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Jacob Sharpmen
Author: Hells Sniper
Revision: 48
Edited: November 1, 2014, 12:04 pm


Agent Jacob "The Cyborg" Sharpmen
Name: Jacob Sharpmen
Rank: Agent-1 Rank
Title: Agent
Age: 49
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 195 lbs.
Race: Human - Cyborg
Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: One Blue - One cybernetic (golden)

Agent Jacob "The Cyborg" Sharpmen

Jacob Sharpmen, born on Reach, Febraury 28, 2506, holds the rank of an ONI Agent. He has been in almost every engagement in the Human-Covenant War, as well as participating in an Insurrectionist battle prior to First Contact. Jacob's military background is mostly covered in black ink and is very rough around the edges, althought he is one of the finest soldiers ONI had in their ranks. Jacob is known for his sniper skills in all engagements. He was promoted to Agent during the Invasion of Sanghelios. Jacob is called "The Cyborg," due to the fact that he has a cybernetric leg, arm, and eye. He has since embraced this nickname.
  1. Personal History
    1. Early Life
    2. Personal Interests
    3. Personality
    4. Divorce
    5. Inactive Duty/Away on Leave
  2. Military History
    1. Pre-Harvest Service - 2523-2525
    2. The Battle of Harvest - 2525
    3. The Battle of New Harmony - 2537
    4. The Battle of Genesis - 2538
    5. The Battle of Paradise Lost - 2539
    6. The Battle of Reach - 2552
    7. The Battle of Earth - 2552
    8. The Invasion of Sanghelios - 2555
    9. Task Force 117
    10. Nighthawk and Anaconda
    11. Jacob's reason for leaving ONI
  3. Family / Close Relationships
    1. Interpersonal Relationships
    2. Junior's Death and the effect on Jacob
    3. Friends
    4. Aritifical Intelligence Units
    5. Enemies
    6. Colleagues
  4. ONI
  5. The UNSC
  6. The Covenant
  7. Ships of Service
  8. Personal Health
  9. Military Accommodations
  11. Trivia





Personal History

Early Life

Jacob as born on Reach on Febraury 28, 2506. He was brought up in a small family, having only one older brother, Dallas Sharpmen. He was like his father, George Sharpmen, in every way, who was also a marine in the UNSC at the time of his birth. His mother, Elizabeth Sharpmen, was a very old-fashioned woman. Jacob was brought up in a small town on Reach, his father farming when he was on leave. However, when his father was off, he learned the ropes from his brother by the age of seven. Learning to take orders at a young age made Jacob a very loyal and quant young man. He went to the best schools his parents could send him. His mother described him as an "intelligent young boy, with a steadfast determination." Soon after, his brother left for the UNSC, he followed that same year at the age of 16. His parents retired and tended the farms by themselves. After he joined the military, he lost contact with his brother as well as his family. Hardly ever hearing from them, except on the rare occasions when he had leave. Meeting Abby was a rare occurence, he was on leave in 2526 on the planet of Genesis.

Personal Interest

Jacob does not have many interests, do to his high role in the military. However when he does get a chance to do things, he likes to hunt, as well as prepare and cook his own meals. He has a high interest in souvenirs of past battles, or any technology he comes across. During the Battle of New Harmony he found a rare energy sword with an encryption on the side. "Fight for Honor.. or Don't come Home" He kept it with him, because it slightly reminded him of his dad. His bundle of technology includes the above mentioned energy sword, a spiker, flame grenades, an Elite gladiator's helmet, a brute's head dress, and the dogtags of his son.


Jacob is a straight-foward, family orientated man. He sees no use in fighting with his family and likes to just have fun. Jacob can be serious when the time calls for it. However, he also holds grudges, something Jacob doesn't like about himself. Jacob was in utter confusion when his brother, Dallas dissappeared never to see him again. For years on end he learned to hate aliens, wathching as planet by planet was glassed by them. In turn he conjured a hatred for elites and still has this hatred today. Jacob likes to have fun, he's generally happy, and he is a competitive person. He went so far as to have an ongoing game with TF117, the one to get the most amount of kills in an engagement would win the "game." So far, he has won 12 of the seventeen games.


