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Old STB - Gavilan y Oso
Default 08-08-2014
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Gavilan y Oso


A Detention Center on Luna

Character Sheet

Character Sheet

Spectating Inmate: Come on! Kill em'! Kill em'!

2 inmates were brawling in the promenade of a prison. One of them had a medium build, but was fast. The other one was a lumbering giant, with short brown hair with a poof in front.


No right, RIGHT!


The inmate with the medium build was distracted, he looked away from his opponent to scold his trainers.

Brawling Inmate: SHADDUP!

It was in that moment, that the inmate was hit in the gut by a powerful haymaker. It actually lifted him off the ground.

The inmate groaned, as he lurched forward, and ralfed all over the promenade.

Anton, the giant, cracked his knuckles on the side of his head, and chuckled.

Anton: Hey buddy...You alright?

The inmate wiped his mouth and tried flailing his left arm to land one more hit, but when he did, he lost his balance, and fell into a pool of his own vomit.

One of the inmates wearing a red headband entered the middle of the ring, taking extra care to step over the vomit, and lifted Anton's arm up.



2 of the inmates stepped forward, The first one handed The red headbanded inmate credit slips, and a nudie mag.

Inmate: How long are you going to be hiding behind your giant bear man, Alexi…

Alexi: I’m actually standing right in front of him.

The second inmate was more reluctant to give Alexi his winnings.

Inmate 2: I have no idea how a faggot like you has been able to last this long in Prison…Oh wait. I do.

It’s because of that guy…

Alexi snatched the money from the inmates hand

Alexi: Well, I did his math homework, so...our friendship is mutually beneficial.

Alexi pocketed the money, with a smile on his face, then in an instant, sweep kicked the inmate, knocking him off his feet, and onto his back. Alexi placed his knee on his neck, and started pushing his weight down.

Alexi: That is the last time you call me that…

The inmate was flailing his arms, trying in vain to get Alexi’s leg off.

Alexi gave the inmate a playful slap on the face, and he stood up, he gasped for air, and quickly shuffled away.

Anton laughed.

Anton: In case you forgot, we aren’t stuck in here with you. You, little man, are stuck here with us.

The two started walking away from the crowd, with their winnings in hand.

The inmate wiped his lip, his face was all red.

Inmate: We gotta do something about those fa…..fuckers….

Inmate 2: Whatever Tonks, just let it go. One’s an indestructible tank, and the other knows kung-fu.

Tonks: Next time I see that headband wearing fuck and his circus bear, I'm gonna STICK HIM IN THE EYE.

Inmate 2: Then he'll probably make you choke with it, look, those two are dangerous, and we don't want you getting mixed up with them. Just pretend like they don't exist, okay?

Inmate 3: We're all felons here, but you're still our friend,

Tonks sighed.

Tonks: Fine...


Anton: No…No, that’s too much myshka

The lunchlady had given Anton two servings of the prison gruel. She looked like a woman who had some sort of connection to the mob.

Lunchlady: Shaddup Anton, you’re in prison, but that doesn’t mean you’re not a growing boy.

Anton smiled.

Anton: Da, many thanks Rabbit.

Lunchlady Rabbit smiled and nodded, she served the next prisoner his serving of gruel.

Prisoner: Excuse me…Lunchlady Rabbit…Can I get another scoop of this stuff?

Rabbit: What am I running, a CHARITY? NEXT!

Anton held his food tray at his waist, and went to go sit at the usual table he and Alexi would sit at.

He took a seat next to another inmate

Anton: Yo.

The inmate forced a smile, nodded, and then went back to eating. Across from Anton sat Alexi, he had his sleeves rolled up, and he was eating Yogurt.

Alexi: Lotta food you got there.

Anton: Da, Rabbit gave me 2 scoops of Prison gruel after I said I liked it.

Alexi: Only two weeks in prison and you’re already on the lunchlady’s good side?

Anton: I guess I am.

Anton smiled, as he dug right in to his food.

Anton looked up, and took a quick moment of shoveling prison gruel into his mouth hole.

Anton: Where’d you get the Yogurt?

Alexi: I dunno, I think some hippy is giving Yoga sessions in the gym.

Anton: No.

He swallowed his food.

The yogurt!

Alexi: Oh, yeah, I just pocketed it off some guy’s bunk. Prison gruel isn’t doing it for me.

Anton: Well, that’s too bad buddy, because we’re gonna be spending the next couple of years here.

Alexi: Not really, I’ve already found 17 flaws in this prison’s security. Give me till Monday, and I’ll have three escape plans to pick from.

