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Old RPG character influences
Default 07-05-2010
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How did your halo rpg character come to existence? Now I have tons of rpg characters, and Ican tell you none of them just came out of thin air, They were heavily influenced from a character from a game, book or movie. List how your rpg characters came to be, be it with how you came up with him, or where you got the idea for him.

I'll start with my brute characters


Mordecai's primary influence was Wrex, From Mass Effect.

I wanted to Give Mordecai the feeling of a Bounty Hunter with a past. like Wrex.

The name "Mordecai" Comes from one of my favorite movies, The royal tenenbaums,


My idea for Dirk was simple

Have an evil doppelganger of Delta, Created by someone who is pure evil.

While the character Dirk was created out of thin air, Fornicus on the other hand, had some more thought put into.

He was supposed to be that pathetic villain, the type that would say "Time out" in the middle of a fight, only to cheat and stab you off guard.

He's a pathetic cheater, who only got lucky.

I'll post more character influences later.

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Default 07-05-2010
Naked Crook
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Preston Vernette:

This guy has had several influences. He is a combination of Characters that I think kick the ass in various ways. Combined, they kick ass in every way.

First we have John Sheppard from Stargate: Atlantis

This guy is tough, takes no shit, and laughs in the face of the enemy, even when its inappropriate. THe militeristic side of Vernette for sure.

Next, we have Rodney MaKay from...Stargate: Atlantis

This guy embodies the technical and educated aspect of Vernette. He is very rude, short tempered, and highly intelligent, and his arrogance is unimaginable.


Its tough to describe where I got his personality from. I molded it around the concepts of guilt and redemption. As his character evolved, he became more of sympathizer to the human cause, and helped them, in spite of the beliefs that were hammered into him. However, has a hard line in him, a charismatic and strong leader.


Essentially Delta and Barrabus have the same personality, but there is one thing that sets them apart.

Fold augmented Nick Fury

Represents the technological aspect of Delta. An organic with inorganic components, stronger, faster, smarter, more dangerous then the original

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Default 07-05-2010
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mostly influenced by Shepard and garrus from mass effect (mostly garrus in mass effect 2) someone who gives everyone a chance even a alien


pretty influenced by Tob from stargate atlantis a alien who sometimes fights for you and would betray you at a moments notice (he will start betraying people soon enough)

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Default 07-05-2010
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Sothe is pretty much a direct copy of
but with guns and a last name. Brian i kinda pulled outta my ass. Jimmy is basically Sothe, but in memory of James "Jimmy" "The Rev" Sullivan, the late Avenged Sevenfold drummer, with Fred Archambault's last name, their technical engineer guy

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Default 07-08-2012
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My RPG inspiration
Malren me im a loudmouth when im n a sit where im n trouble

tylan my brother cause hes fucking annoying.

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