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Black 1: This is Black 1...transmitting to ANYONE aboard The Ulterior you copy?

After a moment, ODST Black Team got a response. The line was full of static and interference.

Novak: Black Team...thank God.

Black 1: Doctor Novak? What's going on up there?

Novak: We were ambushed by an Insurrectionist ship that entered the system. It managed to get the jump on us, and it us with what felt like everything they had. We were already damaged from our battle with The Excalibur. This new Insurrectionist ship just came out of nowhere. They have sent boarding parties. We have Insurrectionists crawling all over the ship.

Black 1: Son of a bitch.

Black 1 paused.

Black 1: Where is Admiral Spender.

Novak: I am not sure. From what I am hearing...he is not on the bridge because the entire ship has the security lockouts engaged. The only reason for those lockouts to be engaged was if he lost control of the bridge. However...I don't think The Insurrection is here to take control of the ship...because one of our security teams spotted demolition teams carrying high yield explosives.

Black 2: The Insurrection may be trying to plant demo charges on either the Slipspace drive core, or the main reactor.

Black 4: If either of those are hit with a demo kit...the Ulterior Motive is dust.

Novak: My thoughts exactly. This is why I am about to re-evaluate ODST Black Team’s current operations. Black 4 and Black are to report back to the Ulterior Motive and assist with counter-hostile engagements. Time is of the utmost importance.

Black 4 and Black 6 nodded.

Black 6: Right away Doctor. We will try secure transport back to The Ulterior Motive.

Novak: You are authorized to use all necessary force in the procurement of transportation, the elimination of hostiles, and the securing of The Ulterior Motive. Use all necessary force...repeat...all necessary force.

Black 6: Understood sir.

Novak: In the meantime...I will try and regain contact with Admiral Spender...and I will attempt to delay The Insurrection as long as possible. I have a fairly large contingent of Marines with me. We should be able to soften them up for you guys.

Black 6: Sir...stay safe. We will be there shortly.

Novak: Copy that. Novak out.

The comm line went silent, as Black 4 and Black 6 immediately began planning their next move. Black 6 then contacted Black 3 over the comm..

Black 6: Black 3…remember earlier you said that The Insurrection was bugging out? Which direction were they going?

Black 3 responded.

Black 3: 14 degrees North North-East of your current location. 20 KM.

Black 6: We should be able to use that Warthog to get there in no time flat. At best speeds…we are looking at 10, perhaps 12 minutes.

Black 1 interjected.

Black 1: What do you have in mind Six?

Black 6 looked at Black 1.

Black 6: If the local Insurrection bugged out, I have a good feeling that they are responsible for the attack on The Ulterior Motive. They could be staging from here. If Black 4 and I hurry, we might be able to hijack one of their Pelicans, and return to The Ulterior Motive.

Black 1 nodded.

Black 1: Get it done. We will deal with Smith and whatever is left of his forces. After that…we will find a way to join you.

Black 4 and Black 6 nodded, as they both turned and ran back the way they came, heading for the Warthog that they left behind.

Black 1 looked at Black 2 and Black 5.

Black 1: Let’s go get Smith. Let’s finish this!

Black 2 and Black 5 nodded, as they took up position behind Black 1and followed I tow. The three remaining ODSTs ran towards the Surplus depot. As they got closer, they could see that there were several Marines who had taken up defensive positions with chainguns. Black 1 then radioed Black 3.

Black 1: Black 3…eyes on the surplus depot. Do you see the turrets?

After a moment Black 3 responded.

Black 3: I see them. There are four Marines on the ground and one on the roof; all with Turrets.

Black 1 nodded.

Black 1: Damn…we don’t have sights on the one on the roof.

Black 3: I have a perfect shot of all of them. DO you want me to take them all down?

Black 1: Can you do it? You will need to reload?

Black 3: Will I?

Black 1 was confused by the question.

Black 3: Let’s make a bet on that…

Black 1 waited a moment; he kept his eyes on the surplus depot. After a few moments, he heard a Sniper shot ring out, and then saw a body fall off the roof of the building. He then heard another shot, as one of the marines on the ground was taken out. A third shot rang out as another Marine went down.

Black 1 laughed, as he spoke to Black 3 over the comm..

Black 1: One shot left…two Marines.

Black 1 heard the final shot ring out, but as he did, he heard the final bullet ricochet off of one of the idle chainguns, as both marines went down in a single shot.

Black 3: Five Marines…Four bullets. Told you I didn’t need to reload.

Black 1 simply laughed, as he gestured his hand for Black 2 and Black 5 to move forward with him.

Black 1: We are going in. Keep us covered Black 3. Don’t let anyone else into the building.

Black 3: Copy that.

ODST Black Team began to move inside of the surplus depot. One by one, they entered the surplus depot, gaining access by entering through the administration office. The three men were moving through the hallways silently. As they did, Black 1 gave a hand gesture, instructing Black 2 and Black 5 to switch to suppressed weapons. Black 2 holstered his Shotgun while Black 5 holstered his DMR. Both men then drew Automags, and took aim, looking down the iron sights, as they moved.

It was not long before ODST Black Team approached the entrance to the main warehouse. They could hear the chatter of two marines around the corner. Black Team pinned themselves to the wall, as they slowly approached.

Marine 1: I don’t know man…things are looking bad.

Marine 2: We can stop them.

Marine 1: I am sure that’s what everyone else out there said. How many of our guys were out there? With the civilians…we had close to 300 bodies out there. Six guys took them all down.

Marine 2: Shit…it is tough to stay optimistic when you hear something like that.

Just as the second Marine said this, Black 1, Black 2, and Black 5 popped around the corner, firing at the Marines, making two very quick and very silent kills.

Once the Marines hit the ground, Black 1 gave a hand gesture to move forward and flank. The three ODSTs split up, keeping low behind barriers of crates, as they entered the main warehouse. As they moved into their positions, they could hear Smith taking to his Marines.

Sergeant Carr: Sir…we have lost contact with everyone.

Rear Admiral Smith: I am aware of that Sergeant.

Lieutenant Caesar: How the hell do six men slice their way through so many soldiers?

Major Adams: I have never seen anything like this. We are so fucked.

Rear Admiral Smith: People…we need to focus! I need suggestions!

Major Adams: Sir…aside from you, the only protection you have left, is the 12 of us here. We don’t have a chance in hell. We have to retreat…or we are going to die.

Lieutenant Caesar: We should surrender. Perhaps Spender will spare us.

Smith looked at Caesar, and scoffed.

Rear Admiral Smith: Spender will kill us…no matter what we do. We fight…or we die.