The inmate sitting next to Anton stared at Alexi.


The inmate jumped, and went back to eating his food intently.

Anton chuckled.

Anton: I’ll believe it when I see it.

Two tables down, another group of inmates were chatting it up, until Tonks slammed his hand down on the table


The inmates raised their hands.

Inmate: I didn’t take it
Inmate 2: Nope.
Inmate 3: Nah.
Inmate 4: Hell nope.

Tonks: Well then…Do any of you fine gents mind telling me WHO took it?

Alexi whistled a Russian tune while he walked to the trash can behind Tonks. He dropped the empty yogurt by accident, Ahh chyort! He muttered, while in complete view of the whole group of inmates, But completely under the radar of Tonks. They all neglected to say anything. Alexi non chalontly grabbed the yogurt cup, and then slam dunked it into the trash can. He walked back to his lunch table,

Inmate: No clue.
Inmate 2: Nuh uh.
Inmate 3: Nope.
Inmate 4: I may have eaten it actually, I’ll spot you next time, okay?


Yoga instructor: And then you’re going to want to return to the updog position….

The yoga instructor was a very slender man, with a long combed beard, and braided long hair.

Anton was wearing a blank tank, with the top part of his jumpsuit tied around his waist like a jacket, he was on the floor, and struggling to arch his back up into the “updog” position.

Yoga instructor: ON the exhale…tuck in the tail, traveling up the spine, then inhale back up to table top position.

While some of the other inmates were following the insturctor’s words to the letter, Anton figured he skip all that, go on his knees, and assume the tabletop position this instructor talked so much about.

Instructor: Inhale and extend the right toes out long.

Anton extended his left leg out, upon looking around to make sure he was keeping up, he saw everyone had their right legs out. He cursed under his breath, brought his left leg back in, and then he extended his right leg.

Instructor: Inhale, and bring your right leg back in, exhale, while bringing your left leg out.

Anton sighed.

Instructor: Other leg, guy.

Anton smiled, and nodded, while resisting the urge to throw his yoga mat at the instructor.

Meanwhile, only a couple rooms down from the gym, In the library, Alexi was in the middle of a heated chess game with a Hispanic man, Jose Demendoza, otherwise known as Jose Jose, former owner of one of the most prestigious night clubs on J-2 Alpha, until he got mixed up with the man playing chess in front of him.

Character Sheet

Jose Jose: Check.

Alexi didn’t even flinch, he moved his queen in front of his king.

Alexi: Check….mate.

Jose threw his hands on the board in discontent, his fingers phasing through the pieces that were actually holograms.

Librarian: SHHHHHH

Jose Jose shot the Librarian a dirty glance, and then he looked back at Alexi.

Jose Jose: Whatever…I’m blowin this popsicle stand.

Alexi: See ya…

Once Jose Got out of his chair, Alexi was about to shut off the chess game, until an elderly man took Jose’s seat. He looked familiar to Alexi,

Alexi: Do I know you…

Elderly man: Not in person, I’m sure. I’ve been in here probably since before you were in diapers.

Alexi: What’s your name.

Elderly Man: Aleksander Wilhelm Kasparov…

Alexi’s eyes widened, Kasparov had a toothy grin, as the feeling of recognition hit him.

Alexi: Aleksander Wilhelm Kasparov…

Kasparov just lost it, he was giggling like a schoolboy getting out of detention.

Alexi: The Alexander Wilhelm Kasparov…That robbed TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTEEN BANKS!?

Librarian: SHHHHHH

Kasparov: The same one.

Alexi: The same Aleksander Wilhelm Kasparov…that won the Galaxtionals chess tournament 7 years running…

Kasparov: And the only one too…

Alexi leaned back in his chair

Alexi grinned, and placed his finger on the reset button of the chess board.

Alexi: I’ll humor you, Mr. Kasparov…


Anton had his face planted on the Yoga mat, while the space next to him, previsously unoccupied, was taken by Jose Jose, just sitting on a yoga mat, not participating in the exercise.

Jose Jose: It really isn’t that difficult Annie-Boy.

Anton: Then why don’t you join in Ho-Ho…

Jose Jose: I don’t wanna get sweaty, besides…

Jose Jose looked at the very muscular man in front of him.

Jose Jose: I don’t mind the view.

Anton got up and rolled his yoga mat.

Anton: Well, I’m off.

Jose Jose: Too tired?...

Anton: No, I just hate you. Gooodbye.

