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Default 11-26-2016
Naked Crook
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Vernette: Anything that is embedded in the MJOLNIR, or dependent on it, will be shut down. If we are dealing with independently powered earpieces and equipment, then, the armor restraint will not be of any help.

Vernette paused.

Vernette: It is also worth noting that the Spartan's embedded subcutaneous IFF transponder will not be neutralized by the Armor restraint. This is because the transponder is not physically part of the MJOLNIR, but rather, embedded in the base of their brain stem. The armor restraint will not jam the transmission frequency. You will need calibrated jamming devices in order to do that. Transponder frequencies of Class-0 Spartans were designed to operate in the 4.2 Thz range.

Vernette paused.

Vernette: Unfortunately, we have no portable means of jamming transponder frequencies. So, the moment you get this guy, and you get him on the move, his forces will be able to track him and you, provided they have the means to do so.

Vernette paused.

Vernette: Of course, every single one of our vessels, as I am sure you are aware, is equipped with field equipment intended to jam communication frequencies. If you were to calibrate one of the comm jammers to operate at the 4.2 Thz range, you could neutralize any possibility of being tracked by deploying one to the battle field. That is up to you, however.

Vernette paused.

Vernette: This armor restraint is very useful in stopping a Spartan in their goes without saying; this device works on ALL Spartans, and it ONLY works on Spartans. This will not work on Marines or ODSTs. It doesn't work on vehicles, be it, tanks...warthogs...Pelicans. It doesn't work on aliens, big or small. Only Spartans.

Vernette frowned.

Vernette: It does work on Cyclopses though...much to my chagrin.

Vernette paused.

Vernette: Just as a bit of a of a history lesson for you; The Cyclops exoskeleton was the early production model for the MJOLNIR. Distant cousins, if you will...

Vernette paused, as he placed his hands behind his back; glaring right at Cochraine.

Vernette: However, I digress. I am not going to lie...I am sending you on a very dangerous mission, Captain. Even with all of the intel and support I am providing are walking into a very dangerous situation. I have seen you in action. I know what you are capable of. I have a fairly good idea what goes through that head of yours. I have been keeping tabs on you longer than I care to admit. I am very confident that you are the right person for this job.

Vernette paused.

Vernette: Which is why you are going to get one last thing...advice...

Vernette paused.

Vernette: Do not underestimate Class-0 Spartans. Even when they are down...even when they are broken...even when they are bleeding out...even when they are unarmed and cornered, they are more dangerous than anything you have ever encountered. If you give them an inch, they will take a mile. If you show weakness, they will show resolve...and the depths of their resolve is absolutely unlimited.

Vernette paused.

Vernette: If you NEED to terminate Silverblur because the mission becomes shoot him right between the eyes, and you make sure that whatever you hit him with, comes out the back. That is the only way to make sure they are dead. Do not...give inch...

Vernette paused.

Vernette: You have everything you need...everything we have. There is nothing more I can give you.

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Old Tiff
Default 04-12-2017
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