By this time, the Three ODSTs had taken up a very good flanking position, with Black 5 and Black 2 managing to pin most of the Marines in a cross fire, while Black 1 was in an excellent position to provide supporting fire.

Black 1 knew that they were ready to strike.

Black 1: Pick your targets…hit them in the cross fire. Save Smith for last.

Black 2 and Black 5 tapped their comm lines to indicate that they were ready.

Black 1: Engage...

With the order given, the three members of Black Team emerged from cover, and laid down fire on Smith's remaining forces. Black 1, Black 2, and Black 5 each took aim at the surrounding Marines, and opened fire. The surprise attack caught Smith, and his Marines, totally off guard, as they were not prepared.

As The three members of Black Team fired, Smith couldn't help but look around, as each of his Marines was cut down one by one. Smith ducked down into cover, and crawled away, hiding behind a large stack of crates.

Major Adams: We're surrounded!

Black 1 took aim at Major Adams, and fired a full clip right into his chest, cutting Major Adams down, killing him.

Sergeant Carr: Damnit...Adams is down!

Sergeant Carr was then shot down by Black 2. Carr took a direct Shotgun blast to the back.

Lieutenant Caesar ducked down behind cover, as he watched the rest of his compatriots get cut down. He could hear Black 1 giving orders to the other two members of Black Team to move forward.

Black 1: Move forward! Find Smith! Take him down!

Sergeant Carr knew he was no match for the three Black ODSTs that were converging on his location. Carr snapped, as he tossed his weapon aside, and stood up, with his hands in the air. He looked at Black 1, and pleaded for his life.

Sergeant Carr: I surrender! Please...don't shoot. I am unarmed!

Black 1 didn't stop walking, as he looked at Sergeant Carr. Black 1 turned his Assault Rifle on Carr, and fired a single round into his head, killing him quickly, and without much thought.

Black 1: Fucking cowards.

Black 1 then stopped in his tracks. He looked around the room, scanning the area. He then started to speak at the top of his lungs.

Black 1: I know you are in here somewhere Smith. Why don't you come out and face your death like a man?

Black 1 laughed.

Black 1: I can't imagine that this is easy for you. You lost your ship, you lost your crew, you lost your Marines...and you got every civilian in this town killed...because you wanted to prolong your life. Now, to top it all are hiding. You are a pathetic man. Spender was right to have such a low opinion of you. You are a coward. Men like you...would have destroyed The Trust.

Smith could hear Black 1 taunting him. He didn't allow Black 1's words to faze him. However, Smith knew that if he did not make a run for it, they would find him eventually. Smith knew that there was an escape route not far from where he was. He knew that if he ran fast enough, he could make it towards an exit.

Smith took a deep breath, as he climbed to his feet, and he made a break for the nearest exit. The sound of his feet caught the attention of all three men, as they turned to look at Smith run. Black 1 and Black 2 raised their weapons, but they stopped, when they saw Black 5 running towards Smith, ready intercept him from the side. Black 5 drew his blade as he ran, as he stepped on a small crate, and propelled himself into the air, towards Smith. As Black 5's boots hit the ground, he found himself right in the path of Smith. Smtih saw Black 5 in front of him, as he tried to come to a stop. However, Black 5 swung his blade low, as he cut off both of Smith's legs, below the kneecaps.

Smith screamed out in agony, as he fell to the ground.

Rear Admiral Smith: Oh Christ! Oh God!

Smith screamed in pain, as he used his hands to try and crawl away. However, Smith had succumb to the pain, as he gave up trying to crawl away. He rolled himself over as he looked up at Black 5, who had started to walk circles around Smith, letting the tip of his blade drag along the ground.

Rear Admiral Smith: Oh my legs! You pricks cut my legs off!

Black 5: No...I cut your legs off.

Black 5 looked at where he had removed Smith's legs.

Black 5: What a nice, clean cut.

Smith scoffed, as he was in a tremendous amount of pain.

Rear Admiral Smith: Fuck you!

Black 1 and Black 2 approached Smith, as they looked down at him.

Black 2:: He has a pretty vile tongue. Perhaps we should cut that out, as well.

Black 1: Perhaps we should.

Rear Admiral Smith: Go ahead!

Black 1 knelt down next to Smith.

Black 1: I dunno...that seems like too much effort for a little prick like you.

Smith glared at Black 1.

Black 1: Frankly...something dawns on me. You see, we were sent here to kill you. We have pretty much succeeded. There is nothing left for us to do here.

Black 1 paused.

Black 1: can still breath and you can still talk. would be a waste to NOT interrogate you.

Black 1 paused again.

Black 1: I want to know something much does the rest of The Trust know about what Spender is doing?

Rear Admiral Smith: That is for me to know, and for you to figure out.

Black 1: Wrong answer.

Black 1 looked at Black 5, and nodded. Black 5 then began to lift his blade, and proceeded to rest the tip of the sword on Smith's left thigh.

Black 1: One more time; how much does the rest of The Trust know about what Spender is doing?

Rear Admiral Smith: Fuck you!

Black 1: I wish you would be more cooperative.

Black 5 pushed the blade into Smith's leg. Smith began to yell out in pain. Black 1 watched for a moment, and then held his hand up. Black 5 then released pressure on his blade.

Black 1: How much does the rest of The Trust know about what Spender is doing?

Smith was breathing heavily, the amount of pain he was in was almost unbearable.

Rear Admiral Smith: You better just kill me!

Black 1 then lowered his hand, as Black 5 continued to push the blade into Smith's thigh. Smith began to scream in pain again. Black 5 then started to move the blade around, spinning it around inside of Smith's thigh.

Rear Admiral Smith: STOP! STOP!

Smith began to yell in pain again. However, Black 1 didn't give any order to stop. He continued to let Black 5 dig his sword further and further into Smith's wound.

Rear Admiral Smith: For the love of God...stop! I will tell you what you want to know!

Black 1 then raised his hand again, and Black 5 stopped. Smith was breathing heavily, as he was having a hard time concentrating.

Black 1: How much does the rest of The Trust know about what Spender is doing?

Rear Admiral Smith: They know close to nothing. The issues with Spender were kept inside the ranks of The Board of Chairmen! The only other person who knows about Spender's motives and Hoffman! However...I don't know how long things will stay like that. Hoffman had every intention of exposing Spender! Hoffman was the one who directed the fight against Spender, sending both Davidov and myself on our respective tasks to undermine Sppender.

Black 1: What else can you tell me?

Rear Admiral Smith: If Hoffman has exposed Spender...then he has put himself into a position of great power! With Davidov dead...and with my current condition...Hoffman is the defacto, and undisputed leader of The Trust.