Jose Jose scoffed, and sarcastically made a half grin.

Jose Jose: I hate you too darling, you’re little band of misfit toys are the ones that got me here.

Anton: I’m pretty sure it was your “crimes against fashion”.

Anton laughed, while dropping his yoga mat in a basket, and making his way out of the gym.

Jose Jose: Please, I KNOW I’M PERFECT

Jose Jose paused, Anton had left the gym.

Jose Jose: I’m sure he heard me.


Anton: Hey Jimmy.

Jimmy was a security guard, sitting behind a desk, he had his feet resting on top of the desk.

Jimmy: Heya Anton, how u doin’.

Anton: Pretty good, how’s the family?

Jimmy: Alive and well, Monica drew me in art class.

Anton chuckled.

Anton: Did she?

Jimmy nodded, and tilted his head back, directing Anton to a piece of notebook paper taped to the wall.

Character Sheet

Anton melted, he lowered his shoulders and smiled.

Anton: D’awww….

Jimmy: Yup.

Anton wiped his eyes, he needed to bring both his hands up since they were cuffed.

The door adjacent to the desk opened, and an officer stepped out.

Officer: Kovlov, you’re up.

Anton nodded to the officer, then nodded to Jimmy, Jimmy tipped his cap, and Anton made his way to the officer at the door.

Officer: You are allowed one hug on arrival, and one hug on departure, both hugs cannot exceed 3 seconds, from then on you are to remain in your seat for the remainder of visitation, until an officer escorts you back to your cell.

Anton: Gotcha.

Anton and the Officer walked down a hallway, connecting the prison to the visiting room. Anton looked out a window, and saw an elderly lady, sitting alone at a table. She was all prettied up, with makeup, a suit, and elegant scarf. Anton couldn’t help but smile, while he was being escorted.

A couple steps later, they were at the door. The Officer slid his security card and punched a code into the keypad. The light above the door turned green, and the door slid open. Anton took a deep breath, and slowly walked out of the hallway. The elderly woman stood up from her chair and gasped.

Elderly lady: ANTON!

Anton: Hi mamochka…

As soon as Anton was close to the table, the elderly woman who was Anton’s mother approached Anton and gave him a tender, sweet hug, Anton lifted his cuffed hands over his mom’s head, which was easy for him considering he was almost 2 feet taller than her, and returned the hug. Anton could hear his mother sniffing, trying to hold back tears.


Anton sighed, and lifted his arms over his mom, but she was more reluctant to let go. When it seemed like the officer was about to make his way over, the mother let go, giving the officer a dirty look. They both took their respective seats, across from one another.

Mom: What kind of prison is this…I can’t even hug my own baby…

Anton: Well mama, that’s one of the things you give up in prison.

Mom: Oh shut up Anty, HOW could you let this happen…

Anton: Please don’t tell me you came all the way out here just to lecture me…


It’s a mom’s job to worry about her children.

Anton: Oh yeah? I don’t see you worrying about Alisa, Vera, or Diana!

Mom: Because they’re not getting mixed up in terrorist plots….LIKE YOU STUPID!!!

Anton: Okay okay…fair enough…

Anton and his mother smiled.

Anton: How are they doing anyway.

Mom: Fine, Alisa is still a reporter, she exposed a paper company that directed and sold child pornography…

Anton: Disgusting…Good for her.

Mom: Vera is a heavyweight boxer.

Anton’s eyes widened.

Anton: And how’s that going for her?

Mom: She’s 24-0, she’s got a shot at the title next week.

Anton smiled.

Anton: And Diana?

Mom: Dentist.

He nodded

Anton: Ahh…

Mom: Basically, every one of my children is making money legally, except for you, my little troublemaker.

Anton: Well, like father like son…

Mom: Anty, you are many things, but your dad, you’re not. If he was half as smart as you are, then he wouldn’t’ve left the way he did.

Anton: Da…I guess you are right…

Mom: Hey…is that the Alexi boy?

Anton looked behind him and saw Alexi walking into the visitation room, his face was one of disgust.

He hadn’t noticed Anton, when he walked down to a table in the corner of the room, met with another elderly woman, who instead of greeting Alexi with a hug, had started smacking Alexi upside the head with a magazine.


The guards did nothing to intervene, as they all just laughed to themselves.

Mom: Now that’s a boy who never calls their mother…

Anton: Da…



Alexi: Paper beats Rock.

Anton: I know…


Alexi: Paper beats Rock again…

Anton scoffed.

Anton: Give me a real rock, and I will show paper whose boss. Again!


