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Vixen: I doubt it. Spender called them off.

Black 6: What? How do you know?

Vixen: I managed to find the CIC of this facility. He was there. We fought. I had him right at gunpoint...I was about to kill him...but...he made an offer that I could not refuse.

Black 6: What!? What do you offer?

Vixen: He offered to let us leave this place alive if I didn't pull the trigger.

Black 6: I would have pulled the trigger.

Vixen: It was a tough call. Had I of put a bullet in his head...Black Team would have continued chasing you down. There is a reason they have not caught up with you. It was tough Tye...but I did it for you.

Black 6 sighed.

Black 6: That is a tough call.. Still...I am surprised you were able to restrain yourself. I am shocked you didn't kill him.

Vixen: Sometimes...there are more important things than revenge.

Black 6: Such as?

Vixen stopped. She turned to face Tye.

Vixen: People.

Vixen smirked at Tye.

Vixen: Important people. You know?

Black 6 looked at Vixen. He laughed.

Black 6: Yeah...I know.

Vixen simply looked at Black 6 for a moment before speaking.

Vixen: We should hurry.

Vixen turned, as she continued walking towards the hanger bay. Black 6 followed behind Vixen, as she led him through the corridors. As the two of them moved through the corridors, they were both shocked that they had me with no resistance. It looked as though Spender was actually keeping his end of the bargain. This was something that neither of them expected him to do.

As Vixen and Black 6 approached the hanger bay, they looked around, and saw that the coast was clear. Vixen and Black 6 looked at each other. It was a pretty convincing sight to see.

Vixen: I guess he kept his word.

Vixen nodded to Black 6, as the two stepped forward. They looked around the hanger bay and saw several Pelicans, hornets and Falcons in the hanger bay. At the far end of the hanger bay was a single Prowler.

Black 6: Look...there is an ONI prowler at the far end.

Black 6 and Vixen began to walk towards the Prowler. However, as they got closer, they stopped dead in their tracks when they saw ODST Black Team emerge from behind the Prowler...with their weapons drawn. ODST Black Team was in a combat stance, and they were ready for a fight.

Black 6: Vixen...I thought Spender told these guys to back off?

Vixen: He did...

As Black 6 and Vixen began to back up, they heard Spender speak up behind them. Vixen and Black 6 turned to look at Spender, who had his Shotgun drawn and aimed at Vixen and Black 6.

Spender: I did tell them to withdraw. I believe my exact words were..."commence Recall Directive 1".

Spender paused.

Spender: Black 1...please inform our guests what Recall Directive 1 is.

Black 1 stepped forward. Black 6 turned to face Black 1.

Black 1: It means to come back here.

Vixen scoffed at Spender.

Vixen: You lying, double-crossing mother fucker!

Spender grinned.

Spender: Temper, temper my dear.

Spender paused.

Spender: You should watch your language.

Vixen: You said you would let us leave!

Spender laughed.

Spender: I lied.

Spender scoffed.

Spender: Did you actually think I was just going to let you leave? You are truly naive. had me between a rock and a hard place. You had me at gunpoint, and there was no way for me to evade any shot taken. Not far enough for you to miss, not close enough to disarm. I couldn't fight I talked back instead.

Spender paused.

Spender: I told you what you wanted to hear, made it so you could not refuse the deal, and you took it...hook, line, and sinker.

Vixen was furious. She gripped her Magnum, which was in her hand, at her side, but Spender saw this and hefted his shotgun.

Spender: Watch that arm Kathryn. Move it in the wrong direction...I may just pull the trigger. I would hate to cap your ass before I am finished talking.

Vixen: I should have killed you when I had the chance!

Spender: Should have, could have, but didn't. now have to pay for that mistake.

Spender paused.

Spender: You made the mistake of thinking that I was trying to compromise with you.

Spender paused.

Spender: I have a very unique gift Vixen; I have the ability to keep control of a situation even when the deck is stacked against me. That entire conversation we had...I was in control the entire time. You did exactly what I wanted you to do; back off, get the gun out of my face, and bring Black 6 right into an ambush.

Spender grinned, as he taunted Vixen.

Spender: I knew I could bank on your weakness for Black 6.

Vixen scoffed.

Spender: Alas...I think I am going off on a tangent.

Spender looked at Black 1, and gave a nod.

Spender: Black 1...kill them both.

Spender kept his Shotgun aimed at Vixen and Black 6, as he watched Black 1 nod to the rest of Black Team. Black 1 raised his Assault Rifle. Black 2 raised his Shotgun. Black 3 and Black 4 raised their automags, and Black 5 raised his Battle Rifle. They all took aim at Black 6.

Black 6 looked at each member of Black Team. He stared down the barrels of their guns, certain that he had reached the end of the line.

Black 1: Orders are orders Black 6. It is a shame that you couldn't follow them.

Black 6 glared at his former team mates.

Black 6: It is a shame that the five of you can no longer disobey them.

Black 6 paused.

Black 6: I cannot honestly believe that the five of you are going to do this. You were all good men...honest men.

Black 6 paused again.

Black 6: I guess that doesn't mean anything anymore. I guess all that matters is what Spender tells you to do.