Black 2 then stepped forward.

Black 2: Wait...what?

Rear Admiral Smith: Hoffman is the last standing member of The Board of Chairmen. He has total control of all Trust assets. If Spender believes he will be able to fight Hoffman...he is dearly mistaken.

Black 1, Black 2, and Black 5 all exchanged looks.

Black 5: don't think...

Black 2: This sounds like a Coup d'état by Hoffman.

Black 1: How so?

Black 2: Think about it; Hoffman is the last man standing. Chances are, Hoffman was the one who ordered both Davidov and Smith to carry out their respective assignments. He knew Spender would respond. I think he was banking on this outcome.

Black 1: Are you saying that everyone has played right into Hoffman's hands?

Black 2 nodded.

Black 2: It is very possible...

Smith looked up at the three ODSTs...and scoffed.

Rear Admiral Smith: Hoffman would never do that. He is a man of integrity. He tried to stop Spender! He would never become a man like Spender!

Black 1: Are you so sure of that?

Rear Admiral Smith: Hoffman has different ideas for The Trust...ideas that we could all support.

Black 1: Ideas that would convince you to support him for as long as he needed you to. You were so convinced he was doing the right thing...that you fell in line...and laid down your life for the cause.

Rear Admiral Smith: are WRONG!

Smith began to cough up blood.

Rear Admiral Smith: Hoffman has integrity! He is a man of honor! He would never stoop to Spender's level!

Black 1: So far as we know.

Smith began to cough up more blood, as he was slowly dying.

Rear Admiral Smith: Hoffman is going to kill all of you! You are all going to die!

Black 1: No, you are going to die. You are dying.

Black 1 backed away, as Smith scoffed. He coughed up even more blood.

Rear Admiral Smith: My only regret...

Black 1 rolled his eyes and sighed, as he pulled out his Automag and put a bullet right between Smith's eyes.

Black 1: Boring conversation.

Black 1 holstered his weapon as he looked at Black 2 and Black 5.

Black 1: we have a possible coup going on with Hoffman now. We have to inform Spender...we have to stop this from happening!

Black 2: First and foremost...we have to try and get back to The Ulterior Motive and secure the ship from Insurrectionists. We should contact Four and Six.

Black 1 nodded.

Black 1: Agreed.

Draco III - 20 KM North-North East of New Sacramento - City Center - 1245 hours - June 5th 2515.

Black 4 and Black 6 were behind a tree line, as they observed several dozen Insurrectionists around several Pelicans that were landed. The two ODSTs scanned the area, but the entire perimeter was pretty locked down.

Black 4: I could drop a few well placed Rockets...and give us a good start on nullifying these bastards.

Black 6: Agreed. I could follow-up with suppressive fire, try and take a few more down...allow us to punch through. They don't have much cover...we could make this quick and decisive.

Black 6 began to observe the Insurrectionists again. As he did, he noticed something odd.

Black 6: What the hell?

Black 6, using his VISR, zoomed in to get a closer look at one Insurrectionist in particular. He recognized who he was looking at.

Black 6: Oh my's her.

Black 4 looked at Black 6.

Black 4: What are you on about Four?

Black 6: Do you see that woman with those Insurrectionists? She was on Madrigal...when Outpost Lambda was attacked. I fought with her...but she ran away before I could finish the job.

Black 4: Well, now you have a chance to correct that.

Black 6: She must be the one behind this attack on The Ulterior Motive. She defiantly strikes me as the leader.

Black 4: It might be worth listening in on what they are saying. Activate your directional mic...let's see what we can pick up!

Black 6 nodded. Black 4 and Black 6 then activated their directional microphones, as they listened in on Vixen as she briefed her soldiers.

Vixen: Listen up Delta Team...time is of the essence, so I am only going to say this once; our target is a ship in orbit called The Ulterior Motive...under the command of a SNAKE named Constantine Spender.

Vixen paused.

Vixen: Our to kill him. He is but one of the reasons why we do what we do! Killing Constantine Spender will send a very clear message to men like him that6 people like us will no longer tolerate tyranny.

All of the Insurrectionists' cheered.

Vixen: We already have soldiers up there, who have started this fight! We will continue the attack until we finish it! We don't quit...until Constantine Spender is dead!

The Insurrectionists cheered, as Vixen turned and boarded one of the Pelicans. The Pelican had several Insurrectionists in it already. The Rear hach closed, and the Pelican that Vixen was in took off, and took to the skies.

Black 6 cursed under his breath as he watched Vixen, once again, leave his sights.

Black 6: Alright Four...let's hit these pricks with everything we have. Light them up...I will follow-up with a full suppression, and we will mop these bastards up nice and quickly.

Black 6 paused.

Black 6: After that...we take one of those Pelicans...and we get back to The Ulterior Motive!

Black 4 nodded, as he drew his Rocket launcher off of his back, and he took aim at the crowd of Insurrectionists. Black 6 broke off to the side, in order to take up a flanking position. As Black 6 took up a new position, he drew his SMGs, and he took aim. Black 6 saw that he had a clear shot at most of the Insurrectionists.

Black 6 took a deep breath, as he signaled Black 4.

Black 6: Alright fire...

It only took Black 4 a moment to acknowledge. It was not long before Black 6 saw two rockets fly towards The Insurrectionist's line. The two explosions sent multiple Insurrectionists flying in various directions. As the second explosion rang out, Black 6 took aim with his SMGs, and laid down a wide field of fire at the remaining Insurrectionists who were still standing. Black 6 watched as The Insurrectionist tried to scatter, but were shot down one by one.

Black 6 then heard Black 4 speak over the comm.

Black 4: I am reloading. Keep the suppressive fire up!

Black 6 continued firing his SMGs at opportunity targets, picking them off, one by one, keeping the attention of the Insurrection off of Black 4.

Black 6: Hurry up Four...get those rockets ready!

Black 6 began to reload. He watched as The Insurrectionists tried to get re-organized.

Insurrectionist: We have hostiles in the tree line! Find cover!

As The Insurrectionist spoke, Black 4 managed to fire off two more Rockets from the tree line. The Rocket impacted the ground near the Insurrectionists, exploding on contact, sending multiple Insurrectionists flying back, killing most of them in the blast.

Black 4: Six...we have these guys. Lay down more fire!

As Black 4 said this, he put his Rocket launcher on his back, and drew his Automag. He took aim with his Automag and began to lay down fire on the Insurrectionists. Black 6 followed up with more suppressive fire. The combined fire from Black 4 and Black 6 proved highly effective in cutting through the remaining Insurrectionists.

