vernette had reestablished his power base and was ready to move aganst Cooke and retake The Cloak and Dagger.

Vernette was eventually summoned to a meeting by the rest of the UNSC Brass. Vernette suspected this was a trap, but he decided to go anyways. Vernette saw that many of the highest ranking UNSC Brass had been invited to the meeting. The two most noteable members, short of Vernette himself, were Fleet Admiral Forkes, Admiral Rojas, and Admiral Korman. Vernette was the only one that showed up armed to the teeth with weapons. Vernette was told that the new Director of ONI was doing absolutely nothing, and was hurting the war effort. Vernette was so utterly disgusted to hear this news. However, he also felt vindicated. Vernette was restored as the Director of ONI and Director Gibson was immediately branded a wanted man. As the meeting went on, Vernette reestabloshed his brand of justice and control. His first act was to kill Admiral Korman, executing him right in the meeting.

Vernette assumed that Korman was finally dead. However, this was just another clone that Korman had sent in his stead. The rest of the Brass was utterly shocked by this action. However, Vernette told them that this is how he got things done. He told the rest of the Brass to just stand by and let him fix the UNSC. Moments later, Admiral Rojas attempted to assassinate Vernette. However, Vernette did not come to this meeting unprepared. Before coming to the meeting, Vernette had organized for MacTavish to act as cover. Vernette told MacTavish he had full permission to kill anyone in the meeting who tried to do any harm to Vernette. Before Rojas could kill Vernette, MacTavish has shot Rojas with a sniper rifle.

Shortly after, Vernette decided it was time to get back to the war, as well as formulate the plan to bring about Cookes downfall. Despite not having the full resources of The Cloak and Dagger, Vernette still had the resources of The Ticonderoga. Vernette's first order of business was to assault a Brute base that had been located in Kazakhstan. Vernette ordered Sergeant MacTavish and Private Paul Letterman to carry out the assignment.

Vernette expected the mission to be very straight forward. However, much time passed and Vernette grew concerned. He had no way of tracking MacTavish or Letterman had they of run into trouble. However, Vernette was able to detect a sensor ping coming from Kazakhstan. Vernette surmised that this could be MacTavish trying to contact Vernette. Vernette and Delta flew to Kazakhstan to investigate the sensor ping. When they arrived, Vernette met up with an old friend named Leonardo Tricolli. Leo was an inventor who Vernette Knew from Reach.

After a bit of catching up, Vernette invited Leo to return with him back to The Ticonderoga. Leo accepted the offer. Vernette was soon afterwards confront my SHipmaster Kiven concerning Delta. Kiven told Vernette that he did not want to be on the same ship as Delta. The reason for this was because Delta had revealed his true identity to Kiven. Kiven had a long standing hatred for brutes, Barrabus included. Vernette told Kiven that despite Delta's past, and his rough demeanor, Delta was a good ally, and that he should not judge Delta based on past events. Vernette even went so far as to fully confess to Kiven that it was not Delta who murdered his brother at Reach. Vernette told Kiven that he has murdered Voro at Reach in retaliation for Voro killing Tyber. Vernette was able to convince Kiven to stick around for a bit longer.

Director Vernette retaking the Cloak and Dagger
Director Vernette retaking the Cloak and Dagger
Vernette's plans had all come together and he was ready to retake The Cloak and Dagger from Cooke. Vernette, along with RTJ, Delta, and Kiven, were able to gain access to The Cloak and Dagger and remove the remaining loyal forces aboard the ship. Cooke was found and subsequently killed by Courtney. With Cooke dead, the ONI Power Struggle officially ended, resulting in Vernette reclaiming full control over ONI once again.

The Battle of Mars

Shortly after reclaiming the Cloak and Dagger, Vernette had planned to enter Brute controlled Space using a captured Brute cruiser to begin launching attacks on outposts and colonies. However, Vernette was instead summoned to HIGHCOM Corporate, for a grand reopening, after Vernette blew it up during his conflict with Cooke. Vernette, along with the entire Navy Brass were in attendance. During the ceremony, a new Fleet Admiral was promoted. The new Fleet Admiral, named Joseph Sheperd, was appointed because of the death of Admiral Rojas. Vernette was not thrilled by Sheperd, but he did not shun him either. When Vernette was called to give a speech concerning Sheperd and recent events, a gunman attempted to kill Vernette. Sheperd However, took the bullet for Vernette.

A week later, Vernette went to go and visit Sheperd in the hospital. Vernette thanked Sheperd for taking the bullet for him. He told Sheperd that he owed him a favor for the act. Before Vernette could explain further, Vernette was interrupted by Admiral Picard, who told Vernette that no further investigations were going to be launched on the gun man. Picard told Vernette that the gun man was mentally deranged and was just frozen in cryo sleep. Picard closed the case. Vernette was not pleased about this, already losing his patience with the UNSC, so soon after being reinstated to Director.

Vernette stormed off and left the hospital. He planned to launch his own investigation. In the meantime, he assigned Max to scout out Mars for possible Covenant activity. The Cloak and Dagger left Earth on assignment, for the first time in its service.

During his time at Mars, Vernette began to notice some rather suspicious activity on the part of Fleet Admiral Sheperd. He noticed that Sheperd was hiding information from Vernette, and intentionally not sharing mission reports and activities with Vernette. Vernette, when he questions Sheperd about this behaviors, Sheperd told Vernette he was under no obligation to tell Vernette.