Shortly after Jacob Junior's death and funeral, several fights began between Abigail and Jacob. He, after listening to a conversation between Abigail and Heather decided to leave. He left two notes and all of his journal entries pertaining to his family. Afterwards, he talked to Abigail and Heather, saying his goodbyes and ultamitely returned to the Cloak and Dagger and active military service. The divorce was never filed in paper and Abigail and Jacob are still considered married by the government, but until Jacob can decide between his career and his family, Abigail and Jacob are separated. 

Inactive Duty/Away on Leave - Long Term

Jacob has not recieved many leaves, but did not retire from military service after TF117 disbanded in 2553. This list shows all of Jacob's activities during leave time.

After the battle of Harvest, Jacob was sent to Earth. He trained there for several months, up until Febraury of 2528, Jacob left to go Genesis on a two month leave. While on Genesis, Jacob visited friends of those lost during Harvest, and continued to train night and day. During this leave, Jacob met Abigail Asher, who at the time was 21. She was out drinking with a few friends and noticing Jacob was out alone, the two parties joined each other. Abigail and Jacob had an immediate liking towards eachother and talked for the rest of Jacob's leave. Together, along with Abigail's friends, they celebrated Jacob's 22nd birthday, and for the next month went out with eachother. On April 2, 2527, Jacob left to go back into active military service. He kept in contact with Abigail since then.

Jacob leaves active service and returns to Genesis, where he marries Abigail. For the next four months they are together.


Various weeks.

Jacob was on leave twice. Once in January, and again in October, where he witnessed the birth of his children, Jacob Junior and Heather. Jacob stayed with his family for four months, up until early 2537, where he was rushed back to the front lines.


Various weeks.


Jacob returns after a series of battles. His kids grown to six years old and seeing their father for the first time in 5 years. Jacob has four months to rekindle a relationship with them.

Late 2552-Early 2555
Jacob is officially retired for two years. He leaves on Earth, even after it's partial glassing, he had no way to leave Earth with their supplies drained and the pelicans incapability of slipspace. He and around 300 other civilians find refugee in a mountain pass, they are able to relocate to J-2 Alpha after Jacob rejoins ONI.

Military History

Pre-Harvest Service

Jacob enlisted in the UNSC at age sixteen during 2523. Jacob was sent to the local training faciity on Reach, where he excelled at long-range firing practices and tactical assesments. Within seven weeks the DI's noticed his skills. He was recommended for ODST training one week afterward, and three days after he finished basic, he was sent to train with the ODST's. Within the first week of his training, Jacob and the others were sent into harsh environments, via jumping out of a pelican, with little food and water. For one month, they had to survive; out of 75 marines, only 35 passed this test. The other's were forced out of ODST training. During training, there was a *ERROR - SECTION 0 CLASSIFIED INFORMATION*

After two more months of extreme training, including harsh zero gee exercises, close-quarters combat, battle drills, and an intense workout regiment, the 35 marines, were bred into 35 hardened "Helljumpers." Jacob was promoted Corporal and given his very own squad. By now, Jacob was just turning seventeen. He was already a hardened "helljumper." Jacob transferred to ONI directly after being promoted to Corporal and becoming an ODST. It was March of 2523 and Jacob continued to train, participating in a few battles against the Insurrection.

During mid-June, the luxury liner, National Holiday, is destroyed over Reach. Jacob is one of the few ODST's who learn it was behind the insurrection. Jacob is recruited into Operation: TREBUCHET that day. *ERROR - SECTION 0 CLASSIFIED INFORMATION* After a short stay at Earth, he leaves and arrives in the Epsilon Indi System on December 21st. Jacob remains at Harvest, and is stationed on The King Raven when First Contact happened.