Both Black 4 and Black 6 exited the tree line, their weapons were raised, as they moved outwards.

Black 6: Area is clear.

Black 6 lowered his SMGs, as he began to sprint forward. Black 4 also lowered his weapon as he sprinted forward to regroup with Black 6.

Black 4: Looks like we managed to clear the area without too much damage to these Pelicans. We should be able to use one of these to get to The Ulterior Motive.

Black 6: There is more than one. We could split up. One of us could go and find the rest of Black Team, pick them up, and we can all regroup on The Ulterior Motive.

Black 4 considered the suggestion, and nodded.

Black 4: Which one of us should go and find the others?

Black 6 paused. He thought about the questions.

Black 6: Honestly...I want to get back to The Ulterior Motive ASAP! I want nothing more than to get my hands on that Insurrectionist bitch. Ever since what she pulled on Madrigal...I have wanted a bit of payback.

Black 6 scoffed.

Black 4: Fair enough Six. You return to The Ulterior Motive...get things under control up there. I will swing around and find the rest of Black Team and we will get up there ASAP!

Black 4 laughed.

Black 4: The irony of this is not lost on me. Our original orders were to try and limit our engagement of THe we are engaging them head-on.

Black 6: Well...more often than not, the battle plan never survives contact with the enemy.

Black 4: Very true.

Black 4 shrugged.

Black 4: IN any case...good luck Six.

Black 6 nodded. Black 4 and Black 6 went their separate ways, each of the men heading to a separate Pelican. Both pelicans engaged their pre-flight sequences, as they started to lift off. The Pelican piloted by Black 4 began to turn, as Black 6's Pelican began to elevate, taking off into the sky.

As Black 6's Pelican began to enter orbit, he received a message over the comm.

Black 1: Black you copy?

Black 6 answered the message.

Black 6: Six here. I read you loud and clear.

Black 1: What is your current status?

Black 6: I am on my way back to the Ulterior Motive, getting ready to engage hostiles. How are things going down there?

Black 1: Smith is dead. However, there is a lot more to this than we initially presumed. Based on what Smith told is possible that Hoffman, the last remaining member of The Board of Chairmen, may be actually staging a coup in The Trust. This may have all been planned by Hoffman since the start. We need to find Spender and inform him of this right away!

Black 6: Copy that. I have almost reach The Ulterior Motive. I will Endeavour to find Spender, and inform him of this development..

Black 1: Is Black 4 with you?

Black 6: negative...Black 4 grabbed a second Pelican, and his is coming to find you and the rest of Black Team for extraction and rendezvous on The Ulterior Motive.

Black 1: Copy that. Try to save some for the rest of us up there Six.

Black 6: I can't make any promises. You'll just have to hurry.

Black 1: Acknowledged. Black 1 out.

Black 6 heard the comm line go silent, as he looked out the cockpit window. He could see The Ulterior Motive, as well as all of the battle damage on the super structure. He could also see a Phoenix-Class colony ship near The Ulterior Motive, just holding position and not moving.

Black 6: That colony ship must be where The Insurrectionists are staging from.

Black 6 took notice of the name on the side of the Phoenix-CLass.

Black 6: Hades Eclipse. Well, that was defiantly the same ship that was seen fleeing Madrigal.

Black 6 sighed.

Black 6: Well...taking that ship down will have to wait. First and foremost...I have to secure The Ulterior Motive.

Black 6's Pelican was rapidly approaching The Ulterior Motive. As he got closer, he could see that there was damage to two of the main hanger bays, such that the entire hanger ay doors had been blown off. However, the Security Barriers were still active, so it was clear that the hanger bays were still pressurized. Black 6 began to navigate his Pelican towards Hanger Bay 1 to begin his docking. Black 6 began to slow the Pelican down, as he passed the security barrier, and enter into the Ulterior Motive's hanger bay. As Black 6's Pelican entered the hanger bay, he could see that there were Insurrectionists who had taken up position in the hanger bay, as if to hold their entry point to ensure continued access to the ship. The Insurrectionists wasted no time in firing their Assault Rifles at the Pelican, as they backed off, and took up position to defend their position.

Black 6 watched as some of the bullets bounced off of the cockpit window as he landed the Pelican, with the front of the pelican facing the Insurrectionist soldiers. Black 6 could see that there were about a dozen Insurrectionists, all armed with Assault Rifle. He grinned behind his helmet, knowing that this would only be a slight diversion.

Insurrectionist: We have a hostile in one of our birds! Take him down!

Black 6 drew both of his SMGs, as he exited the Pelican, and ran right across the hanger bay, taking a dive through the air to take cover behind some supply crates. As Tye jumped through the air, he laid down a wide field of fire on the Insurrectionist line, taking down three of the hostiles before he himself even hit the ground.

Insurrectionist: We have friendly contacts down!

Tye began to reload his SMGs from behind cover. As he did, he could hear the Insurrectionists planning their moves.

Insurrectionist: Surround him...converge on his location!

Black 6 readied his SMGs, as he stood up behind cover, and fired off both of his SMGs, his left SMG sweeping left and his right SMG sweeping right. This caught the converging Insurrectionists off-guard, as Tye was able to kill several more Insurrectionists, and wound the rest.

Some of the few Insurrectionists that had fallen to the ground, injured, raised their Assault Rifles and fired at Black 6, but Black 6 ducked down behind cover, as he began to reload. Once Tye had reloaded his SMGs, he waited for the gunfire to die down, before holstering his SMGs, and drawing his Automags. Black 6 then emerged from cover, and took several very precise shots at the few remaining Insurrectionists, that were wounded on the ground.

Once Black 6 had taken down the last of the Insurrectionists, he gave a quick scan of the hanger bay, and saw the his path was clear. Black 6 began to reload his Automags, as he moved towards the main door leading out of the hanger bay. Black 6 could see that the door leading to the corridors had been forcefully removed with explosives. As he stepped through the threshold, into the ships corridors, he could hear the ships alarms going off.

Black 6 could see dead Marines and Insurrectionists in the corridor, a clear sign that there was a firefight and a struggle throughout the ship. Black 6 used his VISR to access a layout of The Ulterior Motive's deck plan, so he could better navigate towards where he needed to be.

Black 6: Alright...first thing is first...I have to try and find Spender and/or Novak.

Black 6 accessed his communication system, and tried to contact his anyone on the ship to try and get is bearing.

Black 6: This is Black 6...calling anyone on the ship. Does anyone read me?

Black 6 paused for a moment. He could hear a bit of static, and then he heard a voice.

Novak: Novak here. Black 6...where are you?

Black 6: I just got on-board the Ulterior Motive. I am just outside hanger bay 1...moving down the corridor.

