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Old Words to describe Marnix
Default 08-28-2010
Naked Crook
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Alright..this game is simple.

Say one offensive phrase directed at marnix Marnix. Only one phrase.

  1. No complete sentences
  2. phrases may not exceed 2 words
    1. "-", "a", "or", and "an", are not words (and is a word)
    2. No underscores
    3. Do not separate with periods.
  3. Phrases cannot be repeated to said twice by anyone.
    1. words like "Shit head", "shit-head", and "shithead" are the same single phrase, irregardless of separation.
    2. words like "dipshit" and asshole are one one, irreguardless if they are split up into two parts like "dip shit" or "asshole"
    3. Synonyms are valid. Shit head and crap head are both valid. "Bitch" and "son of a bitch" are valid.
    4. Abbreviations are not valid. Fag and Fagot is not valid. Son of a bitch and SOB is not valid.
  4. the phrase must be insulting, or considered insulting in either the US or Canada
    1. Calling someone "bodgy" (Australian insult) is not valid.
How to win the game:
  1. When someone violates any of the above rules they are banned from the thread.
  2. Being banned from the thread means you have been disqualified.
  3. The last person remaining is the winner.
I will start...



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