The Battle of Harvest

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The Battle of New Harmony

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The Battle of Genesis

The Battle of Genesis began very...interesting for Jacob. Admiral Yates had ordered the entire King Raven crew to focus on the capture/kill of Nighthawk and Anaconda. Vernette, along with most of the crew hated the idea and Vernette was relieved of command shortly after. Jacob promised Vernette that he would focus on evacuating Genesis before the Covenant fleet arrives. From there on, he went against Yates' order and abandoned the mission set. He along with a small group of marines, including Tyber Vernette, left the King Raven to do what Vernette wanted.

Jacob sent out a mission to any UNSC soldiers still loyal to Vernette, and still wanting to focus on the job of evacuating Genesis. Hundreds of marines, and some Spartans, answered the call, Jacob was surprised that this many abandoned Yates. He organized them with the help of Tyber Vernette, a marine named Adam, and (tyler's characters). From then on, they focused all efforts onto the immediate evacuation of Genesis cities. This is what they did, until they ran into Nighthawk and Anaconda.

Nighthawk and Anaconda, the two that the UNSC and ONI wanted dead. With the first confrontation of the duo, they offered valuable evidence on to the discovery of a Covenant Corvette cloaked in the Genesis system. The information was crucial to the success of evacuating as many civilians as possible, with the HELP of two known "terrorists" Jacob along with many in the crew were able to steal the Corvette from the Covenant's hands. After reaching it through the use of pelicans, the marines boarded the Corvette. They secured the hangar bay within minutes and fought their way to the bridge. At the bridge they fought off many elites and with the help of Anaconda, the brute, were able to take control of the ship. Anaconda taught a few pilots to learn how to drive the Corvette. It never became the base of operations, but was a valuable asset to the "resistance."

Jacob Sharpmen during the Battle of Genesis/Paradise Lost
Jacob Sharpmen during the Battle of Genesis/Paradise Lost

The Battle of Paradise Lost

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The Battle of Reach

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The First Battle of Earth

During the First Battle of Earth, Jacob was no longer part of the UNSC. Instead, Jacob was part of an elite Task Force known as Task Force 117, comprised of fifty UNSC snipers and marksman. Jacob was second in command of this task force, with his very close friend, Texas being first in command. They worked "off the grid," destroying entire Covenant bases in a matter of a few hours. Other known associates of Task Force 117 include; Dakota, Arizona, Rhodes, and Tennese. Task Force 117 worked silently, without authorization from ONI or the UNSC. They would even go so far as to steal information from the UNSC to use to their advantage and save hundreds of lives in the process.

However, at a crucial moment in their operation, they were found by the Covenant. The Covenant destroyed their base with ease, sending brute minors and many grunts on the mission. The remaining units of Task Force 117 retreated to a warehouse up the hill, there were 5 pelicans waiting. Although, there were only about 40 of them left, in the last crucial moments; Two Brute Chieftains charged at the group, killing another four members in the process. The rest were able to retreat into the pelicans. Although, one of the pelicans crashed, knocking down a section of the wall, and the rubble covered Jacob, Texas, and Dallas (Jacob's brother confirmed in this engagement). Dallas was able to pick them up and take them to the pelican, as it lifted off it was hit with a banshee round. Texas almost fell out, but Jacob grabbed his hand. Texas valiantly sacrficed his life to save Task Force 117. His death was hard on Jacob, who left TF117 shortly after, retiring from military duty all together. Texas was 46 when he died.

Shortly after, Task Force 117 disbanded, along with the retreating UNSC fleet. Many soldiers of the task force went into hiding, returning to their families, if they were still alive and focusing on them. Jacob, after returning to his family, rounded up a few hundred civilians and made his way towards mountainous terrain. When they arrived, they began to build a small town. With no way to leave Earth, they stayed, killing any Covenant patrols that came their way. However, after a team of ONI soldiers found them, he headed back to ONI and the townspeople were redirected to the newly colonized planet of J-2 Alpha.

