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Author: Naked Crook
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Edited: March 25, 2011, 10:09 pm
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Director Preston Vernette - Director of ONI Section 0

Name: Cameron-Z091
Rank: None
Title: Bodyguard
Age: 55
Height: 7'3"
Weight: 1130 lbs
Race: Caucasian
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Hazel

Born under the name Cameron Browder, he was born on Earth on June 4th 2500. Cameron was an only child. WHen he was six years old, he was abducted into the Class 0 Spartan II Project. Like most Class 0s, Cameron was augmented using the Section 0 augmentation drug, commonly known as "The Class 0 Drug". Unlike most Class 0s, who suffered from mental and social defects caused by the lack of childhood structuring and the "successful augmentation flaw", Cameron developed his own personal moral code, which played a large part in his decisions and the structuring of his personal ethical code. Most importantly, it prevented his downfall and he avoided the failings and the shortcomings of the other Class 0s. Cameron is currently assigned as the bodyguard to Director Preston Vernette, acting as the spiritual successor of the job which was never officially held by the current Chieftain of the Brutes, Delta.

  1. Personal History
    1. Personal Attributes
    2. Early Life
    3. Personal Interests
    4. Personality
  2. Military History
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  3. Interpersonal Relationships
    1. Family / Close Relationships
    2. Friends
    3. Enemies
  4. Ships of Service
  5. Personal Health
  7. Trivia

Personal History

Early Life

Camon was recruited ito the Class 0 Spartan II project in 2506. He was sent to Reach where he was administered to the drug trials. Along with his training, he was shaped into a Spartan II Super Soldier. He specialized in fully automatic weapons and suppresion tactics. He excelled at CQC, and proved to be highly adaptive. HIs instructors noted, much to their dismay, that Cameron did have difficulty following orders of a questionable nature. THis proved to be a black mark on his record. However, he was still a Spartan II and his skills exceeded that of normal Marines. His training was completed in 2516.

Personal Interest

Cameron does not posses any personal interests, as his nature and training precludes such things.


Cameron has a very loyal attitude, and he will follow orders, any order, so long as the order either makes sense or is of a moral or necesary nature. He is prone to disobediance when orders either do not make sense or violate personal ethical codes.

Military History

THe First Battle of Harvest

Although not directly involved in the events of Harvest, concerning Preston Vernette and Barrabus, Cameron was involved indirectly. He was assigned to the services of a Section 0 Agent known only as Agent Zero. Cameron was tasked with safeguarding the experiments conducted by Agent Zero and Korman Industries. Cameron was never briefed on the nature of the experiments, nor was he briefed on the reasoning behind why ONI was trusting Korman Industries, as Korman Industries had failed to follow-up on a 150 billion cR contract, which had led to the effective bankruptcy of Korman Industries.

Cameron, in spite of being in the dark for the majority of the assignment, did his job with zeal, ensuring that nothing could interfere with the experiments. For a good duration of the assignment, Cameron did his job, but he soon began to question Agent Zero on the logistics of the mission, as Zero's orders sopped making sense. Cameron began to question Zero as to why he would trust Korman Industries over Preston Vernette for any type of experimentation. Zero was not forthcoming with answers on this topic.

Cameron began to have his misgivings about this entire mission. However, his objections peaked when he learned that a Brute, a species he was unfamilliar with at the time, was being used for experimentation, and that said experiments were being conducted on Genesis. Cameron noted that experimenting on a species that humans knew nothing about could prove dangerous, and it was unknown if the Brute was being tracked or not. Cameron also pointed out that Zero was endangering Genesis by bringing the Brute to the colony. Cameron's concerns were dismissed.

Cameron began to openly question Zero's orders as they became less sensable. It got to a point where Cameron began to threaten Zero with the prospect of informing Section 0 of Zero's total lack of concern for ONI and Human Colonies. Cameron warned Zero that his loyalty was to ONI and not to Zero himself. Zero was unmoved by this, and as such, Cameron began his own investigation of Korman Industries, learning that Zero had been experimenting on multiple Brutes beforehand and even Elites, another species Cameron was unaware of at the time. Cameron was outraged, and he resigned from the services of Agent Zero.

Cameron returned to ONI Section 0 where he was reassigned to the services of Admiral Brandon Yates.

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Interpersonal Relationships

Family / Close Relationships

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Ships of Service

Name of Ship

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Personal Health

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