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Old Commander Uhze 'Nostrom
Default 01-21-2014
Drakneel Ignotius 808
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Full Name: Uhze 'Nostrom(ee).

Nickname: Nova(As of now in the L.A.C.) Flame-Lotus(Once called by that during the Human/Covenant War during an event on a Halo Ring.) Triangle(Mostly by Tom >XD.) and Dragon Slayer(Mostly by Omega) and even called Uhzy-Woozy.(By Caida)

Species/Race: Elite/Sangheili.

Ship Name: The Rising Flames.

Ship Type: Crimson Covenant Super Carrier.

Gender: Male.

Age: 39.

Height: 8'9.

Weight: 376 lbs.

Voice: Low vocal sound and pitch, with helmet it gives off a robotic tone mixed with his voice. (Somewhat close to TFS Piccolo).

Eye Colour: Crimson like Reptilian(Once Gold when he was in the Covenant).

Skin Colour: Darkish Scaly-like hide.

Scar: A three edged blade like scar embedded to his left eye during his battle with Kroudon and a another that was across his chest with his battle against Noble 6.

Rank: UNSC Commander/L.A.C Leader/Previous Golden Zealot of the New Order.

Affiliation: L.A.C(Legionary Alliance Clan), UNSC and the Covenant Separatist.

Enemies: The Storm Covenant, The Dark Krosheets, The P.M.C, The Reborn Insurrectionist and Fleetmaster Kroudon 'Rogamee.

Status: Active on Duty.

Most Preferred Weapon:

Large-Modified Incendiary Crimson Energy Sword that can cut through tough armor and shields known as "Crimson Blaze".

Customized red stripe Pyrotechnic Assault Rifle with Incendiary Rounds with a targeting Laser point attach to the side of the barrel.

Modified-Red Shot Covenant Carbine.

Promethean Vision-Scope Battle Rifle.

'Burning Fury' Scattershot Rifle.

Armour/Powers and Talents:

Helmet: Ultra( A large cut on his right side of the helmet).

Visor: Crimson Red.

Chest Armor: Ultra(Hologram Color replaced with red).

Right Shoulder Piece: Ultra.

Left Shoulder Piece: Ultra.

Gauntlet Armor Piece: Razor Clawed(The exact same as the "Dragon Age 2 Champion Mage Armor Gauntlet).

Leg Armors: Zealot(Holographic Color replaced with red).

Primary Colour: Dark-Titanium.

Secondary Colour: Crimson Red.

Other details: Includes right hand built with a Gauntlet Crimson Energy Shield and the left hand built with a Gauntlet Energy Dagger, Over shield system still operative. Shield system Class-8: Enough to hold off against a Wraith's Plasma Mortar, a Scorpion Tanks Round, Gauss Hog Shots and Sniper Shots as well as augmented super-strength that allows him to lift even that of the heaviest from Hunter to Scorpion and finally to Wraith contents and can toss them from at least two miles away.

Specialization: Talented in Close Quarter Combat, a Weaponry Expert of any Automatic, Semi-Automatic and Bladed weapons, Shipmaster of his own custom Covenant Super Carrier named "The Rising Flames" being their official home base and L.A.C Squad Leader of the Legionarre Squadron as well as its latest official Clan Leader after the death of the first one.

Powers or Abilities: Able to bend any Fire at his will and uses it towards his own advantage, powerful enough to burn through tough armor and shields.

Mental Response...

Personality: Is Reckless in battles, somewhat Arrogant and Stubborn, sometimes Bicker with any of his teammates if they are to get on his nerve, Short-Tempered at that point and can tend to be rather aggressive yet humorous and in combat. But between all of those negative emotions, he is mostly Honorable, Enthusiasm, Kind hearted, Sarcastic sometimes, Intelligent, Cunning and Noble as well as having a fierce loyalty, so long as he is not backstabbed like he was once when ONI had sent one of their agents. Although when it comes to mating season, he himself tends to be a bit more...cranky when the animal inside of him wishes to fornicate with any woman that gave out a strong pheromone that resembles much like his in every way and can be known to be very aggressive against males.

Likes: Good Sword Fights and Fair punishment as well as visiting Angelica whenever he has time off of any business at the L.A.C.

Dislikes: Those who are blinded by lust for power and bring harm onto those who can't fight for themselves, dislikes the Flood as well as the Vorahkheili's of viewing them as nothing more than savage beings and dislikes the ideals of the Prophets about their so called Great Journey and haves a very VERY heavy grudge on Fleetmaster Kroudon 'Rogamee for the death of Alice.

Personal Quote:

"The decision's we choose for ourselves will ensure our Honor of making the right choices to ascend into something much greater..."

"To do what is right is to disobey a single false order that is wrong to ensure the safety of the innocent and their generations within them..."

"Onward to War my fellow Legionary's, into the shadowy pit we yet enter to face against our foes, My Flames shall burn brightly and shine our passage to our victory and to our freedom..."

"Never doubt your enemies on the face of battle for they are yet to be advance then ourselves..."

"There is no Honor for killing the innocent in war, only damnation and shame upon yourself awaits your fate into the afterlife..."

"Geehee!" (Quote by Gajeel! >XD)

Bullet; Red(History Re-visioned)Bullet; Black

Commander Uhze 'Nostrom of the L.A.C "AKA Nova or The Flame-Lotus": Born from the colony of Turahk 'Famdamee near Sangheilios borders, Nostrom was left on the street as a child with no chance on surviving on his own, until that was the time where he was taken in by Usku 'Rogamee, a former Sangheili Fleetmaster that led the forces against Humanity forces and formed the Sangheili Brotherhood alongside with another Fleetmaster named Usku. At the age of 15 Nostrom was placed in a academy to learn hand to hand combat and weaponry of the Covenant such as the standard issue Plasma Pistol and the Energy Sword. After several years have passed, he graduated and soon joined the Covenant Armada Military Force and was placed as a Minor. His skill rapidly increase after bringing reports of his action, for starters he drove a Covenant Scarab Tank in a Heretic Hanger bay and obliterated everything in his path and later on hijacked a Covenant Cruiser which he used to ram through the Covenant Super Carrier to make his escape.