Black Team remained silent. They simply kept their weapons aimed at Black 6 and Vixen.

Spender: Black Team...I am giving you a direct order...kill Black 6 and!

Black 6: do not have to listen to that prick! He does not deserve your loyalty!

Spender: Black Team...KILL THEM NOW!

ODST Black Team kept looking between Spender and Black 6.. Black 6 noticed this behavior, and knew that he had to make a move. He saw that ODST Black Team's attention was currently on Spender, and now was his best chance.

Black 6 quickly reached to his sides, and grabbed both of his SMGs. He extended his arms in opposite directions, aiming at both Spender and ODST Black Team, as he began to fire in a suppressive pattern. Both Spender and Black Team were forced to duck and take cover behind large supply crates to avoid getting his by the spray of bullets.

Black 6: Vixen! Take cover!

Vixen looked around, and saw that She and Black 6 were only a few yards away from a large shipping container. Vixen ran towards the large shipping container, taking cover behind it. She readied her Magnum, as she aimed around the corner and was ready to lay down suppressive fire for Black 6.

Vixen: Tye! Get to cover!

Black 6 began to back up, keeping the fire on ODST Black Team and Spender, as he moved to regroup with Vixen. Vixen and Black 6 were both surprised that they were able to get out of such a tight situation.

Vixen: God damn bastard. He betrayed us.

Black 6: Yeah...your father does that a lot. He is a real prick.

Vixen: Tye...I am so sorry. I should have killed him when I had the chance.

Black 6: hey, hey...relax. You did what you thought was right. We will get out of this. We can handle this.

Black 6 paused. He began to reload his SMGs as he continued to speak.

Black 6: is the time to correct your mistake. If you can keep your father busy, and ideally kill him...I am going to try my best to put Black Team down. I feel like total shit...but...I have to try.

Just as Black 6 said this, he could hear Spender giving orders to ODST Black Team.


Vixen frowned, as she despised the sound of her father's voice.

Vixen: Believe me...that prick is as good as dead.

Black 6: I will move out first. I will draw Black team's attention. Use that opportunity to go after your father.

Vixen nodded.

Vixen: Good luck Tye.

Black 6 nodded. But before he could move, Vixen grabbed his arm.

Vixen: matter what happens...I just want to say...that I love you.

Black 6: I love you to.

Black 6 paused.

Black 6: Now...let's finish this.

Black 6 readied his SMGs, as he emerged from cover, and aimed one SMG in Spender's direction, and the other in Black Team's direction. Black 6 fired both of his SMGs, once again forcing Spender and Black Team into cover.

Black 6: Vixen...go!

Vixen emerged from cover, holding her Magnum up, aiming down the sights, moving towards where Spender was in cover.

Vixen: Focus on Black Team. I got this bastard!

Vixen closed in on Spender's location. As she got closer, she saw Spender move away in prone, rolling away to take cover behind a nearby Hornet. Vixen fired two shots at Spender, but missed both shots, but nearly hitting Spender both times.

Vixen: You can run all you want, you prick, but you are not getting out of this alive!

Spender cocked his shotgun, as he emerged from cover and aimed at Vixen. Vixen saw Spender emerge from cover, and she jumped to the side, and landed behind the supply crate that Spender had originally taken cover behind, just as Spender had pulled the trigger on his shotgun. The pellets from the shotgun shell impact the supply crate.

Vixen got to her knee, and took aim over the top of the supply crate, and began to fire at Spender. Spender ducked down behind the Hornet, as the bullets from Vixen's Magnum shattered the cockpit window and impacted the hull. Vixen fired off her full clip, before ducking back down reloading.

Spender knew that Vixen was currently in the process of reloading. As such, he emerged from behind the hornet, and ran towards Vixen's location. He jumped on top of the supply crate, and proceeded to kick the Magnum right from Vixen's hand. Spender then cocked his shotgun and aimed downwards at Vixen. However, before Spender could fire, Vixen grabbed both of Spender's feet, and pulled on them, tripping him to the ground. Spender fell hard onto the crate, dropping his shotgun as he fell.

Spender looked at Vixen, and kicked her in the face, knocking her to the ground. Spender rolled off the supply crate, and walked over to Vixen. Vixen tried to climb to her feet, but Spender had grabbed her by the collar of her jacket, and threw her into the supply crate, going shoulder first.

Vixen coughed as she shook off the shock from the impact. She shook her head as she began to climb back to her feet. However, she was grabbed by the collar of her jacket by Spender once more. However, this time, she drove her elbow as hard as she could into Spender's gut, breaking his holding, and causing him to stumble back. However, Spender quickly recovered, as he charged at Vixen, and threw a left hook. Vixen ducked and evaded the strike, and recoiled when Spender threw a right hook.

Once Spender had followed through with his right hook, Vixen kicked him in the right rib cage. The impact caused Spender to drop his guard, as Vixen followed up with a swift right and left hook to his face. Once again, Spender stumbled back, and landed against the hull of a Pelican.

Vixen grinned as she saw her father struggle.

Vixen: Some soldier you are; you are getting your ass handed to you by an untrained civilian woman. Not so tough now, are you?

Spender: Shut your mouth you stupid cunt!

