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ODST Assault Armor - Nighthawk Variant
Author: Naked Crook
Revision: 26
Edited: May 16, 2011, 2:05 am
Reason: Update

Nighthawk Power Armor
Nighthawk Power Armor Phase 1
Nighthawk Power Armor

Nighthawk Power Armor Phase 2

Nighthawk Power Armor

Nighthawk Power Armor Phase 1

Nighthawk Emblem

"This nothing more then a creation of my own genius...Lighter then what ODSTs wear...but it perfectly emulates in different ways the abilities of the MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor. In short...I created power a normal human...could match a SPARTAN in physical combat."
-Vice Admiral Preston Vernette

The Nighthawk Power Armor was first created by Preston Vernette in 2538 in response to the increasing demand his conflict with the SPARTANs had caused. Vernette realised that he would need something more direct, multi-purpose, and discreate if he was to continue his conflict with the SPARTANs without the rest of the UNSC finding out. It was out of this need, that the Nighthawk Power Armor was born. The first version of the armor was constructed in 2538 by Preston Vernette. The design of the armor was based losely on the MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor. It was intended to mimic the abilities of the MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor but at the same time, provide a unique and different way of supplementing the natural abilities of a human.

Technical Specifications

"Barrabus was kind enough to share the secrets of Brute gravity technology with me. How can I throw a punch so hard? The MJOLNIR uses force multiply circuits to amplify the concussive force of a blow...the Nighthawk Power Armor...uses the same gravity technology a Brute hammer uses. Upon impact, the gravity exoskeleton under the suit, calculates the inertial force of a punch, and exponentially increases it, and discharge it. I can kick you, knee you, elbow you...and it will feel a lot harder then it should. Normal MJOLNIR armor can shatter bones because they are always active...but the gravity exoskeleton...only activates upon impact...and it creates a new opposed to amplifying the preexisting one."
-Vice Admiral Preston Vernette

The armor uses a combination of shock absorbing materials and gravity manipulation technology, commonly used in Brute Gravity Hammers, in order to simulate enhanced strength, durbility, and stamina commonly associated with super soldiers. At the core of the suit, lies a Gravity Exoskeleton that conforms to the shape of the wearers body. This is the key component in the Power Armor. It is this exoskeleton that does on-the-fly gravity manipulation of the wearer, as well as makes the suit wear-able. In effect, when the wearer of the armor lands a punch, a kick, or any other form of physical impact where an amplifier is present, the amplifier discharges a expoentially more powerful discharge of gravity energy. This is an alternative to the MJOLNR Powered Assault Armor, which uses Force-Multiplying Circuits. While the Force-Multiplying Circuits are always active, the gravity amplifiers only actiovate upon impact. It is because of this key difference, that enables a normal human to use the armor.

The armor weighs in at roughly 150 lbs without the negation of the perpetually active Gravity Exoskeleton. However, the Gravity Exoskeleton has been carefully calibrated to negate the total weight of the suit, effectivly making it weight neutral. The whole suit itself is constructed of several layers of masterials that enable for the enhanced durbility of the armor and the enhanced protection the wearer gets. The outermost layer is a flame and waterproof material, that is designed to prevent serious injuries from total combustion or to prevent any harmful side effects from being dropped in freezing or boiling water conditions. This entire layer is made of TUngstan Carbide. The second layer is a kevlar layer that is designed to prevent bullets from entering and damaging the torso. The third layer is a dense impact gel, which disperses the concusive force of any impact across the armor. This helps reduced pysical impacts. the 4th layer is a thin protective titanium mesh, designed as a final layer to resist any form of damage. Additionally, all the layers are temperature controlled to prevent discomfort in extreme temperatures. All these material work together to create a perfect envioment for the individual who wears the armor. Nighthawkea's suit is impervious to handheld plasma based Covenant weaponry and fire-based weaponry, while being nearly impervious to projectile weaponry such as Human or Brute weapons. Larger Plasma weaponry, like Wraith morters, or large scale plasma turrets, commonly found on large defense platforms, can damage the suit. Last but not least, the armor has been lined with Nitrous Oxide, a chemical which inhibits the sense of smell of Brutes, to prevent familiar scents from giving away possible identifications.

The Helmet is designed to aid in improving human visual senses. The helmet comes with an aim assist technology, which allows the wearer to ahieve better visual acuity in combat. It allows for real time logistical information on moving targets, such as heading, speed, distance, and wind resistance. This helps the wearer counter natual phenomena such as the Coriolis effect. The visor itself is shielded to prevent any external force from shattering the material, and rendering the technology usless. The helmet itself comes with a port for AI interface.

The gravity technology allows the wearer to jump up to three times higher then a normal human could. As stated earlier, the Gavity technology assists with movement as it negates the overall weight of the armor. Although speed augmentation is not possible, a fit user will find the increased agility a vast improvement.

The armor underwent a revision in the year 2553. The materials used were streamlined with more advanced, lighter, more effeciant base materials, effectivly reducing the weight of the armor, while maintaining the use of the Tungsten Carbide and Nitrous Oxide coatings. This allowed for even greater mobility for the user.. Additionally, the armor was revised in appearence, giving a more uniform, jet black appearence. This was a personal asthetic choice by Vernette, as he believes that the best color is the lack there of. The suit was improved once again in 2555, but not fully utilized until Director Vernette used the improved model to launch a full scale attack on a SPARTAN-III creation facility. The improved model was finally equipped with a Cloaking Device, one of similar design used by Stalkers.

Nighthawk uses two specially modified weapon varients. Both of Nighthawk's Magnum's and Nighthawk's Shotgun both utilize incindiary rounds and Brute high gravity projectile acceleration to shred armor and shields. The weapons were specifiucally designed to kill Spartans.

Notable Sightings:

  1. The Genesis Colony
  2. Miridem
  3. Paris IV
  4. Earth
  5. J-2-Alpha
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