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Default 02-24-2014
Naked Crook
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Navere and Alex continued walking, eventually stopping outside the door to Alex's safe house. Alex activated his OMni-Tool, as he placed it against the door. After a few moments, the light on the door turned green, and it opened.

Alex and Navere walked into the safe house, the door closing behind them.

Alex: Navere?

Navere looked at Alex.

Alex pointed to a complex looking workstation in the corner of the room.

Alex: That workstation should allow you to access the Extranet undetected. You should be able to get the necessary information.

Navere: Provided that the information is available. The Shadow Broker has an extensive network...but everything takes time to get.

Alex nodded.

Alex: Just do your best.

Navere sat down in front of the computer station, as she got to work. Alex, on the other hand, walked over to a communication's relay, and activated it.

Alex: I am going to contact my ship. I won't take the chance of having a Cerberus Dreadnought dock at the citadel. Instead, I am going to arrange to have us picked up by a Kodiak shuttle, which will take us back to my ship.

Navere: Are you sure that won't be a problem? A Turian on a Cerberus ship?

Alex: Contrary to popular belief Navere...Cerberus isn't comprised of a bunch of racists. We are simply Human first.

Navere: The question stands.

Alex: Yes, you will be fine. I give you my personal assurance of that.

Navere nodded. She returned to her work. Alex, on the other hand, had managed to establish contact with his ship, which was sitting just outside the Serpant Nebula.

Alex: SSV Damocles...this is Operative Underhill...authentication code Alpha-Alpha-4-4-5-1-6. Do you copy?

Alex waited a moment, and then received a response.

Greyson: This is Operative Grayson. We read you loud and clear Captain.

Alex: Greyson...I am going to need a Kodiak in very short order...ideally one that is flying a Systems Alliance color scheme. I doubt a Cerberus one will get anywhere close to the Citadel before it raises a red flag.

Greyson: Understood sir. We can get a shuttle ready for you right away. We can dispatch it on your order.

Alex: I want that shuttle dispatched as soon as it is ready. I will activate my transponder beacon, you can home in on that to find me.

Greyson: Very good sir.

Alex: Hopefully, when I return...I will have a lead for us to follow. Underhill out.

Alex closed the comm line, and turned back to face Navere.

Alex: Anything yet Navere?

Navere: Nothing yet. I have a few of out operatives searching for what we need. We should hear back from them in a few minutes.

Alex nodded. He turned to face the window of his safe house. From his window, he had a view of the Citadel tower. Alex waited in silence for Navere to give him an update. It was not long before Navere began tp speak.

Navere: Alex...I may have something.

Alex: What do you have?

Navere: Well, for starters, I cannot say for certain if any of the major players out in the galaxy know about rhe same rumors you, and the rest of Cerberus, do. I cannot find any information which supports to refutes the claim/

Alex: That's not good. I don't like uncertainty.

Navere: However, I was given something else to follow-up on which MAY be just as helpful.

Alex: Do tell.

Navere: I was advised to conduct a search for any information which suggest that a Council-race has dispatched any ships to the Perseus Veil, as per the rumors. That involves checking what the Citadel Council knows.

Alex: Did you find any information on that?

Navere: As a matter of fact...we did. As you may, or may not know, The Shadow Broker went to great lengths to tap Council channels for information which could be useful. Very recently, The Shadow Broker came into possession of information which suggests that The Citadel Council knows as much as Cerberus does. The Turian Councillor recently gave an order to dispatch a ship to wait near the most remote Mass Relay which can lead to The Perseus Veil.

Alex: But they are not going INTO the Perseus veil?

Navere: No. Not according to these orders. As far as I can tell, the Turian Councillor will NOT be passing through the relay he is stationed at.

Alex: That means that Turian Ships could be posted at any number of Relays. There are two ways into the Perseus Veil; The first way is to jump to the Far Rim Relay. The second way would be to jump through the the Relay Network to Pheonix Massing Relay. If The Turians took the first route, and camped near Mass Relays that lead to the Far Rim, that would leave The Shadow Sea and Pylos Nebula Relays. Given the fact that the Pylos Relay is in the Terminus Systems, the Council would not risk starting a war by sending warships into that area of space. The Second way is by traversing the Relay network to get to Pheonix Massing...but that would be highly inefficient, and they would never be able to cover all of the ground necessary. I have a feeling that The Turians are going to the Shadow Sea Relay. Besides...out of all the possible relays that could get anyone close to the Far Rim...the MOST remote of all of the IS the Shadow Sea Relay.