At that point he was promoted to an Officer Elite(Or to put it in a different way an Officer Sangheili) who led his troopers safely into battle and was able to return a sacred artifact from the Forerunners. And from that point on he'd never expected to engage into a massive War that was about to happen a few years ahead from him. He was soon promoted into a Ultra Class for his action. Then he was sent out to steal any information from several UNSC Ships scouting in the far reaches of space and it was there he had found a ship that led to the one planet the Covenant Fleet Armada had been looking for the long years of their genocidal campaign, "REACH" The homeworld and breeding factory of the 'Spartans' or also known as "Demons". For so Long the Covenant had been pushed back ever since the Spartans first approached into the battlefield, now it was going to be the other way around for the unfortunate Spartans and the inhabitants occupying the Planet.

And soon he was promoted as a Maroon or Crimson Zealot and led several units against "REACH'S" defenses in orbital, not only had he brought down the defense of "REACH", but he operated its turret guns and took down fighter ships and a UNSC Frigate that were sent out to destroy the Covenant Carrier. And during his raid on Planet "REACH", he was the very Zealot that finished off the last Spartan of Noble Team, although gaining a scar on the side of his chest from the energy burn from the Spartan before having a Sword fight as well as holding onto the fallen Spartans dog-tags as a promise to remember his name before his death.

His skill improved much better than the Covenant Armada and Militia force, including the Holy Prophets themselves had ever expected, and because of that he was later then ranked up into a Gold Zealot of the new order of the Covenant. Throughout his history as a Zealot of the New Order, Nostrom was one of the most talented Sangheili to wield Sangheilios sacred weapons "The Energy Swords" and was soon granted the opportunity to wield his mentors Modified Crimson Energy Sword, a blade so powerful that it could cut a Wraith down with one slice as he used it against his foes and swiftly defeated them with god like strength, gaining the title as "Flame-lotus of Sangheilios" because of walking out of the battlefield, leaving nothing but flames still burning as well as obtaining a new set of Zealot armor consisted of Gold as its primary and Crimson Blaze as its secondary.

Nova enjoyed fair fights and leading his men into battle along sided with his comrades, "Imik 'Foramee", "Uhsko 'Naruunko" and "Xor 'Vorgamee". And also along with his brother in bond Thel 'Voramee who they have known each other for the longest of time when they were just youngbloods. They formed a group that was known as the Sangheili brotherhood that is dedicated of their skills of Strength, Valor, Honor, Hope and Nobility. And for the first time of his life met with another member of the Zealot of the New Order simply named "Tkan 'Ghan" or simply just "Raptor of the Covenant", one who had a pure Zealot Gold armor as well as his personal Golden Energy Sword.

The two Zealots were eventually considered each other as friends, fighting alongside one another for sometimes and showing bits of their histories towards one another which they seemed to have in common as well as having the time to have spars with one another in attempts to prove which one of them were considered best with the energy swords, with T'kan 'Ghan being the victor most of the time. Then there came a time that the two friends were needed in separate positions that eventually made them to say their farewells to one another.

They were soon brought in by Usku's twin brother, "Fleetmaster Kroudon 'Rogamee" after retrieving his own Covenant Super Carrier. Kroudon however always did find a sense of grudge of seeing his brother Usku, it is unclear and somewhat unknown for the reason why both of the brothers do not get along with one another after being promoted to high rank officers of the Covenant. Back then they were close during their younger ages of fighting alongside on the battlefield, but now the times of going through so much battles have given the two brothers different ideals, ideals that one another did not approve of.

With that his ship, along with "Shipmaster Rahgath 'Rotom" fired at the Brotherhood Ships and it was nearly eradicated along with no trace of Usku ever escaping from the crashing ship. Enrage of the blowing betrayal of Usku's own brother murdering him, he along with the others proceeded into Kroudon's quarters where they encountered several of his personal Honor Guards equipped with Plasma Turrets, Fuel Rods, Concussion Rifles and Plasma Launchers that nearly outnumbered Nova's own. There stood Kroudon, smirking viciously with a Video link showing Shipmaster Rahgath forcing Raptor, along with The Spec-Op Kalos and another Ultra that went with the same name of Thel have been forced to bow down to the Shipmaster.

As much as Nova wanted to get it over with on killing the murderer of his mentor, he knew better not to risk the life of his comrades as well. In defeat, Nova too was force to bow down the same way Raptor who too had been force to kneel to the tyrants. As victory came to Fleetmaster Kroudon, he later than assigned Xor 'Vorgamee to go with the Spec-Op Units his task were to analyse the Forerunner technology as well as infiltrating Human resistance base that have crashed landed on Halo.

Uhsko 'Naruunko himself was placed towards the Army Units as the Specialized Heavy trooper to support Covenant Forces on pushing back any Human's trying to break their way through the outpost of Human refugees while Nova's half-brother Thel was separated from him as Nova was on his own in suicidal missions for the Fleetmaster Kroudon's personal desires of researching Forerunner Chemistry, as if trying to find some sort of solution of making modified, augmented Elite Soldiers. Some missions that made Nova nearly lost several un-experienced and undisciplined Sangheili teenagers who had recently just joined the Covenant against the Human's and their Demons.

A few year back during his time on "REACH", he was the first to encounter a new breed of Demons known as "The Titan's" that had proved to be an even more terrifying threat to the Covenant Armada after getting the news of how they were able to eradicated a heavily armed portable base in three's, much terrifying than the Spartans themselves. And there's no telling that the Humans could have created even more of these Titans that could turn the tides of war against the Covenant. So the Prophets tried to create super-soldiers of their own, although proved unsuccessful because of the many failures of trying to inject a new serum developed by the Forerunners that they assumed would augmented and modify an army of Super-Elites that might help them win against Humanity.

