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The next morning, the lab was in chaos. The Admiralty Board had arrived upon hearing what was discovered by one of the lab technicians. Uli was the second admiral to arrive on the scene, with Admiral Zaan being the first.

Uli: “Admiral Zaan, what happened?”

Zaan turned to pay attention to Uli. She sounded deeply concerned with what has already been learned.

Zaan: “Admiral Uli, Shala is dead. She was murdered at some point last night.”

Uli: “And the Prothean device?”

Zaan: “It's missing.”

Uli: “I knew that thing was dangerous! Where's Colonel Lesan?”

Zaan: “He's also missing. Initial speculations seem to indicate that he may be the one behind this occurrence.”

Uli: “I would almost bet he is! Having him here was a bad idea! Now we could all be in trouble!”

Zaan: “Don't be so hasty, Admiral Uli. There was a report of an unauthorized fighter launch this morning also. If it is him, he's left the Flotilla.”

Uli brought up his omni-tool and began send some orders.

Uli: “Get security teams aboard the Iktomi! I want this ship searched top to bottom! Every bulkhead! Every junction! We may have been sabotaged!”

Uli's omni-tool disappeared, Zaal still sounding skeptical.

Zaan: “I doubt that's necessary, Admiral.”

Uli: “How can you be so na´ve? We have a dead Quarian, a missing Prothean device, and a runaway STG member! Not to mention the entire Fleet is known to someone who's likely a criminal now and one of our liveships could be in danger! I think it's well within my right to have the ship searched for anything of suspicion!”

A Quarian with his omni-tool out approached the two admirals.

Quarian: “Admirals Zaal and Uli, I think I have something. The cameras in the lab were thoroughly corrupted, but I managed to pull a few seconds out. You may want to look at it.”

The two admirals held out their omni-tools allowing it to sync with the Quarian investigator. The video showed about the ten seconds between the device's activation and Shala's death. The admirals watched it and were pleased with the find, but appalled the witnessed Shala's murder.

Uli: “Hang on.”

Uli rewound the footage to the one second the gun firing lit up the room. The silhouette of the gun's holder was undeniable.

Uli: “Our suspect is Colonel Lesan.”

Zaan: “He took a fighter, and if he still has the device he'll either head back to Salarian space or go on the run. Either way, he's likely left the Veil. We can't afford to leave the system. Admiral Uli, send a message to the Salarian Councilor. Inform her of everything that's happened. I'll supervise the rest of the investigation.”

Uli left the scene, returning to his ship, the Talonata. The ship itself was formerly a derelict Turian carrier. Uli, with the help of several of the best engineers and scientists the Quarians have, managed to retrofit the ship to also serve as the Heavy Fleet's mobile command center, equipped with communication arrays, military information, and consoles to monitor and coordinate the entire fleet. In his office, Uli began transmitting a message to the Salarian Councilor. A hologram of the Councilor appeared in front of Uli.

Uli: “Councilor, I am Admiral Uli'Nich vas Talonata of the Quarian Migrant Fleet. I have news on the STG team you ordered to Rannoch. The team's leader, Colonel Lesan has fled the Migrant Fleet and has likely returned to Council Space.”

Salarian Councilor: “Council Space? Fled? What are you talking about, Admiral Uli?”

Uli: “Colonel Lesan recovered a Prothean artifact on Rannoch when surveying the planet. He returned alone and brought the device with him to be analyzed. Last night, the lab that was being used to study the device was robbed.”

Salarian Councilor: “I assure you, STG members don't succumb to petty criminal acts. If this is some kind of joke I assure you-”

Uli: “Councilor, there's more. Lesan was taken to one of our infirmaries to be treated for seemingly unprovoked full-body convulsions. Prior to that, our lead technician said he managed to activate the device which she believed to have caused Lesan's collapse. Upon investigation, we found a feed of Lesan entering the lab, killing Shala, and stealing the device. We have a ship log that also shows there was an unauthorized fighter launch from the liveship they were on. Since Colonel Lesan has gone missing and is unable to be found within the liveship.”

Salarian Councilor: “This is troubling. Have your people figured out what this device is used for?”

Uli: “Shala reported that the device is likely a communication or storage device, particularly more so a storage device. Councilor, if Colonel Lesan has indeed returned to Council Space, then he should be considered dangerous. He and Shala were close friends and he murdered her in cold blood, in her sleep. I ask that on behalf of the Quarian people, find him and bring him to justice for the Quarian blood he's spilled.”

Salarian: “You're asking for a lot Admiral. I want to send someone else to the Migrant Fleet to analyze and recover the evidence you are using to implicate Colonel Lesan. If it is his doing, then this will be considered as a Salarian Internal Affairs situation. In the meantime, I will give word to the other Councilors to spread word that if they find him, he is to be taken into custody pending evidence. If there isn't any to be found, he will be released.”

Uli: “Thank you, Councilor. Good day.”

The hologram of the Salarian Councilor disappeared, leaving Uli alone in his office.

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