Navere: But Alex...The Shadow Sea Mass Relay is in the Attican Traverse.

Alex: Which is much more accessible to a Turian Warship than a Mass Relay located in The Terminus Systems is. The Shadow Sea is just outside the bounds of Alliance Space...but can also be reached from the Citadel Inner Space border with a bit of time spent in FTL. Trust me...That Turian Councillor, provided he is not an idiot, will be sending that fleet to The Shadow Sea. The Council will not send warships into The Terminus unless they want to start a war.

Navere: Alright. So where does that leave us?

Alex: We are going to hit The Pylos Nebula. It will involve several trips through the Relay Network...but we can bypass the Turian Fleet, and get into The Veil to find that STG Team and our rumored Prothean device.

Navere: Alight. That sounds like a plan. Are we ready to go?

Alex: Yeah. I am ready to leave. I will contact our Kodiak shuttle, and we can get underway.

Alex and Navere left the safe house together, intent on returning to Alex's ship.

(Commence 1 hour time lapse).

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Default 02-25-2014
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Lesan was in a Quarian fighter going max speed towards the Far Rim Relay. He had already began calculating his possible destinations to jump to. He considered returning to Council Space but predicted that if the Quarians were as smart as the lead the galaxy to believe, they would have informed the Council of his actions. He determined his best choice would be to head to the Terminus Systems, somewhere that the Council wouldn't go looking for him.

Lesan brought up the fighter's current weight and locked it into the mass relay. As he approached, the mass relay began to send an arc of energy into the fighter. Lesan's fighter lined up to be parallel with relay. The fighter picked up speed and began it to accelerate faster and faster. In the matter of seconds, Lesan came to a slow drift, relatively quickly. The stop couldn't be felt due to the process of the relays.

Pylos Nebula – Mass Relay

Lesan began checking his sensor data to confirm he was where he plotted and began scanning for any ships on an intercept course.

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Default 02-25-2014
Naked Crook
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The Kodiak shuttle that had picked up Alex and Navere had returned to the SSV Damocles, the Cerberus Dreadnought that was under Alex's command. When the Kodiak shuttle landed in the hanger bay, Alex and Navere stepped off, and headed towards the elevator.

As Alex stepped on, he pressed a buttoon the main control panel. The elevator started to move up. As the elevator moved, Navere began to speak.

Navere: Nice ship. Turian ships are more rugged. This seems...luxurious.

Alex: Civilian class comforts. Military grade hardware. Cerberus thinks outside the box. We have leather seats.

Alex grinned.

Alex: Cerberus travels in style.

Navere: Well...hopefully the beds are as lavish as your corridors and your chairs.

Alex: You should see the fish tank in my room. Gives a nice ambiance...but there are no fish. I never feed them and they keep dying.

Navere laughed.

Navere: Get a VI to feed them.

Alex: Nah. That sorta defeats the purpose of the fish being mine.

Navere rolled her eyes.

Navere: in any long will this..."mission" take? I cannot be gone for too long.

Alex: Assuming everything goes good, and we setgle this affair quickly and quietly...a day or two...tops. Cerberus is ruthlessly efficiant in these matters.

Navere: A few days shouldn't be too long as I have a place to stay.

Alex: I can look into assigning you some guest quarters which should warrent you some privacy and quiet.

Navere thought for a moment, and then shrugged.

Navere: Fair enough.

As Navere said this, the elevator stopped, and the door opened. When it did, Alex stepped out onto the bridge with Navere. As he walked across the bridge, several members of the Cerberus crew found themselves confused by the fact that a Turian was on the ship. However, there was no objection.

Alex: Status!?

Alex's executive officer was standing in front of the galaxy map. He turned to face Alex.

Greyson: Sir...we are about to hit the Mass Relay in the Serpant Nebula. We are going to jump through the network, towards the Far Rim, via the Eagle Nebula Mass Relay.