But supposedly the Titan that he encountered at first was able to hold her ground against wave of enemies, but when it came to just he and her, she was a rather docile type and was described to have been a female who went down pretty easily in his opinion, he continued to wonder if it could have been the effects from being augmented. Out of respect for the intense bravery that the Titan had been through, he spared her life and approved her of gaining a Phantom where she could recover from the effects, and from there he wished her to become strong so one day Nova and herself would be able to fight honorably which she accepted as she left the Planet.

Even so, things were just never the same without the two leaders that he's been givin the privilege to have been their apprentice of understanding the meaning of Honor as well as understanding of what it means to cherish those close to you. Although, Nova along with Raptor as well as many of others of the Covenant still believed that the Sangheili Brotherhood still walked alongside them with "Oosko 'Rotom": Founder of the Sangheili brotherhood still walked besides them by this very moment, they just haven't realize it though.

Nova, as well as his comrades were all separated from each other after their so-called Fleetmaster Kroudon has ordered them to search for any Human survivors that crashed landed on the Halo Ring as well as locating any unique Forerunner Technology that could be of any use to gain the upper hand of the war, Nova was then sent to a Covenant Spire just close to where Raptor himself was positioned that was under control by another Maroon Zealot like "Firelight" named "Drudo 'Felgomaah", who was completely overzealous of himself that made Nostrom's stomach ache from the very words that slither from the Zealot. He was then reported to interrogate a Spartan Female name "Alice Atreyu" who somehow found her way in through the Energy Dome that's protecting the spire from any surprise attacks from the Humans.

At first, instead of doing what he was told, Nostrom had gain the very instinct of forgetting the first objective and go on of what was astonishing about the Spartan. From what he can describe was that her height was up to 5'8 feet tall and the armor she wore were desert brown as her primary set while her secondary was grass green and the fact that her visor was pure green.

From there the two were silent from the moment they caught eyes on one another, until he was the first to disturb the silence by telling her that he was once a great warrior once, but was wondering what his reduced to now. The female Spartan just remained silent, so Nova had decided to give out his name to the Spartan. For a moment, she was silent again that causes Nova to forget on trying to communicate with the enemy, until finally he heard her spoke.

Something about her voice effect Nova that left a tingly feeling within his chest, it was an odd feeling that he was experiencing and so far it all to new for him to feel this way. There will be times where the Spartan would actually talk to Nova, for the first time in his life that he was actually enjoying having a conversation until finally the Spartan and Nova became good friends towards one another. After several days, Nostrom would allow the Spartan out of her prison, where he would continue to teach Alice the ways of a Sangheili Honor, the language of his people and the will through wielding an Energy Sword in combat. Learning how to wield the sword and learning how to do strategic moves against their foe as they kept their friendship in secret.

At one time, Alice one time required that she would be able to take a bath. Nova accepted the her offer and led her out towards a nearby hot spring that some of the Grunts and a few Jackal's as well as Elites used to take the time off from any patrolling agenda's and so far there was no one at sight. As Alice removed her armor and was completely naked, Nova tried his best on not trying to peak without invading the Spartans privacy. When she had finally finished, Nova caught sight of her face that caused his heart to beat incredibly fast at the sight he was looking at. From what he can describe she had somewhat smooth skin that gave out glares from the moon shining down on her flesh. Seeing that she had short, light blonde that reached down towards her neck that showed a scar going down to her left breast as if she was cut down by a blade.

But what drove his attention were her face and her eyes. It was strange for Nova to have felt this way; it was almost as if he was finding the Human truly attractive out of the other Humans females he's encountered. Yet her face showed no signs of any scars, admiring how beautiful she looked. And it was her eyes, her eyes that he could not resist to look at. Eyes of pure blue that was incredibly beautiful than that of the suns and moons themselves. It then came to their attention that they were standing in a rather awkward position that they didn't realize that their faces were flushing in embarrassment of checking out one another. They eventually returned, although Alice seemed exhausted and nearly collapsed but eventually Nova caught hold of her, he eventually took her back to her prison while carrying her bridal style, not realizing that a Spec-Op that went by the name of "Raaz 'Zhark" was eyeing on him for sometimes.

As time continues to past on, the two were exceptionally were somewhat sync towards one another that makes them want to stay close as their friendship continue to grow rapidly, a friendship hidden from his own kind, their friendship forever burned like the raging sun, but even the sun must set. Uhze eventually learned that Alice's execution begins today as he was forced to pick the ultimate choice, to live with his kind to regain his lost honor of losing his mentor or to help save another race from total extinction over a so-called Great Journey, and so he made his choice.

As the day dawns, the Zealot Drudo himself came to Alice's cell and escorted her to the edge of a hill, she was pushed near the edge as she began to think of Nostrom in her mind and inhale a long breath, knowing that this would be her last moment as a Spartan as well as refreshing her past timing with the enemy that she had the honor of considering him a friend. But a change in the wind came to her as a Covenant Revenant broke through the defense and drove near her as it was Nostrom who came to her aid and drove off with her as she was dropped off near a Human refugee base as Nostrom returned to the Spire. And so on he allied himself with the Humans to fight off the raiding Covenant Army that was heading towards the Human Refugee camp site with heavy arsenals at their display.

After spending time with the Human Refugee, Nova had a bit of difficulty on adapting with the Human neighbors who find it not much of a bright idea for Alice to had brought back a Sangheili with her, but even so she assured them that he was fine and was encouraged by another Spartan named "Ocelot" who was surprisingly trained by Raptor himself. Both Nova and Raptor had eventually caught up gaps between their friendship and continued to exchange their tales of how they had ever been able to have been allied with a Spartan as well as training with them.

