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Old Experimental CQC Weapon System Revision Number 386
Default 03-12-2014
Naked Crook
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"We are very proud of Experimental CQC Weapon System Revision Number 386. It is one of the greatest innovations to ever come out of this R&D unit. Oh, and FYI...the official name is pending. We are having trouble thinking of a good name. We could name it after a stupid animal...but I think the world has seen too much of that."

"You see, inside the hilt of the blade, we have managed to integrate the same technology used in our IFF tagging hardware. When in use, the blade can be configured to capture surrounding IFF transmissions, and replicate them. The replicated IFF signal is then transferred to the accompanying hardware. This, in turn, can be used to override your own IFF transmission. You can essentially pretend to be one of your enemies."

"This weapon is equipped with cutting edge technology that can create, what we call a "Low-Intensity Defensive Magnetic Attenuation Field This weapon can alter the flight path of bullets and projectiles by creating a magnetic attenuation field in front of the user, we can effectively the velocity and inertia of said bullet or projectile, causing it to veer off course and off target. In cannot be hit when using this weapon."

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Default 03-12-2014
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I bet I know who this is for...

Although I don't think it tops Betty Lou

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