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As of the second Raknarion arrived at the bridge, the first mate met him.

First mate: Sir. Admiral Zharlis wants to speak with you, in private.

Raknarion pondered for a moment, before answer.

Raknarion: Very well. I'll answer the call in the conference room, I'll hail you when to bring him up,

The first mate saluted and brought up his Amni-tool and began pressing on the orange screen. As Raknarion had entered the conference room, and placed himself on the hailing circle, he motioned the first mate through his own ami-tool to bring the call up. Moments later, Admiral Zharlis appeard on the screen.

Zharlis: Greetings, commander. I've got your new orders right here.

Moments later after the sentence ended, Raknarion receives his new orders on his amni - tool.

Zharlis: I were just informed by the Turian Councillor himself that a certain Salarian with the name of "Colonel Lason Valrot" fled the Migrant fleet, having a prothean device with him. He acted on his own, apparently.

Zharlis paused from a moment, receiving a datapad from the very same cadet which had crashed into him in the embassy.

Zharlis: Your orders will be to wait outside the closest Mass Relay in Citadel space that leads to the Perseus Veil. I've already dispatched the same orders to several other ships, but to each own Mass Relay. The Salarian took only a fighter, so it will not be a possibility to lose in combat.

Zharlis hands the datapad back to the cadet, resuming.

Zharlis: You've got your orders. Dismissed, Commander.

The hologram vanquished in front of Raknarion. He gave himself a firm nod, and returned to the bridge, placing himself beside the pilot.

Raknarion: Pilot. Bring us to these coordinates.

Raknarion brings his amni - tool up, sending the coordinates to the pilot's database.

Pilot: Yes, sir. We'll be there within the hour.

Raknarion: Good. Hail me when we're there.

As he finished the sentence, he turned around and exited the bridge. Heading for his own quarters, located a deck below the bridge.

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