Even so, both T'Kan and Uhze knew better that this friendship with the humans might not last forever since they are still under the eyes of the Fleetmaster and the Shipmaster. And during their walk, a Revenant attack occurred that eventually causes them to separate from their Human comrades and rejoin with their own as both Sangheili shot concerned glances at the Spartans before taking their leave. And eventually both Sangheili's hunches were valid, both Fleetmaster and Shipmaster are starting to feel suspicious of their current behaviors because of two certain Maroon Zealot Sangheili's who have been on their necks for some time, lucky for them their suspicion level was at a low pace. This gave the opportunity for both Zealots to warn the Humans of an attack that will occur on the Island. Just in the nick of time, the Human's along with the Spartan's remained victorious over the Sangheili forces that were sent to invade the Island.

Days have passed as the two Zealots plot to infiltrate each Spire as well as gaining every noted battle plan that can be useful to backfire against the Covenant. Eventually, Nova was confronted by Drudo who knew that Nostrom would come as the two clash at one another. After enduring the intensity of battle, Nova demoted Drudo by stabbing his Sword through the Maroon Zealots chest and dismembered his head, giving out a victory roar for all of the Sangheili Covenant to hear. And with that done, both Golden Zealots had successfully been able to escape without any kind of casualty, both Raptor and Ocelot who had taken the beating by Firelight but were still able to defeat them with the surprising help of Ultra Thel.

Although the info that they uncovered drew the Human's into a more serious state of having hasten their forces before the Fleetmaster and the Shipmaster can begin what they have tried to accomplish, completing The Great Journey and ascending into God-hood. Little did the Covenant know was that the weapon's true purpose was to eradicate all life across the galaxy during the Forerunners reign which could have explained why there were none of them left since they were force to give up their lives for the sake that the parasitic race known as "The Flood" that overtaken nearly the entire galaxy.

And to make matters worse, Shipmaster Rahgath and Fleetmaster Kroudon have already assembled a massive army that could easily outnumber the remaining Human's even with the help of the Spartans. Nova knew that the only way to cripple the army was for he himself settle off with un-finished tensions between him and Fleetmaster Kroudon, even if it meant by going through it alone would be suicide but he never really cared. The only thing that mattered to him was to at least stop the Fleetmasters forces before they can reach to the shrine and activate the Halo Rings. Thus, Nova eventually said his farewells to T'kan Ghan, knowing that the two would not meet with each other alive as the depart from each other. Alice however did enjoy the idea of having to lose her friend, to this she wanted to come along but Nova refused. Telling her that she is to live for his sake as he boards a hijacked Phantom and navigates it to the Fleetmasters ship.

As he boards the Phantom into the docks of the Covenant Super-Carrier, Nostrom was somewhat suspicious how empty the room the room was. Not being able to spot yet a single Covenant lurking in them until it was soon being repopulated with Elite Honor Guards circling around him as two Zealots led by one Field Marshall. On one of the catwalk, stood Fleetmaster Kroudon who stared down at the traitor. Kroudon then informs Nova that not only is there a large force heading for the remaining humans, but there two more forces that were about to take over the shrine with an iron fist of thousands.

With little time to spare, Nova slew the Field Marshall that stood in his way and made a run through the inner hauls as Plasma particles continued to fire at him in large numbers of Covenant Honor Guards. He later then realize that he had to warn Alice, his comrades and the other Humans of Kroudons two remaining forces that were about to wipe them out, he wasted no chance but to flee to a life pod near the docks.

As he was inches away from the Pod and inserting the coordinates back to Halo, he suddenly felt a Needlers shard shard impaling through the back of Nostrom's skull as he laid on the ground paralyzed from the Needlers effects. As he remained limbless from the Needler's effects, Kroudon eventually reset the coordinates and locked up the paralyzed Sangheili as the Pod he was in shot out and sent him drifting into the very void of space. His mind later then went black as he could see a figure of himself but only darkness flown through the other figure of himself as it soon turned into a hologram like screen. It showed the carnage of Nostrom's past, seeing those that he slain and the lives he has taken away throughout the battle as a skull demon tortured him as he witnessed the death of his soldiers, his officers and the death of his fallen mentor, Usku ĎRogamee.

He later then gave into death as darkness began to consume his body hole. But a light from the sky shined brightly through the darkness as the very dark void itself faded away and was replaced with pure light as an angelic figure of his deceased master Usku 'Rogamee, reached out his hand to grab Nostrom and pulled him back on his feet. Nostrom was in a hale as he could see two nurses talking about their lives as another figure came to see him. And that figure was his brothers Thel, Xor and Uhsko who placed his hand on his shoulder, praying to the gods above to heal Nostrom and return him back to normal. The only ones who weren't able to make it out were only a few Elites who were loyal to Rahgath who too had died twice.

Nostrom was in a custom made Ranger armor that kept his body alive as he could not speak until the strange liquid inside his armor dissolves and absorbed in his skin. He heard voices from nurses and doctors about conversation and other things he didn't even knew. For the first time of his life, he was frightened. Nostrom has never felt fear before, even if he was a higher rank in the Covenant Empire. But, he was afraid, not from himself but from the unknown. Someone came close to him, close enough to make out the shape of a human female.

She started tweaking with the side of his helmet, after several adjustments he was finally able to hear. The human did a few resignation, all Nostrom had to do was create a noise as response. He couldn't talk, his entire body was swimming in bio-gel and his mouth was filtered with a re-breather. After months have passed Nostrom was on his feet and was able to speak once again, it took him one hundred and twenty five days for him to regain his consciousness. For one hundred and twenty five days he was nothing, but a ghost a shadow trapped within his body.