Vixen laughed as she walked towards Spender, grabbing a box cutter from off of a pile of boxes that were close to the Pelican. Spender saw Vixen grab the box cutters, and he watched how Vixen held them in her hand. Spender immediately moved away from the pelican to get some movement room. However, as he moved, Vixen swiped at him with the box cutters. Spender barely dodged the swipe, as he steadied himself and continued to back up. Vixen continued to swipe at Spender, from left to right, waking towards him and swinging the box cutters. Spender continued to recoil to evade the weapon.

Vixen was relentless with her advances. She eventually lunged at him, swiping from left to right once again. Spender recoiled like he had done previously, but he was caught off guard, when Vixen quickly swiped from right to left. Spender tried to recoil once more, but the tip of the box cutter had slashed his left eye.

Spender screamed in pain, as he placed his hand on his left eye. Despite the fact that he had his hand on his eye, he could feel the blood pouring from his eye. Spender removed his hand, and he quickly realized that he could no longer see from his left eye. Vixen had just blinded his left eye.

Spender keeled over, as he stumbled back. He was bent over, breathing heavily. Vixen could tell that she had just critically wounded Spender. She had a giant smirk on her face, and she was full of an immense satisfaction.

Vixen: I hope that fucking hurt!

However, as Vixen spoke, Spender quickly retaliated and upper-cutted Vixen as hard as he could. Vixen went flying back, thro0ugh the air, slamming into a supply crate, and falling to the ground. Vixen lost hold on the box cutter as she slammed into the supply crate and fell to the ground.

Spender: You fucking bitch! You just blinded me. You are going to pay DEARLY for that!


Black 6 was currently in a firefight with each member of ODST Black Team. Black 6 was behind cover, as he fired both of his SMGs at each member of Black Team. Black Team had difficulty getting a clear shot off due to the suppressive fire being created by Black 6.

Black Team, on the other hand, was running low on ammo. Black 1 had exhausted his ammo reserves, and Black 2 had used up the last of his Shotgun shells. Black 4 still had explosives at his disposal, and Black 5 was on his final clip.

Black 6, on the other hand, still had quite a bit of ammo for his SMGs in reserve, and was capable of outlasting ODST Black Team in terms of ammo.

ODST Black Team began to coordinate in order to flank and bring down Black 6.

Black 1: Black 2...Black around to the left. Black 4, Black around to the right. I will remain here and keep up the pressure as long as I can.

Each member of Black Team nodded, as they began to split up in order to flank Black 6. Black 1 continued to fire his Automag at Black 6, keeping Black 6's attention on him. Despite this, Black 6 noticed that ODST Black team was trying to flank him. Black 6 waited, and pretended not to notice what ODST Black team was trying to do.

Once Black 6 saw that he had a perfect shot, he turned his SMGs on the two flanking positions, and began to fire. Black 6 was able to hit both Black 2 and Black 3, bringing them both down with direct hits in the chest. Black 6 was also able to hit Black 4, again, with direct hits to the chest. However, Black 5 was able to duck down into cover and avoid being hit.

As Black 6 turned his attention back to Black 1, he saw Black 1 was already running at him. Black 6 turned both of his SMGs on Black 1, but when he pulled the trigger, both guns just clicked because the clips were empty.

Black 6: Fuck...

Black 1 tackled Black 6 to the ground, separating Black 6 from his SMGs. Black 1 sat on top of Black 6, and threw several right hooks at Black 6. After several punches, Black 6 managed to catch Black 1's fist, and counter with a left hook of his own. The force of impact6 knocked Black 1 off of Black 6.

Black 5 watched as Black 1 and Black 6 fought. He simply circled around the two men, making special note of Black 6's moves and his tactics. Black 5 could tell that Black 6 was fighting for his life, which explained the burst of resolve and strength that was powering every move Black 6 made.

Black 1 and Black 6 both got to their feet, as they began to exchange blows, one after the other. Each man threw a single punch at the other, going blow for blow. This went on for about a dozen rounds, before Black 6 broke the pattern, and slammed both of his fists into the side of Black 1's head, dazing Black 1 in the process, and giving Black 1 a roundhouse kick, knocking him back.

Black 6: You have been slacking Black 1. You used to be a much better fighter.

Black 5 laughed at this comment. Black 6 turned to looked at Black 5.

Black 5: No...Black 1 has not been are just fighting out of desperation. It is amazing what a man can do when he is forced to reach just a little deeper for his strength.

Black 6 glared at Black 5.

Black 6: Eli...we have know each other for a very long time. We have been friends for a very long time! It does NOT have to end like this.

Black 5 simply glared at Black 6.

Black 5: You do not understand Black 6. We were given an opportunity to do extraordinary things. You turned your back on that. You fight to take this opportunity away from us. You claim that we are friends...but you act as if we are not. Have you ever considered that THIS is what I want? It has to end this order to protect what I want!

Black 5 paused.

Black 5: You may be scared of what The Trust does, and what they hope to accomplish...but we are not. Your not our fear.

Black 6: it has nothing to do with fear Eli! It is about self-determination! Spender is manipulating you and lying to you! He is controlling you! He has indoctrinated you into doing things that no moral man would ever do in his greatest hour of weakness.