Alexi: Scissors beats paper.

Anton groaned

Anton: I hate playing this game with you it’s like you know what I’m going to play before I play it.

Alexi: I kind of do actually…you always pick the one I beat you with two times in a row.

Anton sighed, as he lifted his legs up and lied down on his bunk.

Anton heard a man screaming outside his cell, he looked over, and saw a man getting dragged by two security guards.


Security Guard: You, for starters.

Security Guard 2: You’re gonna be spending a loooong time in solitary meat. Murdering another inmate is a very serious charge…

Anton: What the…

Anton heard Alexi whistling a tune, and very loudly turning the page of a book.

Anton: Alexi…

Alexi: Yes?...

Anton: Did you have anything to do with that…

Alexi: Sorta.

Anton: What do you mean “sorta”

Alexi: You know that guy who sat next to you in lunch? He was about to tattle, so I took some random guy’s toothbrush, fashioned a shiv, took out the trash, then returned the tool to its place of origin.

Had to make the job look unprofessional…so it couldn’t be traced back to me.

Anton buried his face in his palms.

Anton: You mean you weren’t joking, you actually have an escape plan.

Alexi: 2 plans, actually. Depending on whether you wanna get out of here on a Wednesday, or a Sunday. Me personally, I wouldn’t mind waiting till Sunday, I’ve got a score to settle with a Mr. Kasparov.

Anton: Why?

Alexi: He beat me in chess.

Anton: So he’s dead

Alexi: In our next game…he’s gonna wish he was.

Anton grabbed his sheets, and got comfortable in his bunk.

Anton: Sunday’s fine buddy.

Goodnight asshole.

Alexi: Goodnight asshole.

26 years ago – 2529 – Behind Duran Elementary School

An 11 year old Anton punches another child, a ten year old Alexi, and shoves him to the wall.

Anton: Come on Alexi…Mr. Chess Champion.., what good is knowing which piece is which if you CAN’T THROW A PUNCH.

Alexi: I don’t know, tell me how it feels beating up a man who is…well, I would say ten times smarter than you, but ten times zero is zero.

Anton threw another punch at Alexi, it landed on his jaw, and it knocked his glasses off his face.

As Soon as Anton saw the glasses fly off, he caught them, and stuck them into his flannel pocket.

Alexi: Why’d you…

Anton: Because glasses are expensive.

Alexi chuckled.

Anton: What’s so funny!

Alexi: Nothing…nothing…Please, continue pummeling my face.

Anton: Well I’m not gonna do it if you tell me to!

Alexi: Good! Then I’ll just be on my way then!

Alexi was about to walk away, until Anton grabbed his collar, and pulled him back.

Anton: No…

Alexi looked at Anton, who towered above him.

Alexi: So what do you want me to do…

Anton: I don’t know…

He paused.

Fight back?

Alexi: No thanks, I’m a pacifist…

Anton: A paci-whaa?

Alexi: Pacifist.

Anton: you mean like…those things for babies?

Alexi: No…Pacifist…as in people that don’t fight.

Anton: So…you mean you’re a pussy?

Alexi: No!

Anton: A man who refuses to fight is a man whose scared to fight…

Alexi: What eleven year old TALKS like that?!

Anton: I forgot…You’re new to this school…


Anton looked in the direction of the child who called him a retard, there were three schoolkids.

Anton: WHAT!

Alexi: Don’t respond to that.

Anton raised an eyebrow and looked at Alexi, then he turned back to the group of 3 schoolkids.

Bully: Mr. Chess Wiz is our victim…We’re gonna tape his butt cheeks together.

Alexi: Savages! Antonio…or Antoony…whatever your name is, don’t let them anywhere near me.

Anton: Shh.

Alexi: Look…Whatever it is you want, I’ll do it.

Anton: Math homework.

Alexi: Done.

Anton: And Science.

Alexi: SURE!

Anton: And teach me how to play chess.

Alexi: YOU GOT IT.

Anton smiled, and let go of Alexi.

He stepped away from Alexi, and faced the group of tormentors.


The leader of the pack of schoolkids spit on the ground.


The group of schoolkids charged at Anton, but the closer they got to him, the smaller they appeared to Anton.

Anton crackled his knuckles, and smiled.

Anton: That’s the last time you call me that…


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Default 08-09-2014
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Yeah, retard!

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Default 08-10-2014
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Lol Jose Jose.

Another great short Cuban. Would be interesting to see what you could do with these two in later parts of the NHRPG

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