Novak: Is Black 4 with you?

Black 6: Negative. I sent him back to regroup with the rest of Black Team. Black 1 was successful in nullifying Smith. Black 4 took a Pelican and he went to round up the others, and bring them here.

Novak: Understood.

Black 6 kept moving as Novak was speaking.

Black 6: Sir...what is your current location?

Novak: I am currently on Deck 2 with several teams of Marines. We are going to push towards the bridge.

Black 6 picked up his pace, as he started to run through the corridors.

Black 6: I am on my way towards your current location. If you hold position, I can help you retake the bridge.

Novak: Be advised...the elevators are currently offline. You will need to use either the access crawlways...or the stair cases.

Black 6: Understood.

Novak: Report to Deck 2 - section 13. We are going to make our push from there. The sooner you can get here, the better.

Black 6 continued to move, as he headed for the nearest stairwell. Black 6 entered the stairwell, and began to run up the stairs.

Black 6: I'm on my way sir. I should be there in a moment.

Novak: Copy that Black 6. We will wait for you to arrive.

Black 6 continues to run up the stairs, getting closer and closer to Deck 2. When Black 6 reached Deck 2, he entered the corridor, and made his way towards Section 13. When he arrived, he was greeted by Novak, and about 2 dozen marines.

Novak: It's good to see you Black 6.

Black 6: Good to see that you are still alive and kicking sir.

Novak: These Insurrectionists came out of nowhere. They blindsided us, and the first place they hit was the bridge.

Black 6: It makes sense that they should target the bridge first. It would allow them to maintain control of the ship to allow them to do what they need to do.

Novak: After they took the bridge, they moved to the engineering deck. I believe that they are still there. However, as Black 4 said...they could try and destroy the ship with explosives.

Black 6: Well...first thing is first - retake the bridge. If we can take the bridge, we can isolate how may Insurrectionists are on the ship, and then coordinate our forces from there.

Novak: Agreed.

Novak checked the clip on his Assault Rifle, and then nodded to Black 6.

Novak: Alright...let's go. Black 6...take point.

Black 6 took point with the group, as he led Novak and the Marines to the stairwell, and led the entire group up to Deck 1. Black 6 moved quickly and quietly towards the bridge, moving through the corridor. Black 6 approached the door to the bridge, and pressed his body against the wall, near the door leading onto the bridge. Novak and the other Marines stopped, as they waited for Black 6 to move.

Black 6 could hear several Insurrectionists on the bridge, talking to each other.

Insurrectionist 1: We lost contact with hanger bay 1, and several other patrols on the ship.

Insurrectionist 2: The crew is still fighting. They are resilient...I will give them that.

Insurrectionist 1: Well...the sooner we destroy this ship...the better. Our demo teams better hurry it up and get those explosives set. We don't have all day.

Black 6 heard this conversation, and knew that the clock was now ticking. Black 6 readied his SMGs, and he turned the corner and ran onto the bridge. Novak and the Marines watched as Black 6 moved in and single-handedly cleared the bridge, killing the two Insurrectionists who were guarding the bridge, and 4 other Insurrectionists who were manning a few of the bridge stations. Black 6’s sweep of the bridge proved to be quick, precise, and decisive.

When the smoke had cleared, and the bridge was clear, Black 6 looked around and scanned the area. He did see a few of the original bridge officers for The Ulterior Motive, dead on the ground, but Spender was nowhere to be seen.

Novak then walked onto the bridge, and looked around. He whistled and approached Black 6.

Novak: Nicely done Black 6, very nice work.

Novak looked around, looking at all the dead bodies.

Novak: Spender isn't here. That's a good sign.

Black 6: At least we know he made it off the bridge to continue the fight.

Several of the marines walked onto the bridge. Novak looked at the Marines.

Novak: Get these stations manned. Let's get this bridge operational, and let's start pushing back against these God-dammed Insurrectionists!

Several of the marines nodded, as they moved the dead Insurrectionists from the bridge stations, and took over their positions.

Novak: I want a status report!

One of the Marines looked over to Novak.

Trust Marine 1: Sir...according to these readings...we still have a number of our people on the ship. They are organizing, and they are currently engaging the Insurrection on various decks.

Novak: Re-establish communication with them, and start coordinating their efforts.

One of the other Marines looked at Novak.

Trust Marine 2: Sir...I think I have located Admiral Spender.

Novak and Black 6 approached the Marine.

Black 6: Where is he?

Trust Marine 2: He is pinned down in the main Armory. He has a lot of heat on him.

Black 6: Can you tap into the cameras around the armory?

Trust Marine 2: One moment...

The Marine entered a few commands. After he did this, he managed to display a visual of the armory. Novak and Black 6 saw Spender, pinned down behind a supply crate. Spender was pinned down by roughly a dozen Insurrectionists, and was under heavy fire.

Novak: Black 6...

Black 6 had already turned and was on his way out of the bridge.

Black 6: I'm already on it.

Black 6 turned and pointed at the Marine.

Black 6: Do whatever you have to do to get into contact with Spender!

Black 6 paused. He looked back at Novak.

Black 6: Doc…I am going to be heavily outnumbered out there. I am going to need every advantage I can get. If you could patch my VISR into the ship’s systems, anything that is available, environmental controls, lighting, internal sensors…that would prove to be very helpful. If you can get me the ability to control things like that on the fly…I can turn a certain death situation into a fighting chance.

Novak: I will see what we can get you. We may not have anything for you right away as we try and regain control of the ship…but we should be able to get you SOMETHING in due time.

Black 6: That is all I needed to hear.

Black 6 then turned and ran off the bridge. He made a b-line towards the stairwell, and began to jump down the flights of stairs, moving quickly down to the main armory, which was located on Deck 6. When Black 6 had reached Deck 6, he ran into the corridor. Black 6 then quieted himself, and listened. He could hear the faint sound of gunfire, which suggested that Spender was still alive and drawing heat. Black 6 broke into a full sprint, as he charged through the corridors. With each step, the sound of gunfire got louder and louder.

It was not longer before Black 6 turned the corner, and saw multiple Insurrectionists laying down fire inside of the armory. The Insurrectionists were so focused on trying to kill Spender, that they did not even notice Black 6. Black 6 then realized that the entire area outside the armory, was littered with dead Insurrectionists. Black 6 could not believe how many Insurrectionists Spender had managed to kill from his pinned location. Black 6 realized that Spender had literally taken on an army…and statistically speaking…he was winning.

Insurrectionist: We are going to need reinforcements down at the armory! We have Spender pinned…but the bastard is too well entrenched! Spender won’t go down!