Black 5: He is not manipulating us! He has broadened our horizons.

Black 6: No, he hasn't! He has convinced you of a lie! He has you believing that what you are doing, now, is the right thing to do.

Black 5 simply shook his head.

Black 5: You will never understand what Spender has done for us. You are a lost cause Black 6.

Black 5 took aim with his Battle Rifle...but stopped before he pulled the trigger.

Black 5: No...that is far too easy.

Black 5 tossed the Battle Rifle aside, and reached onto his back, and pulled out his sword. Black 6 saw this and reached to his sides and drew both of his Automags.

Black 6: Eli...this is a path we cannot return from! I implore you...don't do this! We are both better than this.

Black 6 gripped his automags in his hands. His fingers were on the triggers.

Black 6: it is not too late. We can both walk away from this...just put the sword away!

Black 5 began to walk towards Black 6.

Black 5: Oh, I assure you...I will be walking away from this...but you won't. Your future ends here.

Black 5 began to run at Black 6. Black 6 scoffed, as he began to fire both of his Automags at Black 5. However, Black 5 simply used the attenuation field of his blade to deflect the bullets, and move right through Black 6's best efforts to stop him.

Black 6: Shit!

Black 6 began to back up and fire, but his clips eventually ran empty. He knew that guns were going to be useless in this fight, so he simply tossed them aside. Black 6 stopped and held his ground, and Black 5 jumped into the air, and slashed his blade downwards. Black 6 moved to the side to avoid getting cut in half, but quickly rolled back, as Black 5 swung his sword in a lateral direction. Black 6 rolled back, and was on his knees as he looked at Black 5.

Black 5: Come on Black 6...surely you are capable of more than just running away.

Black 5 turned to charge Black 6. Black 5 jumped at Black 6 once more, slashing downwards. Black 6 knew that he could only evade for so long, and that he needed to take a stand and get close to his former ally. Black 6 watched Black 5's movements as he came down, as he lunged upwards, and grabbed Black 5's wrists, and held them in place. Black 5 struggled against Black 6's hold, as he began to slowly force the blade downwards. Black 5 began to angle his wrists, so he could adjust the angle of the blade, so that it was parallel with Black 6's helmet. Black 5 continued to force his hands downwards, as he slowly overpowered Black 6. The sharp blade inched closer and closer to Black 6's visor, getting within half an inch before Black 6 used his knee to strike Black 5. The impact caused Black 5 to released the pressure, as Black 6 overpowered Black 5, and threw him backwards.

Black 5 landed on the ground, still holding his sword in his right hand. Black 5 pulled his legs back, as he leaped back to his feet, and charged at Black 6 once again. Black 6 sighed. He knew that he if he didn't find a way to stop Black 5, this was not going to end in his favor, and that Black 5 would find a way to kill him. However, despite this knowledge, Black 6 had no way of actually stopping Black 5, short of killing him. It was not clear that someone had to die for this fight to end.

Black 6 evaded and ducked several stab and slash attempts by Black 5, but found himself caught off guard by a follow-up kick to the side of the head. The kick delivered by Black 5 was swift and without any remorse, as Black 6 flew to the side, getting dazed from the hit. Black 6 rolled onto his back, as he saw Black 5 stand over him, swing the blade in his hand, and thrust it downwards. Black 6 barely had the time he needed to roll out of the way, so much so that he felt the blade cut into his shoulder pad.

Black 5 had thrusted the sword down with such force, that he had embedded his sword right into the ground. Black 6 saw this, as he quickly got back to his feet, and punched Black 5 in the side of the head, knocking him to the ground, and away from his sword, which was still sticking out of the ground.

Black 6 walked past the sword, as he approached Black 5 on the ground, and grabbed him by the throat, and lifted him to his feet. Black 6 held Black 5 by the throat, as he continuously punched Black 5 with right hooks. After about seven hits, Black 6 placed his right hand on Black 5's throat, as he lifted Black 5 off his feet, and carried him forward several feet, and slammed Black 5 into the hull of a Falcon.

Black 6 began to strangle Black 5, but Black 5 managed to break Black 6's hold. Black 5 used his foot to push Black 6 back a few feet. Black 5 caught his breath, as he moved forward and struck Black 6 with a swift Haymaker to the side of the head. For force of the impact made Black 6 stumble to the side and fall against a supply crate. Black 5 looked at Black 6 and walked towards him. Black 5 then grabbed Black 6 by the back of the head, and began to slam his face into the supply crate. Black 5 repeated this process several times, before grabbed Black 6 by the scruff of his neck, and tossing him aside, right into the wall of the hanger bay, not too far from where Vixen and Spender were located.. When Black 6 had hit the ground, he was sitting on the ground, with his back to the wall. Black 6 wass dazed by what he had just gone through, and he was having trouble getting up. Black 5 saw this, and then turned to look at his sword sticking out of the ground. He walked over to his sword, and pulled it out of the ground. Black 5 then turned and looked at Black 6, as he readied his blade and walked back towards Black 6.


Spender stood over Vixen as she laid on the ground. He grabbed her by the collar of her jacket and brought her to her feet, where he promptly punched her in the face, sending her back to the ground. Vixen groaned in pain from the hit, as Spender stood above her, looking down on her.