And it took him another thirty eight days to regain his strength as well. he was he later then tilt his head and saw the same human female coming to him while doing several more test on him. Nostrom could not fully understand the gift of life that this simple human has given him. He did not comprehend what she did, to bring him back from the land of the dead. Nostrom thought he was simply wounded, he thought that it was nothing but a common flesh wound. But a heavy injury, he was no coward, but for the first time he had enough courage to ask the human one question. "Why?" That was all he said to the Human, a question that neither him nor his warriors knew the answer. But when he looked at her, he felt no hate, no fear and no pride.

She looked him like he was just there, just another wounded soldier on the field of battle. No one has looked at him like that before. He was either looked up to, or even looked down upon, hated or respected. But never had he ever been treated as an equal. And that was before she even said a word. The Human nearly chuckled in amusement. She simply said, "Itís because we chose to do this by our own free will.". A choice, Nostrom felt helpless. He fell towards his knee and begged the Human, he begged the Human to spare his soldiers. He begged him to let them live, He, Uhze 'Nostrom: former Zealot of the Covenant fell towards his knee weeping like a helpless child. It was rare for any Sangheili to beg was such an honor-less act; those who tended to do so were either killed or exiled and even branded as a heretic.

But for the first time of his life, he truly felt free, he had no higher ranked officer to impress nor did he had any Prophets to be pleased of his action as he was a broken soldier, a broken warrior who was betrayed by his own empire and army and yet, he had no other choice but to submit. The human nearly felt sympathy for Nostrom, she picked him up and simply said, "Ain't nothing wrong of the way you express your caring and affection towards your soldiers," Somehow she knew about me, she knew what they've taken from him, she knew how she felt. The human continued her talk, "A far as I can tell, most Sangheili soldiers, especially that of a Zealot never did ease at this kind of state, but even so what you are doing so what everyone else would have done. Caring for the family you treasure dearly..." She later then helped him get towards his bed and walked away. Nostrom again felt the urged to ask her one last thing, her name and then she replied, "Alicia Atreyu, I'm Alice's sister. The Spartan which you saved." With that his mind went blank to learn that she had a sister, with that h had questions on where Alice is and her sister replied that she was still alive.

Uhze himself was glad to know of this as Alicia: younger sister of Alice later then left the room and Nostrom himself felt in peace. After several months have finally passed, he was finally able and later on he spotted a familiar face towards the room, he was glad to know Thel was still alive, only to see that he was a little older then he last saw him. He was accompanied by his friends yet again who had also informed him of that the Spartans and the Humans were told to have been wiped out, but somehow a Monitor that went by the name of "Contrite Vestige" had eventually giving word to the last of the Spartan of a device that was able to regenerate deceased tissues and revive them back to life. Only that it came with the price of loosing his construct A.I who gave herself up to ensure that the others would be revived. It was also the possibility that the blast radius could have affected him in the pod when it fired. The blast had regenerated both allies and enemies where during their death they eventually gained the knowledge of Halo's true purpose and where Sangheili had began to understand that their efforts and faith were all wasted for an empty promise.

And to his surprise of each day his friends would tell their tales of how Humans, Elites and several other species would roam this ship as equals. He couldn't believe it for a while but he wanted to believe that this was true; it was that everything he could ever wish to see humans as equals, instead of treating them as lower life forms. He wanted to ask them if he could see and so they did. Nova eyes were widen of awe and surprising shock, what his friends have randomly told him came into life and this brought him happiness.

He could see Humans, Sangheili's, Jiralhanaes, Mgalekgolo, both races of the Kig-Yar, Unggoys, surprisingly that some of the Yanme'e were here and even the Huragok were present as well with or without their armor, all of them training and eating together with like it was normal. He even spotted Grunts commanding several battalions of Humans as well as Brutes were telling jokes with Elites and Humans. He saw Skirmishers and Jackals relaxing with Humans and telling stories as well. He saw them live their lives without order nor fear of any high ranking Officers or Zealots or even New Order Zealots. What he could see where several Zealot class Elites being commanded by Humans as well that shocked him completely.

A few months from now, Uhze 'Nostrom was soon placed in combat training and was rewarded with many things and even more. [L.A.C Uber-Unit 8.0.8]. He later then realize that during time unconsciousness, the Legionary's implanted something in the back of his vertebrate of his neck, his spinal cord was replaced with a cybernetic replica of the spine and a rare disorder function from the needlers effects that allow him to turn himself into crimson flames and transport himself into on location towards another as well as being able to encased himself in a fire barrier and can encased his fists into fire that can be used to punch through even the toughest of Shields and Armor depending how powerful his emotions are pumping in them.

The cybernetic nerve replace his normal neck, allowing him access towards Environment Readings, Known Locations, Internal COMM, weapon readings, targeting systems, Legionary Alliance Clan History Log, Library of all known locations around the galaxy, Blood Pressure as well as being able to identify any unknown files and profiles from anyone or anything.

All that and much more were all shoved into his head and making him into an indestructible killing machine just wanting to get loose into the galaxy itself, making him a rather unique Super Soldier that can even give a Squadron of seasoned Spartan-3's and even Titan's a hard time. He soon got his own armor which was an Ultra based custom with colors of both black as its primary and red as its secondary with both gauntlets baring razor sharp talons. He soon got hold of his bonded Crimson Energy Sword back from Thel who's been keeping it until he was finally awake. With this much tech roaming around the ship, Nova had eventually modified his Crimson Energy Sword and have successfully upgraded it to the point of its bladed edge to react much like a raging flame, thus naming it Crimson Blaze

He was then gifted with two advanced A.I's that, one being a Forerunner A.I named "Jenna" who had the exact intelligence as Cortana herself which made her a relative to Forerunner A.I by the L.A.C's first clan leader, "Dekard Slade" who was part of the Spartan-3 Program and was part of the 'UNSC Midsummer Night' during the event of discovering the first Halo Ring while the other was a Sangheili A.I that went by the name of "Kalrosvian", a rather stern yet sarcastic A.I that tends to keep track of Nova's fire abilities in check while having an interest in Jenna, yet did not have the nerve to express it to her.

