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Old Mass Effect RP Ideas
Default 02-22-2014
Naked Crook
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Alright, it is no secret that we are going to start a Mass Effect RP. This thread is intended to gather all of our ideas together, sorta like a group effort thing. Feel free to post ideas here, so we can discuss, compromise, and build a final product.

This is what we have so far:
  • Full Alternate Universe
    • No Main Characters (Shepard, Garrus, Liara, Illusive Man, Harbinger, etc). All characters must be original and canon characters cannot be used:
    • Technology will be retained:
      • Guns, manufacturers, armor, ships, travel, etc.
      • Ship classifications, etc.
      • Mass Relays.
      • Biotics.
    • Species will be retained:
      • Turian, Quarian, Human, Krogan, Asari, etc.
      • Reapers exists, but cannot be used as as Reapers (Until MUCH later).
      • Collectors serve as the voice of a Reaper).
      • Geth are permissible for full use.
    • Locations all remain the same
      • Citadel, Earth, Palavan, etc.
    • History and Timeline just prior to the events of Mass Effect 1 are solid cannon and cannot be changed. All Events that take place from the start of Mass Effect 1 to the end of Mass Effect 3 are open to retcon in compliance with AU rules
    • Organizations
      • Cerberus
      • System's Alliance
        • N7
      • Geth Concensus
      • Turian Hierarchy
      • Asari Matriarchy
        • Asari Commandos
      • Mercs
        • The Shadowbroker
      • Salarian Union
        • STG
Feel free to add anything in the comments below.

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