Spender: You have no idea how long I have just wanted to pulverize you Vixen. I have dreamt of this moment for so many year. To actually be here, now, standing over your nearly broken is so surreal.

Spender grabbed Vixen by the hair, as he lifted her up, and proceeded to choke her, bending her backwards over a box as he did it.

Spender: I am going to enjoy feeling the life just drain from your body.

Spender began to squeeze as hard as he could, in an attempt to quickly suffocate Vixen. Vixen tried to break Spender's hold, but she was not strong enough to out-power him. Her eyes shifted back and forth, as she struggle to keep focused under the pressure. Vixen could feel herself becoming light headed and dazed, as she was very close to passing out from the lack of oxygen. She was desperate. SHe could not escape from the hold that Spender had on her. She turned her head to the left and the right, looking for something that she could use to get her out of this predicament. Thankfully, just to her left, there was a large wrench sitting on top of the supply crate she was being strangled upon. She reached for it, but it was just out of reached. She used the tip of her fingers to try and inch it just a little closer so she could grab it. With each second that went by, she found it more and more difficult to try reach for the wrench. However, Vixen pulled everything she had left together, and with all of her mi9ght, extended her arm to the point of feeling a sharp pain in her shoulder blade. she managed to wrap her hand around the handle of the wrench, as she swung it right at Spender's head, hitting him with everything she had left. The force of impact knocked Spender right off his feet, as he fell to the ground.

Vixen began to take very deep breaths as soon as she could. She feel off the supply crate, onto her knees, as she gasped desperately for air. She used the supply crate to help herself climb to her feet. As she did, she looked over and saw Black 5 walking towards the Black 6, with his blade in hand. She could see that Black 6 was down for the count, and she knew that if she didn;t do something, Black 6 was going to die.

Vixen looked around and saw her Magnum of the ground only about 10 feet away. She stumbled over to her Magnum, alll the while, Black 6's warnings of how dangerous ODST Black Team was racing through her head. Despite the danger, despite the fact that she was no match for a member of ODST Black Team, she was resolved to take action. When Vixen stood over her Magnum, she reached down and grabbed it off the ground. Vixen then turned to aim at Black 5, and she began to fire, shooting Black 5 right in the back several times, before Black 5 had turned and used his Sword's attenuation field to deflect the remaining shots.

Vixen: How the fuck did he not go down!?

lack 5 began to walk towards Vixen, holding the blade up as he walked towards her. Vixen knew that she was in very big trouble. She called out to Black 6.

Vixen: Tye...Tye!

Black 6 shook his head. He looked up as he saw Black 5 walking towards Vixen, who was backing up to try and get away from Black 5. Vixen continued to fire her Magnum, until her clip ran dry.

Vixen: me! Get up!

Black 6 snapped to attention, and he felt a surge of life come back into his body after hearing Vixen call for help. Black 6 scrambled to his feet, and ran at Black 5. Black 5, however, could hear Black 6 running up behind him. Black 5 waited, listening to the sounds of Black 6's feet hitting the ground. Just as Black 6 began to close in on Black 5, Black 5 turned, and thrusted his blade right at Black 6.

Black 6, seeing Black 5's body movements prepare to turn, readied himself. As Black 5 turned around and thrusted the blade at him, Black 6 turned his body to the side, moved slightly to the left, and dodged the thrust of the sword. Black 6, seeing Black 5's fully extended, placed his right hand on Black 5's wrist, and then used his left hand to hit Black 5's elbow as hard as he could. The result of this strike cause Black 5's elbow to bend the wrong way, snapping Black 5's arm. The trauma caused Black 5 to drop his sword.

As the sword fell, Black 6 grabbed it in mid air, and spun it around.

Black 6: Forgive me Eli...

Black 6 plunged the sword into Black 5's torso, impaling his body, going right through his heart.

Black 5 looked at Black 6, he simply uttered a single word.

Black 5: Tye...

Black 6 twisted the sword, cutting through the muscle and vital organs.

Black 6: I am so sorry Eli...I am so sorry.

Black 6 pulled the blade from Black 5's body. Black 5 fell to his knees, as he looked up at Black 6.

Black 6: It is for the best. You're free...

Black 6 swung the sword, and decapitated Black 5. Black 5's head flew through the air, as his headless body fell to the ground. Black 6 didn't fully process or comprehend what he had just done...but he quickly realized that he had just brutally killed his best friend. Black 6 stood over the headless body of Black 5, frozen in shock.

Black 6: Eli...

Black 6 began to breath heavily.

Black 6: Damn it Eli...

Vixen looked at Black 6. She couldn't even begin to imagin what he was going through at the moment. However, she remembered that she had her own demons to face, as she began to reload. As she reloaded, she turned back to Spender to finish the job. However, when she had fully turned, she saw Spender, on his feet, reaching for his sidearm. As Spender took aim, Vixen had just locked the clip into place. Vixen pulled the chamber back on her gun to chamber a bullet, but by the time she had released the weapon and started to take aim, Spender had fired his Magnum. The bullet from Spender's Magnum drove right into Vixen's chest. Spender walked towards Vixen, as he continued to fire, putting bullet after bullet into Vixen's chest. By the time the 3rd bullet had been fired, Black 6 had looked up and saw Spender shooting Vixen. Black 6 watched as the 4th bullet pierced Vixen's chest, and threw he backwards, as she fell to the ground.