Vernette's suspicion quickly turned into aggression. He eventually resolved into using violence to force information out of SHeperd. Vernete brought The Cloak and Dagger to full battle alert and contacted Sheperd. Vernette told Sheperd that he has learned about the CIP's and he knew exactly what they were used for. He gave Sheperd one last chance to begin sharing information. Sheperd again refused to help Vernette. This pushed Vernette over the edge. Vernette decided it was time for more aggressive negotiations. Vernette began to fire warning shots on Sheperd. Vernette told Sheperd that if he does not begin sharing information, he would destroy Sheperd's ships.

Shortly afterward, Vernette had received word that RTJ had been all but wiped out in various way. Vernette was very displeased with this news. He put full blame on Sheperd for what had happened. However, Vernette did not accept that RTJ was all dead, so Vernette ordered his crew to begin an immediate search for MacTavish and his team.

Vernette was once again treading on thin ice with the UNSC. He decided it was time to pant a spy on Sheperd's ship. Vernette talk to Lance Runner, who had just awoken from a comatose state, and instructed him to begin espionage operations on Sheperd. Lance, despite his hatred for Vernette, complied with the request. However, Lance quickly became unresponsive on his mission. Vernette grew concerned for the integrity of the mission and sent Captain Lyons, posing as an ONI security agent, to perform a "security evaluation" of Sheperd's ship. However, the true purpose of this mission was to both spy on Sheperd, and find and extract Lance, in case he had been compromised.

Lyons was able to extract Lance and return to The Cloak and Dagger, as well as bring back some valuable information. Vernette learned that ONI had already been investigating Sheperd. Lyons told Vernette that he had encountered an officer named Captain Leslie Jenkins. Lyons told Vernette that Jenkins would soon contact Vernette with logistics about their mission. Vernette was not satisfied with the soon aspect of the explanation, and decided to begin investigating Leslie Jenkins.

During his investigation, Vernette had a run-in with two especially odd ODSTs. Vernette was very suspecicious, and when he attempted to ascertain their identities, they fled. Vernette ordered a lock down of The Cloak and Dagger and a high security deck by deck search of the ship. Vernette soon learned from Delta that Sergeant Harold Forkes was on board the ship, Vernette was totally shocked. When Vernette began to question Delta's sanity, Delta told Vernette that he had smelt Sergeant Forkes scent off of Max, and in Max's room. Vernette had much reason to believe this, stating that Delta was never wrong about scents.

Vernette had his soldiers searching the ship from stem to stern for the intruders, which he now had reason to believe were Lester MacTavish and Harold Forkes. However, in spite of his best efforts, the intruders managed to elude The Cloak and Dager seucirty forces and escape. Dismayed, but not defeated, Vernette vowed to continue chasing those two until he had answers from them. Immediatly following this event however, Vernette was contacted by a Fleet Admiral Sheperd and told that Admiral Kirk Korman must die, simply on the basis that Sheperd "believed" Korman was trying to frame him. For what exactly, Sheperd would not specify. This puzzled Vernette, as he had no professional reason to kill Korman. This raised Vernette's suspicion. In spite of this, Vernette had the Cloak and Dagger plot a course for the Dead Ringer so he could, first hand, observe and protect Korman in his own way.

It was not long after this that Vernette was approached by two ONI Agents by the Names of Leslie Jenkins and Murdoc Venture. They came with information detailing the situation with Sheperd and Korman. Additionally, they also informed Vernette that several soldiers listed as KIA were, in fact, actually MIA and being held or detained by Sheperd, either directly or by proxy. Ins pite of this, the two ONI Agents still insisted that Korman be killed. Vernette did not want this. He was not prepared to let Sheperd, or anyone else for that matter, get their way as far as Korman was concerned. Vernette only cared about securing his own position and digging up other peoples plans, and keeping Korman alive was the best way to do it.

Vernette and Delta promptly departed the Cloak and Dagger and borded the Dead Ringer to secure Admiral Korman. However, Vernette was diverted when he decided to exact a bit of revenge on Korman by burning down his on-board hedge maze. After burning down the hedge maze using an incindiary grenade, Vernette and Delta proceeded to Admiral Kormans's office only to find that Admiral Korman was already beaten and attacked.

Vernette, in spite of this, still offered his services to Korman. Vernette told Korman that he was sent by Admiral Sheperd to kill him. Vernette told  Korman that he would not kill him, simply due to the fact that Sheperd was trying to frame Kirk for crimes he did not commit. Vernette stated that he would not kill a man for crimes he did not commit. Vernette stated that Kirk did not need to accept his help. However, Vernette told Kirk that he stood a better chance of surviving if they worked together to eliminate Sheperd. Vernette was genuine in his offer. Kirk was unable to decide, and thus, Vernette left him to think about the offer.

Vernette waited for Sheperd or Kirk to make their next move. As Vernette waited, he continued to investigate into his would-be assassin. His investigation, in conjunction with research and intel stolen by Tyber, eventually culminated in a reunion with Lamarr Letterman, a soldier he first met during the Harvest campaign. As it turns out, Vernette's would be assassin was Lamarr. As it turns our, Lamarr tried to kill Vernette under false pretense. Admiral Sheperd misinformed Lamarr about the death of Daniel letterman, his son, and thus, this cause Lamarr to act out in a fit of rage. Vernette surmised that the only reason Lamarr was now in cryo stasis was so Sheperd could remove any evidence that could be used against him.

