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Obsidian Hierarchy
Author: Naked Crook
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Edited: October 9, 2010, 9:59 am
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The Office of Naval Intelligence Logo

The Obsidian Hierarchy
Purpose: Special Operations and Espionage
Head of the Agency: Chief Operative Dancar, Chieftain Delta
Type of Government: N/A - Subsidiary of the Brute Hierarchy
Power Base: Multiple installations on various planets
Technological Scale: Tier 2

Office of Naval Intelligence

This article is PUBLIC as defined by ONI Section 0 Guidelines.

This article is maintained strictly by ONI Section 0.

Alteration of this article is not permitted.

Information is subject to change as it is gathered.

The Obsidian Hierarchy

The Obsidian Hierarchy is the special operations and espionage branch of the Brute Hierarchy. It is a very special, and secrative, division that very few Brutes are aware of. Brutes who are part of the Obsidian Hierarchy are refered to as "Agents of the Hierarchy" or "Operatives". This is intentional, so as to create a sense of confusion and ambiguity, as both the Obsidian Hierarchy and Brute Hierarchy share a common word. The OH, as it is nicknamed by those at ONI who know about it, is very discrete in its work, and only answers to the Chieftain of the Brutes. The founding principle of the OH is the ultimate safeguard and protection of the Brutes as a species, ensuring their continued survival and existance by any means necessary. The OH even attempted to have Chieftain Dirk assassinated when his decisions threatened the viability of the species in terms of survival. The OH existed long before the brutes joined the Covenant, but incorporated Covenant technology into their organization when they were adopted.

  1. Obsidian Hierarchy Divisions
    1. Special Operations
    2. Espionage
    3. Tactical Elimination
  2. Planets (Most Notable)
    1. Earth
    2. Harvest
    3. Doisac
    4. Sanghelios
    5. J-2-Alpha
  3. Members
  4. Technology
  5. Training








Obsidian Hierarchy Divisions

Special Operations

Special Operations divions are general assignments of OH Operatives. These assignments generally include high priority demolitions, retrieveal, and protection of important figures. Inspite of these responsibilities, the OH never protected or cared for non-Brute individuals, but frequently operated against Brutes and Non-Brutes in order to safeguard their society, culture, and survival.

Special Operation Teams are assigned to protect the Chieftain of the brutes during combat missions. It should be noted that the OH has never failed to protect the Chieftain. The team responsible for the protection of the CHieftain is always commanded by the Head of the Agency, and the team always bares the title of "The First Platoon". The team assigned to protect the Chieftain consists of the the most highly trained, and deadly Brutes.


The Espionage divions are responsible for reconnaissance and spying on enemy forces, and keeping tabs on allied movement. Espionage divions frequently locate and infultrate worlds, ships, and installations, but never engage, as stealth and secrecy is their greatest asset. They make it their business to know.

Tactical Elimination

This is the Assault Branch of the OH, specializing in direct, and silent, confrontation. Operations requiring the use of the Tactical Elimination branch do not last long, as the training recieved by OH operatives is considered unmatched.



The OH had established a base on Earth by the year 2555 in order to keep tabs on the reconstuction and redevelopment of Earth. However, the existence of this base is know to ONI Director Vernette, as the OH approached and asked before establishing this base as Vernette was a personal friend of Chieftain Delta. This entitled Vernette to know about any operations the OH run on Earth.

The OH frequently run drills and train Brutes at Earth, as a sign of good faith to have special operation teams on standby in case the Elites attempt to attack Earth.


Another location for an OH training facility. The glassed world of Harvest is an excellent place to train OH operatives to withstand harsh enviroments and difficult terrain. Furthermore, the base at Harvest serves as a R&D facility, where the OH refines its most cutting edge technology for use in the field.


The main base of operations for the OH is located on the Brute homeworld of Doisac. This base is not only vast, but it is very protected, and great lengths have been taken to hide this base. It is located in an isolated part of Doisacs souther COntinent, and the entire base is protected by a cloaking device. Only OH Operatives and the Chieftain of the Brutes know the location of this facility.


The OH managed to establish a base on Sanghelios to spy on the Elites. This base has been in operation since 2530, and has never been discovered. Top ONI Brass is aware of this base as of 2553.


The OH is aware of J-2-Alpha, but have not established a base on the planet. Instead, they keep one of their stealth Cruisers nearby in case it is needed. The OH does not set forth on J-2-Alpha so as to not scare the civilians.



There are several notable members of the OH. The following list of individuals are either directly associated with the OH.

  1. Chief Operative Dancar
  2. Officer Brutus
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