Black 6: Vixen! NO!

Black 6 looked at Spender, who had a giant smirk on his face, having finally put his daughter down.

Spender: fucking bitch!

Black 6 then saw Spender turn his sights on him. However, Spender's smirk quickly turned into a viscious scowl.

Spender: kill Black 5...

Spender had a furious look on his face.

Spender: You...killed Black 5!

Spender turned the gun on Black 6. Black 6 was still in shock from watching Vixen get gunned down by Spender. However, when he saw Spender turn the gun on him, he quickly raised Black 5's sword, and deflected the bullet. Spender scoffed, as he fired the last 3 bullets in his magazine, all to no avail.

Black 6 began to walk towards Spender. The very way he moved screamed of outrage and insanity. Black 6 was utterly furious, and he had just lost any and all ability to show any sort of compassion or mercy for Spender. Black 6 had the insatiable urge to murder Constantine Spender. It was all he could think about. It was all he could understand.

Spender could visibly see the outrage and the total loss of sanity in Black 6's movements. A look of fear shot across Spender's face, as he realized that he had just done something very terrible.

Spender began to backup in fear of Black 6. He stumbled as he moved backwards. He even went so far as to throw the Magnum at Black 6 in some futile effort to slow him down, even to the smallest and most insignificant degree.

Black 6: You are a fucking dead man Spender. Do you hear me!? You are a fucking dead man! I am going to kill you! You are a fucking DEAD MAN! DO YOU HEAR ME!?

Spender turned and began to run away, heading for the exit to the hanger bay. Black 6 began to run after him, but after a few steps, he stopped, and instead, threw Black 5's sword as hard as he could. The sword flew through the air, going right for Spender. The force at which Black 6 had thrown the sword was extreme, as the sword quickly caught up to Spender. Spender was so close to the exit of the hanger bay, but before he could reach the threshold, the sword drive right into his back, impaling him through his right shoulder. The force of impact threw Spender forward, as he flew out of the hanger bay, and slid across the ground.

Spender was in a tremendous amount of pain, as he yelled out in agony. He could see from his one good eye that Black 6 was storming across the hanger bay.

Black 6: Say your prayers to the devil you fucking murderer!

Black 6 was breathing heavily, as he got closer and closer to garbage.

Black 6: I am going to rip you limb from limb you evil worshipping piece of human garbage!

Spender, by this point, w terrified. There was no way he could get away.His only hope wascking the door and hoping that would stop Black 6.

Spender: Renegade...RENEGADE! For the love of God...close the hanger bay door! Lock it! Renegade! FUCKING CLOSE THE DOOR! LOCK IT!

Spender could see Black 6 getting closer and closer.

Spender: Renegade...shut the door!

Black 6 began to run as the doors began to close. However, before the doors could close fully, Black 6 had wedged his hands into the threshold of the sliding door, and began to pull the two pieces of the door apart, fighting with the door mechanisms. Black 6 was using all of his might to try and keep the doors from closing. Black 6 was at a stalemate with the door mechanics.

Black 6: You fucking coward! Do you think doors will be able to protect you from ME!?

Black 6 continued to struggle with the door, preventing them from closing.

Black 6: You run like a God damned weasel! You run and you hide, and you crawl away...

Black 6 was utterly furious. Spender could see that Black 6 was actually starting to gain the upper hand on the door mechanics.

Spender: This is fucking impossible!

Spender began to crawl away. As he crawled, he left a trail of blood. He had already lost quite a bit of blood, so he was far too weak to get back to his feet.

Black 6: Get back here you coward!

Black 6 was starting to feel the burn in his arms, as he began to weaken. Ever so slowly, the door began to close. Black 6 put up a fight as long as he could, before he had to released the door, and let it slam shut.

Black 6 stepped back, as he looked around. He then walked back to the door and slammed both of his hands on the door.

Black 6: FUCK!

Black 6 stood by the door, unable to think straight. He began to pace around, lost in his own rage. Black 6 was about to go into total meltdown, but something stopped him. Black 6 stopped when he heard Vixen call for him.

Vixen: Tye...

Black 6 stopped, as he looked back at Vixen.

Vixen: Tye...

Black 6 ran back to Vixen. As he got close, he slid onto the ground, and knelt down next to her. He used his left hand to brush her hair out of the way, and then elevate her, and his right hand to apply pressure onto her wounds.

Black 6: Vixen...Oh my God...

Black 6's voice was horse, and very uneasy, as he struggle to keep himself together.

Black 6: Vixen...

Vixen: Tye...I'm...I'm...

Black 6: You're alright. You're fine. We are going to get out of her.

Vixen shook her head.

Vixen: No...

Black 6:'re fine. Come on...we can still get out of here...

Black 6 wasted no time in grabbing Vixen, and picking her up in his arms, as he carried her over to the Prowler that was docked.