After a brief discussion, Vernette managed to convince Lamarr that he did not kill Daniel, and that Lamarr should hand over any information he had that could help implicate Sheperd. Lamarr had very little informtion beyond what Vernette knew, but, what he did have, managed to wrap up all the loose ends and tie up any fact that needed explaining. Lamarr stated that he would be no use to Vernette, but Lamarr added that he did know someone who might be useful. Lamarr added that Jermaine Freeman was still alive and would prove invaluable in assisting Vernette.

Vernette, dismayed at this fact, accepted soley on the principle of killing Sheperd. Vernette learned from Lamarr that Jermaine was hiding on Mars. As such, Vernette accompanied Lamarr to Mars, to meet with Jermaine. Upon arriving at Mars, Vernette and Lamarr made their way towards the Hells Pass Cemetary. Lamarr led Vernette to a tombstone marked Jermaine Freeman. Vernette was not amused by this. He expressed his dissatisfaction at the fact that Lamarr brought him to a grave site as opposed to the actual person. However, Lamarr moved the tombstone to reveal a small crawlway leading downwards. Vernette was intrigued, to say the least. In spite of his better judgement saying this was a trap, he simply had to see this first hand. Upon entering, he met Jermiane, and the rest of his old squad, simply hiding out in this little hideout.

Vernette did a bit of reminiscing with Jermaine before updating him on the current situation with Sheperd. Jermaine was interested in helping Vernette dispose of Sheperd as the reasons behind Jermaines defection from the UNSC in the first place was the widespread corruption in the institution. Vernette was pleased at this, and resolved to meet with Jermaine later on the Cloak and Dagger to further discuss strategy.

Vernette returned to the Cloak and Dagger and awaited Jermaine's arrival. When Jermaine arrived, he arrived with a plan. Jermaine discovered that Admiral Shepered had commisioned a bunker to be built on Mars that would serve as a secondary base of operations in case anything happened to his ship, The Intervention, then the bunker would be a secure spot for him to flee to. Jermaine told Vernette to use the stolen Covenant CCS Cruiser to assault The Intervention once he has fully disaled the engines.

Vernette liked this plan, as it would culminate in Sheperd being cornered and ripe for the picking. Jermaine added that they should utilize the captured Covenant CCS class Cruiser, that was currently being held over Earth, to further scare Sheperd into his bunker if need be. Vernette agreed to the plan and the two parted ways to prepare everything. Vernette informed Delta of the plan and they devised a plan to steal the Covenant CCS Class Cruiser, known simply as Fort Knox to the UNSC, right from dry dock. The plan involved the use of Vernette's Stealth Vulture and Holodrones disguised as Brutes. As most of the occupants of Fort Knox were civilian contractors, there would be little effort on the part of the Holodrones in retaking the ship and scaring the civilians to their Pelicans.

Vernette knew that if he was caught stealing Fort Knox, it would end very badly for him. As such, he devised a plan to use the resources of the Cloak and Dagger to fake a retrieveal mission. By using trusted soldiers and officers, Vernette would stage a mission where his crew would retrieve Fort Knox. With a good alabi, Vernette would be cleared of any wrong-doing. Upon the successful theft of Fort Knox, Vernette, Delta, and Tye used the ship to attack The Intervention. With Jermaine sent to disable the engines on the Intervention, Sheperd could not run anywhere, thus being forced to abandon his ship and flee to the surface of Mars, to hide in his bunker.

Vernette, pleased with the success of the first part of the mission, felt it was necessary to start dealing with the cornered Sheperd using official channels of inquiry as opposed to brute force tactics. Vernette decided to go to Sheperd's bunker under the premise of investigating why The Intervention was destroyed. Vernette managed to bluff his way into the bunker only to end up being held hostage by a now deranged and paranoid Sheperd. Vernette expressed his disappointment in Sheperd for his actions and deceptions.

Sheperd confessed tha he has spent a good portion of his life working on the Covenant CIPs, trying to utilize them and break their security measures. Vernette informed Sheperd that what Sheperd spent many years trying to do, he did in a matter of minutes with the help of Delta. Vernette added that Delta told him how to bypass the security of a CIP using engineers, and fully utilize them. Sheperd was shocked to say the least.

Sheperd confessed that he had hit rock bottom. The only thing he wanted was to be recognized as someone who helped with the war effort. Vernette added thathe not onloy lied and decieved the UNSC, but he endangered the lives of other people, namely RTJ, and used them as simply a means to an end. Sheperd, defeated, demanded that Vernette give him a full pardon. However, Vernette was not to be budged by this smoke. Vernette simply refused, confident in that fact that no matter what Sheperd said or did, he was soon to meet a grizzly fate. As such, it was not long before all of Sheperds mistakes caught up with him. This culminated in Vernette shooting Sheperd and putting him out of his misery.