Greyson paused.

Greyson: Assuming we are still going to the Perseus Veil?

Alex nodded.

Alex: Yes, our current destination is still the Perseus Veil. We are going to continue our follow up on the rumors of that STG Team and the supposed Prothean artifact. I have returned with some new intel which will assist in our search. However, I have yet to fully examine the intel. That is something we are going to have to do.

Greyson: Is that why the Turian is here?

Alex: That is one reason. She is going to help us go through the information we get. It is her specialty.

Greyson: Is that wise? Can she be trusted?

Alex: I can trust her. That is all you need to know.

Greyson looked at Navere, and then back at Alex.

Alex: Understood?

Greyson: Yes sir.

Alex nodded.

Alex: Inform me when we reach The Far Rim Mass Relay. I'll be in the conference room, with Navere. We will be reviewing the intel she has provided. Until otherwise stated, resume current operations, and await further orders.

Greyson: Yes sir.

Greyson turned back to face the Galaxy Map. As he did, Alex and Navere walked off, heading off the bridge, towards the briefing room.

Navere: He doesn't trust me.

Alex: Don't take it personally Navere. This is a Cerberus crew. They are not used to interacting with non-humans.

Navere: I can sense that.

Alex: They will get used to it. After all...I am the Captain here...and the decision is mine.

Navere laughed.

Navere: Glad to have someone on my side.

Alex: As far as I am concerned, you will always be welcome on any ship I command. I know you well enough to trust you.

Navere: Well, that is definatly interesting to hear, coming from a Cerberus Operative.

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Default 02-25-2014
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Pyros Nebula – Mass Relay

Lesan completed his scans of the area, ensuring that he wasn't being followed or intercepted. He got some distance from the mass relay and looped back to it. He proceeded with the same thing he did at the Far Rim relay, locking in his destination and weight with the relay and piloted the fighter to a course parallel to the relay. The relay sent a bolt of energy to the fighter once it got close and in the matter of seconds, the fighter was launched to its target.

Omega Nebula – Sahrabarik System – Mass Relay

The Quarian fighter came to a slow pace next to the relay. Like before, Lesan scanned and assessed his situation. No one was seemingly paying attention to him, so he proceeded to Omega [Station]. Upon getting close, he was hailed.

Omega Flight Control: “State your business, Quarian.”

Lesan: “I'm not Quarian, I'm Salarian. I'm here for a business meet-up.”

OFC: “Who are you representing, Salarian?”

Lesan: “Colonel Lesan of the Special Tasks Group for Captain Arin Eldne.”

OFC: “One moment.”

Lesan had the fighter maintain position outside of Omega's defense perimeter as a precaution. About a minute passed and the Flight Controller replied.

OFC: “Hangar Deck 4, Section 42, Bay 02. Dock there and be ready for an inspection.”

Lesan: “Very well, thank you.”

Lesan moved the fighter closer to the station, going to his designated hangar bay. He docked and in no time, several 'official' Omega representatives stormed the hangar for the inspection, all of them wearing the Eclipse logo on their armor. Lesan climbed out of the fighter, the Prothean device in a bag around his shoulder. He walked up to the man who appeared to be in control of the group. A Salarian, standing about six foot tall, short black hair, tanned skin. In his hands was

Man: “What are you doing here, Lesan? I don't want anyone from STG to track me here.”

Lesan: “Actually, Arin, I came here for sanctuary.”

Eldne: “Come on, Valrot, tell me more. What are you doing in a Quarian fighter and what's with the bag?”

Lesan: “It's a long story. It involves going into the Perseus Veil and finding this.”

Lesan showed Eldne what was in the bag, the Prothean device.

Lesan: “It's a Prothean data storage device. I've managed to unlock some of its secrets, but I need a safe place to stay to complete my work.”

Eldne: “Look, I don't want to turn you away, but I can't make this decision until I talk with my boss. She'll want to know what's in it for her.”

Lesan: “Well I'm not in it for the profit. If this makes money, then she can have most of it. I don't require much for personal needs. I will also throw in this fighter as a token of good faith.”

Eldne: “I'm sure the Boss will find your offer reasonable. For now, you can stay at the closest base until she allows you use of a safehouse.”