Black 6: You're going to be fine...everything is going to be fine. Hang in're going to be fine.

Black 6 carried Vixen up the ramp of the Prowler. He carried her through the corridors of the ship, bringing her up to the bridge. Black 6 set her down on the ground, carefully.

Black 6: Vixen? Vixen! Stay with me! Keep your eyes open!

Vixen struggled to breath. With every second that passed, her breathing became more labored. Vixen watched as Black 6 stood up, and ran over to the helm station of the Prowler. She watched as he began to initialize the ship. She could hear the power coming on and the engines starting up.

Black 6 franticly worked, as he brought every system on the Prowler online. He knew that every second counted, and his time was split between helping Vixen and actually escape The Apex. Once all systems read green, Black 6 engaged the Stealth systems on The Prowler, as he began his vertical liftoff. Ever so slowly, The Prowler lifted off, going upwards towards the roof. Black 6 confirmed that the hanger bay doors were still open as the Prowler moved upwards. It only took a few moments for The Prowler to clear the hanger bay doors and emerge outside. Black 6 engaged the forward thrusters, as he adjusted his heading, and punched the engines to max. The Prowler took off to the skies at best possible speeds.

With the Stealth systems engaged, Black 6 did not have to worry about being detected by the Trust ships in orbit. With a heading locked in that took him away from The Apex, Black 6 was eventually able to plot a course for UNSC Space, engaging the slip space core as he did this. Once The Prowler had entered slip space, Black 6 engaged the auto pilot to allow the ship to manage itself. With the ship underway, Black 6 turned his attention back to Vixen. Black 6 got up out of his seat, and knelt down next to Vixen.

Black 6: Vixen?

Vixen moved her head, as she looked at Black 6. She extended her right hand upwards, as she tried to reach the release switch on Black 6's helmet.

Vixen: Take it off...

Black 6 used both of his hands to trigger the release switches on his helmet, as he pulled it off and tossed it aside. He looked down at Vixen.

Vixen: Much better.

Vixen struggled to breath.

Vixen: Tye...

Vixen grabbed Tye's arm and began to squeeze.

Vixen: Tye...I you...something...

Vixen paused.

Vixen: These last few weeks...have been...unforgettable.

Vixen paused again.

Vixen: I am so thankful that I had you in my life for a time...despite how brief that time was.

Tyber: Vixen...what are you saying?

Vixen: Tye...I am dying.

Tyber: What? can' can't die...

Vixen: I am dying is unavoidable...

Tyber: have to keep fighting!

Vixen: Fighting what?

Vixen paused. She reached up and put her hand on his face.

Vixen: Tye...I have been fighting all my life. I have never stopped fighting when I could fight. I can't fight this.

Tyber: Vixen...I can't go on without you. I need you! You are the only person who...the only woman I have ever, truly, loved. I can't lose you. I have lost to much already. If I lose you...I lose everything. You were the only thing that kept me sane. You are the only one who cared. You are the only one who...

Tye's voice began to crack.

Tyber: Don't go...please...

Vixen grinned.

Vixen: Don't worry...I am not going anywhere. I will always be looking out for you. I will be looking down on you...all the time.

Vixen tightened his grip on Vixen.

Tyber: Don't do this to me...please...don't do this to me.

Vixen: Tye...I want you to remember one very...important...thing...

Vixen paused.

Vixen: You are...

Vixen began to struggle.

Vixen: A good person. Never...forget...that.

Vixen began to cough up blood.

Vixen: You are...not...Black...6. Don't...let

Vixen paused.

Vixen: Do

Vixen began to struggle.

Vixen: You...are...

Vixen's grip began to loosen on Tye's arm.

Vixen: You...are...better...than...

Vixen paused for a moment, as she struggled to take a breath.

Vixen: Them...

Vixen breathed her last as her grip on Tye's arm released, as he hand fell to the side, landing in a pool of her blood. Tye's eyes began to swell, as he gave her a shake.

Tyber: Vixen?

Tybe gave her another shake.

Tyber: Vixen!?

When Tye had realized that she had just died in his arms, he broke down. He cradled her in his arms, holding her close.

Tyber: Oh God...oh

Tye began to shake his head as he began the futile process of denying what was clearly obvious.

Tyber: You can't be can't be dead. Come on Vixen...breath! Don't do this to me!

Tye began to get angry.


Tye began to break down even more, as he embraced Vixen's dead body. Tye sat in silence for a great deal of time, not wanting to part with Vixen. Tye simply sat with Vixen what an hour, before he had finally worked up the courage to release her. Tye moved away from Vixen's dead body, sliding himself away, across the ground. Tye continued to slide himself across the ground, until his back pressed up against a wall. He could not take his eyes off of Vixen. He simply ran his blood hands through his hair, and grabbed the back of his neck. Tye was breathing heavily, his eyes sore, and his body stiff. Tye was unable to compose himself or pull himself together.

Tye could not believe that he had lost Vixen. All he could do was sit there and go through everything in his mind, grilling himself and ridiculing himself for not being able to figure out how he could have saved the woman whom he so dearly loved.

Tyber: What did I do wrong? What didn't I do?

Tye paused. He began to breath heavily.

