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Default 11-04-2013
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Character Sheet

STB: Geoff Korman
***not too distant past...***

Black 1: We want you to come with us. This is not an optional request...this is mandatory.

Blue Bomber: Mandatory? What is this? HIGH SCHOOL?

The Blue Bomber slowly backed away from the men wearing pitch black ODST armor…

You'll never take me alive!

The Blue bomber turned around, and ran into the living room of his apartment, the rotted wooden floor shrieked and moaned with every step he took, until suddenly, the floor collapsed under his weight, and the Blue Bomber sunk into the floor.

He was dangling, his poncho had caught onto something, and prevented him from falling down. It was dark, but he could still make out everything in his basement. The first thing he saw was his bathtub that he used to mix explosives. Followed by a bodybag, that was actually full of non-alcoholic margarita mix.

He sighed.

Blue Bomber: So…this is the way it’s going to be. These goons want me…and it’s 5 against one…I can’t take em’ all on…Unless…

He looked at his bathtub full of nitroglycerin.

Blue Bomber: I blow em’ all up to macaroons…

He unsheathed his knife, and positioned himself so that he could cut himself down.

BB: These goons think they can tell me what to do…I’ll show em’…Nobody tells me what to do….nobody….nobody…


***Many years ago...***

Like Doctor Erwin Shultz...He was a...really bad psychiatrist. Four of his patients had overdosed on their medication, and committed suicide. I admitted myself to a mental institution after the New Jenkins massacre...Thinking I could fix some of the screws I've had loose since I was 7.

Things were going pretty good, I met a girl, and we had good chemistry. At least I think we did...But life was pretty okay, up until I started having sessions with Doctor Shultz...

Doctor Shultz: Good evening Geoffrey, how are you feeling

Geoff: Pretty good…all things considered.

Shultz: All things….considered…?

Geoff: Well…yeah, I’m in this strait jacket…

Shultz: Well Geoffrey…you see…

The psychiatrist removed his glasses, and held them out

Shultz: You wouldn’t need to be in one of those jackets…if you just behaved, and followed this ward’s rules.

Geoff: Mhmm…yeah….

Geoff proceeded to scratch his nose with the sleeve of his strait jacket.

Shultz: How did you—

Geoff: Oh…Did I just undo a strait jacket before your very eyes? hehe...

Shultz: That’s not funny Geoffrey…this is a serious breach of safety.

Geoff: Why? I'm not gonna hurt anyone, and as far as I know, there's no reason why I should even be in this stupid thing.

Shultz: Well…Lately, some of the nurses have been telling me that you’ve been harassing them

Geoff’s calm demeanor quickly dropped, and turned into one of despair.

Geoff: What? Harassing?

Shultz: Yes, one such nurse has written down that you have stalked her…and feels…quote…”very uncomfortable” being around you…

Geoff: No…No no no…I haven’t stalked anyone! I mean…I kind of like one of the nurses…but I would never try to do anything to…--

Shultz: “Like”...Mr. Korman…As in, an infatuation?

Geoff: Yeah…

Shultz: Who is the nurse that you like Mr. Korman.

Geoff: I’d rather not say…

Shultz: Come on now Mr. Korman, you’re condition won’t improve, if you don’t put forward the effort.

Geoff: Hmph...

Shultz: Help me…help you, Mr. Korman.

Geoff was silent for a moment, and then he sighed.

Geoff: Michelle…

Shultz: You mean Nurse Gordon?

Geoff: Yes.

The Psychiatrist was silent, as he lifted a paper on his clipboard, and very conspicuously, winced.

Geoff: MIchelle thinks I’m stalking her?!

Shultz: Now…I am not at liberty to say…

Geoff: It’s just a yes or no question Doc….

Geoff tried really hard to keep his good mood smile on…but it slowly receded into a frown...he broke into tears

Geoff: I really thought that…--….

Geoff cut himself off.

Shultz: Thought what…Mr. Korman.