Lesan hid the device back in the bag and put his hand on Eldne's shoulder.

Lesan: “Thank you, Arin.”

Eldne: “Come on.”

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Default 02-25-2014
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Meanwhile in the Shadow Sea system:

The battle group assigned to blockade the Shadow Sea relay got into position, each of the five ships having it's own tactical position which should be able to block most types of ships from getting away from the relay. The Palavan's Might was the spearhead of the battle group, in the middle of the formation.

Raknarion stood on the bridge, having his gaze fixed upon the Mass Relay, and the other ships. He'd think himself proudly as he stood, being command of more than his own ship. He were pleased.

Then the first mate came behind Raknarion.

First mate: Sir! Admiral Zharlis wants a report of what we've found. He's currently in a meeting and cannot have a direct call, sir. So I'll make a report of our progress, and he wanted the report to be evaluated by you.

Raknarion turned around and eyed the first mate for a moment before saying, in a stern and disciplined voice. The first mate took up his omni - tool and prepared to record the report that Raknarion were about to say.

Raknarion: Very well, as the admiral wish. We've tactically positioned the battle group in front of the Shadow Sea relay, blocking most routes away from it. We've had nothing but a few merchant and mercenary ships coming through. We searched every ship that came through and some did contain illegal items with them, but no signs Valrot. We'll stay put with the blockade until you say other wise, sir.

The first mate ended the recording.

First Mate: Thank you, sir. I'll get the report sent to the admiral ASAP.

Raknarion answered in his usual tone.

Raknarion: Good.

He returns his gaze upon the battle group, hearing the foot steps of the first mate leaving the bridge behind him.

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Default 02-26-2014
Naked Crook
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Alex and Navere entered the conference room, as Navere approached the console at the head of the table.

Alex: I took the liberty of uploading the information you gave me to the ship's main computer. You can find it in the root directory of the secured archive.

Navere entered a few commands.

Navere: Got it.

All of the information that Navere had provided for Alex appeared on a screen on a large screen mounted on the wall.

Navere: There is quite a bit here. Is there anything here that you are interested in the most?

Alex approached the screen, and looked.

Alex: File 65532 - STG Orders to the Perseus Veil.

Navere called up the file.

Navere: According to this piece of information, it seems that the Salarians ordered a fairly large STG to the Perseus Veil, at the request of the Quarians, but for reasons that were unrelated to the rumors you heard. The STG team was sent to engage the Geth. Their orders were to essentially destroy Geth servers to try and mitigate the threat posed by The Geth.

Alex: Search for follow-ups to that file.

Navere: There are several. There are tactical reports, casualty lists...and...

Alex: And?

Navere: I'm not sure. It looks like null space.

Alex: Null space?

Navere: Null space occures when something that was going to be transmitted...was aborted and deleted. Whatever that message was going to was never sent.

Alex: Very odd. Why would an STG team abort a tactical and strategic update?

Navere shrugged.

Alex: Navere...check to see if any of the Dossiers I asked for match up with any of the names that appear in STG reports.

Navere: Let me run a comparison.

Navere entered several commands into the terminal.

Navere: We have one match; Valrot Lesan - a veteran STG operative.

Alex: Tell me about him.

Navere: Well, like I said - he is a Veteran. Technically adept, high intelligence factor...a damn good shot it seems.

Alex: He is STG...they all have good shots.

Navere: He is very well respected amongst his peers. He enjoys the use of automated machines during combat.

Alex: S he likes to fight indirectly. It seems he tries to avoid direct combat.

Navere: He is a Salarian. He is not as physically capable as a Turian or Human...but he seems to have his ways of evening the battle field.

Navere paused.

Navere: I can go on...but most of what is left is not that important to what we are trying to get at. We are trying to confirm rumors of an STG Team finding a Prothean artifact. So far we have the STG Team...but no mention of a Prothean artifact.

Navere continued to search through the collection of intel.

Alex: Hmmm...

Alex rubbed his chin, thinking for a moment.

Navere: We can prove STG involvement...but no Prothean tech.

Alex: What if he didn't report it?

Navere: What?

Alex: What if he found The Prothean artifact...and never reported it?

Navere: That would be VERY unlike the STG to do that.