The Invasion of Sanghelios

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Task Force 117

Task Force 117 is an elite task force, comprised of fifty UNSC/ONI snipers and marksmans. Formed in 2551, right before the First Battle of Earth, Texas (no real name verified) contacted Jacob and told him about this plan. He arrived a few days later along with forty-eight other snipers and marksman. Each one was classified with a state name and thrown into twenty-five teams consisting of two members of each team. Jacob and Texas were in group one and cooridinated the strategies, attacks, and tactical information.

Nighthawk and Anaconda

At first Jacob's relationship with Nighthawk and Anaconda was simply enemies of ONI. But since he found out there true identities, things have changed. He first accepted it, willing to help them whenever he could. But after a series of events, Jacob grew more of a hatred to the duo. No one knows why, personal issues, maybe the situations with his son and family. Or something else, but something sparked inside Jacob where he said enough was enough. This thinking however, made him lose his arm.

Jacob's Reason for Leaving ONI

Jacob had many reasons for leaving ONI. After 28 years of hard service and dedication to ONI and the UNSC, he had lost his family in the process. One month after his 28th year of service, he left ONI, rejoining his family on Earth. His son and daughter, both grown up, after not seeing them for almost nine years. He joined them, and became a father once again. This was not the only reason in Jacob's reasons for leaving, but it was a major one. Another reason was his parents, who he had wished to see before the war was out, and exactly two months before the Invasion of Reach, he would found Task Force 117 and see his parents. Two days after Reach was invaded, he would see his parents killed. He founded Task Force 117 because, even thought he was a father again, he left...he abandoned humanity for himself, and he knew that was wrong. He knew he needed to repay the favor, leaving his family once again, he left for Reach. Abigail, angered by what he did, stayed in the house for the next several months, until Jacob was back, and they were running from the elites.


Interpersonal Relationships

Family / Close Relationships

Abigail Asher: The ex-wife of Jacob Sharpmen, born on Genesis, June 18, 2508. Little is known about her life, however she did attend one of the best schools in Genesis. Abigail has a interest in cooking, camping, and other outdoor activities. She is currently living on J-2 Alpha, with the daughter of Jacob and Abigail Sharpmen, Heather.

Jacob Junior Sharpmen: The first born child and twin to Heather Sharpmen, Junior is the only son of Jacob Sharpmen. Junior grew up without his father.. He learned the ropes from his uncles and friends parents.  Junior spent time with his father during the three year period Jacob had retired in. Until his father was recruited into ONI again, Junior followed shortly after and was confirmed KIA on the Invasion of Sanghelios.

Heather Sharpmen: The second born child, twin to Junior Sharpmen, Heather is the only daughter of Jacob Sharpmen. Jacob was only with Heather and Junior for two weeks of their lives. He came back only on very short leaves, Jacob was never home. Heather has an interest in joining ONI, but does not want to risk leaving her mom alone, and leaving her job on J-2 Alhpa. The death of  Junior hit her hard, although she never showed it to her dad, she became increasingly guilty of Junior's death. She thinks about him every night, as they were twins, they shared a special bond.

Dallas Sharpmen: The older brother of Jacob Sharpmen, born on Reach July 23, 2500, little is known about Dallas. Most of his file covered in black ink. Until about 2537, Dallas was a part of UNSC/ONI. On Janaury 15, 2537, Dallas was decommisioned and court-martialed from the UNSC. From then on he lived as a mercanary, this is when we lost information on Dallas. Although we do know, he was "part" of the creation and survival of Task Force 117.

