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Default 07-30-2014
Hells Sniper
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Alright, so I read it all, start to finish. Granted it took me a while, but here I go, here's my review.

The STB was very well written. There was a ton of detail every step of the way, from beginning to end this thing was full of little details that made the story that much more enjoyable and immersive. The dialogue was amazing, I'm a huge fan of it to flesh out story, rather than describing what's going on. Having the characters talk it out and figure things out WHILE developing a story is a tough thing to do and you hit the nail on the head with it. So that definitely helped me enjoy the story a lot more, dialogue was A+.

There were a few dozen grammar/spelling mistakes, or moments where you slipped up and wrote someone else's name or added too many numbers. But with something this large, that's totally understandable and the reader can easily figure out what you're saying. There are also some moments where people's expression don't match what they are saying, which kind of takes away from it, but that only happened a few times.

The STB got dark a few times; well maybe more than a few. But there were some pretty messed up moments. The internet has basically ruined me, so they weren't TOO bad, where I had to stop reading/walk away, but they definitely made you do a second glance or take a deep breath. Some moments definitely gave me the chills.

All in all, great story, great STB, great highs and lows (dark moments man), and dialogue was off the hook. The STB break points were also a nice touch and I enjoyed seeing Tye handle telling the story to his friends. It was a nice touch that definitely added to the immersion and story.

Also, bonus points for including Harrison and Jacob.



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