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View Poll Results: Which?
DMR 2 15.38%
Plasma Launcher 1 7.69%
Sniper Rifle 2 15.38%
Rocket launcher 0 0%
Assualt Rifle 1 7.69%
Focus Rifle 0 0%
Plasma Rifle 0 0%
Plasma Pistol 0 0%
Magnum 4 30.77%
Energy Sword 3 23.08%
Voters: 13. You may not vote on this poll

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Old A thought....
Default 10-11-2010
MadMIkE is new to TNO
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We all know Reach has finally hit stores,and DOMINATED the servers...and they asploded...but heres a poll to see what guns you like the most!(Pete,somehow I know you might say DMR)Just take a look at the poll and decide.

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Default 10-22-2010
covanent man 23
covanent man 23 is new to TNO
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covanent man 23 is using big words cuz he is
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Plasma nade laucher pew pew pew

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Default 10-31-2010
Ralkmere is new to TNO
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Magnum, and got the , "if they came to hear me beg" acheviement, because special assassination are even cooler when your head is on fire.

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