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Office of Naval Intelligence

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Name: Dangerus
Rank: Chieftain
Title: Commander of the Perilous Avenger

Age: 63

Height: 9' 4"
Weight: 1650 lbs.
Race: Brute
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Green

Chieftain Dangerus

Dangerus was born on Dosaic in 2492. He was the fifth born of seven and only male in his family. He is known as Danger to many of his packmates, especially those below him, and holds a strong connection to any in his pack. Dangerus excels in tactical/strategical operations and planning. He is cunning, fierce, destructive, intelligent, and more importantly, he gets the job done. Quickly.
  1. Personal History
    1. Personal Attributes
    2. Early Life
    3. Personal Interests
    4. Personality
  2. Military History
    1. Pre-Harvest Service
    2. The Battle of Harvest
    3. The Battle of Paradise Lost
    4. The Invasion of Sanghelios
  3. Interpersonal Relationships
    1. Family / Close Relationships
    2. Friends
    3. Colleagues
    4. The UNSC
    5. The Covenant
    6. Office of Naval Intelligence
    7. The Obsidian Hierarchy
  4. Ships of Service
  5. Personal Health
  6. Trivia






Personal History

Early Life

Dangerus' early childhood was like any other brute. He began his training and practicing for mandatory military service. At an early age he was taken and sent to the military. He was the fifth born of seven, and the first and only male in his family. The responsibility he recieved because of this fact was far greater than anyone else in his family. He had to keep his line going and prove that he could be a valuable asset to the Brute Military.

Personal Interest

Dangerus' personal interests are limited, but he does love to keep the weapon of high targets he had killed. At the time before Harvest he killed two high-ranking heretic elites with his bare hands. He took the energy sword of the elites and kept them. His first "big" kills in the eyes of his packmates and fellow brutes. He has been collecting weapons since then and has a small, but varied collection. He also enjoys testing himself and his brutes, at times when his pack has spare time he will create scenarios for his pack and an opposite pack. They would fight to gain control of an area, capture something or someone, etc. Also, anyone in his pack knows his rules, these rules are simple. Work together, but try and compete with eachother.


Dangerus' personality is similair to most brutes. Although, during the Battle of Harvest he grew accustomed to working with humans, not a thing many brutes could do. He is very serious throughout most times of his life, and does crack the occasional joke. His interraction with the humans during the Battle of Harvest made him learn more of the humans and he became very accustomed and friendly to a few of them.

Military History

Pre-Harvest Service

Dangerus was born on Dosaic. He was seperated from his parents, just like any brute child, and he was the fifth born of seven and the only male. Being the only male weighed heavily upon Dangerus' life. By the age of 13 (human years) he began training for his military career, leaving Dosaic. He excelled in strategical planning and won many mock battles created by instructors. By the age of 17 (human years) he had finished training and was granted the rank of Minor. For several years he endured grueling work as a minor and just like any minor did anything he was told. When he was the age of 21 (human years), he overheard his major's discussing a major battle against heretic leaders and soldiers. Waiting for his turn to speak he proposed a strategical plan using a minimal amount of soldiers. Later, one major went down with him and other minors and lead the attack. The plan was a success with no brutes loss, and from that point forward he was called Danger, and declared a Major. A year later, he devised another plan, that captured heretic leaders and was promoted to the rank of Ultra.

For the next several years he devised tactical operations and strategies against the heresy. At the age of 26 (human years) he worked with elites and brute minors and one major to assasinate heretic leaders. The attack was set and the plan would have succeeded if it was not for the elites. Like any brute he hated the elites, but they utterly smashed his plans. His team of brutes continued on slowly and quietly, creeping through the heretic base. Until the team of elites burst through, guns blazing and raising the alarm. The attack took several hours longer than planned and of the twelve brutes, he lost eight. All, but one elite, out of sixteen, made it out alive. With the successful assasination of the heretic leaders, a total of four; two of which he strangled with his bare hands. What was left of his team left the base, destroying everything in their way and made their way back to the ship. While he was there, he was granted the position of Captain. From then on, he worked strategic and tactical plans. His name was known by many minor and major brutes, and never worked with a single elite after the heretic assasination.

The Battle of Harvest

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The Battle of Paradise Lost

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The Invasion of Sanghelois

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Interpersonal Relationships

Family / Close Relationships

Audax: The mother of Chieftain Dangerus. Little is known about her life, but she is a huge part of Dangerus'

Fayme: One of Dangerus' many mates. Although Fayme and Dangerus shared a special bond and forged a great relationship. Fayme is the mother of Venturus, Dangerus' best son. Dangerus and Fayme mated for nine years before he returned to his ways of mating with others. Fayme however was always faithful.