Alex: Then answer me this Navere...where is the STG post-game report? Why didn't this STG team file a final mission report to the Salarian Union or the Salarian Councillor? Unless that entire STG Team is dead...they have made the decision NOT to report their end game.

Navere thought about the possibility.

Alex: Based on what you told me about Valrot Lesan...he is not the kind to simply die so easily.

Navere: very that I think about it.

Alex: Let's put the pieces together Navere.

Alex began to pace back and forth.

Alex: We know that the Turian Councillor ordered ships to blockade a Mass Relay. The point of a Blackade is capture and search ships. Why was that order given?

Navere was silent.

Alex: I don't know either...but lets speculate. Better yet...lets analyze. Access the Shadow Broker's information network, access the Citadel Council taps...and I want to know what has been going on with the Salarian Councillor.

Navere nodded. She took a few minutes to established a connection to the Shadow Broker's network. After searching for several minutes, she spoke up.

Navere: The Salarian Councillor has made, and recieved, several high priority communications as of late.

Alex: What are the most recent ones?

Navere: Well, there are a few transmissions that stand out. There was a transmission to the Turian Councillor...and a transmission from...The Migrant Fleet.

Alex: The Migrant Fleet. They tend to stay very close to...

Navere: The Perseus Veil.

Alex: Can you access that transmission?

Navere: Yes I can.

Alex: Play it back. Let's see what The Migrant Fleet wanted.

Navere nodded, as she did what she was asked.

Uli: “Councilor, I am Admiral Uli'Nich vas Talonata of the Quarian Migrant Fleet. I have news on the STG team you ordered to Rannoch. The team's leader, Colonel Lesan has fled the Migrant Fleet and has likely returned to Council Space.”

Salarian Councilor: “Council Space? Fled? What are you talking about, Admiral Uli?”

Uli: “Colonel Lesan recovered a Prothean artifact on Rannoch when surveying the planet. He returned alone and brought the device with him to be analyzed. Last night, the lab that was being used to study the device was robbed.”

Salarian Councilor: “I assure you, STG members don't succumb to petty criminal acts. If this is some kind of joke I assure you-”

Alex stopped the playback.

Alex: We have to find The Migrant Fleet. If that Salarian escaped in a Quarian ship...then we have to find the IFF for that ship. The Quarians, as technically adept as they are, should be adopting the practice of indexing and cataloging ALL of their ships.

Navere: You are hoping to track that ship?

Alex: Of course.

Alex nodded, and gave a grin.

As he did, he was contacted over the shops comm.

Greyson: Operative Underhill...we are on our approach of the Pylos Mass Relay. Our next stop is The Far Rim Mass Relay. Do you have further orders upon our arrival?

Alex: Yes...I do. Once we exit the Relay System...send out a long range message. Address the message to The Migrant Fleet.

Greyson: The ENTIRE Migrant Fleet?

Alex: Yes.

Greyson: you honestly think that The Migrant Fleet is going to respond to a CERBERUS ship?

Alex: No...unless we tell them what they want to hear. Tell them...

Alex paused.

Alex: Tell them that we can help them with their's, and our, mutual STG Problem in a way that The Citadel Council would not even consider.

Greyson: Anything else?

Alex: Nope. That's it. Hopefully...someone over there gets curious...and takes us up on the offer.

Greyson: Alright. Understood sir.

Alex closed the comm channel. He then turned to Navere.

Alex: Navere...I need to ask you a favor.

Navere looked at Alex.

Navere: What is it?

Alex: In the off chance that I need to meet with these Quarians...I am going to need you to give me a bit more...credibility. Cerberus is widely seen as a radical, pro-human organization. If they see you, with me, it might make them rethink and possible ideas which imply that I am out here for purely selfish Human reasons.

Navere: You want me to help you paint Cerberus in a better light?

Alex: In a way...yes.

Navere thought for a moment, then shrugged.

Navere: Alright...but you owe me one.