His first assignment was to help Humanity fight off the Covenant who are now invading Earth as they speak with a large force led by the last of the Prophet. The Humans were giving everything they could throw at the Covenant but were not able to prevail and eventually he was sent out to assist in an attempt to regain Earth from the Covenant. Apparently during his absent, a war had been going on within the Covenant that brought a rival tension between the Sangheili's and the Jiralhanae's after the Elites have failed to protect the ring from the Demon known as "Spartan-117" or just the "Master Chief" who accomplished on destroying it, causing the Prophets to lose their fate in the hands of the Elites and replaced them with the Brutes who were complete fool's to be following the Prophets false lies. Only a handful of Brutes who remained loyal with the Sangheili's formed the Separatist Alliance or had just joined the L.A.C when they have either been kicked out of their pack or homeworld.

He then met new faces such as a Spartan who was suddenly a vengeful cyborg but later then realize that he was his only good friend by the name of 'Legion' as well as his Sangheili Companion named "Shenko" and a Promethean Knight code named "Requius", the Cyborg Spartan did remind him of yet another named "Sev" who too was a Cyborg but it was told that he and his companion "Sahjook" left after being brought back to life. The two had something in common with one another, they have been turned into beings that they couldn't be sure that if they were even themselves in their old times, yet they learned to move onward to what the future has had for them with Nova assisting Legion in an attempt to hunt down the man who turned his back against Legion and left him to die.

The second Human he has come to meet was another Spartan clad in blue and white went by the codename "Wolf", the first time that they met with one another was when Nova had awaken from his coma, at first Wolf saw him as what he states the Grim Reaper. But as time passes on the two of them had become friends faster than they could have ever expected. The second however was a female Spartan that went by the name of "Shaine" who was quite shy when she's around everyone, especially any aliens but she eventually got used to talking to with two Spec-Op Female Sangheilian's named "Raida and Caida 'Zellum". Just then he met another Elite wearing a Field Marshall set who's armor was pitch black, wielding a Special Ops Fuel Rod as well as equipped with a large dark hue Energy Sword and goes on by the name of "Zaro 'Veros".

Then came the rising of a darker and more sinister enemy approaching very soon. After being able to push through the Covenant's defenses, the Prophet of Truth was able to open a portal that led him into what was believed to have been called 'The Ark' a factory or in other words the birth-place of all Halo Rings. Its purpose was to activate every Halo Ring instantaneous that itís enough to wipe out every living organism off the face of the galaxy. The L.A.C had proceeded through the Brutes defense grid while on their way to terminate that of two Anti-Air Cannons destroying every Aircraft unit that the alliance sent while coming across that of a second Titan Nova has encountered that goes by the name of "Omega" who would always refer Nova as a Dragon Slayer due to have known an old anime when they first discovered his ability to bend fire to his will, by than the two have been a pair of complete potential of being able to take out a batch of seasoned Jiralhanae Battalions while his mate who was more of a Freelancer was named "Agent Noble", at first both Nova and Noble have not seeing eye to due to Noble's hatred for the Sangheili after the death of her own parents, but as time passes on with their fight against the Covenant they have eventually formed a friendship with one another after Nova pulled off a stunt of pushing Noble out of the way of a raging Brute Chieftain now blood-crazed when the hammer was a few inches too close to her head until Nova had taken the blow by the head, yet it was not enough to kill him after he tore out the Brutes very heart out with his gauntlet piercing through its chest, killing it instantaneous. The last that was part of the assault group was yet another Freelancer that goes by the name of "Illinois". Together as one unit, the L.A.C along with those they have managed to ally were fortunate enough to finally take out the Anti-Air Cannons, yet failed to stop the Forerunner Ship escaping.

And as if things could not get bad enough as he assumed, the Flood itself had begun to infect half of Earth in masses and masses of numbers infected corpses now walking on their own with parasitic tentacles slithering. Luckily for them the Flood invasion was at a minimum state that they were quite fortunate enough to contain with the assist of the Shipmistress Sangheili female that goes by the name of "Alei 'Iakanee", but at a price for glassing half a continent.

With one final effort, all forces of UNSC, the Covenant Separatist and the L.A.C moved forward through the portal and onward towards the Ark in an attempt to put an end to the war and stop the Halo Rings from being activated yet again. The Ark was truly massive then they have ever expected, filled with flourished life that are being Terra-formed by the powering through the Forerunner Structures siphoning amount of particles for life to populate on. Only that this beautiful world itself would eventually be turned into a battleground for a desperate attempt to gain control over it with different ideals. And to the end, the Alliance had one, destroying both the Flood and the Ark as well as defeating the Covenant who are now retreating to the farthest reaches of space.

As much as Humanity had wanted to celebrate, the first was to mourn for those who have given their lives for the sake of their race. Weapons of all sorts, both Covenant and Human placed in the monument with photos of both races of close friends and family who had died on the field of battle. From there stood Uhze, along with the other Sangheili's as well as the Arbiter who too was part of the ceremony until finally Arbiter and the Separatist returned to Sangheilios whilst the L.A.C along with all individuals remained back on "REACH" where they began to rebuild everything that the war had destroyed as all factions of races cooperated with one another so that they too can achieve a future for all races to co-exist with each other, but even that won't stop the drums of war from playing again.

Even so, Nova has at least wanted to return back to his homeworld to admire the grass-fields of his borderland of his estate, he was denied of all rights to return back to Sangheilios because of the Kaidons who began to develop an uneasy feeling of having Nova who has been gifted with the ability to bend Flames at his whim. As a result, they had resorted him into exile of never returning back to Sangheilios, leaving a painful scar in the Sangheili soul who had fought for his people and was still not enough to gain even their trust without letting himself go for their own sake. With nowhere else to go, the L.A.C have accepted him back into the Clan as one of their own, cheering up the scarred Sangheili and assuring him that they were now his official family to look up to.