Black 6 watched as The Insurrectionists started to make an aggressive push into the armory. As Black 6 moved closer, with both of his SMGs at the ready, he could hear Spender yelling at the Insurrectionists.

Spender: Come on you treacherous bastards…come and get me! There is no way in hell ANY of you have what it takes to put me in the grave!

Spender then could be heard laughing. Black 6 found this behavior to be quite interesting, given Spender’s current situation. The way Spender spoke, and his laugher…it suggested that Spender did not even fear The Insurrection. Had there not of been the looming threat of The Insurrection blowing up the main reactor with high-yield explosives, Black 6 was almost prepared to let Spender hander this entire situation by himself.

Black 6 sighed, as he raised his SMGs, and laid down crossfire on the Insurrectionists who were in the corridor. Black 6’s hail of bullets cut through the Insurrectionists with great efficiency. The fire from Black 6 caught the attention of some of the Insurrectionists, but before they could fire on Black 6, they were all shot in the back of the head, by Spender.

Spender: I told you none of you had what it took.

Black 6 could hear Spender’s footsteps inside of the armory. Black 6 decided to approach the armory doors, and peer in. However, when he did, Spender quickly turned, and pointed an M6G Magnum at Black 6, but did not fire.

Black 6: Sir…I’m on your side.

Spender grinned, and let out a chuckle.

Spender: So it seems. I guess I have you to thank for the assist?

Black 6: You do not have to thank me for doing my job, sir.

Spender laughed, as he started to light up a cigarette.

Spender: I like that attitude Six.

Black 6 was silent for a moment, but then spoke up.

Black 6: Sir…I managed to retake the bridge with the assistance of Dr. Novak.

Spender: Novak? Damn…that is a surprise.

Black 6: he has been engaging in counter-hostile engagements.

Spender: I never thought the good Doctor had it in him. I guess I was wrong.

Black 6 stepped towards Spender.

Black 6: Sir…I would feel better if I could escort you back to the bridge. There is a large team of Marines in that location, and they would prove valuable in defending you.

Spender: I appreciate the concern Black 6…but I do not need to be defended. I am more than capable of defending myself.

Black 6: I am sure you are sir…but your place is not on the battle field.

Spender: Six…I realize that you are simply following protocol. You feel that you are obligated to protect me at all times, and you feel that you must do everything in your power to ensure my safety. I admire that, and I understand that. However…these Insurrectionist bastards are on my ship. They have turned my realm of authority into the battle field. I will be damned if I allow The Insurrectionist to scare me to the point where I must fall back to the protection of a heavily defended location. Not on my ship Six. Not while I draw breath.

Spender stepped forward and looked at Black 6.

Spender: You are free to tag along with me as I retake my ship. Clear?

Black 6 nodded.

Black 6: Perfectly.

STB Breaking Point

UNSC Marathon Class - The Ulterior Motive - Main Armory - Currently in orbit of Draco III - 1310 hours - May 22nd 2515.

Black 6 look at Spender, as Spender reloaded his weapon.

Black 6: Sir...I should point out that The Insurrection has every intention of destroying this ship.

Spender: I am aware of this fact Black 6. Before I got pinned down here, I was on my way towards the engineering deck to stop the sabotage of our main reactor.

Black 6: How did you know they were going to sabotage the reactor?

Spender laughed.

Spender: HE...told me...

Spender pointed to the corner. There was a dead Insurrectionist with various wounds and burn marks laying up against the wall.

Spender: I was interrogating him before the firefight. He spilled the beans VERY quickly after I started ashing out cigarettes on his face.

Black 6 shrugged.

Black 6: Well, we should be able to make it to the engineering deck from our current location in a very short amount of time.

Spender: Agreed. However...we are not going down there without being properly armed.

Spender stepped to the side, as he grabbed a Shotgun off the weapon rack.

Spender: We will need bigger weapons.

Spender grabbed a box of shells of the shelf, as he started to load his shotgun.

Spender: I suggest you gear up Black 6...because we are going to have a lot of Insurrectionists to fight through...and I don't plan on running out of ammo mid-way through.

Black 6 nodded, as he turned to resupply his SMG ammo.

Black 6: I should also point out that the rest of Black Team is on their way back to assist us.

Spender: I don't believe that they will make it in time. We cannot afford to wait when we do not know how much time we have left.

Black 6 had finished resupplying his SMGs. As he did, he noticed something sitting on the shelf.

Black 6: Well, is something that could prove to be very useful.

Spender turned to look at Black 6. As he did, he saw Black 6 reaching for an un-mounted chaingun.

Spender: A chaingun. Very conspicuous. I would say that fits more to Black 4's style.

Black 6: Perhaps if it were a missile pod...perhaps.

Spender: That is beside the point. Can you handle that weapon?

Black 6 hefted the weapon, getting a feel for it.

Black 6: Yeah...I got problem.

Black 6 laughed.

Black 6: These Insurrectionists are going to pay...dearly.

Spender: I like the attitude Black 6. Keep it up.

Spender then cocked the shotgun he was holding.

Spender: Take point Black 6...lead us to the engineering deck.

Black 6 turned, as he led Spender out of the armory, and into the corridors of the ship.

Black 6: Stay close sir...and keep tabs on our Six. If you see anyone...let me know.

UNSC Marathon Class - The Ulterior Motive - Main Data Center - Currently in orbit of Draco III - 1320 hours - June 5th 2515.

Vixen, along with a dozen Insurrectionists were standing in front of the doors to the Ulterior Motive's main Data Center. Vixen watched as one of her Insurrectionists rigged the door up with explosives.

Vixen: How much longer until that door is open?

Insurrectionist Engineer: Not long ma'am. We are almost ready to bring this door down. We had to rig up a larger number of explosives on this door. For whatever reason, this door seems to be made to endure forced entry.

Vixen: Make it quick. The last thing we need is for any more of these UNSC goose steppers trying to stop us. This is the only place on the ship that was the most heavily defended.

Vixen began to pace back and forth, as she held her Assault Rifle in her hands.

Insurrectionist Engineer: Alright...we are good to go. Everyone...get back...

All of the Insurrections moved back to a junction, and took cover behind a corner.

Insurrectionist Engineer: Fire in the hole!

The Insurrectionist engineer activated the detonator. When he did, a loud explosion was heard, as the doors to the medical bay were destroyed. Vixen was the first to charge in, as she ran towards the smoking hole in the wall.

Vixen: Alright out! Look for any type of central access terminal or data entry point!

