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Delta's Gravity Hammer
Author: Naked Crook
Revision: 5
Edited: February 10, 2011, 12:12 pm
Reason: Update

Delta's Gravity Hammer
Delta's Gravity Hammer
Base Weapon: Type-2 Gravity Hammer
Battery Size: 80 discharges
Concussive Force: Heavy
Bullets: N/A
Effective Range: 10 ft radius
Rate of Fire: N/A
Delta's Gravity Hammer - Type-2 Gravity Hammer Personal Variant

Delta's Gravity Hammer is a specially modified version of the Type-2 Gravity Hammer. It serves as the primary weapon of Subject Delta. As opposed to the standard Type-2 Gravity Hammer, Delta's Gravity Hammer is capable of prolonged use. Additionally, the weapon is roughly 40% lighter due to the lighter materials used in the construction. This makes the hammer more easily wieldable. As od 2555, Several of these weapons are kept on the Cloak and Dagger for when a new one needs to be used. Delta can be seen weilding this weapon in most combat situations. This weapon bares a striking resemblance to Anaconda's Gravity Hammer in both style and functionality. This Hammer is incredibly powerful, and the gravity discharges are 90% more forceful then standard Gravity Hammers. Up close and personal, this is a very deadly weapon, more so then standard Gravity Hammers

The weapon sports a very stylish semi-matte black finish on the rubber grips and on the blades. The blades on this weapon have been replaced with an very durable, and ultra sharp variant of the standard blades, as well they are also superheated. They can presumably cut right through Power Armor. This Hammer is able to charge up and discharge gravity blasts, which can knock a human back up to 20 feet.

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