With Sheperd out of the way, Vernette had time to deal with the minor issues at hand. Vernette soon learned that Lance, the Spartan, had been fateally wounded in a confrontation with the Flood, and subsequently frozen in a cryo stasis pod to keep his brain activty from degrading any further then it already had. Vernette was actually quite happy that Lace died, as he and Lance had done nothing but argue and fight with eachother over the most trivial matters. Vernette was prepared to let Lance die, but decided to try and save his life simply because Delta asked him to try. Vernette agreed and took Lance's body to the medical bay for analysis. Vernette soon learned that the flood spores still present in Lance's body had started to re-write his DNA, making it impossible to clone and repair any damaged organs.

With no aparent medical procedure to help Lance, Vernette decided the best course of action was cybernetics. However, the parts and equipment needed for the cybernetic organs were scarce and were reserved for more important needs. As such, Vernette was forced to order that Recovery team Joker go to HIGHCOM Corporate in Brazil to steal the parts needed. With RTJ dispatched to get the needed equipment, all Vernette could do is wait. While waiting for RTJ to return, he attended to more personal responsibilities, taking the time to relax and enjoy a bit of alone time with Courtney.

Vernette managed to actually get a bit of down time before the grind of work resumed. He returned to the bridge for a status update on RTJ, only to learn that they had not been checking in, and that they had fallen out of contact. Vernette was worried, as this could indicate serious problems with the mission. To compound the issue, Delta showed up on the bridge in a rather terrible mood. Delta seemed very concerned with the status of RTJ. Vernette informed Delta of the situation. He was surprised to see this kind of behaviour from Delta. He had never seen him like this before. Vernette began to clue in as to why Delta was so upset when Falcon Claw showed up on the bridge.

Shuya, the leader of Falcon Claw, who was also a super soldier, though not a Spartan in the traditional sense, requested to have a word in private with Vernette. Shuya suggested to Vernette that RTJ be replaced by Falcon Claw because RTJ had become lazy and disorganized in their tactics. Vernette was not fully convinced of this, but he had started to notice RTJ's talenst dimishing and the thought had crossed his mind to replace them. He told Shuya that he would consider a future change if the situation with RTJ did not change. Vernette was disaapointed in RTJ for their failings, having come to expect better work from them.

It was not long after that Vernette was informed of a fight going on between Shuya and Delta near the locker rooms. Vernette began to feel ore like a referee and less of an Admiral at this point. Upon arriving to the locker rooms, he saw Delta and Shuya almost tearing eachother apart. Vernette stopped the fight, telling Delta to chill and simply walk away. Delta agreed and grudgingly left the scene. Vernette was very curious as to why Delta had become so enraged by Shuya and Falcon Claw. He knew there was some tension between the two for personal reasons, but beyond that, he had not other idea as to why Delta was being so overtly aggressive. Upon further investigation, Vernette soon learned

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Personal Endeavors and Research

Inhibitor Research

In the year 2523, Vernette began the construction of a small mechanical device known as The Vernette-Type Psychological Inhibitor or simply, The Inhibitor. This device, in its early stages had one simple function; the complete and total control over a test subjects emotional state of mind from a neural interface, commonly found on UNSC flag officers. The Inhibitor was highly classified and incredibly dangerous. If it was removed while active, both the host and the test subject would die. At its early stages, it was only designed to work with a few species, human being one of them. Fortunatly, Vernette was able to correct this limitation.

Vernette continued his work on the Inhibitors over the next 28 years, making countless revisions, fail safes, and precautions to the device. It was only fully completed near the end of 2552. The final product was used to assist in the augmentation of Chieftain Barrabus. All that is needed is one inhibitor to do basic control, but a whole network of devices is needed for higher functions

The Inhibitor represents total domination and control. It has several basic abilities including:

  • The control of the current state of mind.
  • The control and regulation of the subjects physiology.
  • The ability to plant mental suggestions.
The inhibitor also had higher functions
  • The creation of a virtual brain, allowing full AI interface into the brain.
  • The ability to block and control memories and thoughts
  • The ability to completely control free will
The inhibitor has been duplicated on one event by Admiral Korman  for use on Dirk, but it was nowhere near as good as Vernette's inhibitor design.

Medical Research

Vernette, although not an avid fan of medical research of any kind, had been forced to dwell in the subject on one occasion. During the Second Battle of Earth, when Admiral Korman used an experimental augmentation drug on Sergeant Harold Forkes, Vernette was forced to steal research notes on said drug and devise a cure for Harold. Since this time, Vernette has stayed away from this kind of work.

Combat Weaponry

Vernette had devised several interesting combat systems throughout his career. However, they were only finished during his time as a Fleet Admiral, when he had the resources and clearance to authorize the construction of such systems.