Junior's Death and the Effect on Jacob
After Junior's death, Jacob was relieved of duty by Vernette. He had a long discussion with Delta about some things. Afterwards, he went rogue and left the base. He headed back towards the forerunner structure were Junior died. He went on a blood-thirsty rage destroying any sentinel and killing any elite he saw. His revenge attitude quickly turned into a 'mission' in his mind. Here, he planned on blowing up the second elite facility, where he was faced by Mor'fal (see Enemies). Vernette and Delta became aware of him going rogue and set TF117 and ODST's under the command of Jimmy and Brian to find and locate him. Vernette and Delta went after some time of them not coming back.
Jacob, after infiltrating the facility, was captured by Mor'fal but escaped with the help of Phoenix (see Artificial Intelligence Units). He managed to set the explosives in the compound and blew the place to shreds. Mor'fal survived however. Later, TF117 and Jimmy and Brians' team found Jacob and talked to him. Vernette and Delta came later. They got Jacob to come back. Delta also found a dogtag of Junior's which he gave to Jacob.
When they came back, Vernette was angry with Jacob, and he was stripped of his command. Later, TF117 went on another mission, where Jacob stayed behind. Jacob was able to reorganize himself for the next few days, still feeling guilty for the death of his only son. A few days after Junior's death, and after Jacob was able to reorganize himself he was able to go back to J-2 Alpha. Where he thought long and hard about how he would tell his family. After telling them, they had a few days to talk, and get things straight before the funeral.

Fredward Harrison



Lee Adams AKA- Texas: Texas, (alias, real name - unvalid), was the best friend and leader of Task Force 117 (in 2552). Texas was also born on Reach in the same year as Jacob. His record serves as a primary example of the "perfect soldier." Texas partook in many battles with Jacob.. They were close, referring to eachother as brothers most of the time. Jacob looked up to Texas, as he was intelligent, funny, and his best-friend. See "First Battle of Earth" for more information. The day of Texas' death was extremely hard on Jacob, he could not bear the guilt of his death and disbanded Task Force 117 after their force was almost destroyed.

Tiffany Rogers AKA - Dakota: One of Jacob's best friends, Dakota has been there since they left for training in 2523. Dakota followed Jacob, and Jacob followed Dakota. They had the relationships that usually a brother and sister might have. fighting in every engagement with eachother, the two developed something. Something that only these two ODST's have.

Dangerus: Chieftain Dangerus met Jacob on Harvest in 2525, but formally worked together at Paradise Lost in 2539. They became friends over the course of their ventures together, and although Jacob killed Dangerus' son, he accepted it and moved on. Since then, they have had a special bond and work together on occassion.

Tyber Vernette: Jacob fought with Tye many times. He became good friends with him during the Battle of New Harmony, here Jacob was knew to the team and figured he should try to make some friends. Jacob hit it off with Tye and they became good friends over the years. Knowing that Jacob had a friend he could trust,much like Texas, meant something to him. When Tye died in 2553, this struck Jacob hard when he heard the news. He felt as if anyone he was close to, anyone he considered a brother was killed. Jacob is still upset over the death of Tye and wishes he could have been there to save him.

Preston Vernette: Commanding officer and friend of Jacob Sharpmen, Preston Vernette. Jacob looks up to Vernette and is extremely loyal to him and his ideals. Jacob met Vernette during the Battle of Harvest, where their relationship as frieds grew. Although, at times Jacob does get angry at his orders, or goes against them, they are for a good reason. On the other hand, the relationship between Vernette and Jacob increased dramatically when Jacob found out about Vernette being Nighthawk. A shock to Jacob, but this did not decrease his loyalty to him. On many occasions Jacob and Vernette will reinforce this notion of loyalty. No matter what, Jacob will be a friend of Vernette. Jacob considers Preston as not only a friend, but a relative, a member of his family. Jacob would do anything for Preston Vernette.

