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Author: Naked Crook
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Edited: August 30, 2014, 1:13 am
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The Office of Naval Intelligence
Purpose: Military Intelligence Branch
Leader: Various Directors
Role: Intelligence, Espionage, R&D
Executives: Deputy Directors
State Religion: N/A Ruling Body:
Technology Tier: Tier 3 Capital: Reach, Midnight, Eclipse, Earth
Species: Human Power Base: Multiple planets and shipyards
Client Species: None Intel Branch: Office of Naval Intelligence
N/A Preceeded By: None
Language: English Succeeded By: None
Current Status: Active.
The Office of Naval Intelligence

The Office of Naval Intelligence is responsible for UNSC signals intelligence (SIGINT), human intelligence (HUMINT), counter-espionage, propaganda, and top-secret research and development programs. The agency mostly operates independently of other UNSC branches, and at times it contravenes the law and UNSC protocol to complete top-secret missions. ONI's primary divisions include Section 0, Section 1, Section 2, and Section 3. Each of these divisions is overseen by a Director of Operations, with the Director of Section 0 having seniority over the other three divisions. As it is responsible for intelligence matters across the UNSC, ONI employs members of other military branches, and even civilians, to complete the division's shadowy work. Many of its functions and subdivisions are enigmatic, and its personnel are regarded as mysteries by mainstream naval officers. ONI has proven, time and again, since its very inception, that it is the most versatile, fearsome, and capable organization operating within the UNSC. Those who have seen ONI operate in its day to day activities have come to know the ruthless efficiency of the organization as commonplace and standard procedure.

  1. Intelligence Dossier
    1. General Information
    2. History and Origins
    3. Structure of Command
  2. The Office of Naval Intelligence
    1. Section 0
    2. Section 1
    3. Section 2
    4. Section 3
    5. Prowler Corps
    6. Signal Corps
  3. Planets
  4. Shipyards and Stations
    1. Alpha Serranus Shipyard
    2. Epsilon Ilo Shipyard
    3. Gamma Eridon Shipyard
    4. Zeta Quarter Shipyard
    5. Tempus Fugit Shipyard
  5. Technology
  6. Naval Vessels
  7. Tactics
  8. Directives and Protocols
  9. Notes

Intelligence Dossier

General Information

The Office of Naval Intelligence has its founding as early as the mid 20th century. During the Human-Covenant War, ONI served as simply the intelligence and espionage branch for the collective UNSC. After the collapse of the UNSC in mid 2553, top ONI brass, namely Director Preston Vernette, took control of what was left of the military in order to continue the fight against both The Elites and The Brutes. After ONI had taken control of all remaining military assets, it reformed the military and chain of command, taking careful consideration to keep an identical chain of command so as to simplify the transition, and formed The Office of Naval Intelligence Central Command (ONI CC). ONI CC is a temporary organization for ONI, intended to act on behalf of a defunct UNSC and UEG, and is not intended to be a permanent solution, but rather, a stop gap until the UNSC ranks can be filled, and the UEG can be reformed.

Structure of Command

The following is a breakdown of the ONI CC Chain of command, showing which departments fall under which chain of command.
  • Office of Naval Intelligence Central Command
    • Security Committee
    • Security Council
      • Defense Force
        • High Command
          • Administrative
          • Uniformed Services
            • Navy
            • Naval Command
              • Fleet Command
                • Office of Naval Intelligence
                • Section 0
                  • Class 0 Spartan II Program
                  • ONI Agents
                  • Section 1
                  • Section 2
                  • Section 3
                    • Spartan I Program
                    • Spartan II Program
                    • Spartan III Program
                    • Spartan IV Program
                  • Prowler Corps
                  • Signal Corps
              • Logistical Operations Command
                • Office of Investigations
              • Naval Special Warfare Command
                • Project ORION
                  • Spartan I Program
                • Class 1 Spartan II Program
            • Marine Corps
              • Marine Infantry
              • Marine Aviation
              • Marine Logistics
              • Marine Military Police
              • Marine Chaplain Corps
              • Marine Special Operations
                • Orbital Drop Shock Troopers
            • Army
              • Army Infantry
              • Army Military Police
                • Peacekeepers
              • Army Logistics
            • Air Force
              • Air Force Logistics
            • Spartan
              • Spartan Training and Administration
              • Spartan R&D
              • Spartan Logistics
    • Commerce
      • Department of Commercial Shipping
      • Department of Trade and Finance
    • Civilian
      • Department of Civilian Contractors
      • Department of Colonial Affiars
      • Peacekeeper Corps
      • Diplomatic Corps