  • HAVOS Warthog - A one of a kind Warthog designed by Vernette. This vehicle's design began in 2550 and it was not fully completed unti; 2553. It was first field tested on Mars during a rescue mission. HAVOS is an acronym for "Heavy Anti Vehicle Ordinance System". the HAVOS is outfitted with a large scale, and incredibly powerful version of the Spartan laser that does not require charge time, and can fire in sustained blasts. However, the cannon itself does require a gunner, and it does have a battery life. In 2-3 second bursts, this vehicle and destroy a Phantom or Pelican in roughly 4 shots. Of course, the vehicle was for Vernette's personal use so it has not become mainstream equipment. This vehicle has since been put into mothballs as a make-work project.
  • Mark IX Neural Interface Helmet - Nicknamed The Mark IX, this helmet is a rather interesting weapon system that utilized modified Inhibitor technology to create a virtual up link to the hosts brain, which an AI can utilize. This helmet allowed the wearer to have fully integrated AI support. Unlike normal armor which allows an AI to communicate with a soldier, The Mark IX allows the AI to be fully aware of the soldiers vitals down to the most insignificant detail. Furthermore, it allows an AI to communicate with the users thoughts, as opposed to using a comm channel, which adds a layer of security, preventing possible eavesdropping from enemies. The Helmet is also equipped with environmental sensors, allowing the AI to have omnidirectional sight and scanning ability. This is helpful to prevent attacks from behind, and it allows AI's to show the current users enemies hiding under cloak. Aside from AI's having total freedom to hear the users thoughts, and even analyzed past memories for tactical or personal reasons, the Mark IX greatly enhances combat efficiency.
  • Bravo Kilo Power Armor - This is a non-standard armor set, utilized only by the Chieftain of the Brutes; Delta. The schematics for this armor were destroyed by Vernette to protect its design and to give Delta an unequivocal upper hand against all opponents. This armor is one of a kind. It is specifically tailored for the physiological needs of Delta. It bears a striking resemblance to a Chieftain's ceremonial armor, but the armor plating is thicker, and the armor covers the entire body, as opposed to standard ceremonial armor, that has exposed fleshy areas. The armor was enhanced using a lot of the technology used in the MJOLNIR Mark VI armor. Vernette came under a lot of fire from both ONI and HIGHCOM for utilizing this technology to enhance an "enemy" soldier. The armor retains its Covenant shield systems. However, there were several improvements to the armor itself:
    • Hydrostatic Gel.
    • Reactive Metal Liquid Crystal Layer.
    • Automatic Biofoam Injectors.
    • Integrated AI support, works in conjunction with the inhibitors.
    • Titanium Nanocomposite Bodysuit.
  • Nighthawk's Power Armor - Information unavailable
  • Anaconda's Power Armor - Information unavailable
  • Nighthawk's/Anaconda's Weapons - Information unavailable
Human Cloning

Vernette attempted full human cloning one on occasion. When the brother of Paul Letterman was killed, Vernette agreeded to try and perfect a cloning process that resulted in a normal lifespan and survival of the clone. He even went so far as to devise an artinerary for how the clone should be raise, so as to avoid social complications. However, the clone was killed by an agent of Admiral Korman.

