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David Burke
Author: Naked Crook
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Edited: May 10, 2012, 6:38 pm
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Director Preston Vernette - Director of ONI Section 0

David H. Burke
Name: David Henry Burke
Rank: Commander
Title: Doctor
Status: Active
Age: 65
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 200 lbs
Race: Caucasian
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Green
David H. Burke

David Burke was born in New Alexandria on Reach in 2490. He joined the UNSC Navy after graduating High School, allowing the military to put him through school. Growing up, David Burke was an only child, coming from a lower-class family. AFter joining the UNSC, David Burke went to medical school, and specialized in General Surgery. Ge graduated top of his class with honors. David Burke was present for the start of the Human-Covenant War, having an insight into the events that went unreported. He retired in 2553. As of 2555, he resides on J-2-Alpha, as a part-time ONI Medical Consultant.
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Personal History

Early Life

David Burke grew up in New Alexandria on Reach, in a low income family. David Bruke decided to join the UNSC Navy to fund his way through medical school.  After 6 years in medical school, Burke graduated with a PhD in General Surgery, and began to intern in the UNSC Navy. It was not long until Burke was a fully established Medical Officer and Surgeon. His medical expertise was recognize by ONI, and he was recruited into the Office of Naval Intelligence Section 0 Branch by Preston Vernette in 2523. in 2525, Bruke accepted an offer from Preston Vernette to become the Chief Medical Officer on The King Raven.

Personal Interest

Burke has a love for the game of Poker. He is also an avid fan of the slot machines, and enjoys painting and phtography.


David Burke is a very goal orientated man. He can be very stern, and it has been mentioned that his medical bedside manner needs some improvement. However, although he can be rough around the edges, Burke is a very proficiant medical officer. His years of experience makes him one of the best general elective surgeons in the UNSC.

Military History

The Trust Incident - 2520


First Battle of Harvest - 2525

David Burke was present during the events of Harvest. He was forced to take command of the King Raven for three weeks after Preston Vernette was captured by the Brutes for about one week, which subsequently led to his rescue and immediate collapse into a two week coma. David Burke was forced to balance his medical duties with his new command duties. However, he returned to his medical duties full time when Preston Vernette woke up from his coma, and resumed his command of the ship.

David Burke was later forced to revive Preston Vernette after he had been killed by the Elite known as Quinn. Preston Vernette had been dead for about two minutes before Burke was able to restart his heart and restore his vital functions. David Burke attempted to relieve Preston Vernette of his command after he realized that Vernette was not completely fit for duty, mentally or otherwise. However, Burke was forced to withdraw his objections, and he returned to his medical duties due to Vernette's refusal to step down.

Burke was in Command of the King Raven when it was boarded by rouge Class 0 Spartan-II soldiers. He dispatched security teams to try and stop the Spartans from stealing the Slipspace Core drive from the ship.

Battle of New Harmony - 2537

Information unavailable at this time

Battle of Paradise Lost - 2538

Information unavailable at this time

Battle of Genesis - 2539

Information unavailable at this time

Battle of San Angeles - 2540

Information unavailable at this time

Battle of Midnight - 2540

Information unavailable at this time

Interpersonal Relationships

Family / Close Relationships
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  • Name - Information.
  • Name - Information.
  • Name - Information.
  • Name - Information.
  • Name - Information.

Information unavailable at this time.


Information unavailable at this time.

The Covenant

Information unavailable at this time.

Ships of Service
  • The King Raven - Burke began service on The King Raven in 2520.
  • The Dreadhawk - Burke continued on as Vernette's Chief Medical Officer after the destruction of The King Raven.

Personal Health

Information unavailable at this time.


Information unavailable at this time.


Information unavailable at this time.

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