Four years have passed after the event of the Didact invading Earth and the return of the Master Chief, Uhze and the rest of the L.A.C members were soon assigned to do their missions for the UNSC Military Branch on fighting against a new group known as the Storm Covenant. Their mission were take out a Storm Covenant War Criminal named "Levahk 'Velgamanee" before he is able to reinforce more Forerunner Technology and take back the remaining hostages they've captured from several planets.

Uhze was soon given command as well as being Squad Leader of a team of both Humans and Elites who later then realized that they were his friends during the Human/Covenant War, supposedly they went to their separate ways but surprisingly came back who apparently were Shaine, Raida, Dante and Wolf. Later on they've completed their objective on slaying the Storm Covenant War Criminal as well as returning every civie's back to their home-world and were soon rewarded for their action. Just then, before encountering all the the civilian's Nova eventually met a young girl about 18-years old named Angelica Pinary who couldn't walk on her own because of being somewhat crippled for her entire life since she was just a child, without thinking he decided to carry the girl bridal style from all the way the rendezvous point as he assured her that she was going to make it out alive.
There has actually been a time when Nova had been captured as a prisoner of ONI when on of their agents "Jones Harlignton" backstabbed the Sangheili and left him to rot in prison. But that all changed when a Spartan clad in pure white that went by the name of "Duncan" set him free as the two made their escape out of ONI territory. Until then, Nova has been thankful to Duncan for setting him free ever since.

Eventually, several of the Legionary Alliance Clan members, including Uhze himself were retired from their duty and went on towards their separate ways to enjoy the peaceful life they had been given upon. And as promise, Nova would always visit Angelica. the girl he saved during his previous mission since she stated that her parents were betrayed by an individual they saved while trying to make it off the planet during the attack by the Storm Covenant, only Nova himself was the only person she has left to consider a family in which she views Uhze as an uncle and Uhze himself views her as a niece and sometimes even a daughter at that point.

As days passed, Nova has finally been given the opportunity to see Alice once more since she had just departed from the Spartan Program and decided to have a normal life without having to remember the days of war back then. But by the time he had gotten there, a new face and a new Spartan by the name of "Mathew Jackson" had already claimed her as his own. Day by day Nova himself would always come by the couple to check on her from a far-away vantage point with a sniper in hand, hiding in the shadows while spectating the two unsuspecting Spartans , seeing how much they have gotten along with each other until the very end they had begun to fall in love with each other.

The Sangheili had begun to feel a hint of sadness flowing over him, rejected by the one he treasured dearly during their time together in the war until finally loneliness and bitter-sorrow had consumed him completely to the brink of dealing with the aching pain within his chest. For all his life, fate has not bind kind to him since he had been denied of everything that he yearned for at least something or anything that could end all of his suffering of being alone for all of his time ever since he was just an infant, having to go through so much pain was just too much for the Sangheili that it left him completely broken to the soul. Even his own kind, the Sangheili's of Sangheilios have denied him of his return to the planet due to seeing him as an abomination of nature due to his powers out of fear that he would use it against them, having no access to his homeworld as he was outcast left the Sangheili to ponder. And now he was denied furthermore of not getting the opportunity to fall in love with the Spartan he cherished dearly.

But he continued onward through the pain, for he was at least given at least a glimpse of comfort that Alice had been happy, than he too should be happy as well for her and Mathew and yet deep down he was all too envious that he couldn't get the anywhere near the Spartan that he had loved, for he would be hated by her if he was to intervene with their love for each other. After all, who out of their bloody mind could ever love someone or something so...hideous and un-natural as this unfortunate and cursed Sangheili like himself, that left Nova to shield away his feelings with a barrier of flames so that no other could ever harm his already shattered heart ever again.

But even in a time of happiness, they'll always be a new war coming and eventually came the Storm Covenant and their strongest group known as the "Dakaaries" and a new group by the name of "The Dark Krosheets", a group of augmented Sangheili juggernauts that were led by Fleetmaster Kroudon Rogamee, the enemy of Nova. Kroudon had finally obtain what he has been searching for many years, being the first to inject himself of what he calls it "The Velraconia Serum" a liquefied flow of abnormal purpose of perfecting super-soldiers that could match up to that of a Spartan, even the higher upper classes were able to dominate that of Titan's as well and they came with precision tactical plans that outmatched that of both Humanity and the Sangheilian own alike. Together, all three alliances of evil proved too much for "REACH'S" forces to hold off and eventually requested assistance.

Later then L.A.C and the UNSC Militia along with several rebels who defied the Fleetmaster including the several Sangheili Separatist fought off against the three alliances of evil's forces that were now invading "REACH". Desperately their forces have tripled rapidly and neither any of the Milita could hold them off. Without help from Earth or Sangheilios, they'll eventually be wiped out of "REACH". With that they were forced to come up with decisions that could be suicidal, and with that the Legionary Alliance Clan went into hostile territory to learn that the The Dark Krosheets have been building a weapon that could end Humanity on the planet, a weapon that has been modified with both Promethean and Forerunner tech designed to target Human particles and terminate them with a single blast that's enough to cover the entire world, even those who are lingering underground won't be able to escape the blast.

And so on Humanity from Earth and Sangheili's from Sangheilios answered their call and sent their best soldiers into battle. With enough Soldiers under Dekard's display along with Uhze by his side, he soon led the forces towards Kroudons fortress accompanied of Tanks, Warthogs, Revenants, Ghosts, Phantoms, Pelicans, Falcons, Banshees and etc. Seeing an immense army of Dark Krosheets Warriors swarming around with heavy arsenal in their grasp, they charged into an assault and eventually they've broken into Kroudons fortress. Eventually both Uhze and Alice made in while the other held the reinforces off while they find the Fleetmasters location.