The Schism

*Information unavailable at this time*

Interpersonal Relationships

Family / Close relationships
  • Diana Vernette - The wife of Preston Vernette. Diana was killed on Harvest during the initial Brute invasion. Not much is known about this individual, most of the records on this individual were destroyed in the invasion.
  • Steven Vernette - The first born son of Diana and Preston Vernette. Steven was killed on Harvest during the initial Brute invasion. Not much is known about this individual, most of the records on this individual were destroyed in the invasion.
  • Bradley Vernette - The second born son of Diana and Preston Vernette. Bradley was killed on Harvest during the initial Brute invasion. Not much is known about this individual, most of the records on this individual were destroyed in the invasion.
  • Walter Vernette - The father of Preston Vernette. Walter, along with his wife Sarah, was killed on Harvest in a vehicular accident when Vernette was only 4 years old. Walter was an architecht who designed military buildings for the UNSC. Other then this, not much is known about this individual, most of the records on this individual were destroyed in the invasion.
  • Sarah Vernette - The mother of Preston Vernette. Sarah, along with her husband Walter, was killed on Harvest in a vehicular accident when Vernette was only 4 years old. Not much is known about this individual, most of the records on this individual were destroyed in the invasion.
  • Tyber Vernette - Preston Vernette's older brother. Preston and Tyber spent their early childhood, looking out for each other. They lived their lives as petty street criminals, being bounced from foster home to foster home. Tyber eventually joined the UNSC Marine Corps. Preston felt betrayed by this decision. Preston himself eventually joined the UNSC Navy and was estranged from his brother for many years. It was not until The Battle of Miridem were they reunited when Tyber was transferred to The King Raven as the Staff Sergeant of the ship. Tyber was eventually killed on Reach. Tyber death had a profound impact on Preston. Preston was so distraught over his brothers death, he had his brain transferred to an AI construct. Tyber currently serves as Delta's tactical adviser.
  • Chieftain Barrabus / Delta - Vernette's longest living, as well as longest loyal friend. A very unlikely friend given the war, Chieftain Barrabus shared a militaristic likeness to Vernette, in the sense that their methodologies were usually in sync. Compounded by the fact that Vernette shared an utter dislike for Elites and Spartans, it was a given that Barrabus had to have respect for Vernette. It was because of this, they both managed to maintain a healthy friendship and working arrangement throughout the war. It was not until the second battle of Earth did their working arrangement change. With the advent of Delta, secrecy was no longer needed when it came to meetings and associations. However, to ensure Delta's safety, Vernette was always cautious never to let Delta's true identity be known. Delta was personally charged with the protection of Vernette and his assets and goals. Vernette considers Delta one of his closest friends.
  • Sergeant Eugene Korman - Captain, then Sergeant Eugene Korman was Vernette's right hand man during the early stages of The Second Battle of Earth. Vernette relied on Korman for most everything when it came to the ground operations. Vernette even began to show partiality towards Eugene, going so far as to take his side when a physical fight involving Sergeant Eugene Korman and Captain Dennis Buerscott took place. The fight was started by Eugene, but Vernette overlooked this. He gave the appearance of impartiality, but in reality, he let Korman slide with no punishment, while the Buerscott was threatened with severe punishment. In the minutes before Korman's death, Vernette took it upon himself, despite being aboard a ship that was about to self-destruct, to locate Korman and help get him to an escape pod. When Korman died, Vernette found it a very difficult decision to leave the dead body of Korman behind on said ship.
  • Admiral James Forkes - James and Vernette had been friends for many years. However, their friendship was jeopardized during The Battle of Reach when Vernette, forcefully, put James into cryo sleep to "protect him" from both the Covenant and possible UNSC traitors. Vernette knew he needed to set aside important officers in the UNSC and he had to set aside his friendship for the good of the UNSC. It was not until the Second Battle of Earth that James was removed from cryo sleep by Vernette, and James' son, Harold. James was still pissed off at Vernette for freezing him, going so far as to punch Vernette in the face. Vernette laughed, knowing he deserved it. Although their friendship took a hit as a result of the freezing, they eventually reconciled when Vernette helped James, and his wife Nora, reconcile their differences. Since that time, they have remained excellent friends.
  • Sergeant Harold Forkes - Although Harold by no means was a replacement for Korman, he was just as valued of an asset of Vernette's none the less. He was also a very trusted and reliable soldier, one of the few soldiers Vernette ever personally risked his own safety to help. Nearing the end of 2552, Vernette personally led an excursion to Juneau, Alaska to recover a cure, rather, the template for a cure, for Sergeant Forkes when he was deliberately infected with a retroactive physical enhancement pathogen. Normally, such a pathogen would be a benefit for a person, however, the pathogen was highly experimental, and it always resulted in the death of the subject. Vernette was able to recover the cure template and eventually was able to synthesize a cure. However, in true fashion, Harold Forkes was eventually killed by Admiral Kirk Korman, a feat that Vernette refuses to forgive or forget.
  • Lieutenant Shella Lenner - Although their relationship was strained at times, Shella and Vernette were, for the most part, friends. Vernette, despite Shella's non-military background, considered Shella an excellent soldier, capable of extraordinary feats of both courage and heroism. Vernette was usually lenient, allowing her to get away with things he would other kill someone for. This was first observed when he allowed Shella to back out of her mission to kill the UNSC Fugative Stolt on the basis that Shella cared deeply for Stolt.
  • Shipmaster Rkla - The closest thing Vernette has to a counterpart in the Separatist forces. Vernette considers Rkla one of his more important allies. Rkla has always made himself available when Vernette needed an extra gun or an extra ship to bolster his hand in a conflict. Rkla has even saved Vernette's life from a pack of brutes in Alaska. Rkla earned a great deal of respect and admiration from Vernette for this. Vernette and RKla continued their association throughout the war, coming to each others aid when one of them needed the others assistance. Overall, as the war went on, Rkla became less of an ally and more of a friend.
  • Admiral Kirk Korman - Kirk Korman is the most despicable man ever born, as far as Vernette was concerned. Vernette's problems with Korman began when Korman tested a super soldier serum on Sergeant Forkes. From that point forward, Vernette had an unequivocal hatred for Korman. Vernette used every opportunity he got to try kill Admiral Korman. Despite the location, scenario, or circumstances, if Vernette was in the same room as Kirk Korman, Vernette would draw his gun and attempt to kill Korman. Although Vernette has succeeded in killing Admiral Korman twice, Admiral Korman has always been one step ahead of Vernette. Korman would always utilize clones as decoys when any situation involving Vernette is at hand. Although Vernette had worked cooperatively with Korman on a few occasions, Vernette has always tried to kill Korman immediately after they had settled their mutual business. Ultimately, the two reconciled in 2553 when Korman was the only military officer who was fully prepared to help him retake Earth. Since this time, the two have become friends, although, distant
  • Lt. Cooke / Fleet Admiral Cooke / Director Gibson - The only man who has ever successfully launched a coup d'état on Vernette. This man holds a special place in Hell where Vernette is concerned. Although Vernette's hatred for Kirk Korman is unmatched, Cooke takes a very close second. Cooke managed to duplicate the process used to create Delta, and created his own augmented Brute named Durk. Vernette saw this as an affront to his years of work, as well as an insult to his intentions, and an insult to what Delta stands for. Vernette despised Cooks ideologies and his methods. Vernette especially despised the fact that Cooke used Vernette's own methods against him. Although Vernette met his lowest low when Cooke managed to wrongfully imprison him, falsify his death, and strip Vernette of his rank and command, Vernette was ultimately grateful to Cooke for one thing. Cooke copied Vernette's ideologies of control and power. Vernette spent his entire life, always shunning his own desires for power and control. When Vernette saw someone who mirrored him commit the atrocities that Cooke did, it renewed Vernette's belief in his own sense of good and his belief that his desire for power and control did, in fact, have noble and just roots. When Vernette reclaimed power from Cooke, he knew that with as much as he held, he had a moral responsibility to uphold what was good and right.
  • In General - Admiral Vernette has a very unsteady relationship with the UNSC. After years of dedicated service, he has become quite jaded. Vernette saw the true rot in the UNSC, and despite his better judgement telling him to ditch it, he sticks around, hoping to, in some way, improve it, or restore it to some degree. Although Vernette's own methods are much worse then the UNSC's methods, Vernette believes his methods work for a good, that the ends justify the means. Vernette believes the UNSC has no concept of the greater good, and is nothing more then a bureaucratic government.
  • HIGHCOM - Vernette has been used and betrayed by HIGHCOM more times then he would like. It was HIGHCOM that was responsible for his wrongful incarceration, and the subsequent ONI power struggle. Ultimatly, Vernette's dislike for HIGHCOM resulted in HIGHCOM being disbanded after 2553.
  • ONI - Vernette does not have any major gripes with ONI. He does have issues with them, but issues that pale in comparison to his issues with HIGHCOM. ONI, on several occasions, have tried to kidnap Delta for experimentation. This has generated a rouge streak in Vernette, which, in itself has caused problems. ONI has frequently given Vernette problems about his staunch defense of a Brute. However, ONI ceased its criticisms when Vernette became the Director of ONI.
  • UNSCDF - The UNSCDF and Vernette get along quite well. Most of the people loyal to Vernette reside in the military branch. The Marines and ODSTs always follow orders, and in return, Vernette will always spring to the defense of the UNSCDF.
The Covenant
  • The Loyalists - Also known as The Brutes. As a UNSC Admiral, Vernette sees the Loyalist army as the enemy. However, Vernette does not have any hatred or animosity towards the Brutes as a whole. In fact, he has a profound respect and like for Brutes. Vernette finds it difficult to categorize them. During Vernette's wrongful imprisonment, A Loyalist named Chieftain Vargus assisted Delta and Max in the rescue plan. Vargus even went so far as to have his Brutes attack a UNSC super prison in order to create a distraction for Max and Delta. Vernette's like of the Brutes played a vital role in the formation of the alliance between ONI and the Brutes in 2555.
  • The Separatists - Also known as The Elites. The movement Vernette helped bring about. Vernette has had a few dealings with the Separatists, but overall, has never really gone beyond military briefings and status reports. He dealings with the broke down after 2553. Vernette does not hate Elites, but he does have a very profound distrust of them, with a few exceptions

