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Morgan nodded and began to lead the group to the 188. He rolled his shoulders and began to walk, slowly. You could never be sure around these parts, Legion and raiders could be anywhere, at any time.


Williamson and her scouts managed to make it back to the bunker, unseen by any civilians, or so they thought. They went inside the bunker and Williamson immediately went to see one of the Paladins.

Williamson: Paladin Hunter, I need to speak with you.

Paladin Hunter turned to face Williamson. He instantly smiled.

Hunter: Williamson, I see you are back from your recon. What can I do for yo?

Williamson: The reports are true. There are Enclave on the far side of the Dam with the Legion. And...the NCR has sent a special man to oversee their operations, someone we both know very well.

Hunter frowned. This was not good news.

Hunter: Well...this is unfortunate.

Williamson: Paladin...if they sent Achilles over, they are getting serious. He is the second in command of the entire NCR! Soon they will send Oliver, and we all know how he feels about us.

Hunter: Achilles feels the same way...we both saw that many years ago. Hell, that's half the reason why he is where he is right now. What else did you see?

Williamson: Not much. The NCR has mobilized a majority of their troops, as well as reserves. The Legion is planning something...I can feel that. And as for Achilles. All I saw was him and his goddamn sigil.

Hunter cringed. The golden arrow was basically a screw you to the entire Brotherhood.

Hunter: That bastard wants to see us dead. He will have us on his agenda. And he will divert his best to take us down.

Hunter stroked his chin, the news was unsettling. And in the Brotherhood's current state, they would not be able to mount a very good defensive action.

Hunter: We will have to mobilize everyone...even the Initiates. If Achilles is out thee, we have a very real and large problem on our hands.

Hunter was about to say something, but Williamson interrupted.

Williamson: What if we tipped the Legion? We know weak spots in their lines, actions they could take to take out more NCR.

Hunter: No. I, along with dozens of others will die before we communicate with those savages. Tipping them would be like chopping off your hand and feeding it to the wolves. All they need to do is follow the blood back to us. And if they are with the Enclave...that complicates matters even more. We must do this our way, and our way only.

Hunter paused.

Hunter: I am going to speak with the Elder about this...see if I cannot get him to release us from this wretched lockdown. I want you to speak to the other paladins, spread the word about Achilles, get them begging for us to take action. Understood?

Williamson simply nodded. Hunter nodded back and turned to walk away. Williamson smiled, she knew she could trust Hunter, given their past with both each other and Achilles, the Brotherhood would surely listen. Williamson wiped the smile from her face and headed to the Paladin's briefing room, surely there she could convince others to join her and Hunter. For many, if they liked it or not, the Brotherhood was bound to enter this brawl.

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