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Default 02-26-2014
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Omega Nebula – Sahrabarik System – Omega [Station]

Lesan was sitting at a table in the Eclipse outpost. In addition to how he was going to move ahead in his progress, he was considering something that may turn out to be equally important, an alias. If he was to truly shake off anyone following him, he needed to change his name to blend into Omega as well as cast aside his 'official' self. He first thought about a simple re-arrangement of his name. He knew most of the people on Omega would never figure it out, but he needed to expand his view to the galactic level. There are a lot of intelligent people in the galaxy. Any one of them would likely figure it out with relative ease either on their own, or with the resources they possess. No, he needed something that could be difficult to track back to him. Perhaps, he could come up with a combination of both, rearrange his name here for Omega, but keep a single nickname for the galaxy. Before he could decide on any names, Eldne approached him.

Eldne: “The Boss has accepted your offer. However, he's not fully convinced you're Eclipse material."

Lesan: “Did you tell him that I was a long serving STG member?”

Eldne: “Yes, he's not sure if you'll be fully loyal to the Eclipse.”

Lesan: “How can I change that?”

Eldne: “Many of the 'proven' members go through an initiation.”

Lesan's eyelids narrowed. He had a suspicion of what Eldne was going to say.

Lesan: “What kind of initiation?”

Eldne: “You have to be willing to kill. Given the fact that you're claiming to be ex-STG, your initiation will likely entail killing someone high profile and getting away with it.”

Lesan: “So who will be the target?”

Eldne: “It hasn't been decided yet, for now, I'm to take you to one of our safehouses.”

Lesan: “Lead the way, then.”

The two Salarians walked for a few minutes, passing many corners and traveling down corridors and the makeshift roads. Lesan kept close, eyeballing everyone who may be a target, their lifestyle, habits, as much detail as he possibly could. They finally stopped down the street from a market plaza. The safehouse's entrance was wrapped around a corner. Although it was accessible to the public, the door was hidden well. The keypad to the left was tucked behind a compartment and metal door you have to slide open. Eldne revealed the small cubby to Lesan.

Eldne: “Put your hand in there.”

Lesan did as instructed, keeping his right hand ahold of the bag, and stretching his left into the compartment. He wasn't sure what would happen next. Suddenly, something pricked the palm of his hand and another keypad was revealed on the door with an omni-interface. Eldne began typing away at the interface.

Eldne: “I'm adjusting the inputs to your genetics. It's something installed in all of our safehouses to keep them secure. If you're not part of the system, then you can't enter. For this one, the Boss has ordered that you, along with our senior most officers are allowed access from out here. Once I'm finished, no one else can enter unless registered. You can, of course, allow other people in opening it from the inside.”

Lesan: “Very good, thank you, Arin.”

Eldne: “I'll be back later, Valrot, with the details of your initiation.”

Lesan: “Please, call me Spectral.”

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Default 02-26-2014
Naked Crook
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Alex and Navere returned to the bridge of the SSV Damocles. As they did, Alex called for a status update.

Alex: Report!?

Greyson turned to face Alex.

Greyson: Nothing yet sir. If the Quarians are here...they are not answering. I think they may be skeptical about Cerberus intentions.

Alex: Keep transmitting the message. Put it on all carrier lengths. The Quarians are here...we just need to find them!

Alex walked towards the front of the bridge, towards the helmsman.

Alex: Take us deeper into the Veil. Look for any signature that is big enough to be a ship.

Alex scoffed.

Alex: I'll be damned if they think they can ignore us.

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Perseus Veil - Migrant Fleet

Aboard the Talonata, Admiral Uli was on the bridge of his ship when one of his officers picked up the Cerberus communique.

Talonata Officer: "Admiral Uli, we're receiving a message from a... Cerberus ship."

The officer's tone of voice dropped to a skeptical and condescending tone.

Uli: "What does it say?"

Officer: "They're willing to help us with Colonel Lesan's crime."

Uli: "Really. Bring up the other admirals."

Officer: "Yes Sir."

One of the large holographic screens showed the other admirals split among them.

Admiral Aela: "What is it, Admiral Uli?"

Uli: "Admirals, are you detecting the Cerberus message?"

The admirals checked and verified the message.

Admiral Dani: "I have it."

Admiral Zaan: "So do I."

Admiral Aela: "We're picking it up too."

Uli: "Should we accept their aid?"

Aela: "It's Cerberus, we can't trust them with the security of the fleet."

