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Old STB - Burying the Hatchet
Default 08-07-2014
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Burying The Hatchet


ONI Vessel "Dead Ringer"

Character Sheet

Character Sheet

Kirk was typing behind his terminal. He was humming to himself as he did.

Kirk: And that should do it. 3 hours is plenty time for you to blow off steam.

Omega: Blow off steam...Sure.

Kirk stood up from his seat.

Kirk: Come now, don't be so closed minded.

Kirk walked around his desk, and made his way to the door.

Kirk: This way Omega, adventure awaits!

Omega sighed as he followed Kirk out of the office. The door closed behind them, as they made their way to the Holo-deck.

Omega: So tell me again, how big are these pods...

Kirk: Large enough to accommodate you, why do you ask?

Omega: No reason...


By "accomodate" you mean "snug" right?

Kirk: I suppose so...

Omega very quietly sighed

Kirk was silent.

Kirk: Omega...Are you claustrophobic?

Omega: No, that implies that I fear closed spaces...I don't fear closed spaces...

I just hate closed spaces.

Kirk: I've never noticed this until now.

Omega: That's because I don't let it get in the way.

Kirk: Interesting...

Moments passed, until they approached door to the Holo-deck.

When they neared it, the door opened, and the 2 entered. The door closed behind them.

Kirk: Take off your helmet so I can get you situated.

Kirk walked towards a terminal, and started loading a sim for Omega

Omega scoffed, as he placed his thumbs under his helmet, and pressed on the release hatch, freeing the helmet from the pressurized suit. He grabbed his helmet with both hands, and removed it, he placed the helmet on a table, he then readjusted it’s position, by turning the helmet, so the visor was facing the entrance to the holodeck.

Kirk: The relaxation suite is always a good starting off point for anyone new to holopods.

Omega: This isn’t the first time I’ve been in one of these.

Kirk: Ahh that’s right, but you’ve probably only been in combat sims…

The relaxation Suit is a program programmed by none other than Admiral Wiseau, to combat stress and mental trauma.

Omega: I thought you hated Admiral Wiseau

Kirk: Only in person Omega, I’m actually quite the fan of his work in computer science.

Omega rolled his eyes. And climbed into the holopod

Kirk: I assure you; you will come out of that pod feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Omega: Give me 15 minutes in the shooting range and I'm sure you'll have the same effect.

Kirk: Don't be such a baby

Omega sighed.

Omega: What’s so special about this “Relaxation program” anyway.

Kirk: The program goes through your brain, triggers certain memories, not all, and finds the one that get the greatest response, then it loads a scenario tailored to that memory, and from there…brain yoga.

Omega: Yo-what?

Kirk: Yo-GA, it’s an exercise for both the body and mind.

Omega: You really think I don't know what yoga is?

Kirk sighed.

Kirk: Right...I forgot you picked up sarcasm. It’s really hard to tell honestly

Omega: I was kidding, I don’t know what yoga is.

Kirk pointed to the empty holopod.

Kirk: Get in your damn pod.

Omega smirked, but instantly frowned, as he approached the pod, he placed his hand on one of the handlebars, and climbed into it. Once he was settled in, the pod door started closing in on him. He was rolling his shoulders, he could feel his heartbeat increase. He closed his eyes, and started taking deep breaths. Deep breaths turned into exasperated panting, as he looked around the pod, things that were real started to disappear, as a new world started materializing around him. He held his breath, as if he were being submerged in water.

Soon enough, water began to fill the empty world, first he felt it around his ankle, then around his waist.

Isaac, you need to calm down

Isaac looked around him, he knew he wouldn’t be able to swim, with his armor he was pretty much wearing concrete shoes.

First step is to breathe Isaac…

The water was up to his neck, he was panicking as it steadily climbed up to his chin


He tilted his neck back and gasped for air, closing his eyes as he did.

7 seconds passed, then he took another deep breath, his eyes were still closed.

After one powerful exhale, he opened his eyes, he was in the middle of a very wide, very open grass field.

Omega looked around he could feel the wind brush against his face.

Omega: This is a joke…

A butterfly fluttered around Omega, and gracefully landed on his breastplate.

He slammed his palm onto the computer generated butterfly, crushing it.

Omega: This is what’s supposed to calm me down, a grassy field and BUTTERFLIES?!

Omega lifted his palm off his chest, only to see that there was nothing in his palm, he looked up, and saw the same butterfly fluttering around him. Moments later 2 identical looking butterflies saw fit to land on each of his shoulders.

Omega sighed.

Omega: This is just too cliché

Voice: Don’t think I didn’t see that.

Omega’s eyes widened, and his nose flared. He was ready to kill. He reached for his knife but found nothing in his sheathe

Omega: Figures...

He muttered under his breath, but he still turned around, and readied his fists, like a boxer.

