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Vernette had returned to the bridge of the Cloak and Dagger, after having cleaned himself up, and making himself look more professional.

Jennifer, who was sitting in he command chair, saw Vernette and stood up.

Jennifer: Preston! We are just starting our docking sequence now.

Vernette: Very good!

Jennifer: I took the liberty of speaking to Rear Admiral Burke...he is looking forward to speaking with you. He has a lot to tell it seems...

Vernette: I bet...

Jennifer: He also reports that the upgrades on the Crimson Shadow are nearly complete...and that
Battle Group Zero will be ready to depart in 24 hours!

Vernette: Good. It is about time we get out kill pack out there to chase the Trust down.

The Cloak and Dagger stopped. The docking latches engaged on the ship. The latches could be heard clamping to the ship.

Banks: Director Vernette...we are docked...

Vernette nodded.

Vernette: Lt. have the bridge. Standard procedure is in effect. Please deploy ONI Agents to the primary access hatch to secure it against unauthorized personnel.

Banks: Right away sir!

Vernette: the senior staff as well. If anyone wants to accompany me...inform them they are free to. Oh...and contact Captain Hayes as well...tell him to meet me at the primary access hatch.

Banks: Understood sir.

Vernette looked at Jennifer.

Vernette: Shall we?

Jennifer nodded. She followed Vernette off the bridge.


Burke was in the command deck of the Tempush Fugit shipyard.

The speaker system had announced the arrival of the Cloak and Dagger in docking hold 6.

Officer: Admiral Burke...The Cloak and Dagger has docked. They are at Docking hold 6...

Burke: Thank you Lt...I am going to go bid the Director greetings. You have the deck.

Officer: Aye sir...

Burke left the command deck, and made his way down the docking hold 6 to meet with Vernette.

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