Office of Naval Intelligence

Section 0

Section 0 is the internal affairs division of ONI. It also serves as the primary source of all tactical espionage and military information for ONI. It maintains total secrecy from the general public, and very little is known about it, and what is known, is known by very few people. ONI Section 0 is considered to be a myth by many officers. All that is generally known is that the Director of Section 0 can supersede any decision made at any time. The Director of Section 0, is essentially, the most powerful position in ONI. The Director of Section 0 has permission to carry out any assignment under any premise as he or she sees fit. Missions carried out by Section 0 agents always have the authorization to use lethal force if necessary if the completion of a mission is in jeopardy. Missions undertaken by Section 0 agents and ships generally are of great importance where failure is otherwise unacceptable. Section 0 officers are given seniority in combat situations. Simply due to their affiliation, officers can supersede orders from another non Section 0 officer or soldier a whole rank above their own. Despite the importance of ONI Section 0, the other branches do not answer to Section 0. It is the general practice that Section 0 will reveal itself to high rank military officials in order to send information and instructions down the chain of command. It should be noted that Section 0 maintains control of all Spartan MJOLNIR equipment. It also ensures that anything Spartan related, including the armor and the research and development, do not fall into the hands of any single rouge organization. The first general order of Section 0 is the defense of all information pertaining to the military assets of the human race. Allowing military secrets to slip into public view is deemed incredibly unacceptable. While Section 3 runs the top secret projects division, Section 0 runs its own branch of R&D which is generally understood to be highly advanced, and far beyond anything Section 3 is capable of, such as the Spartan II (Class 0 and Class 2) Program, Project CLOAK AND DAGGER, which was active during the Human-Covenant War, and the R&D into shipboard active camouflage. There is no central base of operations for Section 0, but rather, multiple high security installations, such as Tempus Fugit, and The Citadel. Both of these locations do not officially exist outside of Section 0.

Section 1

Section 1 is the main military branch of ONI. It is responsible for the training and armament of all ONI military equipment and personnel. All ONI marines and ODST fall under the command jurisdiction of Section 1. In more detail, Section 1 oversees the responsibility for the shipyards, ship production, personnel training, personnel armament, and strategic intelligence. Section 1 is generally known to the public in terms of recruitment into the military, but the inner workings of the command structure are classified. In short, Section 1 controls the mainstream military, carrying out all missions that are considered necessary to the war effort.

Section 2

Section 2 is the colonial affairs and propaganda division of ONI. It directly controls the ONI Peacekeepers or ONI Cops as they are nicknamed. They serve to keep the population in line and monitor and control the civilian Surveillance Grid. They are responsible for seeking out and keeping and forcing people to stay on the grid. They report all suspicious happenings and possible Insurrectionist activity to ONI Section 1, and it is then passed on to Section 0. Section 2 is also civilian affairs. It serves as the public government that is "elected" by the people. It is responsible for colony expansion and population control. It ensures the population is comfortable and happy in order to maximize efficiency. The visible government is generally self governing, and it does have power, but any ruling can be overruled by Section 0 at any time. Although the image of democracy is given, it is, more or less, a military dictatorship.

Section 3

Section 3 is the top-secret projects division. It should be noted that Section 3's responsibilities never inter-mix with Section 0. During the Human-Covenant War, Section 3 was responsible for the Spartan II (Class 1) and the Spartan III programs. Section 3 also oversees the NOVA project, the MJOLNIR Program, the ORION Project, and many other black ops. Though a few of Section III's programs are well known and celebrated for their success, the Marines and top brass treat most with contempt. The Spartan-III project was kept secret from the vast majority of Section III. This is not particularly unusual as Section III is a large division with numerous sub-cells. The division and compartmentalization is to ensure secrecy and security.

Prowler Corps
Signal Corps


Despite the catastrophic losses suffered at the hands of The Covenant, the Office of Naval Intelligence Central Command still controls and oversees colonial and civillian affairs on a large network of planets and territories. These planets and territories are under the protection of the ONI CC and, as such, require persistent supervision. The ONI CC has dedicated significant resources in the protection of all remaining human territories, and as such, affirmed their committment to their protection. Due to the vast amount of information on this topic, each planet has been listed in a general ledger, and provided its own dossier. This information can be accessed by reviewing the notice below.

For further information on the planets under the control of the ONI CC, please refer to the following Dossier and access subcategories as needed: Planets and Locations

Shipyards and Stations

The Office of Naval Intelligence also controls a number of major shipyards where the construction of warships takes place. The following is a list of all major shipyards.
  1. Gamma Eridon Shipyard
  2. Epsilon Ilo Shipyard
  3. Alpha Serranus Shipyard
  4. Zeta Quarter Shipyard
  5. Tempus Fugit Shipyard
In addition to the shipyards listed above, ONI CC has multiple small scale orbital stations around colony worlds which can be used as docking anchors for smaller vessels.