Tyber: Why did she have to die? Why couldn't I protect her? Why couldn't I keep her safe? All that I am capable of...and I failed her. Everything I could have done...something I should have done...I don't know what it is! Why can't I figure out where I went wrong.

Tye paused.

Tyber: I kept her safe from Black Team...why couldn't I protect her from Spender? How was I not able to stop him!? Why couldn't I stop him? What could I have done? I know there is something I could have done differently.

Tye continued to relive the events over and over in his head, going over every variable that he could think of. Despite this, he could not find the answers that he was looking for. Tye eventually gave up, and accepted his failures. Tye simply sat on the ground, in total silence, not moving or saying anything.

Tye had lost track of how much time he had spent just sitting on the ground. However, eventually, he got back to his feet, and looked around. He looked down at Vixen, a great deal of sadness coming over him as he did. Despite this, he was not going to just let her lay there. Tye walked over to Vixen's body, and picked her up. Tye carried Vixen off the bridge of The Prowler, carrying her to the small medical bay that was located on the ship. Tye brought Vixen to the medical bay in order to place her body in cryo stasis. Tye had every intention of giving Vixen a proper burial. It was the least he could do for her.

STB Breaking Point

Epilogue - UNSC Marathon Class - The Ulterior Motive - Medical Bay - Currently in the APX-449 Star System - Center of Trust Activity known as The Apex - 2030 Hours - August 6th 2515

Constantine Spender began to wake up in the medical bay. His vision was very blurry. He could feel a very large bandage on his face as his sense began to revive themselves. After a moment, Spender slowly sat up.

Spender: Novak!

Spender breathed heavily, as Doctor Novak came rushing out of his office.

Novak: Sir...thank God you are awake. I was worried.

Spender: What do you mean...worried?

Novak: When we found were in very bad shape. You had lost a lot of blood. Your injuries were very severe. The surgery to get the sword out of your body without damaging your right lung was an 8 hour surgery alone.

Novak paused.

Novak: On the subject of your lungs...we need to talk about a few things.

Spender rolled his eye.

Spender: My eye...

Novak: Also...your eye. We were...unable to save it. We had to remove it. The damage was too severe. I have already requisitioned a cybernetic replacement. It should be ready in two weeks.

Spender: Get rid of it...I don't want it.

Novak didn't think that was a very good idea, but he simply shrugged it off.

Spender: Where is Black Team?

Novak sighed.

Novak: They are...fine...physically speaking.

Spender: What do you mean?

Novak: I have released them as out-patients. They check in every day, and their physical injuries are on the mend. What concerns me is their mental state.

Spender: What is the matter with them.

Novak: They are struggling with the death of Black 5. They refuse to discuss it. They refuse to face it. From what I can tell...they have internalized all of their rage and anger. They seem normal...but I know these men. Something has happened to them. They are...different.

Spender: Clarify.

Novak: They have disconnected themselves with others. They are very distant with me, and they are all but totally disconnected with the rest of the crew. They eat alone, they only talk amongst themselves, and they refuse to discuss any of it with me.

Novak paused.

Novak: I have only been able to get one thing out of them.

Spender: That is?

Novak: Retribution. They demand it.

Spender grinned.

Spender: Retribution for the loss of their friend; Eli Decker.

Novak: Yes. I don't know what to tell them. I want to say that they will have it...but...these are preilous times for The Trust. We are recovering. We are weakened. I don't know how to proceed with them that stays in line with rebuilding all that was lost and destroyed.

Spender: Do not worry yourself Novak. I know exactly what to say to them.

Novak: That is?

Spender: Tell ODST Black Team...that so long as their loyalty is to The Trust...they will be fully entitles to any and all retribution they deem necessary. Make it clear that loyalty to The Trust means retribution for Eli's death...and justice for his murderer.

Novak: That's all?

Spender: That is all you need to say.

Novak shrugged.

Novak: I will tell them that these are your words, and not mine.

Novak sighed.

Novak: How are you doing sir? I heard about Kathryn.

Spender: What did you hear?

Novak: I heard that you gunned her down...and that you killed her. I also heard rumors that Black 6...went a bit nuts.

Spender: Yes...he did. He tried to kill me. He failed.

Novak: Clearly.

Novak was silent. He knew the whole truth, but he kept it to himself.

Spender: I'll tell you Robert...The Trust may be injured...but we stand to be more powerful than ever before. A new era has begun.

Novak: The new era started out pretty shitty. Two members of Black Team lost. Massive casualties in our ranks. The Heuristics Facility is nearly destroyed. Most of our best people are dead.

Spender: All of this is true...but you are forgetting one detail my friend.

Novak: That is?

Spender: I am alive, and in full control of The Trust. Like I said...a new era has begun.

Spender paused.

Spender: Granted...there was heavy damage to The Trust...but have to rip something down to build it up anew. We will be stronger than ever before...I assure you.

Novak: What about that ship we detected? Will we be strong enough to face that when the day comes? What happens when that ship arrives on our doorstep...and it turns out it is not interested in making friends?

Spender: No matter what happens...The Trust will be ready for the arrival. We will face whatever it brings with stalwart conviction.

Novak: I hope you are right...for all of our sakes.

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