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Carson Beckett
Author: Naked Crook
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Carson Beckett
Carson Beckett
Name: Carson Beckett
Age: 45
Nickname: None Date Of Birth: May, 4th, 2481
Rank: Commander Place of Birth: Scotland, Earth
Title: Doctor
Height: 6'3"
Status: Active Weight: 183 lbs
Class: Naval Officer
Species: Human
Specialty: Xenobiology, Medical Care
Hair Color: Brown
Affiliation: ONI
Eye Color: Blue
Weapons: M6C Magnum
Carson T. Beckett

Carson Thomas Beckett is the Chief Medical Officer onboard the Cloak and Dagger. He has several areas of expertise when it comes to medicine, making him one of the finest doctors in the military. Although he does not approve of armed conflict, he has proven to be very resourceful and couragous in the face of incredible danger when need be. He is widely reguarded as the foremost authority on Xenobiology, and has proven very adept at treating alien species. He is widely respected by his crew, and by his colleagues in his field.
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Personal History

Early Life

Carson Beckett was born in Edinburgh, Scotland in 2518. His family was a middle class family. Carson was the oldest of 3 children. Cason Beckett displayed a very high IQ in his youth, and as such, was granted multiple scholarships, which he used in pursuit of a medical career. Due to his level of excellence, Carson Beckett was accepted into medical school at the age of 16. By time he was 23, he had recieved a PhD in Orthopedic and General Surgery. As soon as he graduated, he was recruited by Section 0, and allowed to work in the medical science division, where he worked as an assistant to Jennifer Frost in her work on medical vaccines. It was during this time that Carson Beckett did side studies and recieved a masters degree in Biochemistry.

Personal Interest

Carson Beckett enjoys golf and fishing in his free time. However, due to his posting, he is unable to endulge in his hobbies very often.


Carson Beckett is reguarded as one of the nicest people in the military due to his kind demeanor and caring personality. It stands as a matter of fact, that there has never been a negative report about Carson Beckett. Beckett is known to take his job very seriously, and works his level best to do well by all those weho put their lives in his hands. Beckett is a firm believer in the concept of "do no harm" which is why he will not hesitate to do his level best to try and save any life if he has the chance to do so.

Military History

San Angeles - 2540

Carson Beckett was not involved in the Battle of San Angeles, but it was at this time that he assumed control of Jennifer Frost's research projects when she transfered to The King Raven.

Paris IV- 2549

Carson Beckett served as the Chief Medical Officer for the UNSC ship Blackcomb. He managed to survive the destruction of the Blackcomb at the hands of Nighthawk and Anaconda, and escaped to the surface. While on the surface, he was captured by Nighthawk and Anaconda and forced to provide medical services to Anaconda. He was released shortly after.

Second Battle of Earth - 2552

Carson Beckett was assigned to the UNSC ship Dreadhawk when it was granted to Preston Vernette. Carson Beckett was part of the medical staff, along with David Burke. Beckett was the primary physician who was responsible for the medical care of Barrabus during the period of time in which Barrabus official defected to the UNSC. Carson Beckett, assisted by David Burke, was responsible for the medical procedures which saved the life of Barrabus, including, but not limited to, the implementation of the asorted cybernetics to repair and mend various other injuries. When the Dreadhawk was destroyed, Carson Beckett was able to escape the ship in an escape pod. He was later resuced by ONI and brought to the Cloak and Dagger to assume the position of Chief Medical Officer, replacing David Burke, who had since retired after the loss of the Dreadhawk.

Third Battle of Earth - 2553

Carson Beckett was present on the Cloak and Dagger after the Elites, Brutes, and UNSC engaged in a three-way conflict over Earth, which came to be known as the Third Battle of Earth. It was at this time that DIrector Vernette had surrendered command of The Cloak and Dagger to Delta, in favor of staying on J-2-Alpha to rally and consolidate UNSC and ONI military assets. Despite Beckett's reservations about Delta's ability to command a Human ship, he held his post as Chief Medical Officer while the Cloak and Dagger endeavoured to retake Earth. Although the Cloak and Dagger ultimatly failed in this mission, Carson Beckett was among few survivors of the battle, having survived the Cloak and Dagger's emergancy crash landing on Earth. Carson Beckett became vital to the success of the mission, as he was the only remaining doctor on the Cloak and Dagger for the next two years. It was during this time that he was met with many unique challenges, such as maintaining the health of the crew despite limited medical resources. Despite the difficulties, Carson Beckett managed to keep the casualty rate low, relying on his own personal expertise and the many tricks he had picked up in his career.