Geoff sighed

Geoff: I thought that maybe we could have a life together...You know? Once I get released...I'd find a nice cabin lightyears away from the covenant...and--

Shultz: Now what gave you that impression Mr. Korman? Clearly you must know that a nurse’s bedside manner should not be mistaken for…infatuation…

Geoff: Yeah, no shit, but—

Shultz: Language! Mr. Korman…

Geoff shrunk

Geoff: I mean…we talked a lot…a lot about personal stuff. And every third Saturday of the month, we’d have dinner together…

And then I baked her some snickerdoodles from when I had time in the food lab…She really liked those…

There’s a flame doc…I feel it…

Shultz: Everything you’ve told me, Mr. Korman, sounds like something a nurse would do to console a patient who’s gone through what you’ve been through.

I mean…you lost pretty much your whole family…

Geoff was silent, as he looked away from Dr. Shultz.

Shultz: Stay with me Geoffrey…

Geoff: Hmph…

Shultz: I realize that you must be going through a lot of trauma...losing your family. But you can't use that as an excuse to stalk the female faculty!

Geoff: I haven't stalked anyone Doc!

Shultz sighed

Shultz: I'm fine with you lying to me Mr. Korman...but I will not allow you to lie to yourself.

Geoff: You aren't even going to give me a chance...

Shultz: Oh believe me, I am. Me being here proves that...

Geoff: Yeah right...

Shultz: I want to help you Geoffrey...I really do. What you are going through normal.

Just try to accept that maybe...You have a problem with the female gender....and try to move on...

Geoff buried his face in his hands.

Schultz looked at his wrist watch

Shultz: That about does it for the time that we have. I feel like we've made excellent progress today.

Geoff was silent.

Shultz scribbled something down on his notepad

Shultz: I'm going to prescribe you some anti-depressants...Not a lot, just enough to keep you on your feet...

Geoff quickly shot out of his chair, and grabbed Schultz's wrist with his strait jacket sleeve.

Geoff: Look Doc...I didn't mean to hurt anyone...

Shultz: No one ever does...

Geoff: If Michelle really thinks that way of me...I'll leave her alone for good.

Shultz: That's probably for the best Mr. Korman.

Shultz ripped the sheet of paper from his notepad, and handed it to Geoff.

Shultz: Take this to the pharmacy, and get plenty of rest.

Make sure you think on what we talked about today...

Geoff: I will.

Shultz: Excellent, now let me remove that jacket...

Geoff: Oh that's no problem.

Geoff twisted and contorted his body to slowly escape the strait jacket, inch by inch. Once he was fully out, he handed Shultz the jacket.

Shultz: It disturbs me that you know how to do that...

Shultz sighed.

Shultz: We're going to have to make these sessions more does 4 times a month sound...instead of the usual 2...

Geoff had a disappointed look on his face, but he turned it into a reassuring smile.

Geoff: If it'll help me...then yes.

Shultz: Good, I'm glad to hear that. See you next week Geoffrey!

Geoff: See ya Doc!

Geoff walked out of Shultz's office and closed the door behind him.

Once Shultz was sure that Geoff was out of hearing distance, he began to chuckle.

As he set his completely blank clipboard down on his desk...

Doctor Shultz never really wanted to help me...he was a voyeur, a masochist, the very definition of a sociopath. He got off on the depression of people...and made it his very goal to make every single one of his patients feel worse off.

Lucky for me, the cops arrested him before Shultz gave me something fatal...

I was released from the institution, being one of his patients, but at that point the damage was already done.


Before the Blue Bomber could cut himself free from his caught poncho, it started to tear, slowly at first, but then it quickly ripped, and released him. he tossed his knife aside to make sure he wouldn't accidentally stab himself with it when he landed.

He hit the ground with a thud, but some of the rotted wood beneath him caved in, thus crashing his fall a little bit.

He groaned, as he slowly picked himself up, and walked towards his mixing bathtub

BB: It's going to be a shame to waste all this stuff...but frankly I don't have any other options.

I just need a fuse...

The Blue Bomber turned away, and searched the dark basement for his box full of fuses, but he tripped and fell over a body bag full of non-alcoholic margarita mix.

Well...There goes my pride...

BB turned around to lie on his back, he stared at the cieling.

Guess I don't have a choice...

He reached into his back pouch, and pulled out some handcuffs.

he cuffed himself to a very rusty pipe, that was practically falling off the wall.

Blue Bomber: Don't come near me! It's a full moon...

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Default 11-05-2013
Naked Crook
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Suddenly...a lot of things about BB make sense.

A good short, for sure. I enjoued it. Definatly have to know a bit out BB to get the full experience however. None the less, it was well written and felt real given the context.

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