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Default 05-21-2010
Eevee is new to TNO
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"Also the fact that they, for some reason, think that we are a married couple, plays an effect. I don't know why they would think that, though." I say as I continue to walk, making sure to look forward so as to hide the fact that my face is turning red.

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Default 05-26-2010
Grunt hive mind
Grunt hive mind is new to TNO
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Grunt hive mind is LIVE AGAIN DUCKIES.
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Name: Gideon Ocelot
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class: Bounty hunter/spy
Rank: N/a
Physical Description: Wear's a customized ODST with a thruster pack; Has blonde hair and a mustache and wears a cowboy hat.
Personality: Extremly greedy, Fearless for the right price, Willing to kill anything.
Strength: Proficient in warfare and know's how to survive.
Weakness: After years of working for both sides has almost no sense of right or wrong
Weapons: Four M6 magnums, a sniper rifle and customized grenades fashioned into time bombs.
Backstory: After serving for 5 years and showing exceptional skills yet never getting promoted Gideon didn't see a reason to serve with no benifits and began to work for the covenant and the UNSC becoming a regular who worked for both sides.

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Default 05-26-2010
Naked Crook
Naked Crook is well known to TNONaked Crook is well known to TNONaked Crook is well known to TNONaked Crook is well known to TNONaked Crook is well known to TNO
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Naked Crook is going back in time

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(I think this is dead)

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Default 05-26-2010
killerrabbit213 is new to TNO
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killerrabbit213 is is Iron Man
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(Eevee said hes rarely near a computer lately)

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Default 05-26-2010
galaxyfire1 is a TNO usergalaxyfire1 is a TNO user
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is I'M BACK (:

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I'm sorry, but due to inactivity this thread was locked.

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brute, covenant, elite, games, halo, odst, oni, role play, rpg, unsc
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