All of the Insurrections that were with Vixen, entered the data center one by one. As they did, they fanned out, as they examined the large server towers. Vixen walked between the rows of server towers, looking for anything that could be used to leverage access into The Ulterior Motive's main computer.

Vixen: Has anyone found anything?

Insurrectionist Engineer: Ma'am...I have something!

Vixen broke out into a sprint as she followed the voice. As she got closer, she noticed that the engineer she was with kneeling down next to an electronically locked door.

Vixen: What is it?

Insurrectionist Engineer: This is the terminal link office. There is a computer in this office which serves as a backup terminal link to access the data center.

Vixen: Can you get us inside?

Insurrectionist Engineer: Do you really need to ask?

Vixen noticed that as the engineer had been talking, he had been rigging the door with an explosive.

Vixen: I am guessing we better take cover?

Insurrectionist Engineer: More like...plug your ears. This is one of the smaller babies I carry around.

Vixen remained silent. She watched as the engineer stood up, and took several steps back.

Insurrectionist Engineer: Fire in the hole.

Vixen plugged her ears, as the engineer detonated the small bomb, and blew the door right off the hinge.

Vixen: Nice work! Get in there and get us into these servers!

Insurrectionist Engineer: On it.

The engineer entered the office, and sat down in front of the terminal. Vixen watched as he got right to work, trying to break into the data server. Vixen walked into the office, and watched as the engineer worked.

Vixen: How long is this going to take?

Insurrectionist Engineer: Believe it or not...not very long. I am able to leverage a totally isolated, and pre-authorized connection to the data server. You see, terminal links, like this one, are generally easy to leverage from the inside of a protected network, because they are 100% inaccessible from the outside. Once I establish a full connection...I can pretty much access whatever I want.

Vixen: I don't need to know how it works. I want to know when it is going to work!

Insurrectionist Engineer: I need a few minutes Ma'am.

Vixen: That's all I needed. Keep at it.

Vixen turned and walked out of the office, as she started giving orders to the other Insurrectionists.

Vixen: Take up positions at the door of this room. Hold off anyone who tries to gain access to this room. Don't let any of those UNSC Marines through!

All of the Insurrectionists nodded, as they readied their weapons. They each started to take up position at the door to the data center, covering the entrance.

Vixen, on the other hand, turned back to the engineer.

Vixen: How is it coming?

Insurrectionist Engineer: Almost...

The Insurrectionist paused.

Insurrectionist Engineer: Done. I'm in. Connection established. We have access to everything.

Vixen leaned over the engineer's shoulder, as she glared at the computer screen.

Insurrectionist Engineer: There is so much information here. I have never seen so much compiled into one location before. This is unreal!

Vixen: First thing is first...See if you can find ANYTHING on those ODSTs we encountered on the surface. I want to know who the hell they are, and how the hell we can beat them.

Insurrectionist Engineer: Ma'am?

Vixen: Just do it. I can tell you with absolute certainty...after what I saw...if we are going to have any success against those ODSTs...we are going to need a way to kill them. They are highly trained and very effective soldiers. I saw it firsthand.

Insurrectionist Engineer: If you say so. It's just...after everything you have said about Spender, with him being your...

Vixen: Look...the fact is, we will never get to touch Spender so long as he has those ODSTs to send into battle. Either we find a way to beat them...or we forget about killing that bastard!

Insurrectionist Engineer: Understood. I will see what I can find.

Vixen: Once you find that intel...transmit it back to The Hades Eclipse. After that, whatever you can get out of their datacenter before we have to bail...will just be a bonus.

Insurrectionist Engineer: Yes Ma'am.

Vixen: I am going to go and check on our teams in the engineering deck...make sure that we are on schedule.

Vixen turned, as she began to walk towards the exit. As she walked past the door, she pointed to two Insurrectionists.

Vixen: You two...come with me.

Vixen stepped into the corridors, as the two Insurrectionists broke from their defensive formation, and followed behind her.

Insurrectionist: Where are we going Ma'am?

Vixen: Engineering deck. We are going to check in on our teams...make sure everything is on track and going smoothly. I am sure that if something was wrong, we would have heard about advice would be to expect trouble...none the less.

UNSC Marathon Class - The Ulterior Motive - Main Engineering Deck - Currently in orbit of Draco III - 1340 hours - June 5th 2515.

Spender and Black 6 were closing in on the engineering deck. The two men moved through the corridor, with Black 6 on point. As they moved, the two men conversed.

Spender: Alright Black 6...our first goal is clear - neutralize any and all hostiles. We are not here to take prisoners...we are here to retake the ship.

Black 6: Sounds simple enough. Shoot first, never ask questions. That's the way I prefer to operate.

Spender grinned.

Spender: You know Black the grand scheme of things...I am the most impressed with you. Out of all the members of Black Team, you have proven to be the most resourceful, the most cunning, the most resilient, and the most ruthless.

Black 6: But despite all of that...I was stripped of my command of Black Team.

Spender sighed.

Spender: The reasons behind that decision were complex. However, they were never personal.

Spencer paused. He stopped in his tracks. Black 6 then also stopped, and turned to face Spender.

Spender: You are, for all intents and purposes, one of the finest soldiers I have ever seen. You have so much potential.

Black 6: I was frequently told that.

Spender: I am sure you were.

Spender reached into his jacket, as he pulled out a cigarette, and put it in his mouth. Spender then fished his lighter out of his pocket, and lit the cigarette. Spender then started moving again, and Black 6 once again took point.

Spender: I realize that these past few weeks...I have been pushing you...pushing Black Team into dangerous situations, non-stop. I realize that I have been hard on all six of you. I realize that I have been unforgiving with the trials I have put you six through...

Black 6: Sir?

Spender: But...I just want to say...that no matter what...the six of you...have surpassed my every expectation. I am proud of Black Team...I am proud of your accomplishments...and I am especially proud of you Black 6.

Spender paused.

Spender: You have surpassed my expectations. You have become an excellent soldier...a loyal soldier. A symbol of excellence...what all soldiers should strive for. You have become a valued asset.

Spender scoffed.

Spender: You know...I have a daughter. Did you know that? I wanted her to be what you have become; a loyal and exceptional soldier...above and beyond the rest. She wanted nothing to do with me, or what I wanted. She was a fucking disappointment. When I compare you to the utter disappointment that was my only daughter...there is no competition. I have more pride in you than I ever had in my daughter.

Spender paused once more.

Spender: It is sad to think about, really.

Spender took a drag of his cigarette.

Black 6: I had no idea you had a daughter. I am guessing you also had...

Spender: A wife? Yeah...I had one of those too. She was equally fucking disappointing. She could not hold true to the convictions that I did. She was of narrow scope...and weak resolve. I was so disgusted with only option was to kill I did. If you ask me...I did the Human race a favor.