And eventually they found him, Kroudon 'Rogamee who had changed drastically through the many years of hiding and now here he stands. What made him even more sinister was his ability to use telekinesis towards his will as to much like Uhze could with fire. Then to two clashed with each other, the left hand bared their weapon of choice consisted of a Sword and a Scythe while the right was encased with elemental powers clenched in fist forms while shooting off particles at each other until finally Nova was defeated by the hands of his enemy. In a matter of seconds, Kroudon would have finished him off were it not for the Spartan Alice who had jumped over Uhze as the blade of the Scythe pierced through her armor with her helmet slipping off as it rolls around.

Nova's heart seemed to have stopped dead on its track as if he could not breathe anymore. There stood the woman who gave her life for the sake of him living and the person he cherished dearly now impaled by the Fleetmaster's Scythe. Until finally, a burst of angry flames seared out of his very soul as he eventually overthrow the Fleetmaster that left half of his face burnt from Nova's blaze of hatred. The Sangheili's Dark Krosheet forces soon aided the wounded Fleetmaster as he makes his escape, leaving Nova to mourn for the death of his mate with several of his comrades standing aside him.

Their attempts to capture was failed but they were able to save "REACH" and put an end to the Fleetmasters first wave of the Dark Krosheet army. The aftershock of the attack have left families and friends heart-broken of never seeing their loved ones ever again, including the loss of their first L.A.C's Clan Leader who had just died on the field of battle at Little Rock. From there they paid their respect by visiting the memorial burial, seeing weapons, vehicles, pictures of family and friends along with many ornaments of sorts that they made to honor the dead. A decade have eventually passed and the L.A.C have already gained thousands of new recruits of old and new faces. But from the very day Alice had died and the time Mathew had never forgiven him for failing on protecting her, Nova had shunned himself away while still having a heavy grief, blaming himself to the point of trying to kill himself on the fields of war while hoping that the time of solitude would mend the wounds within his heart. Yet it was not enough, it had only left him defeated and hurt.

Months have passed during the invasion on REACH and the L.A.C itself was never heard of ever again...

Until from that day of the year 2557, he soon encounters a Spartan-IIII by the name of "Commander Rachel Auri", possibly the first Human to have ever walked through his flames within his soul and having an understanding of what the unfortunate Sangheili had been going through while saving her from a group of savage Sangheili like creatures known as "Vorahkheili's", a subspieces of Sangheilis creatures but where more savage in nature as well as much more animalistic in nature while being extremely aggressive to all other races from eating her. He had also taken a blow to the chest by a Sniper bullet with an E.M.P tip that was enough to penetrated through the toughest of shields while using himself as a shield to protect Auri from "Rex Cain" a paid mercenary who's Sniper shot that penetrated through his tough armor.

Reasons for why Nova would do such a selfless thing, was the fact that he couldn't bare the chilling thought of having to fail yet again of not being able to save at least on of his friend in the process, he had already lost Alice to Kroudon's clutches during the invasion of REACH and the idea of him loosing Auri to "Rex Cain" bullet to the head is something Nova could not bare and would not accept.

Even so he had been able to complete the mission while causing the destruction of both the invading P.M.C's and Vorahkheili's after the Planet that inhabited them was a Forerunner Factory that could of made an individual into a mighty God, luckily both Nova and his team had successfully foiled the P.M.C's plan and were able to destroy the Forerunner Factory in the process. During the aftermath, both Nova and Auri had taken their separate ways of returning back into their own factions, but before Nova had given her an Energy Sword cue in Hazel-Green that once belonged to Alice herself.

The Sangheili had passed it down into Auri's possession out of respect for what the young Spartan has achieved while others could not. He was somewhat happy and glad to have had the privilege to have trained her under his own teachings of the way of the Sword and the meanings of Honor itself until she had finally progressed through all of his expectations. Without wasting anytime the two had gone on their own paths, yet they would not forget one another of the times they have had together of fighting alongside each other and to have been able to consider one another as close friends.

Within months of passing, the L.A.C Commander Uhze 'Nostrom 'AKA Nova' himself made a vow to protect the light of a new dawn for unity from eternal darkness with his fellow Human companions that he considers as friends, his fellow Sangheili brethren who continue to fight by his side and the other species that he vows to protect from all manner of evil that wishes for the universes destruction. And by far in his life of warfare, his promise was never going to break for as long as he continues to live and so on his life as a Zealot of the New Order ended with the Covenant Empire and was eventually reborn like a Phoenix rising from the flames as a Legionary Alliance Clan's leader where his chapter continued on until the end of times would allow him to transcend into paradise.

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Okay in all seriousness, if you're going to join up in the NHRPG, I would suggest making your character much less detailed. Even in Pt. 11, some of the stuff (and events) haven't (because of time or simply won't) been introduced. For one, the Halo arrays happened, but as far as details, it's going to remain vague, last time I was informed. Other things that greatly stands out are the Promethean tech. Last I recall, Promethean tech hasn't been used much, if at all. I may be wrong on that. Before even getting to the backstory/history something else I think Naked Crook plans on not including is the Flood.

Going through the backstory, I believe there's a standing general rule that unless a character was established during an RP of a particular event, in this case, Reach, then they can't be propped in, especially if they were a key figure during the battle. It's a big no-no. That's my understanding, at least. However, to fully be aware of events, dos, don'ts, and other Q&As to Naked Crook, if you haven't already.

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Let me start by saying...WOW.

I have to admit, that I am giving you 5 stars for creativity. That is VERY detailed. I love detail. In fact, you would be the PERFECT person to have on TNO. I would love to see you join up with the NHRPG. With creativity like yours, I would be dumb to say otherwise.

However, I would like to discuss a few things with you. We do have a somewhat loose rule about non-interference with the prime-canon. While we do allow RP in and around prime-canon areas, we try not to mix fanon and canon. With that said, I would be very excited to talk to you about making sure we are both on the same page, so we can get you involved.

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