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It is with a very heavy heart that I must report that our friend, Killerrabbit213 - Andrew Gorney - has passed away.

There is no way I can fully express the sadness that I feel over the loss of such a good friend. Andrew was one of the nicest people that I had ever met in my life. He was, without a doubt, the one person I could always rely on to make a quip or a comment to make me laugh when I was feeling down.

Unfortunately...I will hear no such comment now; at a time when I would really like to hear one.

I first met Andrew on IKP - the forum that many of us first met on. Even on IKP, Andrew was always upbeat, enjoyable to be around, and always positive. I am happy to say that I had the privilege of knowing Andrew and I am happy to have considered him to be one of my best friends. He was trustworthy and he was reliable.

In my time as administrator of TNO, I cannot think of a single time when someone had made a complaint about Andrew. I had only heard good things about him. I had only heard about how friendly he was...and how amazing he was. He was a kind soul...and he will be very deeply missed. TNO will never be the same without him.

There is no way that I can adequately express my deepest condolences to his family and friends.

We will miss you Andrew.

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