Black 6: If she was a traitor...she deserved to die.

Spender: My thoughts exactly Black 6.

Black 6: What about your daughter? Did you kill her as well?

Spender laughed.

Spender: I would rather not get into it...but something tells me...I may have to sooner or later. Given what is going on at the could get away with holding your breath, and finding out very shortly in fact.

Black 6 remained silent for a moment, but then chimed in.

Black 6: Sir...are you sure you don't want to take any prisoners? Personally...I am getting the feeling that there should be AT LEAST one prisoner we should be trying to take here.

Spender: I am sure Black 6. They all have to die. All of them. No prisoners. No exceptions.

Black 6 shrugged, as he didn't care one way or the other. However, he could not shake the thought that there was more going on than he was aware of.

Black 6: Understood sir.

Black began to slow down, as he approached a 4 way junction.

Black 6: Alright sir...the engineering deck is just around the corner to the left. Are you ready?

Spender nodded.

Spender: One moment...

Spender took one final drag of his cigarette, ashing it down to the filter. Spender then tossed the cigarette, but before giving the order to move forward, he reached into his coat, and grabbed another cigarette, put it in his mouth, and lit it up.

Spender: I'm ready now.

Black 6 nodded, as he started to rev up his chain gun. Black 6 then turned the corner, and saw several Insurrectionists standing guard, in a defensive position. Before The Insurrectionists could react, Black 6's chain gun began to fire. Black 6 moved the chain gun left to right, as he cut down The Insurrectionists with a hail of gunfire. Black 6 then released the trigger, and started to move forward.

Black 6: Hold position sir...let me clear the way!

As Black 6 moved, several more Insurrectionists ran into the corridor, from the engineering deck, but they were cut down when Black 6 pulled the trigger on his chain gun. Each of the Insurrections fell, one by one, in rapid succession.

As Black 6 moved closer to the entrance of the engineering deck, he could hear the Insurrectionists inside barking orders to one another.

Insurrectionist: We have hostile targets incoming! Get to defensive positions! Don't let anyone through!

Black 6 stopped before he reached the door. He turned around, and gave Spender the signal to move forward. Spender saw this, and started to move forward, linking up with Black 6.

Black 6: They have the door coved. There is no way we are fighting through this.

Spender: I beg to differ.

Black 6: How are we going to fight our way through?

Spender: The old fashioned way, of course.

Spender grinned, as he reached onto Black 6's belt, and pulled off a flash bang.

Spender: Flash bang first...the two of us second.

Black 6: The flash bang will only give us a couple of seconds.

Spender: Then we will have to move quickly. You take the left, I will take the right. There is plenty of room in there to take cover. If we can get past the first 10 feet of the entrance, we can put obstacles between those Insurrectionists, and us. We will have a place to take cover if necessary.

Black 6 nodded.

Black 6: Alright...that sounds like a good enough plan to me.

Spender: Do what you can to draw fire, however. Your Kevlar is more sturdy than my Uniform.

Black 6: Naturally.

Spender and Black 6 both nodded to each other to signify that they were ready. The two men then approached the door, with Spender on point. Spender then activated the flash bang, and cooked it for a few seconds before tossing it in, aiming high.

Insurrectionist: Heads up...we have a...

Before the Insurrectionists could finish his sentence, the flash bang went off, and Spender and Black 6 entered the engineering deck. Spender kept his aim to the right, while Black 6 kept his aim to the left, as both men pushed forward, and swept the entrance clear of hostiles. Spender moved in close, and used his Shotgun to eliminated hostiles at point blank, moving from Insurrectionist to Insurrectionists. Black 6, on the other hand, moved forward slowly, as he let the bullets from his chain gun tear down the Insurrectionists on his side.

Spender watched as Black 6 moved forward, and started to draw more and more fire from other Insurrectionists in the engineering bay who had regrouped to push back. Spender knew that this would be his opportunity to get in multiple opportunistic kills.

Insurrectionist: Keep up fire on that ODST! Take him down!

Black 6 stood his ground, as he allowed his chain gun to fire at a continuous rate, maintaining a suppressive fire. As a result, The Insurrectionists were unable to get a decent shot on Black 6. Spender, on the other hand, took the opportunity to sneak behind the cover of large computer terminals, to get himself into a position where he could line up clear and unobstructed shots on the Insurrectionists who had their sights on Black 6. Spender moved out of cover, and charged the Insurrectionists with his Shotgun, taking them down one by one. However, before Spender could kill all of the Insurrectionists, one of them did manage to call for reinforcements.

Insurrectionist: We need reinforcements at the engineering deck. Spender is here.

Spender: Second wave is clear Black 6.

Spender stood up, as he looked at Black 6.

Spender: Nice work on the suppression Six.

Black 6: Just doing my job, sir.

Spender: Naturally.

Spender turned away from Black 6, and turned to look at the row of Reactors on the other side of the engineering deck. Each of the reactors had been retrofitted with a large explosive device.

Spender: We have confirmed explosives on the main reaction chamber.

Black 6 saw that his chain gun was almost empty, and as such, nearly useless. He tossed it aside, as he walked up to Spender.

Black 6: I wish Black 4 was here.

Spender looked at the explosives on the reactors.

Spender: I might be able to disarm these. They seem like a very rudimentary design.

Spender looked back to Black 6.

Spender: Black 4 isn't the only person who knows how to nullify an explosive. However, I will admit he may be better at it, I also posses the knowledge to disarm basic and mid-range explosives.

Spender laughed.

Spender: If this was a Nuke...I would leave that in the hands of Black 4. However...we are not dealing with

Black 6 nodded.

Black 6: As long as one of us can do it...we should be fine.

Spender nodded in agreement.

Spender: Let me focus on these bombs. I want you to keep that door covered. I am not sure if you heard or not...but they managed to get a distress call out to their buddies...and I am sure that at any moment, those pricks are going to come flooding through that door!

Black 6: I did hear one of the Insurrectionists call for backup. They even called you out, by name, as if to motive the others to hurry up and get to this location. It seems that everyone is after you. How many people have you pissed off, exactly?

Spender: In my profession...I can never piss of too many people. The fact is...these Insurrectionists are after me because they take their orders from "Vixen".

Black 6: The female Insurrectionist who has been calling the shots pretty much every time I have bumped into The Insurrection. The question is...why is she after you, now?

Spender: That is a long story Black 6. It would take too long to go into, given the circumstance.

Spender ashed out his cigarette, and tossed it aside, as he reached into his coat and pulled out another cigarette, and lit it.

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