The War Against The Elites - 2555

After ONI managed to get a fleet of advanced battleships to Earth and crush the remaining Elite and Brute ships in orbit, Carson Beckett was imediatly brought to the Cloak and Dagger II to assume his position as Chief Medical Officer. He has continued to serve the crew of the Cloak and Dagger II in this capacity. After the formation of the alliance between the Brutes and the Humans, Carson Beckett was responsible for treating the injuries of the Brutes that were left Earth. Despite the delicate peace, Carson Beckett sustained a multiple injuries as a result of this task, including scratch wounds, bite wounds, fractured bones, a concussion, and a superficial stab wound. Despite the trouble that Beckett was forced to endure, his firm belief in "do no harm" gave him the resolve necessary to see his obligation through to the end. As a result of this, Beckett earned the respect of both the crew of the Cloak and Dagger, and a number of Brutes, as being the toughest and most resilliant Doctor in the military.

Carson Beckett was responsible for treating Archer and Mordecai after they were injured in field operations as Nighthawk and Anaconda. Carson Beckett was told they were injured in a firefight, but found evidence that this was not the whole truth. Carson Beckett became suspicious of Archer and Mordecai, but nothing ever came of the suspicions, as the matter was dropped.

Carson Beckett was instrumental in helping ONI recruit Jennifer Frost back into the military to help identify a Spartan known as Simon. Carson Beckett later discovered that Simon had been killed, while in his medical custody. Carson Beckett blamed Kirk Korman and Issac-Z214 for being co-conspiritors in the crime, but was never able to prove it. The incident was reported to Rodney Hayes, who dismissed Simon's death due to the fact that Simon was no longer needed. Carson Beckett was forced to drop this matter as well.

Interpersonal Relationships

Family / Close Relationships

There is no known information on any immediate family

  • Preston Vernette - Carson Beckett and Preston Vernette are on very good terms, and consider eachother good friends. The two men occasionally meet for a game of golf during shorleave. Vernette has come to respect Beckett for his forward thinking, rational behaviour, and progressive attitudes towards other species.


  • Jennifer Frost- Carson Beckett has a very professional friendship with Jennifer Frost. Since both individuals are medical doctors, they both can relate to each othe,r and the stresses of their jobs. There is a mutual respect between the two.


  • David Burke - Carson Beckett and David Burke both share similar credientials, and as such, share a friendship, similar to the friendship between Carson and Jennifer. Carson Beckett occasionally exchanges e-mails with David Burke, from social messages, to professional problems and support.
  • Tyber Vernette - While Carson Beckett did not personally know the original Tye, Beckett is very familliar, and even fond on Tye's clone. To this end, Beckett has dedicated considerable time and effort into making sure that Tye's clone remains healthy and stable, such that, Tye's clone can live a normal and healthy life. As a result of this, the two men have become good friends.
  • Barrabus / Delta - Carson Beckett was responsible for saving Barrabus' life in 2552. As a result of this, Barrabus has a great deal of respect for Beckett. Barrabus has always appreciated Beckett for his willingness to help others, despite what species they were, and he was always impressed by how well he did his job.
  • Rodney Hayes - Beckett and Hayes have been seen conversing on various topics from time to time. THey share a healthy, professional relationship, and there is mutual respect for one another.

Ships of Service

  • Blackcomb - Carson Beckett served as the CHief Medical Officer on the Blackcomb for several years. After the destruction of the Blackcomb in 2549, Carson Beckett transfered to Earth to continue his research projects.
  • Dreadhawk - Carson Beckett was recruited by Preston Vernette to assist David Burke in treating Barrabus' injuries. After Barrabus had been fully treated, and the Brute's defection to the UNSC had been completed under the moniker of Delta, Beckett continued to serve aboard the Dreadhawk as Delta's personal physician.
  • Cloak and Dagger - Beckett serves as the Chief Medical Officer aboard the Cloak and Dagger. He currently holds this position.

Personal Health

Carson Beckett is in perfect health. There are no known health issues.


"I'm a doctor...I have seen hundreds of appendages in my line of work. It is nothing new."
-Carson Beckett

  • Carson Beckett has been called Irish on several occasions. This annoys him.
  • He believes that horse back riding is a boring sport.
  • His favorite color is blue.
  • He uses the M6G Magnum - ONI Variant as his sidearm.
  • He keeps 4 pet turtles in his quarters.
  • He loves to read Shakespeare.
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