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This Post Pertains to the New! Genesis RPG.

As we KNOW. Vernette has been decommisioned from his command of the KR.

The following is from the RPG, PAGE 6: (Between Jacob and Vernette)

Vernette: can make me one promise...DON'T lose matter what Yates tells you to do...focus on the Covenant...everything else is secondary. Nighthawk and Anaconda may be terrorists...but my collective experience tells me...they may be more useful as allies then enemies...even though ALL of ONI disagrees with me...
Jacob nodded.
Jacob: Sir, I've been to hell and back with you. I PROMISE I will focus on the Covenant. I will try to stop them, even if I have to STEAL ONI supplies, and get my own brigade of soldiers.
Jacob saluted, showing his respect.. and promise.
Vernette: I know I can hold you to that Jacob. But what really grinds my gears is that Yates is now in command of the King Raven...this is the second ship he has taken from me.
Jacob went out to shake his hand, inside his own was a small comm device.
Jacob: I'll keep in touch, Sir.
Vernette shook Jacobs hand.

Now, Jacob is still loyal to Vernette, telling him he'll forget about Nighthawk and Anaconda and PROTECT GENESIS.
Jacob is going to leave, to find people still loyal to Vernette from the KR, who do NOT want to find Nighthawk and Anaconda.

This should be a majority of the men, except a few Spartans.

Pretty much, these soldiers want to Protect Genesis and are saying "SCREW YOU YATES. WE ARE LOYAL TO VERNETTE."

They will steal and possibly kill Yate's men to protect their goal.. they're loyal to Vernette.

Hows it sound?

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