Perilus: The first born son of Dangerus. Perilus was born in 2515 on Dosaic. Dangerus left two months before his birth, and he grew up hearing the legends of his father. He is almost an exact replica of his father, personality-wise. However, Perilus is more naive and young, much like his father was. Perilus was killed by Jacob Sharpmen. Dangerus was enraged at Perilus' death and shortly after he participated in a battle against the UNSC. Dangerus took this a chance to exact revenge and took down twelve UNSC ships.

Venturus: The second born son of Dangerus. Venturus was born in 2522, seven years after Perilus. He has many qualities of his father, but picked up a few in his own travels. Venturus is a Stalker Operative for the Obisidian Hierarchy and works closely with his father since he became Chieftain. Venturus also has green eyes, like his father, and unlike Perilus. Dangerus is proud to call him his son and Venturus is proud to be the son of Chieftain Dangerus.


Jacob Sharpmen: Dangerus sees Jacob as a formidable opponet, as well as a great ally. Jacob is Dangerus' only human that he considers a friend. Dangerus will protect Jacob with his life, knowing that he would do the same. He also regrets for the countless times that he had beat Jacob during the war, especially during Paradise Lost, when he stabbed Jacob in the chest with his gravity hammer.
Dangerus is unaware that Jacob had killed his son, Perilus.

Chieftain Barrabus/Delta: Chieftain Barrabus was Dangerus' role model and commander. Dangerus was proud to be under his command and proud to have such a stead-fast and strong Commander. When Dangerus heard about his death, he was deeply saddened, but continued on, showing the brutes that everyone can make it through. Dangerus is aware that Cheiftain Barrabus is Delta, as well as Anaconda. He was proud in this regard.


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During the beginning of the Human-Covenant War, Dangerus despised the humans and UNSC. However, as the years passed he grew a liking to them. When he found out the UNSC was disbanded and a group named ONI had taken over, he thought nothing of it, and continued on with his new liking towards the human race.

The Covenant

Dangerus was very loyal to the Covenant. He would do as they wished with the utmost pride and respect. Although, he despised the elites as they destroyed some of his greatest plans. (See Pre-Harvest Service) Dangerus devoted his life to the Covenant, and when it was finally destroyed, he devoted his life to the brutes.

Office of Naval Intelligence

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The Obsidian Hierarchy

Chieftain Dangerus is the current Chieftain of the Obsidian Hierarchy and is proud to be part of this organization. He respected it all throughout his life, hearing of their final moments and how they were able to live on. He became the Chieftain of the Obsidian Hierarchy after he showed the Covenant and the brutes alike that he could handle anything thrown at him. His service record was excellent and he was dedicated to the brutes more than the elites. Keeping his Covenant "cover" he became a member and eventually Chieftain of the Hiearchy.

Ships of Service

The Devotion

  • The Battle of Harvest (First Contact)

The Perilous Avenger

The Perilous Avenger is Dangerus' flagship. Danger recieved the ship in 2538, where he commanded his first ship. The ship was first called Pious Retribution, but was later named the Perilus Avenger after the Battle of Paradise Lost. Dangerus was involved in a ship-to-ship battle with a UNSC fleet of seventy ships. However, at the battle the ship was damaged and needed heavy repairs. Dangerus managed to land the Pious Retribution above Paradise Lost, saving the lives of all the soldiers on the ship.

Since the Schism and the brute and human alliance he has customized it to his liking. The colors of Gold and Red are the main colors of the flagship. Danger added a few customized areas to the ship, including his personal armory, which is painted Gold and Black, along with a few living quarters for his high-ranking brutes. He also traded in a few brute living quarters for humans, if the occasion ever rose where they would need humans on the ship.

  • The Battle of Paradise Lost
  • The Invasion of Sanghelios

Personal Health

Dangerus is a perfectly functioning brute, he has no major health issues.




  • Dangerus' favorite number is fourteen.
  • Dangerus' favorite color is Gold.
  • Dangerus became a Chieftain in 2538.
  • Dangerus is known as "DANGER" to lesser brutes.
  • Danger has a customized gravity hammer, as well as two customized spikers.
  • He prefers to work with Brute Ultras.
  • Dangerus' ship is gold and red.
  • Dangerus' ship includes his own personal armory, which includes many of the weapons and technology of dead foes.
  • Dangerus has killed over a thousand individuals, including humans, grunts, jackals, and elites.
  • Dangerus designed his customized armor in 2540, two years after he was promoted to Chieftain. He did this in order to prove his dominance over other brutes and elites.




"God won't save you now...."
~Captain Dangerus

"You wanted a brute? Well, here I am!"
~Chieftain Dangerus

"Humanity...I used to think is was a black spot in this galaxy. Now, after serving along side them...I consider them a beacon of hope. Hope to all that even through destruction, you find the time to rebuild and become a great power again. Hell, they were formidable opponets in the beginning, imagine a race who just had 80% of their race killed. Imagine what they would do, afterwards."
~Chieftain Dangerus

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