Voice: Omega-Z214

Omega: Isaac, actually. Only my tormentors call me Omega...

Voice: The name your mother gave you, alright, good to see you using it.

Omega: Who the hell are you, and what do you want

The man with the voice stepped out of the tall grass, revealing a Spartan in heavily modified SPI armor.

Omega dropped his arms, and took a good long look at the Spartan in front of him. He clenched his fist.

Omega: Spartan Z-Twenty-Four…

Character Sheet

The Spartan rolled his right shoulder, like he was preparing to give a wallop.

Simon: In the flesh…Z-Two-Fourteen.

The two stood about 10 meters apart, they were staring each other down. Both Spartans took it upon themselves to not blink, not one single twitch.

As the seconds pass, the two start walking towards each other, until they are right in spitting distance.

Simon held out his hand, and Omega received it, what followed suit was an expertly executed handshake, followed by a brotherly embrace. After about 5 seconds the two let go, and took a step back.

Simon: How’ve you been.

Omega shrugged

Omega: Well, pretty good I guess, I mean, since you last saw me I’ve been Shot in the head, put into cryo, and now I’m bodyguarding a member of ONI Brass.

Simon: That’s really interesting…really interesting,

Omega: What about you?

Omega knew his question was ironic

Simon: Oh well pretty good too I guess, I was shot in the head, receded into a high-functioning toddler, and then you smothered me with a pillow.

Omega: Yeah…

Simon placed his hand on Omega’s shoulder.

Simon: Look Isaac, don’t feel bad.

Omega: I don’t.

Simon gave Omega a small shove.

Simon: You DO, I know because I know you better than you know yourself. I should’ve died 20 years ago, when I got shot in the head, but for some reason, they kept me around, and I was some homosexual Russian’s lapdog for the better part of a year. And when I wasn’t of any use to him anymore, he tossed me aside, and left me to rot in ONI hands. I know how Vernette deals with Spartans that…don’t behave. Hell, I’ve seen what he does with Spartans that do, the point is, you did the right thing.

Omega looked down, dead silent.

Simon: We weren’t brought up like regular kids, you know? Most kids…they have sleepovers, and watch movies. They don’t learn to recite Sun Tzu, you know, like us. I died as I lived, completely without control of my life. Nobody exists on purpose kiddo, and day by day, we’re closer to our expiration date.

Simon paused.

Simon: Well, time’s up.

Simon gave Omega a nod followed by quick salute, and started walking away.

Omega: What? I just got here...

Simon: It's been three hours since you got in the holopod, the compie had a difficult time reading your nogin, just so happens 3 hours is the maximum amount of time someone can spend in a holopod before they start getting...viiiisions

Omega: There’s no way it’s been three hours.

Simon: Time flies when you have a heart to heart with your dead best friend.

Simon slapped Omega on the arm, and started walking towards the field of tall grass

Omega sighed

Simon: But you’ll be okay, you’re alive best friend is right outside.

Omega: I suppose he is.

Simon: See you next time, Space Cowboy…

Omega nodded, and watched as Simon disappeared into the tall grass.

Omega: Z-Twenty-Four…Good soldier…cynical…but a good.

Too bad I didn’t get to fight him.


Omega observed the grass dematerialize in front of him, one moment he was in a wide open canvas, and in the next, he’s back in the cramped holopod. He inhales loudly, and starts having a coughing fit.

Kirk’s voice could be heard from outside the pod.

Kirk: Are you awake Omega?

Omega hit the inside of the pod.

Kirk: Are you actually awake are is that just another twitch.

Omega knocked twice this time, and the pod shell opened.

Kirk: Well…What did you think?

Omega: Not as bad as I thought.

Kirk: Well, at least we have that, you had a rocky start, but you settled nice, what was your sim about?

Omega: I talked to Simon.

Kirk: Simon…

Kirk rubbed his chin for a moment, and tapped his toe on the floor, then he snapped his fingers

Kirk: The one you put to sleep! Yes I remember him. Seemed like a competent enough Spartan, considering he was missing a good part of his brain.

Omega: Yeah…

Omega looked at Kirk, and a thought occurred to him.

Omega: What’re your sims usually about.

Kirk grimaced, and shrugged his left shoulder

Kirk: Well…



Lots of stuff.

Kirk held his hand out and helped Omega out of the holopod, knowing full well it was just a formality.

Kirk: If I’m to talk about it…I’m going to need some wine…

Omega stepped out of the pod, and nodded.

Kirk: What good are emotional scars if not shared with friends…


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Default 08-07-2014
Hells Sniper
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Short, simple, and to the point. I really liked this actually, helped unveil some more of Omega's character. This was nice.

Good job Cuban.

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Default 08-07-2014
Naked Crook
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I agree. A good short story. It exposed a bit of Omega's humanity.

You should make more of these.

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