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View Poll Results: new mass effect RPG?
HELL YEAH!!!! 1 25.00%
yes 0 0%
no 2 50.00%
i like drugs (meaning i don't care) 1 25.00%
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Old New Mass Effect RPG?
Default 08-24-2010
DarthMarnix is new to TNO
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i was just wondering if anyone was interested in a new mass effect RPG with this story/ rules:

(well since mylast one failed even though there seemed to be intrest in it i thought for a while and i think i found where it failed and how why and that shit)


  • you can be a human, Asari, Turian, Krogan, Salarian, Batarian, Geth, Collector, Drell, Volus, Quarian, Vorcha or Reaper
  • Reaper MUST die!!! eventually they can live for like most of the RPG
  • the affiliations are: Alliance, Citadel (ik those two are pretty much the same), Cerberus, Reapers, bounty hunter and any other you can think of.
  • The classes are: Soldier (4 weapons), Adapt (2 weapons, biotic powers), Engineer (2 weapons, tech powers), Vangaurd (3 weapons, 2 biotic powers), Sentinel ( 1 weapons, biotic and tech powers), Infiltrator (3 weapons, 2 tech powers)
  • for weapons and armor check here:
  • for ship classes:
  • no killing other characters without permission
  • no controlling other people's characters
  • don't leave when your needed or we will rape the story so we can continue
  • don't Marnix (my line nobody else can use it)


2 years after the defeat of the collectors the reapers arrived the citadel, alliance and cerberus have kept them at bay so far. The all human council has finally made the existence of the reapers public the other races stopped questioning and started following orders to face the real threat. The alliance and citadel have pretty much become the same the only real difference currently is the command as the citadel has the council the alliance has the human president. Cerberus has a new commander the new illusive man (dibs/dips on this character). The alliance/citadel and cerberus are still at war they will work together to face the reapers every now and then but that's it the tension is still high and they still want to eliminate each other. The reapers are in a full assault on the galaxy it seems like nothing can stop them.

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Default 08-24-2010
schectergitarrguyy is new to TNO
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ifthe last one failed what makes you think thid one will work

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Default 08-24-2010
cubanpete24 is a TNO treasurecubanpete24 is a TNO treasurecubanpete24 is a TNO treasurecubanpete24 is a TNO treasurecubanpete24 is a TNO treasurecubanpete24 is a TNO treasurecubanpete24 is a TNO treasure
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Not third


And what the fuck Marnix? Didn't you say DBZ would be your last rpg?

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