Delta: Another good friend of Jacob is Delta. Although they do have their differences, their similarities are far greater. From the strength of love for their children, to their loyalty to Vernette. Jacob would take a bullet for Delta, which is not needed of course. He would stick with him through "thick and thin." Even though Delta used to be Barrabus, Jacob quickly got over it as he saw that all the brutes have chaged.

Keera MacLaren: *ERROR*

Nathan Carmicle: *ERROR*

Colby Jack: *ERROR*

Lucas Limos: *ERROR*

William Folee: *ERROR*

Artificial Intelligence Unit

Phoenix: Phoenix was first the AI of the RT project. When the last two Spartans were killed, they gave Jacob control of Phoenix. Jacob was completely surprised and Vernette and Delta were not to keen on this idea. Jacob convinced them otherwise and as time went on and they began to fight and become more synchronized, their relationship grew. Phoenix understands Jacob and is very close to him. Phoenix's lie is coming to a close as his seven years are almost up. His whereabouts have not been talked about, and are classified above Top Secret.



Flin Rol'Malda - STATUS- ELIMATED: Flin is an elite Gladiator. He first met Jacob on Genesis in 2539, this is when their first engagement happened. Jacob was captured by Flin and he tried to get information from him. Although, a Spartan II by the name of Mitch, (Mitchell-148) was able to locate Jacob and attempted to rescue him. Flin fought Mitch and Jacob for some time, until Mitchell finally told Jacob to run; which he did. Mitch then ran to explosives inside the Covenant base, and had enough time to wire some together. Flin stabbed Mitch from behind and picked him up, Jacob was only a few yards away and could see this, he went speeding towards Flin, but Mitch pulled a detanator and blew the place up. Jacob went flying, but awoke only a few minutes later. Flin was gaurded by Mitch's body and was able to retreat from Genesis. Flin holds a place in Jacob's mind, a place of agony, where Jacob is planning to send him.
Jacob finally recieved his revenge with the attack on Sanghelios.

Mor'fal - STATUS - ACTIVE  MISSING: Jacob first encountered Mor'fal in the forerunner structure on Sanghelios. He was captured by Mor'fal and soon found out that this elite commanded the cloning facility where Junior had been killed. He made a promise to himself that this elite would die slowly and painfully in vengeance for his son's death. Since their last encounter, Mor'fal has gone rogue from the elite hiearchy and has gone missing.

ODST Black Team:


The Risk-Takers



Brian Williamson: Brian has fought with Jacob in many battle. Jacob does not know Brian very much, and considers him as a nice guy, but is unsure of his feelings towards him.

Jimmy Archambault: Jimmy has fought with Jacob in many engagements. Jacob considered him as a friend,but is unsure of Jimmy's feelings towards him, (classified as colleague for this reason).



ONI - Office of Naval Intelligence

Jacob transferred to ONI after his initial training with the ODSTs. He did not have a problem with ONI at all during his service. Up until 2553, Jacob served with ONI, but retired. He came back in 2555 to find Director Vernette in control of ONI. He re-enlisted and was accepted right away. ONI had given back his rank, uniform, and position as an ODST commander.

The UNSC - United Nations Space Command

Jacob joined the UNSC at sixteen, but after being recruited by the ODST he was transferred to ONI.

The Covenant

Jacob despises the Covenant, the Loyalists and the Seperatists alike. He hates all things elite, jackal, and grunt. Elites kill many in his sqaud in the beginning of his career in the UNSC. Jacob, however, was never able to get over his parents' death on Reach, during which he took part, but was too late. His parents' were killed by an elite Zealot Squad. He has had the grudge since then.

The Brutes

Jacob's feelings to the brutes were at first shaky. He hated everything about the creature, but was able to form special bonds and understand them after working with one. Since then, he has had a stable realtionship with the brute hiearchy.