Zaan: "I agree. We cannot let our security be trusted to an anti-Alien cult."

Dani: "We cannot send anyone of our own to stop them. As far as this is concerned, we want justice. You all know as well as I do that the Council will not send any of their ships into the Veil. Cerberus is the only one willing to reach out and respond."

Uli: "We can send a small fleet to meet with them. I will go along with several cruisers. The rest of you should stay here and keep comm chatter down to avoid detection. Can we agree to this plan?"

Dani: "I'm in agreement. Admirals Zaan and Aela?"

Aela: "I'm not sure if this is such a great idea. What happens if they decide to kill you, Uli?"

Uli: "That is a risk I'm willing to take."

Zaan: "Very well, you have my agreement, Aela?"

Aela took a moment to consider her options and what they had.

Aela: "Fine, go. If you bring Cerberus back here, you'll be tried for treason."

Zaan: "Assuming we survive an attack."

Uli: "Thank you, Admirals. Uli out."

With his comm lines down he began preparing orders.

Uli: "Bring the Corrir, Chaze, Daleer, and Dajan with us. Take us to the Geth edge of the Veil, but keep us inside."

Officer: "Yes Sir."

Minutes had passed before they were organized. Once they were in formation, the small battlegroup engaged their FTL drives.

Officer: "FTL drives engaged, we are on our way, Admiral."

Uli: "Send out a general message for the Cerberus ship. Give them our destination coordinates and tell them to meet us there."

Officer: "Yes Sir, we're transmitting now."

Omega Nebula – Sahrabarik System – Omega [Station]

In the Eclipse safehouse, Spectral resumed his work on the Prothean device. He unlocked it further, discovering a VI that was inactive inside. Spectral then initialized the VI's program. Emitting from the device was a red holographic looking figure that Spectral didn't recognize. It bared a striking resemblance to cuttlefish on Earth.

VI: "Please standby, checking chronometer, verifying chronometric readings, tapping into local electromagnetic spectrum bands. Date verified. This cycle is nearly complete."

Spectral: "What is your designation?"

VI: "I am referred to as 'Salvation', by my creators."

Spectral: "Really, and who are your creators?"

Salvation: "They are your salvation."

Spectral: "What are your creators designation?"

Salvation: "They are your salvation."

Spectral: "I believe you are a Prothean VI. Are the Protheans your creators?"

Salvation: "Prothean... checking database. Standby."

Spectral waited until the VI finished its search.

Salvation: "The Protheans are an extinct race that were eliminated in the last cycle. The answer to your query is no, I am not of Prothean design."

Spectral: "Then what?"

Salvation: "I do not understand."

Spectral: "Who made you?"

Salvation: "I believe the Protheans called us... Reapers."

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Greyson: Sir...we are receiving a transmission. It is a set of coordinates.

Alex: Are the coordinates from The Quarians?

Greyson: The transmission header seems to match.

Navere walked up to Alex, and got his attention.

Navere: Alex...there is a high chance that a Geth ship may be impersonating the Quarians to lure us into an ambush. We have lost a number of Shadow Broker operatives in this region of space to Geth ambushes.

Navere nodded.

Alex: Noted. We will exercise caution. the chance that this is an Ambush...this ship is more than capable of putting up a fight.

Navere sighed in distress.

Alex: Relax. You are in good hands.

The SSV Damocles plotted a course to the given coordinates, as it made the jump to FTL. Alex waited at the front of the bridge, by the helm station, his hands behind his back, as The Damocles traveled to the coordinates in question. It was not longer when Alex heard an update from his first officer.

Greyson: Sir...we will be decelerating in 10 seconds.

Alex simply nodded. He kept his eyes forward towards the window. Alex watched as The Damocles decelerated from FTL. His eyes scanned forward, but saw no ships directly in front of him.

Greyson: SIr...there are no ships on short range scanners.

Navere: Alex...this could very well be a trap.

Alex: Wait for it...

Everyone on the bridge waited in silence for a moment.

Navere: Alex?

Alex: Wait...

Navere looked forward, trying to subdue her anxiety of the situation.

Alex was stone face, showing no signs of faulting or changing is stance. As he stood there, he thought to himself.

Alex: Come on you Quarian yourselves...

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