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Author: Naked Crook
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Officer Brutus - The Brute Bartender

Name: Brutus
Rank: Officer - Chief Warlord of the Obsidian Hierarchy
Title: Bartender (Cloak and Dagger)
Age: 121 (Human years)
Height: 8'10"
Weight: 1530 lbs
Race: Brute
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Re

Officer Brutus, born in 2434, is a Brute Officer, currently serving as a Obsidian Hierarchy information (posing as a bartender) aboard the Cloak and Dagger. Brutus is a very seasoned Brute, having held an enormous amount of positions, in both the Covenant and in the Brute Coalition. He is very experienced in just about every field and also makes a very good listener. It should be noted that Brutus is very keen on giving advice to anyone about anything. THis may have a lot to due with his age and experience. According to reports, Brutus knows how to make a really "mean cocktail". Brutus wears a very rare classification of armor reserved for Brute Officers, a special rank reserved for specially trained Brutes. ONI has no documented instances of Brutus on a mission with the Obsidian Hierarchy,
  1. Personal History
    1. Personal Attributes
    2. Early Life
    3. Personal Interests
    4. Personality
  2. Military History
    1. Pre-Harvest Service
    2. Human-Covenant War
  3. Interpersonal Relationships
    1. Family / Close Relationships
    2. Friends
    3. Colleagues
    4. The UNSC
    5. The Covenant
  4. Ships of Service
  5. Personal Health
  6. Military Accommodations
  8. Trivia

Personal History

Early Life

Brutus was born on Doisac in 2343. There is no information reguarding his parents. Brutus was born before the Covenant had adopted the Brutes into the Covenant. Prior to his species joining the Covenant, Brutus was a high ranking member of the Obsidian Hierarchy, a Brute-centric organization, that is devoted the ideals of unity and solidarity of the Brute species. After the Obsidian Hierarchy saw near destruction in 2480, Brutus assumed full leadership of the Obsidian Hierarchy, due to the loss of the other ruling Brutes. Being the only surviving member of the leadership, brutus took it upon himself to rebuild the Obsidian Hierarchy.

Personal Interest

Brutus is known to have a keen interest in mixology. It is because of this interest that he is stationed on the Cloak and Dagger as a bartender. Brutus has also stated on one occasion that he enjoys going through the human historical records, and recreating the events of certain battles in the Cloak and Dagger simulation rooms. His reasons for doing this are unknown, though he has stated that he can appreciate the bloody history.


Brutus, in most instances, tends to be very passive and calm, moreso than a typical Brute. However, noted instances of anger have demonstrated that Brutus is capabled of great feats of both violence and aggression. Brutus is known to take the self-preservation of his species very seriously, and can be easily infuriated by any topic of discussion that involves the benefits of his race joining another union, such as the Covenant. In his moments of relaxation, Buruts has been known to be source of empathy, and has been seen, on several occasions, giving advice, on various topics, to people who seek it.

Military History


Brutus had served in the Obsidian Hierarchy, since before the Brutes joined the Covenant. The most noteable instance of Brutus with the Obsidian Hierarchy is known as The Great Purge (as known by the Brutes) or The Purging of the Unholy (by the Covenant). It was this battle that Brutus saw the near defeat of the Obsidian Hierarchy to Brutes who had converted to the Covenant. Brutus' primary responsibility in the battle was the formation of battle plans. Despite his excellent ability to formulate battle plans, the Obsidian Hierarchy was outnumbered. In the final moments of the battle, Brutus was ordered by the Chieftain of the Obsidian Hierarchy (known only as Armadaeus) to flee the battle and rebuild the Obsidian Hierarchy. Brutus was able to escape and he was one of only a few survivors of the battle.

Battle of Construct Assembly Line Security Bravo - 2521

In 2521, Brutus was activly attempting to recruit Chieftain Barrabus into the Obsidian Hierarchy.

Human-Covenant War - 2525 to 2553

Brutus has no documented involvement in the Human-Covenant war. However, he has been present in many of the engagements, though he did not take an active military role against the UNSC.

Interpersonal Relationships

Family / Close Relationships

Little is known about Brutus' family. However, he is the father of the current Chieftain of the Brutes. It is also aware that Brutus maintains an "ongoing" personal relationship with a female Brute simply known as Urrsa. The extent of this relationship can be left open for interpretation, though it can be surmised that the female Brute may, in fact, be Brutus' mate.
  • Urrsa - Brutus' mate. Little is known about Urrsa, as contact with this Brute has never been made. Existance of urrsa is only known due to one instance of Brutus mentioning her.
  • Delta - Delta is Brutus' biological son. The two Brutes seem to have a relaxed relationship, as there has not been any documented instances of violence between the two.
  • Dancarus - In human terms, Dancarus, or simply Dancar as he is nicknamed by many sources, is the grandson of Brutus. Brutus maintains frequent contact with Dancar, as they are both heavily involved in the Obsidian Hierarchy's ongoing operations.
Friends / Colleagues
  • Preston Vernette - Brutus considers Preston Vernette less of a friend, and more of a kindred spirit due to the Director's inherant distrust of Elites. Brutus has not been known to be respectful to Vernette for the simple reason that the CHieftain of the Brutes and Director Vernette and close friends, and any disrespect to Director Vernette translates into disrespect for the Chieftain of the Brutes.
It has been confirmed that Brutus has many colleagues, many of which serve in the Obsidian Hierarchy. The exact numbers and exact names are unknown. Further investigation is required.


Exact names concerning Brutus' enemies are unknown at this time. Little is known about Brutus' enemies. It can be surmised that anyone who engages in combat with Brutus can be described as an enemy.


During the Human-Covenant war, Brutus did not engage UNSC forces. He did not believe that the UNSC was a threat to the Brutes as a species. However, he did not consider the UNSC to be of much interest, as he believed that the UNSC had nothing to offer, and it was not dangerous enough to take anything away.


Brutus did not have any formal contact with ONI until 2555, until after Delta had attained the title of Chieftain of the Brutes. Director Preston Vernette allowed Brutus reside on the Cloak and Dagger. The reasons for this remains unknown to many on the Cloak and Dagger, though it can be surmised that it is for military purposes.

The Covenant

Brutus had a keen dislike of the Covenant. Brutus blamed the Covenant for many of the changes that had been made to Brute society. Brutus has made it very clear that he will not allow another alien race to further influence his society to the point where the fundamental way of life is shifted in another direction.

Ships of Service

ONI is aware of only two noteable ships of service for Brutus.

  • The Devotion - Covenant Assault Carrier, and the flagship of the Brute Coalition, currently commanded by the Chieftain of the Brutes. Brutus has served many years on this ship as an informat for Barrabus (the previous shipmaster) during the Human-Covenant war. Brutus primarily dealt with information concerning the Obsidian Hierarchy.
  • The Cloak and Dagger - Once again, serving as an information for the Obsidian Hierarchy. Brutus keeps ONI Section 0 up-to-date with what the Obsidian Hierarchy is up, as per the information sharing agreement between the two Governments.

Personal Health

Little is known about Brutus' health. Despite his age, Brutus has demonstrated that he is still very capable of a combat role. There is no known information suggesting any serious health problems.

Military Commendations

Brutus' "Covenant" rank has been described as a means to an end. In his time trying to rebuild the Obsidian Hierarchy, Brutus had also built up a military position inside of the Covenant. He used this position to steal weapons and technology from the Covenant to help in his goal of rebuilding and re-arming the Obsidian Hierarchy. Other than this, Brutus has no record suggesting any special military commendations.


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