The Elites

"Deceptive, tricky bastards...I won't die until I see their species on the brink of extinction." ~Jacob Sharpmen

Ships of Service

Crimson Shadow

  • Defense of Atlas
  • Battle of San Angeles

Cloak & Dagger II

  • Invasion of Sanghelios

The King Raven

  • First Battle of Earth
  • Battle of Harvest
  • Battle of New Harmony
  • Battle of Paradise Lost
  • Battle of Genesis (Partly)

Personal Health

Jacob does not have many health issues, but major ones include:

Gravity Hammer Blade to the Chest
In 2538 during Paradise Lost, Jacob was in battle with a largee brute chieftain. The Chieftain was later verified as Dangerus. amidst the fight, Dangerus stabbed Jacob in the chest with his gravity hammer. The wound went from Jacob's right shoulder to the bottom of his left ribcage. He went on a mission directly after, worsening his condition. The wound fully healed after the battle, but left a large scar, and a big impact of Jacob.

Cybernetric Right Leg
During the Battle of Sanghelios, Jacob recieved a cybernetric right leg after his was cut off by a Gladiator. Phoenix, Jacob's AI, managed to send a call for help. Delta was able to stop the bleeding and caterize the wound, while Junior and Dallas took him back to the Cloak and Dagger, where he made a full recovery.

Cybernetric Left Arm
In an engagement with Nighthawk and Anaconda aboard the Endeavor. Jacob lost his left arm. Jacob had managed to get Nighthawk on the ground for a few moments. However, this gave time for Nighthawk as he grabbed his Deserthawk. He first aimed for Jacob's leg, but instead remembered that was amputated. The next thing he did was aim for Jacob's chest, a kill shot. Jacob, seeing this dove to the side, but Nighthawk had pulled the trigger. "The massive .70 slug went right through Jacob's left arm. The massive slug shattered the bone and the incendiary fluid inside the slug burned away the muscular tissue. The force of the slug exiting through the other end of his armed destroyed whatever was holding Jacob's arm on his torso." Jacob fell to the ground, falling into shock. He later recovered with a cybernetric prosthetic. Since then, Jacob has made a full recovery.

Cybernetic Eye and Face Implants

  • Jacob's favorite color is black.
  • Jacob recieved a cybernetric right leg in 2555 at the Battle of Sanghelios.
  • Jacob has scored around 329 headshots of elites.
  • He has scored over 600 kills.
  • He has assassinated five elite leaders.
  • Jacob's favorite number is seven.
  • Jacob was part of Operation: TREBUCHET.
  • Jacob despises the name Jake.


"Never leave a man behind...even if you have to go back into hell." ~Captain Jacob Sharpmen

"The glass may be half full...but it's half full with blood.." ~Captain Jacob Sharpmen to Tyber Vernette

"The last thing I say to my victims? Hell, I don't say shit, because they're never going to see me." ~Captain Jacob Sharpmen.

"Sometimes you need to sacrifice yourself, for everyone else." ~Jacob Sharpmen to Junior Sharpmen (2553, Junior was 16 and just considering joining ONI)

"Humanity has matter what people say. We have become more fierce, aggresive, smarter, but we have made mistakes. And even with these mistakes smacking us in the face, we have prevailed. We have become a force to be reckoned with and we have literally brought ourselves up from the dirt. the future."
~Agent Jacob Sharpmen to TF117

"I can handle it." ~Agent Sharpmen

Military Accommodations

  • Nine Purple Heart Awards
    • One granted at Reach
    • One graned at Harvest
    • Two granted at Genesis
    • Three granted at Paradise Lost
    • One granted at Sanghelios
    • One granted at New Harmony
  • Three Legion of Merit Awards
    • One granted at New Harmony
    • One granted at Genesis
    • One granted at Paradise Lost
  • Two Navy Cross Awards
    • One granted at New Harmony
    • One granted at Paradise Lost
  • Two Medal of Honors
    • One granted at Genesis
    • One granted at Paradise Lost
  • Two Navy and Marine Corps Medals
    • One granted at Genesis
    • One granted at Paradise Lost
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