Ships of Service

The King Raven

The King raven was a Halcyon class cruiser and Vernette's first ship that he commanded. This ship saw roughly 28 years of combat, and thus, it is widely regarded as the longest serving ship in UNSC history. As a result of the amount of combat this ship saw, Vernette was forced to improvise repairs to the ship, even going so far as to modify the ship from original design:
  • Two Magnetic Accelerator Cannons
  • Three-Hundred Archer Missile Pods
  • Sixty-Five 50mm MLA Auto-cannons
The King Raven also went above and beyond its standard complement of equipment:
  • Twenty-Five Shiva nuclear warheads
  • Two NOVA warheads (Circa Second Battle for Earth)
  • Over Twelve-Thousand Archer Missiles
  • Large quantities of Vultures, Pelicans, Longswords, and Various Ground Vehicles
The King Raven was ultimately destroyed during the Second Battle for Earth. After exhausting all of its weapons and equipment, and sustaining irreversible damage to the hull from a ground impact, The King Raven was set to auto destruct and destroyed to prevent anything from falling into Covenant hands.

The Dreadhawk

The Dreadhawk was Vernette's replacement ship. Although this ship did not contain any custom modifications, it still outclassed The King Raven in terms of firepower and facilities available at its disposal. Vernette personaly saw the ship was refitted with several specialized departments, including a cybernetics lab, an advanced all purpose research facility, and specialized armories. Although the Dreadhawk did not see any military combat, it was involved in all ground operations to help remove the remaining Covenant forces in the North American continent.

The Cloak and Dagger

See Main Article

The Ticonderoga

This was not a space faring vessel, rather, it was a planetary defense ship, that was confined to aquatic environments. The ship held the class of a sub-oceanic aircraft carrier. The Ticonderoga was a classified ONI ship. This ships, and by extension, ever ship of this class's primary function was to defend whatever planet it was assigned to. The Ticonderoga was assigned to Earth. During The Second Battle of Earth, Vernette had falsified information that The Ticonderoga had been destroyed. This was a cover, so Vernette could keep the ship for himself as part of many of his contingency plans. The Ticonderoga was first utilized by Delta, Max, and Chieftain Vargus, during the ONI power struggle. Vernette continued to utilize the ship after he was free from prison. After Vernette reclaimed The Ticonderoga, the ship was hidden once again, in case its services were ever needed again.
  • Four long range artillery launchers.
  • One Stealth generator.
  • 25 AA Cannons.
  • Enhanced hull plating for extreme deep sea navigation.

Personal Health

Vernette has a very long medical history, as well as an uncertain medical future.
  • Reduced visibility in left eye - This was an injury sustained during The Siege of Paris IV. During a meeting with ranking Marine personnel on the surface, the base came under attack by Covenant Forces. Stray shrapnel from a dropped frag grenade grazed Vernette's face. Particle debris was sent into his eye, causing permanent damage to the eye. Although the damage is corrected by the use of a contact in his left eye, without the contact, Vernette's vision from his left eye is severely blurred.
  • Artificial Heart - Vernette does not have a real heart, rather, he as a mechanical heart that resembles, in shape only, a heart. His heart is metallic and dark gray in color. Instead of using muscles to pump the blood, a complex system of automated pumps and pressure valves move the blood through his body. The only know side effect of the artificial heart is the absence of a heart beat. This has lead to some rater strange rumors, and some pretty absurd explanations as to why Vernette is such a cold man.