ONI maintains much of the technology used by The UNSC, as well as adopting and reverse engineering various pieces of Covenant technology
  • Slipspace capabilities
  • Nuclear capabilities
  • Magnetic acceleration technology
  • Biological and cybernetic augmentation technology
  • Artificial Intelligence technology
  • Holography, such as holodrones and real-time holographic communication system (reverse engineered covenant technology)
  • Stealth technology
  • Active Camoflauge technology (reverse engineered Covenant technology)
  • Reliance on projectile weaponry, and directed energy lasers.
  • Use of Covenant plasma based technology during Black-Operations

Naval Vessels

ONI has a very wide range of naval vessels which they use to facilitate day to day operations. The following is a list of vessels which are most commonly used by ONI CC:
  • Corvettes
    • Prowler-Class Stealth Corvette
  • Destroyers
    • Midlothian-Class Destroyer
  • Frigates
    • Paris-Class Frigate
    • Charon-Class Frigate
    • Stalwart-Class Frigate
  • Cruisers
    • Halcyon-Class Cruiser
  • Heavy Cruisers
    • Autumn-Class Cruiser
  • Battleships
    • Marathon-Class Cruisers
    • Phoenix-Class Carrier
    • Athens-Class Carrier
  • Warships
    • Infinity-Class Warship


The Office of Naval Intelligence employs a very wide range of tactics in order to facilitate its operations. The follow is a list of the most commonly employed tactics:
  • Use of Stealth systems in ambush attacks and combat.
  • Use of Prowlers to covertly place minefields around hostile ships.
  • Use of electronic data tapping to aquire information and intelligence.
  • Use of Covenant technology during Black-Ops to cover the tracks of headhunters and assassins.

Directives and Protocols

The Office of Naval Intelligence has a large array of protocols and directives which can be frequently employed to carry our field operations. The follow is a list of such protocols and directives exclusively used by ONI:
  • Combat / Military / Hostile Engagements
    • ONI Engagement of Hostiles Act, Article 21, Regulation 14: Enables the use of weapons of mass destruction to eliminate hostile contacts, even though Human casualties are guaranteed.
    • ONI Engagement of Hostiles Act, Article 88, Regulation 21-12265: Declaration that any rouge UNSC personnel, that is interfering with ONI efforts to suppress hostile contacts, is to be terminated immediately.
    • ONI Command Directive Helios: Enacted by ONI flag officers to issue an emergency override order to invalidate and supersede prior orders from non-ONI personnel.
    • ONI Command Directive Utopia: Enacted by ONI flag officers when the chain of command has broken down, to the effect of re-establishing the chain of command in order to facilitate retaliation against hostile contacts.
  • Intelligence Gathering / Control / Suppression / Censorship
    • ONI Security of Information Protocol, Article 3, Regulation 1-016: Immediate communications blackout with all UNSC vessels and/or vessels not cleared by ONI to handle secured information.
    • ONI Security of Information Protocol, Article 13, Regulation 4: Entitles ONI Operatives to request a  Victor-997 debriefing.
    • ONI Destruction of Information Protocol, Directive 15F-C5: Authorization to destroy all sensitive / classified data at an ONI Facility. Related to WINTER CONTINGENCY
  • Interrogation
    • ONI Interrogation Directive Alpha-Ilo-Durango: A method of interrogation that utilizes cognitive impression modeling to create AIs from the brains of individuals being interrogated, to the effect of decompiling the AI and extracting information as needed.
    • ONI Interrogation Directive Victor-997: Engaged by an ONI Operative with the sole intent of overriding the chain of command in order to be directly debriefed / questioned by the senior most ONI officer on site.
    • ONI Interrogation Directive Sigma-337-Tango: Procures the immediate use of torture when no other viable options are readily available to acquire information.
  • Detention / Confinement of POWs
    • ONI Detention of Personnel Act, Article RO-581: Deals with the handling of officers that have been charged with mutiny and/or treason.
      • Protocol CROWBAR: Detainees are to be handled exclusively by ONI personnel
    • ONI Detention of Non-Human Act, Article 2, Regulation 3: Non-Humans are not privy or entitled to the protection of the UN Colonial Mortal Dictata. Non-Humans have no rights when in custody of ONI.
      • As of 2555, the aforementioned protocol is hereby indefinably suspended and Regulation 3A is now in effect.
    • ONI Detention of Non-Human Act, Article 2, Regulation 3A: Non-Humans are hereby granted the same protection, legal status, and person-hood granted to Humans in accordance to the UN Colonial Mortal Dictata.
    • ONI Detention of Non-Human Act, Article 3, Regulation 1: Cross-species detention is strictly prohibited. No exceptions.
    • ONI Detention of Non-Human Act, Article 3, Regulation 4: Sangheili POWs are not permitted any tools, equipment, articles of clothing, or anything else that could be used to inflict bodily harm, with the sole intent of committing suicide.
    • ONI Detention of Non-Human Act, Article 3, Regulation 5A: Jiralhanae POWs are to detained individually, so as to avoid physical abuse of beta males by an alpha male.
    • ONI Detention of Non-Human Act, Article 3, Regulation 5B: Jiralhanae POWs are required to wear a class-9 muzzle harness at all times to nullify the threat of biting.
    • ONI Detention of Non-Human Act, Article 5, Regulation 13A: Consumption of an inmates food is strictly prohibited under all circumstances.
    • ONI Detention of Non-Human Act, Article 8, Regulation 4: Lethal force is authorized during riots and/or unrest.
    • UEG Article C, Section 4, paragraph 23: Deals with the arrest of military personnel, with the intention of bringing them to the ranking officer on scene for questioning.


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