Military Commendations
  • 11 Purple Heart Awards
    • 3 granted on Harvest
    • 2 granted on Paris IV
    • 2 granted on Miridem
    • 1 granted on Reach
    • 3 granted on Earth
  • 3 Navy and Marine Marine Corps Medals
    • 1 granted on Harvest
    • 1 granted on Paris IV
    • 1 Granted at Miridem
  • 2 Legion of Merit Awards
    • 1 granted at Reach
    • 1 granted at Earth
  • 1 Defense Superior Service Medals
    • 1 granted on Paris IV
  • 2 Navy Cross Awards
    • 1 granted at Reach
    • 1 granted at Earth
  • 1 Medal of Honor
    • 1 granted at Earth

Questionable Activities and Personal Issues

Vernette's career was defined by his association with Barrabus. Although nobody knows this truth, Vernette knows it to be true that his life and career would have been radically different if his decision at harvest to aid Barrabus' Brutes over Christal's Elites was reversed. Vernette has never considered himself a traitor because he was friends with Barrabus, but he did question, at times, the wisdom of associating himself with a Brute. Although Vernette had never given Barrabus any tactical information on the UNSC, Vernette did help Barrabus kill Spartans when they fought with him. Vernette's hatred for Spartans was unequivocal, but even that could not fully justify his association with Barrabus. This personal issue was put to rest when Barrabus was augmented in Delta.

Vernette never forgot the day he executed Christal on the bridge of The King Raven. He hated SPARTANs, but he did have feelings for Christal, who, ironically, was a SPARTAN. Vernette saw this as his first steps down his road to his countless problems he would have in the future. He always wondered if he could have spared Christals life, but he eventually resolved that Christal had to die, not because of her ideologies, but because she was a SPARTAN.

When Vernette authorized Delta to return to his homeworld to stop the renegade SPARTAN named Scott from utilizing the inhibitor technology on the general populace, Vernette prolonged the war. He knew that if Doisac fell, the Loyalist army would have fallen shortly afterward. However, Vernette placed more importance on his friendship with Delta then he did with his responsibility to the UNSC. Although this may have been the wrong decision, Vernette made a decision based on friendship, rather then responsibility.

Vernette's activities as Nighthawk resulted in a very secret double life. He has always been very careful when dealing with the name Nighthawk. If his identity had ever been compromised, he would face reprisal on an unprecedented level. Vernette, however, never considered himself a terrorist, but instead, considered himself a visionary.

"You hold the rank of Admiral. You should be ashamed of yourself for what you have done. You turned your back on humanity. You have ruined your career. You have disgraced your name. You have ended your own life. You deserve death for what you have done. Traditionally, there is a court martial. But given the fact that you have confessed what you have done, are proud of it, and refuse to show any remorse, then in my eyes...this is case closed."
-Fleet Admiral Preston Vernette to Admiral Ned Beurscott

"I called you here to discuss your father, and the circumstances surrounding his...death. I had a feeling that his death had an effect on you, a very negative effect. It seems I was right. It seems all you do is fight with your comrades in arms! I would guess you were fighting with Sargent Korman, it wouldn't surprise me. Quite frankly, at this point, I don't care if you were fighting with a Christmas Tree, the fact that you are projecting such violent behavior outwards to your allies is disturbing. I have it in my right mind to relieve you of duty and place you under extensive psychiatric evaluation. However, I wont do that. I need every person on this ship. What I will do however is give you one more warning. If you step out of line again, consider yourself finished in the UNSC."
-Fleet Admiral Preston Vernette to Captain Dennis Beurscott.

"Good guys wear black!"
-Director Vernette

"Fire Everything at everything!"
-Fleet Admiral Vernette

"I don't see you guys raging the kind of mayhem I'm contemplating!"
-Director Vernette

"Everyone thinks I have the answers to everything, and they are right. People need answers because I cause the questions"
-Director Vernette

"The winner takes it all, the loser has to fall, and I will never fall!"
-Commodore Vernette

Rojas, I am the Director of Section 0. My directive is to safeguard Earth, the UNSC, and I guess her colonies...but that does not apply anymore. I am authorized to do almost whatever I want, anything I need to do, in order to fulfill my mission. I can do whatever I want with prisoners. You are my prisoner. You are a criminal, not an Admiral. You are assisting another criminal. Cooke is trying to claim power he has not earned, and does not deserve. You stood by and let this happen. In my books, that is a capital crime! You do not deserve to wear that uniform."
-Director Vernette

  • Preston Vernette's favorite color is black.
  • Owned a classic silver Maine Coon named Beau when he was 21 years old. It died 9 years later.
  • Is known to be a Catholic.
  • Is known as a highly accomplished, cyberneticist and technician. He holds a PhD in Cybernetic and Computer Science
  • Preston Vernette's eyes are Blue.
  • Is said to have R Ho Negative blood type.
  • Has no heartbeat due to his artificial heart.
  • Was commonly referred to as V by Barrabus / Delta
  • Preston Vernette despises "the heartless joke"
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